Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Virginia (now West Virginia)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABLES, Jacob  CA 1820Virginia (now West Virginia) I22157
2 ALBRIGHT, Marcellus "Zell"  Feb 1843Virginia (now West Virginia) I50351
3 ALLEN, Charles H.  CA 1860Virginia (now West Virginia) I121595
4 ALLEN, Fidella Vietta  Virginia (now West Virginia) I33878
5 ALLEN, Marie Campbell  27 May 1805Virginia (now West Virginia) I113606
6 ALLEN, Oscar E.  CA 1859Virginia (now West Virginia) I118273
7 APSEY, Frances E.  28 Mar 1839Virginia (now West Virginia) I43959
8 ASH, Delilah  6 Nov 1847Virginia (now West Virginia) I21150
9 ASH, Eva  CA 1849Virginia (now West Virginia) I125669
10 ASH, Jacob  5 Dec 1853Virginia (now West Virginia) I89334
11 ASH, John  16 May 1796Virginia (now West Virginia) I47757
12 ASH, John H.  5 Nov 1832Virginia (now West Virginia) I54472
13 ASH, Lovina  CA 1833Virginia (now West Virginia) I80913
14 BAILEY, Ann  Dec 1819Virginia (now West Virginia) I113512
15 BAILEY, Hulda  Virginia (now West Virginia) I38228
16 BAKER, Rebecca Virginia  10 May 1858Virginia (now West Virginia) I49462
17 BARNES, Elhanan Davies  CA 1852Virginia (now West Virginia) I10797
18 BARNES, Laverna Angeline  CA 1850Virginia (now West Virginia) I10796
19 BARNETT, David  CA 1836Virginia (now West Virginia) I116412
20 BARNETT, Frona Berthena  CA 1830Virginia (now West Virginia) I116410
21 BARNETT, Mary  CA 1835Virginia (now West Virginia) I116411
22 BARTLETT, Claudius D.  7 Jan 1852Virginia (now West Virginia) I117160
23 BARTLETT, Hannah  11 Dec 1839Virginia (now West Virginia) I114853
24 BARTLETT, Hellen M.  Feb 1861Virginia (now West Virginia) I80933
25 BARTLETT, Joshua  CA 1791Virginia (now West Virginia) I104122
26 BATTON, Cindarilla  11 Aug 1823Virginia (now West Virginia) I95528
27 BEE, Laura C.  CA 1861Virginia (now West Virginia) I67801
28 BEE, Lucius R.  Feb 1863Virginia (now West Virginia) I67802
29 BEVERAGE, Amanda Roxana  1850Virginia (now West Virginia) I89007
30 BEVERLIN, Andrew Jackson  12 Oct 1848Virginia (now West Virginia) I84091
31 BEVERLIN, Benjamin F.  CA 1815Virginia (now West Virginia) I104334
32 BICE, Mary Ann  1837Virginia (now West Virginia) I27517
33 BISHOP, Susan F.  1809Virginia (now West Virginia) I76314
34 BIZER, Elizabeth  Virginia (now West Virginia) I41264
35 BODE, Frederick  4 Apr 1853Virginia (now West Virginia) I23769
36 BOLTON, Barbara  CA 1809Virginia (now West Virginia) I89491
37 BOLYARD, Henry R.  4 May 1817Virginia (now West Virginia) I75099
38 BOLYARD, Mary Jane  13 Feb 1850Virginia (now West Virginia) I75098
39 BOND, Emily Jane  16 Sep 1821Virginia (now West Virginia) I99935
40 BOND, Lenora V.  Feb 1850Virginia (now West Virginia) I89323
41 BONNIFIELD, Sarah Jane  14 Jul 1834Virginia (now West Virginia) I34296
42 BOWERS, Jacob B.  13 Jan 1840Virginia (now West Virginia) I130586
43 BOYCE, Anna C.  6 Feb 1832Virginia (now West Virginia) I88968
44 BOYCE, Barbara  CA 1830Virginia (now West Virginia) I114502
45 BOYCE, Mary C.  CA 1840Virginia (now West Virginia) I114503
46 BOYCE, Sarah  18 May 1836Virginia (now West Virginia) I77549
47 BOYCE, Sarah Catherine "Kate"  CA 1850Virginia (now West Virginia) I114509
48 BOYCE, Susan  CA 1829Virginia (now West Virginia) I114501
49 BOYLE, James  CA 1853Virginia (now West Virginia) I130427
50 BOYLE, John  CA 1859Virginia (now West Virginia) I130375

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COON, John  1774Virginia (now West Virginia) I22167
2 CRUMRINE, John (Krumrein)  1857Virginia (now West Virginia) I115476
3 FIELDS, Mary  28 Aug 1834Virginia (now West Virginia) I109732
4 RADCLIFFE, Daniel Stephen  21 Oct 1784Virginia (now West Virginia) I115906
5 RIFFLE, Jacob  CA 1816Virginia (now West Virginia) I128562
6 ROWAN, John  29 Dec 1833Virginia (now West Virginia) I128323
7 RUNNER, Anna Elisabeth  17 Sep 1832Virginia (now West Virginia) I75104


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 DAVIS, William Johnson "Rock Run Billy"  (SETTLED Abt 1806)Virginia (now West Virginia) I43649
2 HOLDEN, Alexander  FORMERLYVirginia (now West Virginia) I108239


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COWAN / METHENY  1839Virginia (now West Virginia) F15075