Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Virginia (now West Virginia)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 YOUNG, Ralph W.  15 Dec 1850Virginia (now West Virginia) I119199
2 YOUNG, Granville  Jan 1838Virginia (now West Virginia) I112441
3 YOUNG, Edward Tully  20 Aug 1858Virginia (now West Virginia) I119201
4 YOUNG, Caroline V. "Carrie"  29 Dec 1841Virginia (now West Virginia) I79370
5 YEATER, Elizabeth  CA 1825Virginia (now West Virginia) I95461
6 WRIGHT, Lucinda  8 May 1841Virginia (now West Virginia) I38459
7 WRICK, Christopher Columbus  16 Apr 1841Virginia (now West Virginia) I105920
8 WOODBURN, Mary Martha  1840Virginia (now West Virginia) I62750
9 WOLF, Nancy  CA 1830Virginia (now West Virginia) I78516
10 WISEMAN, John P.  19 Mar 1859Virginia (now West Virginia) I94818
11 WISE, Jackson  CA 1814Virginia (now West Virginia) I32660
12 WISE, George  Sep 1845Virginia (now West Virginia) I110928
13 WINTERS, Michael T.  CA 1855Virginia (now West Virginia) I97576
14 WILSON, John M.  9 Nov 1826Virginia (now West Virginia) I95749
15 WILSON, Almarine  29 Apr 1844Virginia (now West Virginia) I104306
16 WILLIAMSON, Lydia B.  31 Aug 1848Virginia (now West Virginia) I74206
17 WILLIAMS, Perlina  Virginia (now West Virginia) I64408
18 WILLIAMS, Melissa Ann  15 Jun 1825Virginia (now West Virginia) I92734
19 WILLIAMS, Louisa  15 Jun 1847Virginia (now West Virginia) I70269
20 WILLIAMS, Hester I.  CA 1843Virginia (now West Virginia) I56751
21 WILLARD, Charlotte  28 May 1834Virginia (now West Virginia) I43152
22 WHITEHAIR, Mary Elizabeth  10 Mar 1861Virginia (now West Virginia) I130278
23 WHITEHAIR, Henry J.  1823Virginia (now West Virginia) I74178
24 WHITE, Elizabeth  1780Virginia (now West Virginia) I105891
25 WHALEY, George W.  Feb 1856Virginia (now West Virginia) I74210
26 WESTFALL, Anna  Aug 1860Virginia (now West Virginia) I115652
27 WELLS, William  CA 1816Virginia (now West Virginia) I58626
28 WELLS, Nancy Lunnen  18 Apr 1835Virginia (now West Virginia) I96011
29 WELLS, Harvey C.  CA 1856Virginia (now West Virginia) I25667
30 WELLS, Granville Ducket  Jul 1848Virginia (now West Virginia) I105960
31 WELLS, Benjamin  28 Nov 1818Virginia (now West Virginia) I71699
32 WEEKLY, Solomon  24 Jul 1847Virginia (now West Virginia) I113083
33 WEEKLEY, Rebecca  CA 1831Virginia (now West Virginia) I114326
34 WEBB, David Porter  16 Aug 1838Virginia (now West Virginia) I107705
35 WATSON, Thomas D.  Dec 1828Virginia (now West Virginia) I52867
36 WADE, Thomas Rhoden  16 Mar 1856Virginia (now West Virginia) I96758
37 VINCENT, William Henry  3 Nov 1845Virginia (now West Virginia) I99180
38 VINCENT, Sarah Eliza  9 Dec 1852Virginia (now West Virginia) I43988
39 VINCENT, Merrick Henry  CA 1838Virginia (now West Virginia) I10864
40 VINCENT, Julia Ann  CA 1834Virginia (now West Virginia) I10862
41 VINCENT, Joseph Israel  24 Aug 1835Virginia (now West Virginia) I10760
42 VINCENT, Isaac R.  CA 1847Virginia (now West Virginia) I99181
43 UNDERWOOD, Hannah  CA 1797Virginia (now West Virginia) I47758
44 TWYFORD, Thomas  CA 1857Virginia (now West Virginia) I78384
45 TWYFORD, Emanuel  CA 1862Virginia (now West Virginia) I78386
46 TURNER, Mary Jane  28 Jan 1846Virginia (now West Virginia) I1303
47 TUCKER, Thomas M.  3 Aug 1847Virginia (now West Virginia) I95074
48 TUCKER, Susan  CA 1818Virginia (now West Virginia) I34137
49 TUCKER, Rosaline L.  22 May 1847Virginia (now West Virginia) I96763
50 TUCKER, Louisa J.  11 May 1853Virginia (now West Virginia) I91922

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 RUNNER, Anna Elisabeth  17 Sep 1832Virginia (now West Virginia) I75104
2 ROWAN, John  29 Dec 1833Virginia (now West Virginia) I128323
3 RIFFLE, Jacob  CA 1816Virginia (now West Virginia) I128562
4 RADCLIFFE, Daniel Stephen  21 Oct 1784Virginia (now West Virginia) I115906
5 FIELDS, Mary  28 Aug 1834Virginia (now West Virginia) I109732
6 CRUMRINE, John (Krumrein)  1857Virginia (now West Virginia) I115476
7 COON, John  1774Virginia (now West Virginia) I22167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 HOLDEN, Alexander  FORMERLYVirginia (now West Virginia) I108239
2 DAVIS, William Johnson "Rock Run Billy"  (SETTLED Abt 1806)Virginia (now West Virginia) I43649


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COWAN / METHENY  1839Virginia (now West Virginia) F15075