Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV


Latitude: 39.0900829, Longitude: -81.0345547


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARPENTER, Ceslie Marshall "Buck"  CA 1917Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I38047
2 ELDER, Howard Glenn  29 May 1928Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I122643
3 GOFF, Alfieri  5 Jul 1870Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I35986
4 GOFF, Denver Law  20 Aug 1909Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I64546
5 GOFF, Elijah C.  12 Apr 1840Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I15962
6 GOFF, Elijah Frank  16 Jan 1887Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I28940
7 GOFF, Ida Mae  3 Dec 1868Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I5201
8 GOFF, Lafayette Syrus  27 Jul 1862Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I35997
9 GOFF, Rebecca Innis  Sep 1874Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I88656
10 HATFIELD, Lena  20 Dec 1903Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I17437
11 HATFIELD, Ocal Haylard  13 Nov 1913Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I47995
12 REEVES, Violet  14 Sep 1908Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I38031
13 RICHARDS, Ina Helen  11 Jun 1892Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I21476
14 ROLLINS, David Marion  22 Apr 1882Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I78586
15 SMITH, Andrew Perry  29 Sep 1897Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I74658
16 WASS, Lewis Maxwell  26 Sep 1860Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I70781
17 WASS, Mary Lavina  21 Jan 1848Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I42027
18 WILSON, Jay Basil "J.B."  2 Jan 1939Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I34430


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BIRD, Florence Virginia  16 Dec 1925Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I68097
2 GOFF, Elijah C.  8 Apr 1916Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I15962
3 GOFF, Strother Harrison  1858Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I95757
4 MCDONALD, Maranda  26 Nov 1860Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I95756


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BRITTON, Henry Wellington  1939Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I11777
2 BUNNER, Lora Belle  Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I51820
3 BURWELL, Burl H.  1926Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I75032
4 CUNNINGHAM, Opal Wanda  1959Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I69418
5 FRESHOUR, Roy  Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I51812
6 GOFF, Alfieri  Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I35986
7 GOFF, Hazel Beatrice  1948Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I62913
8 HATFIELD, John W.  1932Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I64025
9 LAW, Elaine  1942Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I16003
10 LAW, Ora Alice  1916, 45Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I35993
11 MOORE, Audrey Delle  ORIGINALLYGoffs, Ritchie Co, WV I41295
12 MOORE, Dessie I.  1937Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I48102
13 PRIMM, Harry  1948Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I51810
14 SNODGRASS, Maynard Gail  1950Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I106421
15 SUMMERS, Velda Lee  1949Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I42472
16 TANZEY, Sherman Leslie  1924Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I733
17 WASS, Harrison Ellsworth  FORMERLYGoffs, Ritchie Co, WV I34199
18 WASS, Roy  1911Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I70852
19 WILSON, Edna Maud  1911Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I70853
20 WRIGHT, Viola Lucille  1950Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I106422
21 WRIGHT, Welcome Geneva  1948Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV I54414


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 SUMMERS / WASS  16 Aug 1919Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV F29999
2 WASS / WILSON  21 May 1911Goffs, Ritchie Co, WV F30016