Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Taylor Co, (W)VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Halleck  CA 1862Taylor Co, (W)VA I59948
2 BAILEY, Harriet  9 Oct 1840Taylor Co, (W)VA I113594
3 BAILEY, Howard  CA 1861Taylor Co, (W)VA I59949
4 BAILEY, Joseph  28 Jul 1786Taylor Co, (W)VA I103883
5 BAILEY, Millard Fillmore  CA 1859Taylor Co, (W)VA I59947
6 BAILEY, Narcissa  Sep 1838Taylor Co, (W)VA I54189
7 BAILEY, Octavia  17 Jan 1857Taylor Co, (W)VA I103580
8 BAILEY, Patsy  1810Taylor Co, (W)VA I55185
9 BAILEY, Rebecca  12 Dec 1845Taylor Co, (W)VA I98585
10 BARNETT, Allison  11 Oct 1822Taylor Co, (W)VA I49928
11 BARTLETT, Celia M.  18 Oct 1858Taylor Co, (W)VA I15983
12 BARTLETT, James Fleming  29 Jul 1827Taylor Co, (W)VA I15984
13 BARTLETT, Lair Dee  May 1857Taylor Co, (W)VA I38062
14 BARTLETT, Lydia Ellen  26 Feb 1856Taylor Co, (W)VA I45734
15 BARTLETT, Philander F.  CA 1862Taylor Co, (W)VA I126735
16 BENNETT, Thomas  CA 1844Taylor Co, (W)VA I114601
17 BLAKE, Edward Alva  3 Oct 1857Taylor Co, (W)VA I56274
18 BLAKE, James W.  CA 1856Taylor Co, (W)VA I129789
19 BOYCE, Jasper B.  Mar 1857Taylor Co, (W)VA I114433
20 CHAMBERS, Anna E.  CA 1839Taylor Co, (W)VA I112999
21 CLEAVENGER, Frances Ellen  5 Jan 1839Taylor Co, (W)VA I114919
22 CLELLAND, Melvina H.  6 Jul 1842Taylor Co, (W)VA I122165
23 CRISS, Alice Rebecca  30 Aug 1853Taylor Co, (W)VA I125566
24 CRISS, Mary Ann  Sep 1848Taylor Co, (W)VA I125569
25 CRISS, William H.  10 Nov 1855Taylor Co, (W)VA I125572
26 CURRY, Andrew J.  May 1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I123785
27 CURRY, Harriett S.  CA 1851Taylor Co, (W)VA I67523
28 CURRY, James W.  CA 1858Taylor Co, (W)VA I39173
29 CURRY, Joseph Granville  CA 1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I56094
30 DILLON, Eugenius  1 Sep 1845Taylor Co, (W)VA I54646
31 DOTSON, Victoria Gay  30 Mar 1848Taylor Co, (W)VA I53837
32 ELLIOTT, James F.  Aug 1856Taylor Co, (W)VA I40550
33 EXLINE, Rachel  20 Sep 1831Taylor Co, (W)VA I131147
34 FINLEY, James D.  Jan 1863Taylor Co, (W)VA I37371
35 FINLEY, Joseph  5 May 1833Taylor Co, (W)VA I37009
36 FINLEY, Lydia  Dec 1827Taylor Co, (W)VA I39030
37 FINLEY, William Thomas  6 Feb 1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I50186
38 FLEMING, Thomas J. Jr.  16 Apr 1838Taylor Co, (W)VA I44347
39 FREEMAN, Jerry L.  Apr 1855Taylor Co, (W)VA I39033
40 FREEMAN, John Finley  30 Jun 1857Taylor Co, (W)VA I108362
41 FREEMAN, Lucinda  18 Jul 1840Taylor Co, (W)VA I55751
42 FREEMAN, Mary Ellen  13 Mar 1853Taylor Co, (W)VA I58579
43 FREEMAN, Sarah Caroline  14 May 1839Taylor Co, (W)VA I108363
44 FREEMAN, William L.  31 Dec 1840Taylor Co, (W)VA I125603
45 FREEMAN, William Washington  27 May 1847Taylor Co, (W)VA I28654
46 FRUM, Andrew J.  19 Jun 1833Taylor Co, (W)VA I48466
47 FRUM, Arrena  3 Dec 1849Taylor Co, (W)VA I114909
48 FRUM, John N.  CA 1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I108243
49 FRUM, Sarah H.  19 Jun 1833Taylor Co, (W)VA I19786
50 GABBERT, Martha J.  19 Mar 1862Taylor Co, (W)VA I123996

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, John  25 Sep 1847Taylor Co, (W)VA I102789
2 BAILEY, Joseph  19 Dec 1825Taylor Co, (W)VA I103883
3 BAILEY, Joseph  21 Jun 1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I103885
4 COLE, Sarah  18 Mar 1838Taylor Co, (W)VA I10965
5 CRIM, Mary "Polly"  CA 1838Taylor Co, (W)VA I127315
6 CROSS, Richard  15 Apr 1854Taylor Co, (W)VA I34133
7 ELDER, John Rilery  27 Apr 1857Taylor Co, (W)VA I47148
8 FLEMING, Lewis B.  1862Taylor Co, (W)VA I42205
9 FRUM, Eleanor  27 Jun 1832Taylor Co, (W)VA I103886
10 HATHAWAY, Sarah Elizabeth  17 Aug 1831Taylor Co, (W)VA I40355
11 KEENER, Ulrich "Ullery"  Jan 1855Taylor Co, (W)VA I127314
12 MORAN, Robert  1846Taylor Co, (W)VA I112196
13 POWELL, Charlotte  22 Sep 1821Taylor Co, (W)VA I103884
14 RYAN, Thomas  1843Taylor Co, (W)VA I114851
15 YATES, Isabella  24 Jun 1832Taylor Co, (W)VA I10983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ASHCRAFT, Asenah  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I92242
2 BONER, Lydia  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I74871
3 BOYCE, Joshua  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I130583
4 BURGESS, Nancy Jamieson  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I37882
5 CARROLL, William  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I112547
6 CROSS, Mary  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I47764
7 CURRY, Andrew J.  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I123785
8 CURRY, James T.  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I39161
9 CURRY, James W.  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I39173
10 CURRY, Joseph Granville  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I56094
11 CURRY, Sarah E.  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I123786
12 DOTSON, Jasper Alderman  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I57390
13 DOTSON, Salathiel  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I101410
14 DOTSON, Sofrona  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I47762
15 DOTSON, Victoria Gay  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I53837
16 DOTSON, William White  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I47763
17 FINLEY, Lydia  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I39030
18 FINLEY, Mary Ann  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I51700
19 FLEMING, Lewis B.  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I42205
20 FREEMAN, Benjamin F.  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I76621
21 FREEMAN, Jeremiah  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I51699
22 FREEMAN, Jesse Hamilton  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I77789
23 FREEMAN, Lucinda  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I55751
24 FREEMAN, William Washington  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I28654
25 GABBERT, David  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I37881
26 GABBERT, Robert Sylvester  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I24412
27 GABBERT, William Burgess  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I64254
28 GOODWIN, James F.  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I66069
29 GOODWIN, William M.  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I95495
30 HAWLEY, Nancy Ann  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I112548
31 JONES, Julia Ann  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I79350
32 KNIGHT, William Goodwin  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I124960
33 LAWSON, Susan  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I31806
34 LEWIS, Malinda "Laney"  1850, 1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I40341
35 LEWIS, Malinda "Laney"  1850, 1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I40341
36 MALE, John  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I98098
37 PAUGH, Sena  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I101542
38 POWELL, Daniel D.  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I89623
39 POWELL, Emily Ellen  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I89622
40 POWELL, Henry Thomas  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I48693
41 POWELL, Joseph  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I31805
42 POWELL, Reuben  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I89616
43 POWELL, Theopholis Washington "Orphis"  1850Taylor Co, (W)VA I27255
44 RIFFEE, Isaac Newton  1850, 1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I104036
45 RIFFEE, John  1850, 1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I74870
46 RIFFEE, Thomas  1850, 1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I74872
47 RIFFEE, Thornton Kimble  1850, 1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I74868
48 ROBINETTE, George Hamilton  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I130448
49 ROBINETTE, Moses Johnson  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I130484
50 ROBINSON, John J.  1860Taylor Co, (W)VA I27334

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Rosanna  1856Taylor Co, (W)VA I97028
2 BEE, Asa  (SETTLED)Taylor Co, (W)VA I20590
3 LAWLER, Eleanor  1859Taylor Co, (W)VA I109278
4 PAYNE, Francis Edward  1855Taylor Co, (W)VA I67639
5 PRUNTY, David  Taylor Co, (W)VA I34136
6 ROBINSON, Robert  1862Taylor Co, (W)VA I80562
7 SMITH, Lucinda  1862Taylor Co, (W)VA I80563
8 STEVENS, Israel  Taylor Co, (W)VA I119883
9 STOCKWELL, Penelope "Perie" Jane  1863Taylor Co, (W)VA I115832
10 WHITEHAIR, David J.  1863Taylor Co, (W)VA I40435
11 WHITEHAIR, David J.  1863Taylor Co, (W)VA I40435
12 WHITEHAIR, Elizabeth "Betty"  1859Taylor Co, (W)VA I64293


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DAVIS / WALLER  Taylor Co, (W)VA F15038
2 FINLEY / YATES  3 Jan 1856Taylor Co, (W)VA F14666
3 FITZWILLIAMS / LONGACRE  5 Jan 1863Taylor Co, (W)VA F41202
4 FRASHURE / LAWLER  6 Oct 1859Taylor Co, (W)VA F45929
5 KNIGHT / STOCKWELL  17 May 1863Taylor Co, (W)VA F49252
6 LEGGETT / WHITEHAIR  13 Oct 1859Taylor Co, (W)VA F26818
7 LINDSEY / BAILEY  19 Jun 1856Taylor Co, (W)VA F6063
8 LUZADDER / NEWLON  1851Taylor Co, (W)VA F3942
9 MUSGRAVE / STEELE  1 Nov 1855Taylor Co, (W)VA F17490
10 NEWLON / BAILEY  22 Jul 1861Taylor Co, (W)VA F48092
11 ROBINSON / SMITH  9 Sep 1862Taylor Co, (W)VA F34467
12 WHITEHAIR / GILES  11 Oct 1858Taylor Co, (W)VA F31629
13 WHITEHAIR / GOFF  14 Feb 1857Taylor Co, (W)VA F39563
14 YATES / FINLEY  27 Apr 1856Taylor Co, (W)VA F25527

Marriage License

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   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 FRASHURE / LAWLER  5 Oct 1859Taylor Co, (W)VA F45929