Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Rockingham Co, VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BREEDING, Mary E.  Jun 1865Rockingham Co, VA I79294
2 BREEDING, Nancy  CA 1849Rockingham Co, VA I129656
3 CARRIER, Sarah Rebecca  19 Aug 1837Rockingham Co, VA I83651
4 COFFMAN, Thurston L.  1863Rockingham Co, VA I119907
5 CONLEY, Elizabeth  1764Rockingham Co, VA I44872
6 COPLIN (COPELAND), Ann  CA 1746Rockingham Co, VA I16147
7 COPLIN (COPELAND), Benjamin  CA 1720Rockingham Co, VA I16152
8 DAVISSON, Phebe Ann  29 Dec 1776Rockingham Co, VA I6602
9 DOVE, Margaret  18 Aug 1792Rockingham Co, VA I124153
10 EMERSON, Mary Ann  CA 1851Rockingham Co, VA I48842
11 GARRISON, George Washington  9 Jun 1829Rockingham Co, VA I34219
12 GARRISON, William Gordon  2 Jul 1831Rockingham Co, VA I46176
13 GOCHENOUR, Angeline  CA 1846Rockingham Co, VA I70648
14 HOOK, Rebecca R.  20 Sep 1819Rockingham Co, VA I129025
15 HUFFMAN, William Polk  28 Nov 1884Rockingham Co, VA I110936
16 KESTER, Conrad  1803Rockingham Co, VA I32377
17 KIRACOFE, Otis Ray  29 Mar 1901Rockingham Co, VA I5921
18 KNICELEY, John Samuel  20 Oct 1807Rockingham Co, VA I126301
19 LEE, Catharine Kathleen  1830Rockingham Co, VA I56994
20 MCELWAIN, Tunis Anthony  19 Aug 1773Rockingham Co, VA I25746
21 MERRITT, Henry  CA 1837Rockingham Co, VA I110909
22 MIDDLETON, Benjamin  1824Rockingham Co, VA I98767
23 MOFFATT, Sarah R.  CA 1834Rockingham Co, VA I88926
24 RAMSEY, James Anderson  9 Nov 1842Rockingham Co, VA I96372
25 RAUHOF, Bruce Calender  27 Feb 1891Rockingham Co, VA I96740
26 RICHARDS, George Washington  1759Rockingham Co, VA I27818
27 RITTER, Overton Smith  1 May 1827Rockingham Co, VA I58947
28 ROBINSON, David  CA 1730Rockingham Co, VA I44891
29 SANDY, Elvira  CA 1842Rockingham Co, VA I98303
30 SANDY, John P.  1843Rockingham Co, VA I112940
31 SANDY, John Wilson  22 Mar 1825Rockingham Co, VA I128704
32 SANDY, Sarah Francis  CA 1847Rockingham Co, VA I70559
33 SHAFFER, Eliza Jane  13 May 1848Rockingham Co, VA I69581
34 SHEFFER, May Bell (Mary Elizabeth)  14 Feb 1871Rockingham Co, VA I76414
35 SHIFLET, Henry A. Wise  20 Apr 1855Rockingham Co, VA I123602
36 SMALLWOOD, Charles  1817Rockingham Co, VA I121093
37 TATE, Margaret J.  CA 1843Rockingham Co, VA I119396
38 THOMPSON, Robert Burr  24 Sep 1905Rockingham Co, VA I120174
39 TOWLES, Joseph Emory  14 Jun 1838Rockingham Co, VA I78480
40 WHITESEL, James Pope  CA 1845Rockingham Co, VA I6079
41 YANKEE, Catherine Sarah  CA 1803Rockingham Co, VA I83655


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREW, Catherine  1840Rockingham Co, VA I124944
2 DAVISON, Ananias  Bef 1794Rockingham Co, VA I16173
3 RADER, Martha Frances  22 May 1921Rockingham Co, VA I131056
4 ROBINSON, David  1783Rockingham Co, VA I44890
5 SHAFER, Daniel  Bef 1880Rockingham Co, VA I75727
6 SPONAUGLE, Rebecca Alice  24 Jun 1939Rockingham Co, VA I107627
7 TRENT, Annah Lillian  11 Jun 1977Rockingham Co, VA I116503


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BANE, Lola  1920Rockingham Co, VA I127766
2 LEE, Catharine Kathleen  1850Rockingham Co, VA I56994
3 LEE, Catharine Kathleen  1850Rockingham Co, VA I56994
4 LEE, Moses  1850Rockingham Co, VA I98475
5 TUNE, Elizabeth  1850Rockingham Co, VA I98476
6 WALTON, Lief Elmer  1920Rockingham Co, VA I127765


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LAWSON, John F.  ORIGINIALLYRockingham Co, VA I42370


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LEGGETT / BARRICK  15 Sep 1807Rockingham Co, VA F14874
2 LEWIN / LONG  9 Sep 1841Rockingham Co, VA F30412
3 MEADOWS / CONLEY  1792Rockingham Co, VA F18170
4 SANDY / ANDREW  13 Nov 1806Rockingham Co, VA F54126
5 SHAFER / MARSH  18 May 1843Rockingham Co, VA F32293