Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Shirley, Tyler Co, WV



Latitude: 39.3981375, Longitude: -80.765104


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Beatrice Sara  16 Sep 1909Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102724
2 ALLEN, Beulah Irene  24 Apr 1913Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102726
3 ALLEN, Rachel Tobitha Pearl  22 Apr 1879Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I52604
4 ALLEN, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie"  2 Jun 1869Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I86130
5 ALLEN, Vicie  9 Jan 1911Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102725
6 ASH, George "Frank"  16 Oct 1925Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I45958
7 ASH, William Wesley  27 Sep 1870Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I40631
8 BAKER, James Oscar  28 Apr 1902Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I82088
9 BOYCE, Wanda Vasta  7 Oct 1914Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I85741
10 BUNTING, Alice Marie  6 Nov 1932Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I22518
11 BUNTING, Anna Mae  29 Jul 1935Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I22528
12 BUNTING, Diane Kay  20 Apr 1955Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I37479
13 BUNTING, John Alexander  25 Feb 1937Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I22520
14 BUNTING, Linda Lou  25 Jul 1945Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I22524
15 BUNTING, Maxine  8 Apr 1950Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I22525
16 BUNTING, Nancy Jane  1887Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I81405
17 BUNTING, Victor O'Neal  24 Nov 1933Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I22519
18 CUMBERLEDGE, Ethyl Lenora  10 Jun 1919Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I79505
19 CUMBERLEDGE, Martin Ellis  26 Jun 1904Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I19896
20 DELO, Betty Lee  6 Jul 1933Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I60988
21 DELO, Paul Donald "Don"  3 Feb 1935Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I21917
22 DONLEY, Roger Lee  26 Jul 1947Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I85915
23 FLUHARTY, Imogene  27 Aug 1927Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I83175
24 FLUHARTY, Warren G.  30 Dec 1924Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I67934
25 GEORGE, Lester W.  31 Dec 1931Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I72747
26 GEORGE, Samantha P.  Jul 1871Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I108595
27 GILBERT, Joseph Clarence Charles  11 Jan 1897Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I39307
28 GOFF, Kathleen Rebecca  25 Sep 1936Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I22077
29 GRAY, John Avery  30 Nov 1902Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102666
30 GRAY, Willard Franklin  23 Jul 1915Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I50370
31 GREGG, Gary Dean  29 Jan 1935Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I12621
32 GREGG, Wilma Obrie Ogretta  25 Jul 1931Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I54405
33 HAUGHT, Sharon L.  31 Aug 1952Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I97512
34 HAYES, Denzil Robert  13 Feb 1908Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I89894
35 HAYES, John Porter  15 May 1892Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I59168
36 HAYES, Rebecca Virginia  8 Mar 1879Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I84587
37 HAYES, Thomas Jackson "Jack"  9 Jun 1926Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I90426
38 HAYS, Christopher Columbus  4 May 1873Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I121336
39 HAYS, Jean Inell  14 Jun 1936Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I94368
40 HENDERSON, Daniel S.  20 Nov 1889Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I64729
41 HINZMAN, Merton Delvin  16 Apr 1952Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I10405
42 JONES, Mildred Lenor  18 Dec 1910Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I113253
43 JONES, Robert Rockdale  25 Dec 1913Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I113255
44 KEMPER, Edna Christmas  25 Dec 1888Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I74973
45 KEMPER, Leroy K.  11 Oct 1903Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I113259
46 KESTER, Betty Jane  26 Feb 1928Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I77822
47 KESTER, Helen Lucille  19 May 1931Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I64142
48 KESTER, Mabel Edith  7 Apr 1933Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I59325
49 KESTER, Robert Wayne  11 May 1932Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I52381
50 KIMBALL, Eugene D.  24 May 1920Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I70498

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Evander  17 Feb 1941Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I126795
2 ALLEN, Icy  28 Oct 1915Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102274
3 ALLEN, Isaac Oscar  Oct 1900Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102716
4 ANDERSON, Charles Eddie "Andy"  12 Apr 2017Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I113284
5 ANDERSON, Leslie Clifford  2 Apr 2020Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I93334
6 ANDERSON, Robert Greer "Bud"  31 Jul 1966Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I79886
7 ASH, Helen S.  19 Jan 1942Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I56350
8 ASH, Ida Agnes  2 Jul 1943Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I49677
9 ASH, Mary Virginia  17 Dec 1935Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I16255
10 BATES, Gaynell Ruth  10 Mar 1920Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I107600
11 BEATY, Mary E.  19 May 1885Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I69168
12 BOOHER, Clarissa  29 Jun 1937Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I112058
13 BOYCE, William Henry  12 Sep 1940Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I86129
14 BUNTING, Laura H.  29 Aug 1967Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I45934
15 BUNTING, Nancy Jane  27 Feb 1940Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I81405
16 COFFMAN, Ora Emanuel  19 Jun 1960Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I83401
17 COTTRILL, John Lewis  1 Jun 1948Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I82494
18 CUMBERLEDGE, Cynthia  13 Mar 1931Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I65183
19 DOLL, William Newton  1 Apr 1944Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I72755
20 FARLEY, Cora Icy  14 Apr 1922Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I80523
21 FERREBEE, Anna M. America  18 Apr 1940Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I84142
22 FERREBEE, Leslie Donivan "Don"  21 Aug 1938Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I81300
23 GEORGE, Liva  1 Nov 1918Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I109093
24 GORE, Timothy M.  5 Jul 2007Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I78061
25 HAYES, Isaac Newton  5 Jul 1934Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I69053
26 JETT, Tenny Goff  18 Feb 1950Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I23598
27 KEMPER, Peter Grant  9 Apr 1942Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I74974
28 KINNEY, Doris Mae  31 Mar 2004Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I26292
29 KINNEY, Mary Jane  1939Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I69161
30 LEASURE, George W.  Sep 1901Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I110586
31 MATTHEWS, Cora Ann  11 Mar 1918Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I127520
32 MCINTYRE, Algon  26 Oct 1968Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I85674
33 MCLAIN, Sallie H.  17 Mar 1954Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I86466
34 MURPHY, Elmer Elsworth  Feb 1938Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I73180
35 MURPHY, Everett Leroy  19 Oct 2005Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I97113
36 MYER, Joseph A. Emery  14 Jun 1898Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I92598
37 NICHOLS, Melvin Conaway  27 Oct 1928Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I62630
38 NICHOLS, Samuel C.  8 Jan 1926Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I62631
39 NOWERY, Ellen  31 Jan 1942Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I113415
40 ORR, Harriet Ann  12 Sep 1924Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I41147
41 PHILLIPS, Jonathan Clyde  16 Jun 1951Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I33697
42 PITTS, Ezekiel  1 Dec 1917Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I62575
43 PITTS, Lorenzo Stephen  29 Dec 1938Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I106692
44 REED, Phyllis  27 Sep 2007Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I26290
45 ROBINSON, Waitman Willie  9 Apr 1958Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I86465
46 SANDY, Mary E.  22 Apr 1900Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102522
47 SANDY, Vincent A.  19 May 1909Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102532
48 SANDY, William  9 Feb 1907Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102204
49 SCOTT, Susan  9 Oct 1888Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I115819
50 SECKMAN, Fred A.  14 Jun 1920Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I117690

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HARRIS, Mary Ellen  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I113256
2 STICKEL, Julia Ann  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I89738
3 UNDERWOOD, Erma Joann  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I33154


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Lulu Ellen  1930Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I107343
2 CURTIS, Arley Burl  1930Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I107358
3 CURTIS, Frances Pauline  1930Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I107350
4 CURTIS, Georgia Irene  1930Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I107352
5 CURTIS, John Wesley  1930Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I107342
6 CURTIS, Luella Rebecca  1930Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I107360
7 DOAK, Lula Mabel  1940Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I80151
8 NOWERY, Ellen  1930, 1940Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I113415
9 SECKMAN, David Lee  1940Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I87250
10 SECKMAN, Sheral  1940Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I87248
11 UNDERWOOD, Asa  1930Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I113414


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ___, Shirley  2003, 04Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I18997
2 ALLEN, Evander  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I126795
3 ALLEN, Francis Guy  1915Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102715
4 ALLEN, Icy  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102274
5 ALLEN, James B.  1915Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102718
6 ALLEN, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1915Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I86130
7 ALLEN, Simon  1941Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I120277
8 ANDERSON, Charles Eddie "Andy"  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I113284
9 ANDERSON, Esther Marie  1958Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I93336
10 ANDERSON, Leslie Clifford  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I93334
11 ANDERSON, Lewis Ray  1959Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I59507
12 ANDERSON, Robert Clifford "Tip"  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I47081
13 ANDERSON, Robert Greer "Bud"  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I79886
14 ASH, Adam  1890Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I28827
15 ASH, Damon Bernard  1957Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I56578
16 ASH, Helen S.  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I56350
17 ASH, John L.  1890Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I106697
18 ASH, Shirley Lou  2006, 2018, 2020Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I119553
19 BAKER, James Ankrom  1920Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I81790
20 BAKER, Stanley Argel  1925Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I80794
21 BLAND, Lawrence Brooks  1949Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I28567
22 BOYCE, David Marshall  1912Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I102701
23 BOYCE, Wanda Vasta  1933, 1942Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I85741
24 BUNTING, Cecil Grant  1931Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I20290
25 CAIN, Delila Pearl  1955, 1964Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I25613
26 CARDER, Cora A.  1918Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I55335
27 CARROLL, Arlie  1929Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I98638
28 CHIPPS, Zelma Gladys  1950Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I79206
29 COFFMAN, Lee Brooks  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I69992
30 COFFMAN, Ora Emanuel  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I83401
31 CONAWAY, Alpheus Martin "Alf"  1918Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I122305
32 COOPER, Joseph William  1917Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I119885
33 COSTILOW, Mary Adeline "Molly"  1916Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I23674
34 COSTILOW, Olive Oleff "Ollie"  1916, 50Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I23675
35 COTTRILL, Barbara Ruth  1963Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I45246
36 CURTIS, Frances Pauline  1932Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I107350
37 DAVIS, Rodger Dale  1946Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I77404
38 DILLON, Thomas Elwood Jr.  1949Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I30945
39 DILLON, William Jennings Bryan "Matt"  1948Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I30944
40 DOAK, Wanetia Belle  1949, 1960Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I82895
41 DONLEY, Samuel A.  1907Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I85921
42 DONLEY, William Clair  1935Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I68553
43 DUCKWORTH, Edward Austin "Ed"  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I136403
44 FARLEY, Cora Icy  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I80523
45 FERREBEE, Anna M. America  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I84142
46 FLANAGAN, Edgar Francis  1918Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I99711
47 FLANAGAN, James Joseph  1918Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I87870
48 FLUHARTY, Joseph Samuel "Bill"  1909Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I67935
49 FOSSETT, Shirley E.  1923Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I82707
50 FREEMAN, Elizabeth  Shirley, Tyler Co, WV I55230

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BATES / ADAMS  30 Nov 1898Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F20523
2 BOYCE / SMITH  2 Oct 1912Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F42786
3 HAYES / UNDERWOOD  4 Dec 1909Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F40768
4 JONES / KEMPER  22 Dec 1910Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F32005
5 JONES / ROBINSON  6 Nov 1921Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F37083
6 LANCASTER / GRAY  19 Dec 1909Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F42767
7 MYERS / UNDERWOOD  14 Feb 1920Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F34298
8 ORR / SWIGER  15 May 1905Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F43829
9 PHILLIPS / HENDERSON  11 Feb 1942Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F26675
10 SCOTT / DAVIS  22 Jul 1917Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F34726
11 SCOTT / REED  23 Apr 1911Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F37662
12 SHIELDS / MAIN  18 Feb 1928Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F30359
13 SPENCER / ASHCRAFT  5 Feb 1924Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F34349
14 SPENCER / GATRELL  14 Jun 1908Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F43102
15 SPENCER / ROBINSON  4 Jun 1955Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F54379
16 STEWART / DAVIS  18 Jun 1904Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F26425
17 UNDERWOOD / WEEKLEY  10 May 1903Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F34171
18 ZEIGLER / WILCOX  1 Jan 1953Shirley, Tyler Co, WV F54157