Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy


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1 Born in Doddridge County, West Virginia, Harry Ross moved to Warrenton, Virginia in 1931 to work for the Columbia Gas System. He worked there until 1941. It was during that time that he married Margaret Turner, who was working in Washington but returned home to Warrenton on weekends. In 1941, Harry was promoted to foreman of the Rockville, Maryland section. Rev. Rosenburger was the Minister of Rockville Methodist Church at that time.
After World War II, the company expanded and Harry & Margaret then moved to Harford County, Maryland, where they stayed until 1956. In that year, he accepted the position of Assistant Division Superintendent, with offices in Rockville. He worked there until his retirement in 1971.
An active churchgoer since his youth in West Virginia, Harry quickly became involved in the programs and ministries of Rockville United Methodist Church. He was for many years a member of the Men's Bible Class and served as an usher and as a member of several church committees. He was one of the original member of the FFF Club. 
ROSS, Harry Edwin (I49769)
2 "[Mary Jane Gaston and husband Martin Ward] came to Bone Creek [about 1842]. Mrs. Ward rode on horseback through the forest, with her babe in her arms, and her ten-year old sister behind her. Mr. Ward cleared three hundred acres in Union District, and marvelous were the changes their hands helped to bring about.... When they came to Bone Creek there was but few families there, and no other pioneers had longer connection or were held in higher esteem." Family F450
3 "A. A. BROWN, of Brown & Thompson, hardware merchants. Was born in Otsego County, N. Y., in 1840, and reared in Kalamazoo, Mich., where he studied the profession of dentistry. In May, 1861, he enlisted in the Second Michigan Infantry, serving three months; and on the 12th of August following re-enlisted in Company I, Second Michigan Cavalry; was almost immediately promoted to Quartermaster's Sergeant, and during the last year of the war acted as Quartermaster at Franklin Post, Tenn., and was mustered out of the service in September, 1865. He came to Kansas in January, 1866, locating at Topeka. Was for a year employed as baggagemaster on the K. P.R. R., after which he was employed as a clerk in hardware for some eight years, and during that period he learned the trade of gas and steam fitter. He was also for eight years a member of the Topeka Cornet Band, and for two years had charge of the fire department building at Topeka. Was then for three years engineer at the State Insane Asylum, and for three years engineer at the State Deaf and Dumb Asylum. He came to Olathe January 1, 1882, and in company with O. D. Dickey purchased the hardware stock of W. B. Walker. They conducted the business together until April 13, 1882, when Mr. Dickey sold out his interest to G. S. Thompson. Mr. Brown was married at Topeka, Kan., in 1875, to Lila Little. They have one son--Clarence W."
[William G. Cutler's "History of the State of Kansas," 1883, ] 
BROWN, Ammi A. (I90633)
4 "About four years after his second marriage, James B. Davis returned to Doddridge County, West Virginia to live, where he was ordained and preached at the Middle Island Seventh Day Baptist Church. After his retirement they moved to Salem."
["Davis - The Settlers of Salem, West Virginia," p. 42] 
DAVIS, James Ball (I35952)
5 "According to a biographical sketch in 'The Horn Papers,' ... Richard Moody was an Englishman by birth and a tailor by trade. He arrived in Philadelphia in 1712, and in 1721 established Moody's Inn near Paterson, New Jersey, where his son Robert Moody, Sr. was born. MOODY, Richard (I35582)
6 "According to Chambers and other researchers, the relationship of Nicholas Muse to John Muse Sr. is unproven." MUSE, Nicholas (I35672)
7 "Adam and Jane (Hall) Kasson emigrated from Belfast, Ireland, sometime in the year 1722, and landed in Boston, Mass., with their family, consisting of seven sons and two daughters. From Boston they removed to Vountown, Conn., where he died Nov 1 1752, aged 71; his wife Mar 31 1767, aged 85. They called themselves Scotch-Irish, with some English blood intermixed; but some of their descendants claim to be of French descent, and left France in the time of the persecution of the Huguenots." Family F15477
8 "After graduating from West Virginia University with a degree in Music, she traveled through Northern West Virginia teaching music at multiple high schools. Following the guidance of her beloved father, who believed that personal growth and opportunity in the 1930's, required one to explore new people and challenges outside of the small town atmosphere of West Virginia, Virginia moved to Washington, D.C. Beginning an active life of travel unusual for single women at that time, she took a position with the Department of Housing and Urban Development. During World War II, she was active in the creation and management of emergency housing plans for families having to relocate due to loss of their husbands to the war. Following the war, Virginia was transferred to Atlanta in a regional management position for Housing and Urban Development " retiring in 1970. STUCK, Virginia Isabelle (I29399)
9 "After marrying Lucretia Green, Robert Moody Sr. settled in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania in 1759. A year later, he joined Thomas Cresap's group of explorers and traders to the Ohio River country. For nearly two years, he made his home at the 'forks' (presumably the confluence of the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers), then returned to his family in 1764. By then, they were living near the Cresap home on the Potomac River. In 1769, Robert Moody Sr. joined a party of settlers from Frederick County, Virginia, who headed for the Monongahela River territory. Upon locating a tract of land in Greene County, Pennsylvania, he settled there and fathered at least four children, including Robert Moody Jr., who grew to maturity. By 1794, his eldest son, William, was a merchant tailor in Greensboro." MOODY, Robert Sr. (I35580)
10 "Amos Bee was enrolling officer during the civil war, for Capt. Stone of Wheeling, preparing for draft. He served as deputy sheriff four years, 1877-81, was first clerk of the school board under the free school system, and has been clerk of the board of supervisors." BEE, Amos (I37182)
11 "at B. L. Davises" Informant for marriage license: W. B. Allen. Family F41280
12 "at Clod Swigers" Family F40716
13 "at J. E. Bates residence" Family F40787
14 "at James Wilson's" Family F42531
15 "at Joe McKinney's residence near Blandville, W.Va." Family F41016
16 "at John M. Hoey's" This was probably at Big Battle in Doddridge County. Family F41107
17 "at John Postlethwaits" "Consent given by Luther Postlethwait." Family F44607
18 "at Lot Enix's" Family F25105
19 "at or near the residence of George Freeman." Informant for marriage license: B. J. Scott. Family F7252
20 "at Stouts" Informants for marriage license: George and Thomas Murphy, and James F. (?) Stout. Family F21659
21 "At the age of 12 years she made a public profession of religion, was baptized by Amos R. Wells, in a creek called Patterson's Fork, Va., now W. Va., and joined the Greenbrier Church. In those days children of that age were not supposed to be old enough to be Christians."
Obituary, "The Sabbath Recorder", Vol 42, No 24, p 8, June 17, 1886. 
DAVIS, Vienna (I115926)
22 "at the bride's home, Ira Williams, Rt 2, Cox's Mills, W.Va." Family F29593
23 "at the Double Bridges near Shiloh" Family F34000
24 "at the home of his son" GASTON, John Morris (I150)
25 "at the home of his son" GASTON, John Morris (I150)
26 "at the house of David Barker" Family F41168
27 "at the house of G. W. Moore" Family F26026
28 "at the house of J. W. Norris" Family F37406
29 "at the residence of Geo. Clice" Family F42285
30 "at the residence of the bride's mother" Family F16813
31 "at the watch box near Central Station" Family F39198
32 "Benjamin Family in America," p. 113, incorrectly reports John Brown's death as 1780. Connecticut vital records of the Barbour Collection show that 1780 was actually the year that he married, and that he had at least three children in the next few years. BROWN, John (I72137)
33 "Benjamin Family in America," p. 114, reports birth date as Apr 27 1769, but Connecticut Town Birth Records (Barbour Collection), show it as Nov 5 1767. BROWN, Hannah (I72147)
34 "Camp Merritt was a military base in Cresskill, in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States, that was activated for use in World War I. It was from this camp that tens of thousands of soldiers were deployed to Hoboken, New Jersey before being shipped off to Europe. Approximately four million troops were sent to the Western Front during World War I, about one million of them passed through Camp Merritt. Camp Merritt was decommissioned in 1919."
[Source: Wikipedia] 
CRAWFORD, David Harry (I93583)
35 "Cemeteries of Elk District, Harrison County WV," p. 26, reports burial in unmarked grave in A. D. Douglas Cemetery at Raccoon Run, citing the statement of a local resident. But death record shows burial at Benedum Memorial Cemetery in Bridgeport. DOUGLAS, Jefferson Davis (I50893)
36 "Cemeteries of Grant District, Harrison County, WV," p. 28, reports birth date on headstone as May 8 1797. MORRIS, Elizabeth (I1360)
37 "Cemeteries of Grant District, Harrison County, WV," p. 28, reports death date as Aug 22 1856, age at death 1y 5m 23d. GASTON, Azalea (I1817)
38 "Cemeteries of Grant District," p. 39, reports death date on headstone as Apr 30 1869. MADDOX, William (I1442)
39 "Cemeteries of Tenmile District, Harrison County WV," p. 172, reports birth date as Jun 8 1859, and death date as Jul 17 1884. Name on headstone: Ella J. Lowther. DAVIS, Ellen Jane (I37875)
40 "Cemeteries of Union District, Harrison County WV," p. 12, reports birth date on headstone as 1888. But death record states birth date as Jun 4 1886, and age 21 given at time of marriage would also put birth in about 1886. DEBAR, Ila B. (I33142)
41 "Cemeteries of Union District, Harrison County WV" reports two graves for this Solomon Sommerville:
(1) Good Hope Masonic Cemetery, Solomon Sommerville, d. Nov 28 1872, age 44y 11m 9d (computes to birth date of Dec 19 1827).
(2) Old Bethel Cemetery, Solomon Sommerville, b. May 22 1823, d. Apr 28 1872, age 48y 11m 6d, son of James Sommerville II.
Age 43 given at time of 1863 marriage would put birth in about 1820, but ages given in 1850 and 1860 Censuses would but it in about 1824/25. No death record has been found. 
SOMMERVILLE, Solomon (I54731)
42 "Cory Durfee,Sr., was a soldier in the Revolution; enlisted as a private August 3, 1780, in Capt. Henry Brightman's (Freetown) Co. of Col. Hathaway's regiment; discharged August 7, 1789; service 4 days; company marched to Rhode Island on alarm." DURFEE, Cory (I72058)
43 "Davis - Settlers of Salem WV," p. 29, reports birth date as about 1780. MAXSON, Jesse (I57581)
44 "Davis - Settlers of Salem WV," p. 76, reports the husband of Mary Catherine Tucker only as "Dr. Merrill" Family F39706
45 "Davis - The Settlers of Salem W.Va.," p. 53, reports birth date as June 7 1791. But in Joshua J. Davis's "Declaration for Pension," he states that he was age 79 as of July 5 1870. The Davis book also reports his death date as April 1873. But his military file contains a statement by his wife Delila Clark, in her application for a widow's pension, that he died on May 5 1873. DAVIS, Joshua J. (I43650)
46 "Davis - The Settlers of Salem W.Va.," p. 70, reports birth date as Apr 3 1873. But death record states Apr 2 1873, age 77, while obituary states Apr 2 1874, age 77. The 1900 Census shows his birth date as Apr 1873. A headstone has not been found for him. DAVIS, Charles Lenus "Fiddler" (I57617)
47 "Davis - The Settlers of Salem West Virginia," p. 57, reports birth date as Jan 13 1811. But headstone shows it as Jan 13 1810. CHANEY, Sophia (I49310)
48 "Davis - The Settlers of Salem WV," p, 353, reports conflicting death dates of Oct 24 1745 and Mar 1 1732. RANDOLPH, Thomas Fitz (I103041)
49 "Davis - The Settlers of Salem WV," p. 104, reports death as 1852. SHANNON, William Henry (I81946)
50 "Davis - The Settlers of Salem WV," p. 106, reports birth date as Jan 17 1866, and 1900 census states Jan 1870, while age 5 in 1870 Census would put birth in about 1865, and age 12 in 1880 Census and age 42 in 1910 Census would put it in about 1868. But headstone reads 1867, and age 45y 7m 25d in death record would put birth at Jan 16 1865. BEE, Clara Virginia (I51757)

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