Doddridge County Roots

The usefulness of genealogy information is often a function of the way in which it is presented. We therefore present our information in several formats.

For the most part, it's the same information, but a different format sometimes provides a perspective that makes it easier to find an obscure ancestor or to understand the relationships. The various formats also have their own inherent strengths and weaknesses, some of which are mentioned below. We suggest that you sample each of the formats to find the one that best suits you. If you have a particular interest in one specific individual, you may find it useful to view that person's entry in all formats.

To the extent that our filtering software allows, the names of living people under the age of 80 are usually changed to read "Living," with personal details suppressed. If you are searching for yourself or another living person, look first for a parent or grandparent, keeping in mind that women are always indexed by their maiden name. A good place to start is with one of the Group Sheet formats below.

Pedigree & Descendant Charts
Family Group Sheets

(131,624 entries; updated 05/15/21)

Individual details and source citations are complete and well-integrated. Charts are interactive and customizable for generation depth and display format, and can show either pedigree or descendancy. Searchable and user friendly. Multiple photos per person. This is the recommended format and constitutes the bulk of this website.

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Family Group Sheets

 (122,079 entries; updated 07/28/2018)

Individual details and source citations are complete and well-integrated. Photos are limited to one per person. Click on photo to view full-size in new window. No pedigree or descendancy display. Not suitable for mobile devices.

Family Group Sheets

Register Reports

Narrative descendancies. listed below.

Some of these reports are very lengthy (300+ printed pages) and may load slowly. They are presented as a single HTML web page to facilitate searches within them with your browser's "Find on This Page" (Ctrl-F) search function.


Descendants of Thomas Bee (of England) & Rebecca Brayman
Eight generations, 4,407 entries, updated 1/22/2013


Descendants of Wilson Britton (1765-1851) & Jane Wade (b. ca 1787)
Five generations, 1,871 entries, updated 7/13/2014


Descendants of Benjamin Brown (d. bef 1741, Connecticut) & Abigail Cleveland (1715-1782)
Probably not connected to Browns now in West Virginia
Eight generations, 508 entries, updated 8/27/2013


Descendants of William Critchfield (b. 1670) & Susannah
Nine generations, 1,763 entries, updated 2/18/2013


Descendants of Levi Douglass (ca 1750-1787) & Nancy Anne Merrick (1758-1838)
Seven generations, 5,233 entries, updated 2/18/2013


Descendants of Jean Gaston (b. ca 1600 in France) & Agnes (d. after 1650)
Ten generations, 5,555 entries, updated 8/15/2017


Descendants of Thomas Hart (d. bef 1755 in England) & Catherine Robinson (d. 1755)
Eight generations, 1,593 entries, updated 1/6/2014


Descendants of Peter B. Haught (1809-1883) & Bashaba Musgrave (1811-1898)
Four generations, 520 entries, updated 1/14/2017


Descendants of Frederick Husk (d. bef June 1848)
Six generations, 3,036 entries, updated 5/4/2013


Descendants of James Leggett (b. in England), Elizabeth Baker (d. 1790), Elizabeth Zorn
Six generations, 1,157 entries, updated 1/6/2014


Descendants of Robert Lowther (b. 1714, Ireland) & Aquilla Reese (b. 1715, Pennsylvania)
Eight generations, 7,850 entries, updated 5/8/2017


Descendants of Joseph McNamarrow (d. 1800 in Hardy Co) & Elizabeth Browning
Seven generations, 997 entries, updated 7/28/2018


Descendants of Oswin Musgrave (b. 1640 in England) & Elizabeth (b. 1644 in Ireland)
Nine generations, 709 entries, updated 7/28/2021


Descendants of Christopher Nutter (1642-1702) & Mary Dorman (b. ca 1650)
Ten generations, 4,292 entries, updated 12/12/2012


Descendants of Thomas Pritchard (b. 1568/80 in England, d. bef 1623 in Virginia)
Twelve generations, 1,937 entries, updated 7/3/2013


Descendants of Nehemiah Squires (1769-1827) & Sarah Elizabeth Polen (1763-1857)
Six generations, 520 entries, updated 1/15/2017


Descendants of John Coonrod Vincent (d. 1784 in Maryland)
Eight generations, 2,062 entries, updated 2/19/2013


Descendants of David Watson & Sarah (married in Maryland about 1729)
Seven generations, 1,240 entries, updated 1/14/2017


Descendants of Matthew West (b. ca 1595 in England)
Eleven generations, 1,030 entries, updated 1/15/2017

Ahnentafel Report (narrative ancestry)

All of our known ancestors (grandparents, etc.), updated 6/29/2013

Expanded Ahnentafel Report

All of our known direct ancestors and their immediate families, updated 6/29/2013