Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV



Latitude: 39.1523071, Longitude: -80.8559389


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Beatrice Yvonne  27 Jul 1935Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I23957
2 BALL, Fred  11 Aug 1931Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I23833
3 BRITTON, (Male)  29 Oct 1906Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I67302
4 BRITTON, Benjamin Marvin  18 Feb 1903Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I8771
5 BRITTON, Georgia Gaye  21 Jan 1896Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I8769
6 BRITTON, John Dewey  25 Sep 1898Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I8770
7 BRITTON, Loretta May  21 Jul 1926Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I12780
8 BRITTON, Ralph Nathan  12 May 1930Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I12782
9 BRITTON, Robert Elsworth  5 Mar 1897Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I7851
10 DRANE, Ancil Dale  16 Apr 1935Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I2538
11 HUDKINS, Arkie Graves  8 Jun 1886Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I111272
12 KELLEY, Lula Ann  25 Jan 1874Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I16414
13 LEESON, Florence Edna  Jun 1892Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I489
14 LOWTHER, Arvilla  24 Feb 1846Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I43400
15 MCKINLEY, Jesse James Glover  19 Apr 1893Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I108228
16 NUTTER, Aura Winifred  3 Jun 1874Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I43182
17 NUTTER, Charles Bert  28 Dec 1886Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I54562
18 NUTTER, Charles William  20 Jun 1856Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I38684
19 NUTTER, Mollie Belle  8 Oct 1865Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I29905
20 PIERCE, Jesse Franklin  7 May 1924Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I8354
21 RICHARDS, Iva Maude  11 Apr 1890Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I112317
22 RICHARDS, Trevy Morton  16 Feb 1888Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I112328
23 SAYRE, Betty Jo  22 Dec 1929Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I18208
24 SHEETS, Maynard Russell  5 Sep 1893Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I49857
25 SQUIRES, Gracie Lavern  4 Jun 1890Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I21258
26 SQUIRES, Stella May  2 Apr 1888Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I21257
27 TOWNSEND, Cecil Bradford  28 Sep 1911Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I14268
28 ZINN, Albert J.  19 May 1860Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I46594
29 ZINN, Madge B.  16 May 1894Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I54353


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ATHEY, Sarah Ann  3 Dec 1876Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I4299
2 BRITTON, Edith Carrelle  8 Jun 1921Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I13528
3 FLESHER, Earl Elva  28 Feb 2014Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I9985
4 KENDALL, Emma Jane "Jennie"  15 Sep 1875Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I29710
5 LOWTHER, Archibald  29 Oct 1874Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I28359
6 MARTIN, James  14 Jun 1896Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I54251
7 MAULSBY, Elizabeth Eleanor  10 Jul 1943Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I7850
8 SPIKER, Jacob  24 Dec 1956Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I12707


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BEE, Julia Ann  1911Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I29696
2 COLLINS, Shirley Esther  Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I89247
3 DEBRULAR, John Morgan  1890Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I38354
4 FLEMING, Susan  Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I16909
5 FLESHER, Earl Elva  Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I9985
6 GRIBBLE, Thomas Neely  1890Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I31192
7 GRIFFIN, Thomas  1911Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I57490
8 HINZMAN, Jerusha Ernestine  FORMERLYHolbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I12779
9 JETT, Emma Gaye  1906Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I21633
10 JETT, Sylvester  Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I15770
11 JETT, Sylvester  1890Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I15770
12 KELLEY, Edna Alberta  2011Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I17204
13 LOWTHER, Archibald  Aft 1836Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I28359
14 LOWTHER, William  From 1837Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I29163
15 LOWTHER, William Robert  FORMERLYHolbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I43393
16 MAULSBY, Elizabeth Eleanor  1900Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I7850
17 MCGILL, Thomas Wayman  1890Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I79329
18 NUTTER, Thomas Christopher  (SETTLED)Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I58600
19 PIERCE, James Vitus  Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I7549
20 ROBISON, Estella Florence  1903Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I131376
21 SOMERVILLE, Floyd Ellsworth  Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I5098
22 SPIKER, Jacob  Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I12707
23 TOWNSEN, Charles Birdwell "Bert"  1904, 44Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I20840
24 ZINN, Henry Clay  Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I29695
25 ZINN, Marion Bukey  Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV I9309


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLEVENGER / GOFF  3 Aug 1902Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV F40365
2 COLLINS / HESS  4 May 1912Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV F48352
3 DOTSON / JETT  12 Jul 1906Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV F7997
4 PIERCE / BRITTON  9 Nov 1913Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV F3155
5 SNIDER / BRITTON  8 Aug 1953Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV F4534
6 WILLIAMS / WHEELER  13 Aug 1899Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV F39352
7 ZINN / SOMMERVILLE  22 Nov 1914Holbrook, Ritchie Co, WV F32834