Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Wirt Co, WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALFRED, Edna Maxine  4 Oct 1920Wirt Co, WV I30755
2 ARTHUR, Vallie B.  8 Dec 1899Wirt Co, WV I31075
3 BAILESS, Nora May  CA 1902Wirt Co, WV I133407
4 BENNINGTON, Mary  CA 1875Wirt Co, WV I98918
5 BLOSSER, Opal Erlene  27 Feb 1927Wirt Co, WV I93266
6 BOICE, Ruth Francis  CA 1897Wirt Co, WV I2912
7 BOOHER, Nimrod  13 Oct 1876Wirt Co, WV I132322
8 BOYCE, Cora Ellen  Feb 1880Wirt Co, WV I89501
9 BOYCE, Thomas Jefferson  29 Oct 1877Wirt Co, WV I17704
10 BOYCE, William Francis  21 Sep 1888Wirt Co, WV I55946
11 BROWN, Bertha Edna  22 Feb 1906Wirt Co, WV I108502
12 BROWN, Delbert William  CA 1918Wirt Co, WV I88891
13 BRUMMAGE, Sophia Rosetta  14 Mar 1868Wirt Co, WV I38033
14 CAIN, Beulah Mildred  2 Jun 1899Wirt Co, WV I97331
15 CALEBAUGH, Barbara Ann  23 Oct 1946Wirt Co, WV I26715
16 CARDER, Dennis Callas  7 Apr 1871Wirt Co, WV I69692
17 CARDER, Emma Caroline  6 Mar 1873Wirt Co, WV I74295
18 CARDER, Sarah Amanda  25 Nov 1869Wirt Co, WV I88363
19 CHANNELL, Anna  10 Sep 1871Wirt Co, WV I116150
20 COFER, Anna  15 Oct 1885Wirt Co, WV I107931
21 CRISS, Jennie (Virginia} M.  13 Apr 1898Wirt Co, WV I88313
22 DAGGETT, Darlington Quovadis  CA 1908Wirt Co, WV I93355
23 DAGGETT, Hollie Clare  1 Sep 1907Wirt Co, WV I76197
24 DAUGHERTY, David Clifford  28 May 1905Wirt Co, WV I57861
25 DAVIS, Chalmer  7 Feb 1892Wirt Co, WV I132282
26 DAVIS, George W.  CA 1882Wirt Co, WV I112985
27 DAVIS, Joseph Howard  CA 1927Wirt Co, WV I4185
28 DAVIS, Ralph Ely  Aug 1873Wirt Co, WV I73183
29 DAWSON, Lucretia J. "Cretia"  Sep 1875Wirt Co, WV I73455
30 DEEM, John Franklin Jr.  2 Apr 1866Wirt Co, WV I93400
31 DENNIS, Ruth Myrtle  CA 1902Wirt Co, WV I27920
32 DOOLEY, Brian Keith  25 Jan 1963Wirt Co, WV I27701
33 DOTSON, William Dountain  15 Jun 1883Wirt Co, WV I41977
34 DRUMMOND, Pearl Marie  29 Jan 1896Wirt Co, WV I48055
35 DULIN, Harry Edwin  22 Nov 1921Wirt Co, WV I125068
36 DUNBAR, Mayford Floyd  19 Sep 1919Wirt Co, WV I31867
37 EDMONDSON, Myrtle Kathryn  CA 1904Wirt Co, WV I48851
38 EDWARDS, Isabelle  CA 1871Wirt Co, WV I127164
39 ENOCH, Harley E.  CA 1888Wirt Co, WV I72283
40 EVANS, Rancel  4 Mar 1905Wirt Co, WV I58834
41 FAIRFAX, Rena T.  CA 1870Wirt Co, WV I66630
42 FARR, Kermit Taft  10 May 1908Wirt Co, WV I63391
43 FERREE, Inez Alacia  5 Nov 1890Wirt Co, WV I122894
44 FLUHARTY, Alice  14 Jun 1895Wirt Co, WV I127884
45 FOUGHT, Harvey Charles  5 Aug 1902Wirt Co, WV I106945
46 FOUGHT, Rozetta L.  6 Jan 1876Wirt Co, WV I56708
47 FOUGHT, Russell  CA 1922Wirt Co, WV I103416
48 FOUTTY, Roy Grayson  8 Jul 1882Wirt Co, WV I95699
49 GORDON, Charley Henry  5 Jul 1887Wirt Co, WV I68080
50 HAGUE, Charles Stanford  20 Jul 1879Wirt Co, WV I93395

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNETT, James L.  26 Sep 1940Wirt Co, WV I73454
2 BEE, Josiah H.  17 May 1876Wirt Co, WV I19456
3 BRITTON, Eliza Jane  17 Jul 1905Wirt Co, WV I11685
4 CAIN, Calvin H.  Nov 1905Wirt Co, WV I94985
5 CAIN, John  4 Jun 1872Wirt Co, WV I41520
6 COLLINS, Amanda Melvina  7 Nov 1907Wirt Co, WV I116577
7 COX, Winfield Taylor  14 Apr 1919Wirt Co, WV I29757
8 CUMBERLEDGE, Jesse H.  19 Feb 1906Wirt Co, WV I95530
9 DAVIS, Christena  27 Jan 1895Wirt Co, WV I99009
10 DAWSON, Cyrus  25 Mar 1897Wirt Co, WV I32246
11 DOTSON, Amos Asbury  4 Jan 1929Wirt Co, WV I32702
12 DOTSON, Thomas Daniel Jr.  21 Jun 1951Wirt Co, WV I50385
13 ERVIN, Columbia Belle "Lummie"  1 Apr 1919Wirt Co, WV I110981
14 EVANS, Henry Solomon  1 Mar 1954Wirt Co, WV I132405
15 GRAY, Rebecca Ann  31 Jan 1944Wirt Co, WV I29916
16 HAMRICK, Thomas  6 Oct 1907Wirt Co, WV I34132
17 HARE, Alice Ann  5 Sep 1893Wirt Co, WV I134778
18 HAUGHT, Perdilla  16 Mar 1914Wirt Co, WV I118950
19 HAUGHT, Peter J.  4 Jun 1886Wirt Co, WV I92782
20 HICKMAN, Margaret  17 Feb 1936Wirt Co, WV I85991
21 HUSK, Samuel George  22 Dec 1952Wirt Co, WV I1266
22 HUSK, Stephen Duane  4 Sep 1987Wirt Co, WV I1958
23 LEMON, Philip J.  29 Apr 1913Wirt Co, WV I76379
24 LOCKHART, Susan Caroline "Tudie"  28 Feb 1937Wirt Co, WV I79698
25 LOWTHER, Amos  28 Jul 1898Wirt Co, WV I32400
26 LOWTHER, Celina Jane  30 Oct 1923Wirt Co, WV I32397
27 LOWTHER, Elias  Wirt Co, WV I29176
28 LOWTHER, John D.  13 Oct 1869Wirt Co, WV I46743
29 MCCOY, Thomas Allen  14 Jan 1914Wirt Co, WV I79697
30 MCWHORTER, Salina  7 Oct 1881Wirt Co, WV I32383
31 MILLER, Henry Hamilton  20 May 1895Wirt Co, WV I88909
32 MORRIS, Charles Kester  27 Feb 1905Wirt Co, WV I11711
33 NOTTINGHAM, William Harmon  30 Jun 1960Wirt Co, WV I114424
34 PECK, George  12 Nov 1886Wirt Co, WV I88905
35 REED, Flora Etta  1 Jan 1932Wirt Co, WV I66617
36 SEES, Eugenius Jacob  11 Mar 1921Wirt Co, WV I31495
37 TENNANT, Lucina  22 Aug 1884Wirt Co, WV I95750
38 TRADER, Samuel B.  15 Feb 1894Wirt Co, WV I115986
39 WILSON, John M.  12 Aug 1897Wirt Co, WV I95749
40 WILSON, Rachel  4 Aug 1900Wirt Co, WV I92781
41 WILSON, Rhoda Bayne "Ellen"  3 Sep 1876Wirt Co, WV I32245
42 YOUNG, Aaron Bell  15 Mar 1915Wirt Co, WV I57292
43 ZINN, Mary Ellen  23 Mar 1926Wirt Co, WV I29753


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LOWTHER, Elias  Wirt Co, WV I29176


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ___, Estella F.  1930Wirt Co, WV I54679
2 AMOS, Homer R.  1920, 1930Wirt Co, WV I73945
3 BELT, Rachael  1870Wirt Co, WV I38592
4 BOICE, Ruth Francis  1920Wirt Co, WV I2912
5 BOYCE, F. Marion  1900Wirt Co, WV I57518
6 BOYCE, Hugh  1900Wirt Co, WV I57515
7 BRIDWELL, Calvin Early  1880Wirt Co, WV I38456
8 BRIDWELL, James H.  1880Wirt Co, WV I38458
9 BRIDWELL, Thomas R.  1870Wirt Co, WV I38597
10 BRIDWELL, Walter  1870, 1880Wirt Co, WV I38598
11 CHADDOCK, Nettie Elizabeth  1900Wirt Co, WV I24710
12 DEARMAN, Emeline  1870Wirt Co, WV I58168
13 DOTSON, William Dountain  1900Wirt Co, WV I41977
14 DULIN, Emma Ann  1900Wirt Co, WV I77155
15 HART, Malinda Ann  1900Wirt Co, WV I9339
16 HILL, Anna Mae  1900Wirt Co, WV I65086
17 HOFF, Elosia Mae  1900Wirt Co, WV I53022
18 HOFF, Eri Benson  1900Wirt Co, WV I9325
19 HOFF, Minnie Maud  1900Wirt Co, WV I13831
20 HOFF, Neff Corliss  1900Wirt Co, WV I53019
21 HOFF, Virgil R.  1900Wirt Co, WV I53023
22 HOPKINS, Hannibal Durward  1910, 1920Wirt Co, WV I83858
23 HUGHES, Susanna  1900Wirt Co, WV I46523
24 HUSK, Martha Ann  1930Wirt Co, WV I15101
25 JARVIS, Edwin Lee  1930Wirt Co, WV I77606
26 LOWTHER, Amos  1870Wirt Co, WV I32400
27 LOWTHER, Edgar J.  1870Wirt Co, WV I58169
28 LOWTHER, Thomas Newton  1900Wirt Co, WV I32387
29 LOWTHER, Victory  1870Wirt Co, WV I58170
30 MCELWEE, Madge B.  1930Wirt Co, WV I77788
31 MERRILL, Mary Ellen  1900Wirt Co, WV I65798
32 NUTTER, Clay L.  1920Wirt Co, WV I25150
33 NUTTER, Florence C.  1920Wirt Co, WV I25147
34 NUTTER, George Stewart  1900Wirt Co, WV I129
35 NUTTER, George Stewart  1920Wirt Co, WV I129
36 PECK, Eveline  1880Wirt Co, WV I32703
37 PECK, George  1880Wirt Co, WV I88905
38 PRICE, Charles Floyd  1900Wirt Co, WV I81373
39 PRICE, Clarence  1900Wirt Co, WV I24716
40 PRICE, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1900Wirt Co, WV I6250
41 PRICE, Ella Mae "Poody"  1900Wirt Co, WV I52148
42 PRICE, Moses O.  1900Wirt Co, WV I52137
43 PRICE, William A.  1900Wirt Co, WV I24715
44 PRICE, William L.  1900Wirt Co, WV I24709
45 ROUSH, Josa J.  1930Wirt Co, WV I71392
46 SCOTT, Cora D.  1900Wirt Co, WV I57519
47 SMITH, Harrison Milroy  1930Wirt Co, WV I15102
48 SMITH, Harry Burton  1930Wirt Co, WV I15108
49 SMITH, Masil  1930Wirt Co, WV I15110
50 SMITH, Otis Henry  1930Wirt Co, WV I15109

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ___, Lucy  1899Wirt Co, WV I93572
2 ___, Mary  Wirt Co, WV I113413
3 ALFRED, Olga Nelia  1934Wirt Co, WV I30756
4 ANDERSON, Zola B.  1934Wirt Co, WV I80247
5 BARNETT, Pansy Vernal  1915Wirt Co, WV I69391
6 BEE, Alma D.  1897Wirt Co, WV I47620
7 BEE, Frederick H.  1881Wirt Co, WV I52042
8 BRITTON, Benjamin Stewart  1895Wirt Co, WV I11684
9 BRITTON, Joseph Wesley  1897Wirt Co, WV I11686
10 BROWN, Lola B.  1881Wirt Co, WV I52315
11 CAIN, Beulah Mildred  1925Wirt Co, WV I97331
12 CAIN, Rezin  1869Wirt Co, WV I28927
13 CARDER, Rufus Alan  1867Wirt Co, WV I69694
14 CLINE, Archie R.  1889Wirt Co, WV I64177
15 COLLINS, Amanda Melvina  1870Wirt Co, WV I116577
16 COX, Flossie G.  1906Wirt Co, WV I101174
17 COX, Winfield Taylor  Wirt Co, WV I29757
18 CROSS, Elizabeth Jane  Wirt Co, WV I34125
19 DAVIS, Jesse Addison  1872Wirt Co, WV I73185
20 DAWSON, Lucretia J. "Cretia"  1891Wirt Co, WV I73455
21 DEEM, Blanche Deborah  1918Wirt Co, WV I81194
22 DEWEES, U. G.  1892Wirt Co, WV I122289
23 DOTSON, Amos Asbury  SINCE 1876Wirt Co, WV I32702
24 DOUGLASS, Thomas A.  Wirt Co, WV I56641
25 EATON, Charles Franklin  1889Wirt Co, WV I64173
26 EVANS, Henry Solomon  1906Wirt Co, WV I132405
27 FORD, Agatha Ursula  1898Wirt Co, WV I113401
28 FOUGHT, Russell  1946Wirt Co, WV I103416
29 FREEMAN, Almira  1915Wirt Co, WV I46037
30 GRIFFIN, Homer C.  1911Wirt Co, WV I34285
31 GUMP, Sarah Margaret  1906Wirt Co, WV I132403
32 HALL, Elias  1898Wirt Co, WV I67417
33 HAMRICK, Sallie  1897Wirt Co, WV I117712
34 HARRIS, Uriah  1865Wirt Co, WV I116741
35 HAUGHT, Lucinda J.  1877Wirt Co, WV I95748
36 HAUGHT, Mary  1889Wirt Co, WV I48848
37 HILL, Anna Mae  1907Wirt Co, WV I65086
38 HOYT, A. L.  1884Wirt Co, WV I52052
39 INGRAM, Clara Pearl  1903Wirt Co, WV I63344
40 JEFFREY, Wallace Weyman  1925Wirt Co, WV I97322
41 KEYS, Amos Oswell Egbert "Bert"  SINCE 1861Wirt Co, WV I110527
42 LEE, Minnie  1892Wirt Co, WV I122286
43 LEMON, Esther Jewel  1931Wirt Co, WV I116788
44 LEMON, Grace  Wirt Co, WV I87016
45 LEMON, James H.  1906Wirt Co, WV I87015
46 LOWTHER, Amos  1879Wirt Co, WV I32400
47 LOWTHER, Camillus  1879Wirt Co, WV I32388
48 LOWTHER, Celina Jane  1879, 1910Wirt Co, WV I32397
49 LOWTHER, Granville S.  1865Wirt Co, WV I32394
50 LOWTHER, Nancy  Wirt Co, WV I32328

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AYERS / SINNETT  12 Dec 1913Wirt Co, WV F39957
2 BAILEY / BEE  24 Dec 1897Wirt Co, WV F27283
3 BARNETT / DAWSON  8 Aug 1891Wirt Co, WV F31297
4 BEE / MELVIN  24 Oct 1896Wirt Co, WV F23542
5 BENNETT / HUFFMAN  1922Wirt Co, WV F49714
6 BONNELL / COX  7 Mar 1906Wirt Co, WV F42141
7 BOOHER / BRANNON  31 May 1864Wirt Co, WV F58082
8 BRADLEY / CAIN  31 May 1871Wirt Co, WV F59409
9 BRIDWELL / COUBOY  13 Sep 1871Wirt Co, WV F15394
10 BRIDWELL / CULVER  25 Oct 1885Wirt Co, WV F15395
11 CAIN / ASH  1914Wirt Co, WV F49760
12 CAIN / PEARSON  25 Jul 1869Wirt Co, WV F41138
13 CARDER / COLLINS  CA 1867Wirt Co, WV F29428
14 CHADDOCK / LEWIS  24 Jul 1867Wirt Co, WV F51659
15 CLINE / LOWTHER  6 Nov 1889Wirt Co, WV F26769
16 COLLUMS / FORD  1896Wirt Co, WV F47997
17 COTTRILL / HILL  20 Oct 1906Wirt Co, WV F27207
18 COX / PARSONS  18 Nov 1914Wirt Co, WV F29218
19 CRIPPEN / BEE  20 Sep 1881Wirt Co, WV F21472
20 CRISS / JENKINS  7 Jun 1884Wirt Co, WV F47878
21 DAVIS / ALEXANDER  23 Mar 1872Wirt Co, WV F31161
22 DAVIS / WISE  10 Aug 1902Wirt Co, WV F31160
23 DEVORE / WYER  26 May 1926Wirt Co, WV F23977
24 DEWEES / LEE  8 Dec 1892Wirt Co, WV F52659
25 DOTSON / MILLER  10 Jun 1902Wirt Co, WV F38221
26 EASTON / CALEBAUGH  12 Sep 1964Wirt Co, WV F10102
27 EATON / LOWTHER  21 Aug 1889Wirt Co, WV F26767
28 ENOCH / SHUCK  15 Sep 1911Wirt Co, WV F30747
29 FURR / DEEM  1 Jan 1892Wirt Co, WV F40905
30 HALL / LOWTHER  18 Aug 1898Wirt Co, WV F28344
31 HAYS / WILSON  31 Aug 1903Wirt Co, WV F17946
32 HOLBERT / TURNER  1870Wirt Co, WV F35782
33 HOYT / BEE  2 Oct 1884Wirt Co, WV F21473
34 HUPP / CAPLINGER  16 Oct 1889Wirt Co, WV F49181
35 JEFFREY / BENNETT  17 Apr 1949Wirt Co, WV F49712
36 JEFFREY / CAIN  20 Dec 1925Wirt Co, WV F7919
37 JONES / ___  3 Jul 1899Wirt Co, WV F40397
38 KEYS / HALE  1864Wirt Co, WV F46559
39 KNIGHT / BARNHOUSE  1906Wirt Co, WV F49178
40 LEWIS / MONTGOMERY  8 Nov 1891Wirt Co, WV F25379
41 LOWTHER / LOWTHER  9 Nov 1879Wirt Co, WV F12584
42 LYONS / SHUCK  12 Oct 1914Wirt Co, WV F23540
43 MCMILLION / HAUGHT  13 Jan 1889Wirt Co, WV F20106
44 METZ / ROBERTS  27 Nov 1920Wirt Co, WV F30767
45 MILLER / THORN  24 Mar 1864Wirt Co, WV F38222
46 NELSON / FORD  11 Sep 1898Wirt Co, WV F47998
47 NEWBERRY / DOTSON  23 Feb 1919Wirt Co, WV F31372
48 NUTTER / MERRILL  7 Mar 1875Wirt Co, WV F27540
49 PRICE / CHADDOCK  8 Jul 1888Wirt Co, WV F9257
50 RATLIFF / MCCOY  21 Jul 1883Wirt Co, WV F58700

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