Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV



Latitude: 39.564242, Longitude: -80.9959404


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASH, Donald Richard  12 Nov 1928Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I99023
2 ASH, Stanley West  10 Jul 1924Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I99022
3 BENNETT, Frances Clara  29 Nov 1903Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I66077
4 BONNELL, Clarence Edward "Ocie"  13 Aug 1901Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I24470
5 BONNER, David Bruce  10 Nov 1953Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I133994
6 BOWERS, Mary Marie  23 Sep 1917Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I18741
7 CHILDERS, Scott Lee  28 Sep 1972Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I112730
8 CHRISTEN, Mary Alma  29 Sep 1874Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I98908
9 COFFMAN, Lee Brooks Jr.  6 Mar 1931Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I135357
10 CUMBERLEDGE, Terry J.  8 Aug 1959Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I9350
11 DAWSON, Gary Dean Jr.  2 Feb 1969Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I125415
12 DAWSON, Rella Sue "Susie"  8 Jul 1970Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I125418
13 FERRELL, Karl A.  1 May 1909Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I99335
14 FISH, Lorene C.  6 Sep 1914Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I2639
15 GRAHAM, Evelyn Virginia  1906Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I118105
16 HARRIS, Donald Keith  8 Feb 1972Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I83015
17 HENRY, Anna  14 Dec 1905Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I98906
18 HENRY, Oscar Clarence  21 Jan 1879Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I120035
19 HUFF, Hannah  13 Dec 1936Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I88717
20 HUFF, Helen  9 Sep 1935Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I88716
21 KEHRER, Mary Josephine  28 Jan 1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I120658
22 KIRKPATRICK, Thurman Jr.  30 Nov 1931Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I101762
23 LASURE, Elizabeth Ann  31 May 1960Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I111003
24 LEMASTERS, Sheila Doreen  16 Jan 1960Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I34812
25 LOHRI, Eric  24 Apr 1957Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I49335
26 MATHESS, Leonard  3 Nov 1893Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I118368
27 MORGAN, Richard Albert  19 Jan 1913Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I109358
28 RANDOLPH, Vivian Sue  16 Apr 1958Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I113808
29 RICHARDS, Dorothy Ellen  25 Jun 1937Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I136596
30 RICHESON, Mary Jean  6 Oct 1933Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I68531
31 RICHMOND, Harold Thomas  11 Apr 1934Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I113668
32 RICHMOND, Iva Marie  24 Mar 1937Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I121731
33 RICHMOND, Julia Ann  1 Jun 1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I75488
34 RUDDER, Harriet Jean  26 Jan 1946Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I109930
35 SHREVES, Jessie  9 Oct 1912Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I34051
36 SHUMAN, Fred James  16 Sep 1922Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I31237
37 SHUMAN, Robert Derrold  17 May 1937Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I22073
38 SHUMAN, William Therold  17 May 1937Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I22072
39 SMITH, Arthur Boyd  9 Nov 1886Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I81863
40 SNODGRASS, Sanford C.  24 Jun 1864Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I102240
41 STARKEY, Ellen Louise  10 Jan 1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I71626
42 STARKEY, Keith T.  7 Feb 1928Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I19924
43 STEED, Leona May  28 Aug 1913Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I63990
44 STEPHEN, Sara  30 Jan 1966Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I120206
45 STILL, Cleatus L.  29 Dec 1924Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I110019
46 STILL, Larry B.  19 Oct 1947Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I110029
47 STILL, Luther Thomas  1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I110017
48 WHITE, Willard Spencer  18 Jul 1914Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I12125
49 WRIGHT, George William  13 May 1884Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I86696
50 WRIGHT, Violet Irene "Vi"  30 Apr 1918Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I115590

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Jessie Nelson  27 Jun 1928Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I83362
2 ANDERSON, Ethel Maud  25 Oct 1994Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I79885
3 ANDERSON, Ida Mae  16 Aug 1965Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I108139
4 ANKROM, Serena "Rena"  22 Feb 1941Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I130270
5 ASH, Mary Jane  26 Apr 1933Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I92206
6 BEE, Mona Ellen  25 Aug 1954Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I52419
7 BLOUIR, James Madison  24 Sep 1927Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I87330
8 BOND, Ernest Boyd  30 Jun 1943Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I65468
9 BOOHER, Mary Agnes  23 Aug 1939Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I86392
10 BOYCE, David Marshall  6 May 1967Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I102701
11 BUNTING, Sarah C.  7 Jul 1947Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I58551
12 BUZZARD, Lillian Elnore  26 Feb 2011Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I61481
13 CALEBAUGH, William Edward  17 Jan 1955Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I45446
14 COFFMAN, Lee Brooks Jr.  6 Mar 1931Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I135357
15 CRAVEN, Harrison Fordyce  13 Dec 1945Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I130269
16 CRAVEN, William Fordyce  13 Nov 1928Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I62403
17 DAILEY, Martha Emeline  30 Nov 1987Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I78276
18 DARNELL, Rosa Cenora  25 Apr 1961Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I110014
19 DAVIS, Alice C.  10 Feb 1966Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I70251
20 DAVIS, Judith A. "Judy"  12 May 2006Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I38102
21 DAVIS, Worthy Otto  30 Mar 1955Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I116328
22 DAVISSON, Nellie Blanche  26 Dec 1966Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I53300
23 DOLL, Terry Leon  7 May 2014Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I95909
24 DUCKWORTH, Edward Austin "Ed"  13 Dec 1961Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I136403
25 EDDY, Jacob Newton  14 Jan 1925Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I115614
26 ELDER, Clemma Irvin "C. I."  5 Jan 1964Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I52768
27 FERREBEE, Rosa May  4 Jun 1937Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I81297
28 FISH, Carl Leviticus  25 Jun 1943Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I2634
29 FREELAND, Keith F.  24 Oct 2014Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I130997
30 FUCHS, Caroline A. "Callie"  19 Jul 1946Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I52545
31 GALLAHUE, Henry Clark  8 Mar 1922Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I78505
32 GASTON, Larry Michael  27 Aug 1941Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I71156
33 GATRELL, Georgetta "Ettie" Ruth  14 Feb 1961Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I125421
34 GOOD, Helen L.  20 Jul 1966Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I120660
35 GRIFFITH, Alfaretta C.  9 Apr 2002Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I73279
36 HAMILTON, Charles Milton  15 May 1963Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I110013
37 HARRIS, Iva Juanita  8 Oct 1999Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I21570
38 HARTLINE, Andrew Wilson  10 Jan 1949Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I86888
39 HAUGHT, Linda Lou  12 May 2020Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I127386
40 HAYES, Wanda Lea  20 Jul 2010Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I110018
41 HAYS, Howard Ray  1 Mar 1959Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I94349
42 HEFLIN, Lucy Henrietta  14 Aug 1957Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I36177
43 HOLMES, Lucinda C.  25 Aug 1917Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I106768
44 HOSKINS, Esther  23 Aug 2011Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I130995
45 HUSK, Cora Rosalthee  15 Sep 1952Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I2609
46 JONES, Ida Ellen  28 May 1955Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I110022
47 KELLER, Ivan Blaine  5 Sep 1963Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I136603
48 KEYS, Gwalia Jean  25 Mar 2009Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I83053
49 KILE, Benjamin Franklin "Frank"  18 Apr 1948Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I86391
50 KILE, Mary Celina  8 Dec 1958Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I130947

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ___, Betty  1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I91578
2 BRENNAN, William J.  1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I38500
3 CARROLL, Viola  1910Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I102585
4 COFFMAN, Lee Brooks  Jan 1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I69992
5 CORNELL, Lacy J.  1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I51376
6 CRAVEN, William Fordyce  1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I62403
7 CUMMINGS, Betty A.  1930, 1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I91577
8 CUMMINGS, Mary J.  1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I91574
9 CUMMINGS, Ralph  1930, 1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I91576
10 CUMMINGS, Warren  1930, 1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I91575
11 CUMMINGS, William  1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I91573
12 CUPP, Burley Lee  1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I92004
13 CUPP, Earl Chester  1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I92005
14 CUPP, Howard Harvey  1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I77140
15 CUPP, Opal  1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I92006
16 DAVISSON, Nellie Blanche  1930, 1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I53300
17 EARLE, Thelma Virginia  1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I71628
18 FOSSETT, Delbert William  1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I82710
19 FOSSETT, Shirley E.  1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I82707
20 GASTON, Vanzy Ellen  1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I61479
21 GRAHAM, Evelyn Virginia  1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I118105
22 GRAHAM, Evelyn Virginia  1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I118105
23 HARDESTY, Flora Ella  1900Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I46758
24 HARRIS, Mont Elwood  1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I115426
25 HOLLEY, Dale R.  1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I92008
26 KEMPER, Virgil H.  1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I97455
27 KEMPER, Virginia Helen  1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I97458
28 KENDALL, Virginia L.  1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I38499
29 KRAMER, Mary E.  1910Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I43374
30 LOWTHER, Albert Granville  1910Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I43376
31 LOWTHER, Anna Samantha  1900Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I49258
32 LOWTHER, Florence  1910Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I43375
33 LOWTHER, Floyd E.  1900Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I49255
34 LOWTHER, Fred  1900Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I49254
35 LOWTHER, Henry Jacob  1900Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I43837
36 LOWTHER, Myrtle  1900Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I49256
37 LOWTHER, Una  1900Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I49257
38 LOWTHER, Wayne  1900Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I49259
39 MCCAVE, Ira Francis  1910Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I117932
40 MUSGROVE, Ethel G.  1910Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I102586
41 MUSGROVE, Harry O.  1910Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I102587
42 NICHOLSON, Bessie Alma  1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I97456
43 OWENS, Ethel V.  1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I118172
44 SMITH, George W.  1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I118171
45 SMITH, Paul Kenneth  1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I95741
46 SMITH, Sarah Belle  1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I91998
47 STARKEY, Ellen Louise  1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I71626
48 WILLIAMS, Lura O.  1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I82704


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ___, Patricia  2007Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I62452
2 ___, Sarah  1906Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I135792
3 ALLEN, Jessie Nelson  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I83362
4 AMOS, Edward V.  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I110028
5 ANKROM, Clarissa  1915Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I81857
6 ARCHER, Mae  1921Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I62584
7 ASH, Donald Richard  2003Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I99023
8 ASH, Loman Colman  1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I86390
9 ASH, Riley W.  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I110769
10 BARKER, Willard Hughes "Bud"  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I69453
11 BEE, Mona Ellen  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I52419
12 BOOHER, Mary Agnes  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I86392
13 BOWERS, Mary Marie  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I18741
14 BUZZARD, Lester Glen  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I22922
15 BUZZARD, Lillian Elnore  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I61481
16 CAIN, Margery L. "Margie"  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I99946
17 CALEBAUGH, William Edward  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I45446
18 CARROLL, Mary Adeline  1960Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I37704
19 CARROLL, Viola  1915Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I102585
20 COFFMAN, Lee Brooks  May 1930Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I69992
21 COOPER, Arza Lawrence  1932Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I84409
22 COOPER, Chris  1917Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I92285
23 CRAVEN, William Fordyce  1913Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I62403
24 DAVIS, Judith A. "Judy"  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I38102
25 DELANCEY, Sarah Lucille  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I45243
26 EBERT, Lane F.  2003, 04, 06Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I18993
27 FERREBEE, Mary June  2000, 2017Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I81010
28 FISH, Iola M.  FORMERLYSistersville, Tyler Co, WV I2637
29 FISH, Lorene C.  1941Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I2639
30 FISHER, Elizabeth Jane  1914Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I92762
31 FORD, William T. (Waitman)  1921Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I47142
32 FOX, Orval L.  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I72243
33 FREELAND, Keith F.  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I130997
34 FREEMAN, Samuel A.  1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I74177
35 FUCHS, Caroline A. "Callie"  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I52545
36 GOONTZ, Charles Clifford  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I116437
37 GOUDY, Victor Joseph  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I110031
38 HARRIS, Iva Juanita  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I21570
39 HARRIS, Mont Elwood  1940Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I115426
40 HAWKINS, William Alexander "Alex"  1935Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I45432
41 HAYES, Wanda Lea  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I110018
42 HAYS, Jean Inell  1962Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I94368
43 HENRY, Anna  1957Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I98906
44 HIGHLEY, Juanita Mae  1945Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I128961
45 HOALCRAFT, Loman Elon  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I84506
46 HOSKINS, Esther  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I130995
47 HUFF, Harry Hayward  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I88662
48 HUFF, Helen  1958Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I88716
49 HUSK, Cora Rosalthee  Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV I2609
50 JACOBS, Wynema Nettie  FORMERLYSistersville, Tyler Co, WV I81411

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASH / FOLGER  22 Apr 1955Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F57312
2 ASH / KILE  5 Sep 1920Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F37051
3 CALEBAUGH / SNIDEMILLER  1 Sep 1906Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F10101
4 COOPER / BOWERSOCK  25 Jan 1917Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F39754
5 COOPER / UNDERWOOD  28 May 1932Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F36106
6 COOPER / UNDERWOOD  20 Apr 1936Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F36120
7 CORNELL / CORNELL  24 Jun 1953Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F49258
8 DILLON / GEORGE  21 Jul 1945Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F41004
9 DUVALL / BAILEY  8 May 1961Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F43527
10 FLUHARTY / NICHOLS  6 Nov 1909Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F28563
11 GARNER / SMITH  7 Feb 1944Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F33782
12 HARMON / MINER  5 Aug 1965Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F54928
13 HILL / DELOE  11 Jan 1952Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F28566
14 KIMBLE / ELLIOTT  31 Aug 1957Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F40684
15 KNOWLTON / ARCHER  24 Sep 1921Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F26006
16 LANCASTER / ANDERSON  20 Sep 1953Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F48353
17 LEASURE / KIMBALL  1 May 1927Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F34065
18 LEMASTERS / WILLIAMS  10 Nov 1928Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F39820
19 MARSH / SHRIVER  9 Feb 1924Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F44634
20 MOTT / HARRIS  3 Dec 1917Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F25857
21 MYERS / SMITH  2 Nov 1912Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F25930
22 NEDEFF / TRAVIS  23 Feb 1951Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F6345
23 PHILLIPS / PRICE  20 Apr 1913Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F52160
24 PIFER / LEMASTERS  14 Jul 1956Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F25864
25 POWELL / DELOE  27 May 1954Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F28286
26 RIGGS / JONES  7 Jul 1926Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F46308
27 SHINN / THOMAS  14 Aug 1946Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F28927
28 SMITH / DOLL  10 Jun 1948Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F35226
29 SMITH / FISHER  17 Jun 1914Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F39995
30 SMITH / POULTON  30 Jun 1915Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F39996
31 STARKEY / KNOWLTON  2 Oct 1949Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F7333
32 STILL / RIGGS  29 Sep 1945Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F46307
33 THOMAS / HADLEY  14 Mar 1927Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F43088
34 WAGNER / CARROLL  14 May 1960Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F15308
35 WEEKLEY / MAGEE  3 Aug 1929Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F31259
36 WILLIAMS / ADAMS  15 Apr 1967Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F319
37 WILLIAMS / MARTIN  17 Apr 1945Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F24985
38 WILLIS / WETZEL  27 Apr 1919Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F34477
39 WRIGHT / MCINTYRE  6 May 1936Sistersville, Tyler Co, WV F59132