Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV



Latitude: 38.9481366, Longitude: -81.7609646


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALIS, Paul Eugene  2 Jan 1929Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I89975
2 BENNETT, Merle E.  1902Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I118659
3 BRITTON, Harold Clarence  8 Dec 1932Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I11726
4 BRITTON, Lillie Mae  23 Mar 1937Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I11735
5 BRITTON, Robert Paul  23 Dec 1934Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I11727
6 DAVIS, Albert Montgomery  10 Sep 1887Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I135584
7 DIVERS, Warren Eugene  3 Jun 1909Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I123784
8 HORNER, Virgil  CA 1902Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I118658
9 HUSK, Harold Ray  4 Aug 1935Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I2652
10 HUSK, Margaret Marie  25 Jul 1933Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I2651
11 HUSK, William Glenn  16 Mar 1923Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I2649
12 LAUGHLIN, Edna Belle  1887Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I125235
13 LAWRENCE, James Milton  17 Jun 1863Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I112577
14 LEESON, Lawrence Raymond  27 Nov 1908Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I114021
15 PERKINS, Alice  2 Jul 1882Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I68426
16 ROACH, Charles Henry  2 May 1867Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I68226
17 ROWLEY, Patrick Henry  13 Sep 1910Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I84488
18 SAYRE, Walter Oscar  CA 1879Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I58779


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASHCRAFT, Malissa  12 Jun 1937Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I77361
2 BALIS, Thomas  22 Aug 1926Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I124147
3 BOWIE, Vernetta Ruth  26 Aug 2019Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I58520
4 BRITTON, Joseph Wesley  8 May 1950Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I11686
5 CHARTER, Andrew Judson "Jud"  9 Dec 1934Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I76942
6 COBB, Kathleen Mae  8 Sep 2011Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I74889
7 CURREY, Michael Albert  26 Apr 2005Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I91369
8 DAVIS, Lawrence Kermit  18 Oct 2014Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I124782
9 DAVIS, Theodosia  15 Jun 1946Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I100698
10 DAVISSON, Lydia Jane  11 Apr 1948Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I92128
11 DAYTON, Elizabeth  17 Sep 1927Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I100692
12 DIVERS, Olive Alma  18 Feb 1977Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I123783
13 FRANCIS, Ruben Patrick  4 Sep 1921Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I100697
14 GATRELL, Angeline  7 May 1958Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I79351
15 HAUGHT, Clemmons Monroe  1 Sep 1937Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I129115
16 HICKMAN, John Allen Jr.  10 Mar 2015Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I135313
17 HUGHES, Jesse  1829Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I32320
18 JONES, John Francis  21 May 1941Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I109176
19 JONES, Ollie Mae  17 Mar 1981Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I109175
20 LEESON, Edward Jackson  10 Nov 1947Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I114019
21 MCKEOWN, George W.  29 Jun 1921Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I41573
22 MCKEOWN, Robert Dextor  18 Jul 1944Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I65076
23 MITCHELL, Martha Jane  4 Apr 1925Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I28730
24 MORGAN, Chester Leon  11 May 2009Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I116129
25 PRITCHARD, Viola J.  30 Dec 1922Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I40271
26 RAINES, Sarah Etta  23 Feb 1949Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I109177
27 RAWSON, George LeRoy  14 Jan 2012Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I80112
28 RICHARDS, Elvin  23 Dec 1999Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I163
29 SHEETS, Cecil T.  27 Jan 2010Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I28636
30 SMITH, Isaac W.  5 Mar 1926Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I28729
31 SMITH, Thomas A.  6 Nov 1938Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I76782
32 SNYDER, Sarah E.  5 Jan 1933Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I84495
33 TALLMAN, Charles Columbus  28 Aug 1920Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I93513
34 TITUS, Aubrey Eugene "Gene"  5 May 2017Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I122007
35 TODD, Madelyn Pauline  14 Oct 2013Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I28108
36 TOWNSEND, Cecil Bradford  10 Feb 2000Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I14268
37 VINCENT, Aaron A.  30 Sep 1892Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I10687
38 WILDMAN, Claudy Ray  30 Dec 1972Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I95433
39 WILLIAMS, Helen V.  19 Jun 1929Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I57485
40 WRIGHT, Lucinda  18 Dec 1928Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I38459


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HUGHES, Jesse  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I32320


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ARNOLD, Bertha Ellen  1880Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I135010
2 BENNETT, Nannie J.  1900, 1910Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I114020
3 BRENNEMAN, Beatrice Mae  1930Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I71756
4 DAVIS, Bird  1880Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I134815
5 DAVIS, Charles C.  1880Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I98849
6 DAVIS, Minnie  1880Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I134814
7 DAVISSON, Gertrude L.  1920, 1930, 1940Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I99067
8 DOAK, Hannah  1910, 1920Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I109698
9 GATRELL, Angeline  1910Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I79351
10 HALL, Marshall Dean  1900Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I38182
11 LAW, Hugh M.  1930Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I42091
12 LAW, Margaret Ann  1930Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I88426
13 LEESON, Edward Jackson  1910Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I114019
14 LEESON, Lawrence Raymond  1910Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I114021
15 MITCHELL, Rebecca  1880Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I66641
16 MORGAN, Edward (Edwin)  1880Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I66640
17 MORGAN, George Washington  1880Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I18509
18 MORGAN, Hezekiah C.  1880Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I60322
19 MORGAN, Lucy D.  1880Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I57126
20 MORGAN, Mary S. "Mollie"  1880Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I125137
21 MORTIMER, Clarence Ross  1920, 1930, 1940Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I99068
22 MORTIMER, Marguerite  1920, 1930Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I99073
23 SATTERFIELD, William James  1900Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I77978
24 SMITH, Hiram  1910, 1920Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I76783
25 SMITH, Otus Calvin  1910Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I109699
26 SMITH, Thomas A.  1910Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I76782
27 SPURR, Mary Virginia "Mollie"  1880Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I103892
28 STACKPOLE, John Wesley  1910, 1920, 1930Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I115633
29 TUMLIN, Ethel F.  1900Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I77979
30 WATSON, Sarah Adeline  1900Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I38181
31 WRIGHT, Sarah J.  1910, 1920, 1930Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I115632


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ASHCRAFT, Aaron Livingston  1911Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I89965
2 ASHCRAFT, Velma Clara  1993Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I89966
3 ASHER, Richard Paul "Dick"  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I107740
4 BALIS, Emelee Blanch  1955, 2005Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I89971
5 BALIS, Francis Leon  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I91619
6 BALIS, Norma Josephine  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I89974
7 BALIS, Paul Eugene  1968Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I89975
8 BALIS, Peter Earl  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I83469
9 BARE, Lillian F.  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I80070
10 BATTEN, Melissa J.  1926Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I35508
11 BENNETT, Lula Carole  1994Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I84541
12 BENNETT, Merle E.  1924Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I118659
13 BINGAMON, Mary Ann  1988Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I86199
14 BOLAND, Emma  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I2618
15 BRITTON, Joseph Wesley  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I11686
16 BRITTON, William McKinley  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I11718
17 CARMICHAEL, Ralph Jenkins  2004Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I27713
18 CARR, Ella Deloris  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I105192
19 CARR, Herbert E.  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I21919
20 CARR, Isaac Tillman  1999, 2005Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I105190
21 CHAPMAN, Lonnie Robert  1958Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I94877
22 CHARTER, Lena Mabel  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I76945
23 COBB, Kathleen Mae  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I74889
24 COOPER, Robert Lee  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I35474
25 COPLIN, David Brooks  1964Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I26353
26 COTTRILL, Artie  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I112528
27 COX, Charles Lewis  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I47239
28 CURREY, Michael Albert  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I91369
29 DAVIS, Eugene L.  1987Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I30892
30 DAVIS, Kathleen June  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I92788
31 DAVIS, Rebecca Jane  2012Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I85141
32 DAVIS, Vadie M.  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I89963
33 DAVISSON, Gertrude L.  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I99067
34 DAVISSON, Lydia Jane  1947Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I92128
35 DELO, Lucy Mae  1936Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I126588
36 DILLON, Bessie Murl  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I86778
37 FLOWERS, John Edward  1959Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I41398
38 FORD, Jennie  1916Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I59451
39 FOX, John Gilbert  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I109162
40 FRUM, Herbert J.  2004, 2012Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I28033
41 FURBEE, Otis Delbert "Jinks" Jr.  2012Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I83920
42 GATRELL, Angeline  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I79351
43 GREATHOUSE, Ritchie Everet  1975Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I53447
44 HAMRICK, Henry Howard  1956Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I66837
45 HARTNESS, George Wilbur Jr.  2003Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I22552
46 HICKMAN, John Allen Jr.  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I135313
47 HOLLIDAY, John Roger  1957Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I8710
48 HUDSON, Stonewall Jackson  1915Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I89304
49 HUGHES, Robert Bernard  1986Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I33105
50 JEFFREY, Emma Elloween  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I112159

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 NEWCOMER, Dorothy J.  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I58262
2 PIERCE, Alice Frances  Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV I53448


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASHCRAFT / DAVIS  17 Sep 1911Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV F38632
2 BRITTON / MORRIS  30 May 1895Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV F4197
3 BROWN / REED  27 Jun 1968Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV F33033
4 CHAPMAN / CHARTER  15 Jun 1910Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV F25253
5 COEN / DAVIS  18 Oct 1914Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV F38631
6 DELANCEY / BURDETTE  29 Jul 1946Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV F32550
7 DEMING / BALIS  1 Oct 1955Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV F38649
8 FOLDEN / HUSK  20 May 1918Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV F942
9 HICKMAN / NUTTER  25 Dec 1902Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV F26211
10 RANSON / WOLVERTON  20 Aug 1950Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV F40084
11 YOUNG / ADAMS  29 Nov 1953Ravenswood, Jackson Co, WV F8956