Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH



Latitude: 41.0997803, Longitude: -80.6495194


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRITTON, Linda Marie  13 Feb 1950Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I12029
2 BROWN, Larry Leon  10 Jan 1951Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5552
3 DAVIS, Merle Richard "Rick"  10 May 1946Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I65
4 DAVIS, Timothy James  17 Oct 1966Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I63
5 DENNISON, Joseph Anthony  18 Jun 1918Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I11244
6 DENNISON, Taylor  3 Aug 1946Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I62
7 FALVO, Carl Alfred  6 Aug 1916Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I10413
8 FOLKWEIN, Donald Warren  30 Apr 1934Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I6335
9 GARSIDE, Jean M.  10 Jun 1919Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I119495
10 GRIM, Richard  CA 1930Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I91504
11 HAZENSTAB, Joseph Kenneth  9 Mar 1972Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I8762
12 JARVIS, Roy Lee  21 Aug 1940Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I38327
13 MCNICHOLAS, James J.  8 Oct 1899Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I13813
14 MCNICHOLAS, James Joseph  29 Jan 1925Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5732
15 MOORE, Michael Robert  27 Aug 1969Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I17419
16 MOSES, John Berkley  23 Aug 1910Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I8551
17 PARKER, Sarah Opal  16 Oct 1927Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I100564
18 PATTERSON, Lindsey Ann  23 Nov 1995Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I8743
19 SCOTT, Ernest Larry  17 Feb 1943Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I112794
20 SIMON, David John  4 Sep 1906Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I133243
21 SIMON, Leah M.  20 Jun 1927Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I35759
22 TINKLER, Sarah Ann "Sally"  6 Apr 1925Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5733
23 VACCARO, Anthony Peter "Tony"  31 Dec 1937Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I22446
24 WALLER, (stillborn female)  21 Jan 1938Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I14355
25 WALLER, Charles Franklin  12 Aug 1939Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5550
26 WHITE, Billie Jackson Jr.  19 Jul 1950Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I42701


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ___, Gladys H.  14 Jul 1973Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I111473
2 ALLEN, Arley Argil  15 Dec 1980Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I87585
3 BENNETT, Holly Golden "Bud"  26 Oct 2002Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I62642
4 BODE, Madalene M.  1 Aug 2016Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I22755
5 BRITTON, Quentin Roosevelt "Joe"  27 Jun 1999Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I10428
6 BROWN, Addison Avery  13 Jan 1954Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I33
7 BROWN, Vernon Avery  27 Jan 1960Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I37
8 BROWN, Waneta Mabel  10 Nov 1959Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I35
9 BUTALA, Helen Louise  16 Dec 2018Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I128439
10 CAIN, Nola May  12 Jul 1976Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I25612
11 CALLAHAN, Edna  30 Jun 1987Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I78612
12 CROOK, Bertha Gay  20 Jun 1978Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I28565
13 DAVIS, Merle Richard "Rick"  12 Sep 2003Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I65
14 DENNISON, Taylor  27 May 1989Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I62
15 DOUGLAS, Herbert Clyde  14 Oct 1972Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I51221
16 EVERSON, Carl Daniel  26 Dec 1986Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I128238
17 EVERSON, Jacquline Sylvia  16 Mar 1976Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I14883
18 FLUHARTY, Anga Doloris  29 Apr 1981Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I87354
19 FOCKLER, Isabell  25 Feb 2007Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I32902
20 FORD, Lloyd Hale  25 Nov 1967Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I26356
21 GENUSKE, Dale G.  18 Sep 1990Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I9583
22 GREEN, James A.  17 Jan 1941Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I125126
23 HAMRICK, Dona Margaret  3 Sep 1999Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I128425
24 HAMRICK, Kelly Bertha Mae  21 Oct 2001Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I128442
25 HAUGHT, Anna Audra  9 Apr 1977Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I53216
26 HUFFORD, Snowie Beatrice  1 Mar 1992Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I113982
27 HUSK, Rodney E.  4 Nov 1998Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I2793
28 JARVIS, Fred  6 Mar 1959Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5968
29 KNIGHT, Virginia Ruth  5 Sep 1991Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I78734
30 LATTEA, Leo Thurman  23 Feb 2011Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I32876
31 LAZZELLE, Hazel Wanda Virginia  14 Nov 1992Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I111709
32 LEASURE, Silas Henry "Shorty"  29 Jan 1990Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I67276
33 LEES, Elizabeth  17 Dec 2020Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5551
34 LEES, William M.  19 Feb 1994Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I62878
35 LEIGH, Violet Elizabeth  14 May 2001Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I112682
36 LIPSCOMB, Truman Christian  29 Jul 1946Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I125061
37 LONG, Elsie Enid  1 Jul 1976Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I8552
38 LOWTHER, Betty J.  10 May 1991Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I90046
39 LOWTHER, Floyd E.  19 Mar 1966Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I49255
40 MAHANA, Opal Grace  18 Nov 1979Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I115410
41 MCNICHOLAS, James J.  23 May 1979Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I13813
42 MCNICHOLAS, James Joseph  7 Mar 2001Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5732
43 MOSES, John Berkley  15 Oct 1992Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I8551
44 MOZINGO, Paul Kendale  11 Feb 1985Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5446
45 NUTTER, Clara Ellen  7 Jul 1993Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I115109
46 ORR, Effie  15 Aug 1968Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I19452
47 PERINE, Peggy Ellen  24 Sep 2013Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I60090
48 PERINE, Robert  6 Mar 2005Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I14323
49 POWELL, Leonard Dean  8 Feb 2015Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I125985
50 REED, Mary Elizabeth  26 May 1997Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I70951

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ___, Loretta A.  1930, 1940Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I100012
2 BEST, Emily Elizabeth  1930Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I54194
3 BROWN, Waneta Mabel  1940Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I35
4 CHAPMAN, Frank Robert Jr.  1930Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I100001
5 DOUGLASS, William James  1930Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I54193
6 FRUM, Sylvanus  1910Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I45989
7 GASTON, Phylinda Elise  1910Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I9474
8 HASTINGS, Arthur  1910Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I35354
9 HASTINGS, Ben G.  1910Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I55752
10 HASTINGS, Harriet  1910Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I55753
11 HOLLAND, Agnes E.  1940Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I33580
12 MCKEOWN, Fannie Bird  1940Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I14362
13 OWENS, Sidney James  1940Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I33581
14 WALLER, Charles Franklin  1940Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5550
15 WALLER, Dolores Louise  1940Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5548
16 WALLER, Forrest Harold  1940Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5547
17 WALLER, Forrest John  1940Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5549


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ___, Gladys H.  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I111473
2 AGEE, Garnald Joseph "Garry"  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I64673
3 BENNETT, Holly Golden "Bud"  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I62642
4 BODE, Madalene M.  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I22755
5 BOLEY, Bonnie LaVonne  FORMERLYYoungstown, Mahoning Co, OH I124366
6 BROADWATER, Camden C.  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I122501
7 BROWN, Addison Avery  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I33
8 BROWN, Armand Leon  From 1946 to 1952Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I1
9 BROWN, Vernon Avery  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I37
10 BROWN, Waneta Mabel  FORMERLYYoungstown, Mahoning Co, OH I35
11 BURCH, Robert Edward  1965Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I22789
12 CAIN, Nola May  1955, 1964Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I25612
13 CALLAHAN, Edna  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I78612
14 CARR, Mary Jane  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I6787
15 CARROLL, Benjamin Franklin "Frank"  1928, 1946Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I78746
16 CARROLL, Eunice Marion  1942, 1946Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I78731
17 CARROLL, Josie K.  1928Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I78743
18 CARROLL, Josie K.  1946Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I78743
19 CASEY, Mary T.  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I13814
20 COPLIN, Una Mae  1964Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I26352
21 COPLIN, Una Mae  2011Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I26352
22 DAVIS, Bernard Oral  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I63385
23 DENNISON, Joseph Anthony  1945Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I11244
24 EVERSON, Carl Daniel  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I128238
25 EVERSON, Donald Gene  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I128612
26 FAHEY, Margaret  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I50611
27 FOLKWEIN, Donald Warren  FORMERLYYoungstown, Mahoning Co, OH I6335
28 GASTON, Geneva Pauline  From 1946 to 1952Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I2
29 GREATHOUSE, Frankie Luzada  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I2455
30 GREATHOUSE, Nellie Francis  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I2456
31 GRIM, Richard  1951Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I91504
32 HAMRICK, Dona Margaret  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I128425
33 HAMRICK, Eugene Cameron  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I14882
34 HAUGHT, Nancy Lou "Babe"  FORMERLYYoungstown, Mahoning Co, OH I34
35 HICKMAN, Howard Henry  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I9580
36 HOLLAND, Agnes E.  1935Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I33580
37 HOLLAND, Agnes E.  1942Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I33580
38 HORTON, Warren G.  1971Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I128110
39 IRELAND, Mary Jean  1994Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I45952
40 JARVIS, Fred  1936-1942Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5968
41 JARVIS, Fred  1958-1959Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5968
42 JARVIS, James  1959Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I38326
43 KEENER, Bertha F.  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I29649
44 KIGHT, Bernice  2003Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I31820
45 KNIGHT, Howard Clifford  1942, 1949Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I59773
46 KNIGHT, Robert Bruce  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I78735
47 LATTEA, Leo Thurman  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I32876
48 LEES, Elizabeth  FORMERLYYoungstown, Mahoning Co, OH I5551
49 LEES, Margaret S.  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I62877
50 LEES, Sarah Kate  Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH I62880

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROWN / LEES  15 Jun 1947Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH F1910
2 FOLKWEIN / WALLER  29 Aug 1953Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH F2234
3 MCNICHOLAS / TINKLER  6 Oct 1945Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH F1989
4 UNDERWOOD / ZAHNISER  5 May 1962Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH F49897


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 HAMRICK / EVERSON  8 Oct 1970Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH F5312