Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Williamstown, Wood Co, WV



Latitude: 39.4006299, Longitude: -81.4481766


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEY, Lawrence Everett Jr.  24 Jul 1913Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I105917
2 BAKER, Oran Sherman "Bud"  7 Feb 1930Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I67726
3 BUNNER, Russell Ralph  21 Jun 1941Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I7879
4 CORNELL, Howard Arthur  21 Aug 1912Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I115851
5 NEAL, Emza M.  14 Jun 1824Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I28974
6 PATTERSON, Arthur Joseph  11 Mar 1911Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I21977
7 RICHARDS, Cannie Luecretia "Tootsie"  30 Sep 1935Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I87188
8 VILLERS, Louise Jeanette  CA 1915Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I81053


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Oran F.  18 Sep 1960Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I111193
2 BROWN, Helen Glenori  18 Jun 2019Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I60435
3 COMBS, Sarah  11 Dec 1927Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I59349
4 CORNELL, Isabelle Ann  15 Mar 1948Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I115869
5 FITCH, Roland Lee  1 Apr 1948Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I102302
6 GARRISON, Teresa Lynn  22 Nov 2009Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I91695
7 HANLON, Denton Dale  11 Sep 2011Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I12011
8 HAUGHT, Lucretia Jo  25 Dec 1937Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I36922
9 HENDERSON, Grace Marie  21 Oct 2005Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I85663
10 HUNT, Martha A.  18 Dec 1946Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I41854
11 JAMES, Amos V.  8 Nov 1934Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I110900
12 NOBLES, Sybil M.  22 Apr 2007Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I12408
13 OBENHAUS, Martha J.  15 Sep 1952Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I115853
14 REED, Etta E.  24 Jul 1961Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I102300
15 REED, Lillian Augusta  4 May 1960Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I102299
16 ROLLINS, Amos June II  7 Oct 2017Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I126038
17 SHAFER, Eleanor Ann  21 Jan 1952Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I51023
18 STUTLER, Arthur  5 Aug 1914Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I44273
19 UMSTOT, Besse  22 Oct 1910Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I113946
20 YERKEY, David M.  10 Nov 1923Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I119488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LOWTHER, Jesse G. Jr.  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I32327


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BLAND, Cora  1920Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I58758
2 BOND, Nathan C. D.  1860Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I106399
3 BOND, William Clinton Davis  1860Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I106398
4 CASTO, Edith Leona  1940Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I87190
5 CORNELL, Brady Arthur  1920Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I115852
6 DAVIS, Eliza Jane  1920, 1930, 1940Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I113010
7 FLEMING, Ester G.  1920, 1930, 1940Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I113011
8 FLEMING, Sherman Goff  1930, 1940Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I113012
9 FRUM, Carlton Truman  1920Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I104285
10 FRUM, Charles Martin  1920Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I58759
11 FURR, Elizabeth Ellen  1910Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I77517
12 MCCOY, John Robert  1930, 1940Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I108061
13 MCHENRY, Oliver A. "Gus"  1920, 1930Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I113033
14 MERCER, Woodie  1930, 1940Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I108060
15 METCALF, Susan Mary  1860Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I106404
16 NUTTER, Beulah V.  1910Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I77521
17 NUTTER, Bonnie  1910Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I77525
18 NUTTER, George Washington  1910Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I58692
19 NUTTER, Lillie Belle  1910Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I77519
20 NUTTER, Lonia  1910Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I77524
21 NUTTER, Lucy E.  1910Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I77520
22 NUTTER, Roy S.  1910Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I77522
23 OBENHAUS, Martha J.  1920Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I115853
24 RICHARDS, Cannie Luecretia "Tootsie"  1940Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I87188
25 RICHARDS, William Henderson  1940Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I58822
26 SCHULTHEISS, Eunice Verna  1940Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I81057
27 STEWART, Roanne "Ronnie"  1940Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I81055


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Hazel Juanita  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I27252
2 ADAMS, Orla J.  1974Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I21123
3 ALLEN, Darrell L.  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I83218
4 ANDERSON, Thomas Jr.  1963Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I51770
5 BAKER, Oran F.  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I111193
6 BEACH, Leah Maxine  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I92429
7 BEE, Betty L.  1946Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I65224
8 BEE, Bronny Bronson  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I65213
9 BEE, Mary O.  1946Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I52411
10 BIRCHER, Charles E.  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I36870
11 BLAND, Betty Joan  2014, 2019Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I79960
12 BODE, Reta Delores  1994, 97Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I19362
13 BOOKMAN, Atlee D.  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I65344
14 BOOKMAN, Atlee DeVol  1946Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I65343
15 BRITTON, Denver M.  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I40318
16 BRITTON, Denver M.  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I40318
17 BRITTON, Herbert Gail  1976Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I11958
18 BRITTON, Kermit R.  2007Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I12379
19 BROWN, Helen Glenori  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I60435
20 BUSH, Christine Lucille  2003, 2007, 2012Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I31862
21 BUSH, Cletus L.  2003, 2007, 2012Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I31863
22 BUSH, Ruby Maxine  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I31861
23 CASTO, Edith Leona  1933Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I87190
24 COLLINS, Floyd Wendell  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I48865
25 COLLINS, William J.  1915Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I99200
26 CORNELL, Freeda Mae  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I94560
27 CORNELL, Howard Arthur  1953Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I115851
28 DAVIS, Robert Leonidas  2004, 2015Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I63991
29 DOAK, Harold Edward "Mickey"  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I21979
30 DOTSON, Donald Edwin  1956Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I81054
31 DOTSON, Ilene Rose  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I51748
32 DUFFIELD, Harold Jefferson  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I108359
33 DYE, Albert Ellsworth  1962Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I101660
34 ELEFRITZ, Freddie Wade  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I29381
35 ELEFRITZ, William Allen Arthur  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I29611
36 ELLIOTT, Vera Myrl  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I38694
37 FOLEY, David Cahill  FORMERLYWilliamstown, Wood Co, WV I13753
38 FOSTER, Harry James  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I19838
39 FOX, Nettie Blanche  From Abt 1945Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I16527
40 FRUM, Carlton Truman  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I104285
41 FRUM, Charles Martin  1938Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I58759
42 GARRISON, Teresa Lynn  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I91695
43 GREENWALT, Naomi Opal  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I33342
44 HANLON, Denton Dale  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I12011
45 HANLON, Denton Dale  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I12011
46 HANLON, Denton Hayward  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I12009
47 HEFLIN, Marion Willis  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I61964
48 HENDERSON, Gailey Alvin  2012Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I86142
49 HENDERSON, Grace Marie  SINCE Abt 1974Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I85663
50 HINTER, Carl M.  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I17811

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 COLE, Joyce Elaine  Williamstown, Wood Co, WV I75490


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ANDERSON / DOTSON  5 Aug 1963Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F21361
2 BRITTON / CARMICHAEL  2 Jul 1951Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F503
3 BRITTON / PADGETT  14 Nov 1951Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F19534
4 COOPER / MCPHERSON  24 May 1960Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F27296
5 CORNELL / SWIGER  15 Jun 1952Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F49261
6 DOTSON / STEWART  Feb 1956Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F34652
7 DYE / SHRADER  21 Dec 1962Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F42309
8 FAULKNER / HUTSON  28 Jul 1922Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F34110
9 GATRELL / MCBEE  12 Feb 1916Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F53880
10 HOBBS / NUTTER  15 Jun 1900Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F27150
11 JOHNSON / GRIFFIN  15 Dec 1919Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F53924
12 MAXSON / STARKEY  16 Jun 1946Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F35927
13 MCCOY / MERCER  21 Nov 1929Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F45331
14 MCKINNEY / MCDONALD  12 Sep 1933Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F34264
15 MIXER / CARDER  21 Aug 1918Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F25374
16 MOSSOR / PERRIN  24 Nov 1944Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F26182
17 REED / NUTTER  2 Jul 1911Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F33143
18 RICHARDS / CASTO  9 Sep 1933Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F37419
19 ROWLAND / ROHS  28 Nov 1912Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F54666
20 SHEPPARD / BECKETT  29 Mar 1946Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F2977
21 SHRIVER / BAKER  25 Oct 1900Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F32976
22 VILLERS / THOMPSON  14 Apr 1910Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F34654
23 VINCENT / ROLLYSON  29 Dec 1951Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F3891
24 WILLIAMSON / MILLER  22 Nov 1929Williamstown, Wood Co, WV F50876