Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Alma, Tyler Co, WV



Latitude: 39.42650, Longitude: -80.82220


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANKROM, Cecil Edward  23 Apr 1933Alma, Tyler Co, WV I62788
2 BAKER, Hattie Havila  2 Mar 1873Alma, Tyler Co, WV I119031
3 BOOHER, Edison Duane "Ed"  25 Aug 1914Alma, Tyler Co, WV I12717
4 DELOE, Lena "Billie"  9 Apr 1912Alma, Tyler Co, WV I30963
5 DELOE, Maymie Ellen  25 Apr 1924Alma, Tyler Co, WV I30977
6 DELOE, Ruth Marie  22 Nov 1925Alma, Tyler Co, WV I30981
7 DILLON, Jacob Luther  30 Jan 1919Alma, Tyler Co, WV I86777
8 DUTY, Phoebe Ellen  1860Alma, Tyler Co, WV I100677
9 ESTLACK, Elizabeth Anne  5 Jun 1935Alma, Tyler Co, WV I128868
10 FORESTER, Ida Agnes  29 Jul 1880Alma, Tyler Co, WV I102579
11 GASTON, Garnett E.  18 Feb 1916Alma, Tyler Co, WV I61530
12 HAMILTON, Woodrow W.  2 Nov 1912Alma, Tyler Co, WV I112419
13 HEADLEY, Howard Segel "Slim"  14 Jul 1934Alma, Tyler Co, WV I81350
14 HEADLEY, Lester Dewayne  17 Dec 1922Alma, Tyler Co, WV I111820
15 KEARNS, Oscar Byron  7 Dec 1869Alma, Tyler Co, WV I119030
16 KESTER, Lawrence Lonzo  8 Oct 1914Alma, Tyler Co, WV I4072
17 KESTER, William  29 Feb 1884Alma, Tyler Co, WV I103464
18 MARTIN, Victor H.  19 Jan 1920Alma, Tyler Co, WV I113018
19 MEREDITH, Laura Laverna  3 Jul 1869Alma, Tyler Co, WV I127014
20 MYER, Jerry Lee  27 Sep 1938Alma, Tyler Co, WV I122525
21 RIPLEY, Lawrence Herbert  1 Nov 1879Alma, Tyler Co, WV I84556
22 RIPLEY, Mildred Chelsa  16 Jan 1908Alma, Tyler Co, WV I84555
23 SECKMAN, Ernest George  4 Sep 1932Alma, Tyler Co, WV I113122
24 SECKMAN, Makle Phillip  27 Jan 1891Alma, Tyler Co, WV I85760
25 SECKMAN, Opal Leona  3 Jan 1903Alma, Tyler Co, WV I101790
26 SMITH, Nina Lee  8 Jan 1924Alma, Tyler Co, WV I54976
27 SPENCER, Adaline T.  3 Sep 1920Alma, Tyler Co, WV I103478
28 STONEKING, Margaret Sue  24 Oct 1941Alma, Tyler Co, WV I38373
29 STUBBS, Frances Irene  29 May 1929Alma, Tyler Co, WV I17926
30 STUBBS, Wilma Louella  14 Feb 1927Alma, Tyler Co, WV I32958
31 THOMAS, Burl Ottis  31 Dec 1908Alma, Tyler Co, WV I79576
32 THOMAS, Patrick Burrell  23 Feb 1921Alma, Tyler Co, WV I111816
33 THOMPSON, Charles E. "Charlie"  25 Nov 1944Alma, Tyler Co, WV I127130
34 TUSTIN, Stanley H.  10 Aug 1935Alma, Tyler Co, WV I61536
35 UNDERWOOD, Gerald Bernard  9 Feb 1904Alma, Tyler Co, WV I93601
36 WEEKLEY, Milton Leonidas  27 Oct 1871Alma, Tyler Co, WV I131388
37 YEATER, James Drexel  16 Mar 1929Alma, Tyler Co, WV I23328


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEY, Permila Belle  24 Aug 1951Alma, Tyler Co, WV I111824
2 ASH, George Lawson  6 Jun 1962Alma, Tyler Co, WV I45959
3 BAKER, Henry Harrison  28 Jul 1908Alma, Tyler Co, WV I110923
4 BLAND, Lawrence Brooks  2 Nov 1970Alma, Tyler Co, WV I28567
5 CARR, Mary Ellen  17 Feb 2014Alma, Tyler Co, WV I30693
6 CORBLY, Helen Victoria  18 Feb 1941Alma, Tyler Co, WV I128892
7 CRISS, Martha  20 Apr 1945Alma, Tyler Co, WV I101093
8 CUMBERLEDGE, Jacob Alfred "Jake"  8 Aug 1996Alma, Tyler Co, WV I9348
9 DAVIS, Emma  12 Dec 1947Alma, Tyler Co, WV I70472
10 ESTLACK, Thomas James  27 Nov 1920Alma, Tyler Co, WV I128891
11 FORESTER, Ida Agnes  29 Mar 1952Alma, Tyler Co, WV I102579
12 GATRELL, Lenora B. "Nora"  16 Oct 1955Alma, Tyler Co, WV I49679
13 HAMILTON, Garnet Dewey  31 Dec 1961Alma, Tyler Co, WV I120314
14 HEADLEY, David W.  22 Apr 1939Alma, Tyler Co, WV I111823
15 HICKMAN, Sarah Margaret  13 Oct 1940Alma, Tyler Co, WV I71090
16 HILEY, Violet May  21 Apr 1952Alma, Tyler Co, WV I94714
17 KENDALL, Martha Jane "Mattie"  11 Jan 1958Alma, Tyler Co, WV I30962
18 KESTER, Mahala Adeline  14 May 1948Alma, Tyler Co, WV I73128
19 KIMBALL, Borman Ray "Sy"  11 Sep 2019Alma, Tyler Co, WV I120690
20 LEASURE, Clarence Noah  26 Jan 1958Alma, Tyler Co, WV I116198
21 MARTIN, Leota  31 Mar 1922Alma, Tyler Co, WV I79575
22 MORRIS, Leora Caroline  15 Mar 1950Alma, Tyler Co, WV I55513
23 SCARBROUGH, Mary Catherine  16 Nov 1931Alma, Tyler Co, WV I74977
24 SCOTT, James Bert "Jimmy Bert"  2 Mar 2019Alma, Tyler Co, WV I67196
25 SECKMAN, Martha V.  1 Jan 1950Alma, Tyler Co, WV I111828
26 SMITH, Maude V.  26 Nov 1922Alma, Tyler Co, WV I97516
27 SPENCER, Amos Peter  23 Jan 1968Alma, Tyler Co, WV I103461
28 STEWART, Lucy  31 Aug 1951Alma, Tyler Co, WV I63365
29 THOMAS, David Rennie  11 Dec 1927Alma, Tyler Co, WV I111817
30 UNDERWOOD, Silas  23 Jan 1931Alma, Tyler Co, WV I61519
31 VORE, Laura Jane  13 May 1941Alma, Tyler Co, WV I81681
32 WINE, Linda Kay  29 Oct 2001Alma, Tyler Co, WV I89945


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Otis W.  1936, 1937Alma, Tyler Co, WV I102158
2 ARNETT, Arretta "Tet"  1951, 1987Alma, Tyler Co, WV I63369
3 ASH, George "Frank"  1948Alma, Tyler Co, WV I45958
4 ASH, James Eli  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I125751
5 ASH, Olive Joanne  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I113121
6 ASH, Robert Rhuel  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I84125
7 BAKER, Henry Harrison  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I110923
8 BOOHER, Laura  1923Alma, Tyler Co, WV I117221
9 BRITTON, Gaynell  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I12239
10 BRITTON, Gaynell  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I12239
11 CARR, Mary Ellen  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I30693
12 CHIPPS, Arby Vernon  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I85171
13 COLEMAN, Russell Guy  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I99580
14 CORBLY, Helen Victoria  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I128892
15 CORK, Martha Virginia  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I84476
16 CRISS, Martha  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I101093
17 CUMBERLEDGE, Terry J.  1996Alma, Tyler Co, WV I9350
18 DAWSON, Clate Roy  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I83052
19 DELO, Edward L.  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I120079
20 DELOE, Bertha Emogene  1942Alma, Tyler Co, WV I20884
21 DELOE, Mabel Ethyl  1935Alma, Tyler Co, WV I30975
22 DELOE, Maymie Ellen  1942, 1954, 1958Alma, Tyler Co, WV I30977
23 DELOE, Winnie Alta  1920Alma, Tyler Co, WV I30972
24 DENNISON, Kenneth Dale  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I40568
25 DOAK, William Lewis  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I124340
26 DOLL, Wayne S.  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I32970
27 DOTSON, William Gene  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I109946
28 EAKLE, Patricia Sue  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I123511
29 ELIFRITZ, Verna Opal  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I113113
30 ESTLACK, Whitney C.  1926Alma, Tyler Co, WV I128871
31 FERREBEE, Rosa May  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I81297
32 FERREBEE, Rosa May  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I81297
33 FORRESTER, Elizabeth  1958Alma, Tyler Co, WV I116199
34 FOUTS, Geneva  2001Alma, Tyler Co, WV I89934
35 GASTON, Anna Carolina  1942Alma, Tyler Co, WV I61497
36 GASTON, Celia Devora  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I61498
37 GATRELL, Hattie A.  1935Alma, Tyler Co, WV I102577
38 GEORGE, Grover Cleveland  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I72748
39 GLENDENNING, Kathie L.  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I96156
40 GUTHRIE, Glen Rex  1963Alma, Tyler Co, WV I82900
41 HAMILTON, Garnet Dewey  1926Alma, Tyler Co, WV I120314
42 HAMILTON, George Grant  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I37744
43 HAMILTON, J. Bryan  1932Alma, Tyler Co, WV I102164
44 HEADLEY, Lola  1926Alma, Tyler Co, WV I120313
45 HEADLEY, Thomas Leonard  1928Alma, Tyler Co, WV I108508
46 HICKMAN, Sarah Margaret  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I71090
47 HILEY, Violet May  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I94714
48 HUFFORD, Lewis Townsend  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I41991
49 JENKINS, Zetta F.  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I25560
50 JONES, Bessie Lee  Alma, Tyler Co, WV I20059

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BATES / YEATER  17 Oct 1941Alma, Tyler Co, WV F33804
2 CORK / CURREY  26 Jun 1948Alma, Tyler Co, WV F31028
3 COSTILOW / DELOE  17 Jan 1942Alma, Tyler Co, WV F7701
4 DOLL / DAVIS  15 Feb 1935Alma, Tyler Co, WV F30956
5 FOISTER / HUFFMAN  22 Mar 1896Alma, Tyler Co, WV F57614
6 FREEMAN / SECKMAN  31 Mar 1950Alma, Tyler Co, WV F37573
7 GASKINS / KIMBALL  2 Dec 1950Alma, Tyler Co, WV F34206
8 GOODRICH / ASH  8 Feb 1957Alma, Tyler Co, WV F35951
9 HAMILTON / HEADLEY  14 Nov 1926Alma, Tyler Co, WV F51625
10 HAYES / MCKEOWN  16 Aug 1924Alma, Tyler Co, WV F38847
11 HEADLEY / MCDOUGLE  19 May 1928Alma, Tyler Co, WV F45538
12 JONES / BOOHER  8 Dec 1923Alma, Tyler Co, WV F50031
13 LEASURE / HUFFMAN  19 Aug 1900Alma, Tyler Co, WV F57547
14 LEASURE / MCDOUGLE  9 Feb 1952Alma, Tyler Co, WV F43122
15 LOWTHER / SMITH  14 May 1959Alma, Tyler Co, WV F19944
16 MCCUNE / KESTER  7 Sep 1956Alma, Tyler Co, WV F24547
17 MCINTYRE / LEASURE  23 Mar 1935Alma, Tyler Co, WV F50180
18 MCKINNEY / DAVIS  16 Apr 1954Alma, Tyler Co, WV F19417
19 MONROE / BRITTON  30 Apr 1933Alma, Tyler Co, WV F17796
20 MORGAN / SWIGER  1 Jul 1939Alma, Tyler Co, WV F36405
21 MURPHY / ANDERSON  20 Sep 1919Alma, Tyler Co, WV F45369
22 NICHOLS / SECKMAN  27 Jul 1909Alma, Tyler Co, WV F35194
23 NUTTER / SMARR  7 May 1955Alma, Tyler Co, WV F29458
24 PRATT / CARPENTER  24 Dec 1943Alma, Tyler Co, WV F24890
25 PRATT / CUMBERLEDGE  16 Jun 1915Alma, Tyler Co, WV F28993
26 PRATT / PARKER  17 Nov 1941Alma, Tyler Co, WV F35989
27 PRATT / SECKMAN  20 Jun 1922Alma, Tyler Co, WV F24891
28 REED / BUNTING  21 Nov 1920Alma, Tyler Co, WV F18721
29 SANDY / ANDERSON  24 Apr 1923Alma, Tyler Co, WV F35182
30 SECKMAN / ASH  23 Dec 1955Alma, Tyler Co, WV F47853
31 SECKMAN / PIERPOINT  15 Jan 1936Alma, Tyler Co, WV F9378
32 SHACKELFORD / ASH  18 Aug 1914Alma, Tyler Co, WV F34074
33 SPENCER / MCDOUGLE  11 Oct 1968Alma, Tyler Co, WV F43120
34 SPENCER / SMITH  13 Apr 1946Alma, Tyler Co, WV F37812
35 SPENCER / YOUNG  14 Aug 1936Alma, Tyler Co, WV F43104
36 STONEKING / HILEY  16 May 1939Alma, Tyler Co, WV F55260
37 SWIGER / SHIELDS  12 Apr 1942Alma, Tyler Co, WV F36354
38 TATE / LOOMAN  15 Apr 1937Alma, Tyler Co, WV F45465
39 TUSTIN / GASTON  24 Aug 1935Alma, Tyler Co, WV F25560
40 UNDERWOOD / CHIPPS  7 Mar 1950Alma, Tyler Co, WV F34040
41 UNDERWOOD / GASTON  4 Aug 1907Alma, Tyler Co, WV F25552
42 WADSWORTH / DOTSON  1 Jul 1950Alma, Tyler Co, WV F39363
43 WEAVER / JONES  9 Jul 1951Alma, Tyler Co, WV F30133
44 WEEKLEY / WILLIAMS  27 May 1933Alma, Tyler Co, WV F11078
45 WILLIAMS / SMITH  11 Sep 1948Alma, Tyler Co, WV F7606
46 WILLIAMSON / REED  22 Apr 1952Alma, Tyler Co, WV F34688
47 WRIGHT / REED  16 Jul 1949Alma, Tyler Co, WV F9906
48 YOUNG / KIMBALL  8 Jan 1894Alma, Tyler Co, WV F44041
49 ZEIGLER / HICKMAN  6 Jul 1940Alma, Tyler Co, WV F34030
50 ZEIGLER / MCCAULEY  24 Apr 1947Alma, Tyler Co, WV F34032


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 JONES / KEMPER  28 Apr 1932Alma, Tyler Co, WV F32005