Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Randolph Co, WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLENDER, Columbus Jefferson  11 Jul 1880Randolph Co, WV I67336
2 ARMSTRONG, Eleanor Hattie  22 Oct 1907Randolph Co, WV I66730
3 BETLER, Louis F.  18 Jan 1908Randolph Co, WV I103850
4 BLIZZARD, Roscoe Burton  CA 1907Randolph Co, WV I113181
5 BRAKE, Verna Sybil  28 Mar 1885Randolph Co, WV I62351
6 BRITTON, Jackson  19 Feb 1911Randolph Co, WV I66663
7 BRITTON, Virginia Genevieve  CA 1913Randolph Co, WV I66666
8 BUCKY, Mary  Dec 1874Randolph Co, WV I117874
9 BYRD, Lula  CA 1895Randolph Co, WV I96701
10 CAMPBELL, Alston Hobart  CA 1897Randolph Co, WV I71713
11 CANFIELD, Lena Maude  8 Sep 1910Randolph Co, WV I135361
12 CARPENTER, Helen  11 May 1913Randolph Co, WV I76454
13 CARPER, Georgia  CA 1865Randolph Co, WV I74426
14 CARR, Clara Edna  1 Apr 1896Randolph Co, WV I79736
15 CHRISLIP, Clyde Velow  5 Jul 1893Randolph Co, WV I78947
16 COFFMAN, Cauda Washington  29 Jan 1888Randolph Co, WV I115446
17 COLLIER, Carrie  CA 1899Randolph Co, WV I76133
18 COMPTON, Nora  1 Jun 1904Randolph Co, WV I65714
19 CURRENCE, Bert  14 Jun 1909Randolph Co, WV I66729
20 CURTIS, Vernie Elizabeth  29 Apr 1880Randolph Co, WV I134818
21 DAVIS, (Unnamed female)  12 Feb 1907Randolph Co, WV I52899
22 DAVIS, Cowen J.  29 Feb 1876Randolph Co, WV I52895
23 DAVIS, Ethel Mae  11 Feb 1906Randolph Co, WV I52894
24 DIGMAN, Flossie Pearl  CA 1889Randolph Co, WV I14333
25 DOUGLAS, Lois Sylvia  25 Mar 1896Randolph Co, WV I51399
26 DULANEY, Icia Alice  19 Feb 1910Randolph Co, WV I128099
27 EARNEST, John Hagar  2 Feb 1900Randolph Co, WV I118093
28 EVANS, Harley Brewer  2 Apr 1885Randolph Co, WV I136286
29 FORINASH, Verdie Florence  Sep 1872Randolph Co, WV I46982
30 FOWLER, Lindsay Baker  12 Jun 1912Randolph Co, WV I118290
31 FRANKS, John T.  CA 1906Randolph Co, WV I117695
32 FRETWELL, John Edward  CA 1885Randolph Co, WV I846
33 GEAR, John  28 Sep 1902Randolph Co, WV I128484
34 GILLIS, Eugene  4 May 1891Randolph Co, WV I72966
35 GOULD, Bernard Neal  17 Sep 1930Randolph Co, WV I100940
36 GRIFFITH, Gilbert  15 Apr 1913Randolph Co, WV I23259
37 GRIFFITH, Harry Franklin  5 May 1923Randolph Co, WV I31024
38 HAMRICK, Alva Lee  18 May 1907Randolph Co, WV I128429
39 HAMRICK, Esley Monroe  14 Jul 1903Randolph Co, WV I64563
40 HELMICK, Barbara L.  CA 1880Randolph Co, WV I52896
41 HICKS, Albert Roy  CA 1889Randolph Co, WV I61205
42 HINKLE, Valentine W.  2 May 1808Randolph Co, WV I133353
43 HORNBECK, Esther Ruth  CA 1915Randolph Co, WV I71625
44 HOSAFLOOK, Audra May  CA 1897Randolph Co, WV I54056
45 HOSAFLOOK, J. W.  CA 1874Randolph Co, WV I54057
46 HOWELL, Penina Ann "Nina"  16 Apr 1869Randolph Co, WV I98543
47 ISNER, John Elex  17 Feb 1917Randolph Co, WV I77380
48 ISNER, Sarah A.  14 Jan 1896Randolph Co, WV I98061
49 ISNER, Wirt  4 Mar 1885Randolph Co, WV I123678
50 JONES, Alice Louise  24 Jan 1890Randolph Co, WV I48978

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Stella H.  19 Aug 1963Randolph Co, WV I61325
2 ALLENDER, Irene Anna  24 Jan 1988Randolph Co, WV I133497
3 ARBOGAST, Nettie  1914Randolph Co, WV I115323
4 ARBOGAST, Virginia Ruth "Jenny"  7 Oct 1876Randolph Co, WV I64575
5 BRANNON, Charles Nicholas  2 Feb 1948Randolph Co, WV I118229
6 BUTCHER, Francis Marion  3 Sep 1965Randolph Co, WV I114613
7 CARR, America Anna  29 Apr 1916Randolph Co, WV I133732
8 DAFT, Margaret Jane  28 Mar 1927Randolph Co, WV I64646
9 DAVIS, Cowen J.  15 Jan 1908Randolph Co, WV I52895
10 DAVIS, Lillie O.  31 Jan 1932Randolph Co, WV I109160
11 DOUGLASS, Franklin Asburry  11 Mar 1888Randolph Co, WV I50875
12 EVERLY, Ocie Bell  10 Jul 1943Randolph Co, WV I126882
13 GARRETT, Pearl Velva  22 Nov 1973Randolph Co, WV I121943
14 GOSLIN, Marsha Carolyn  26 Oct 2006Randolph Co, WV I39519
15 HEFLIN, Glenn Bee  11 Jan 1973Randolph Co, WV I19875
16 HERRON, Jacob  25 May 1897Randolph Co, WV I136047
17 HEVENER, George  4 Sep 1886Randolph Co, WV I64580
18 HICKMAN, Myrtle Lee  6 Jan 1959Randolph Co, WV I121462
19 KEMPER, Willard Lysle  23 Apr 1918Randolph Co, WV I103293
20 KING, Mary A.  14 Aug 1918Randolph Co, WV I98477
21 LANHAM, Mary M.  4 Jan 1920Randolph Co, WV I110505
22 MALLOW, Michael  CA 1907Randolph Co, WV I133701
23 MOSS, Lucy  28 Feb 1882Randolph Co, WV I136048
24 MULLENIX, Earl David  28 Jul 1941Randolph Co, WV I136243
25 MULLENIX, Ephraim Arbogast  1929Randolph Co, WV I109980
26 MURPHY, Corder J.  9 Oct 1964Randolph Co, WV I105690
27 NICHOLSON, Clarence Weldon  Apr 1976Randolph Co, WV I111361
28 NICHOLSON, Leonard Earl  25 Apr 1969Randolph Co, WV I120302
29 OWENS, Catherine  9 Mar 1898Randolph Co, WV I43302
30 PARKER, Virginia C.  31 Dec 1922Randolph Co, WV I76448
31 PHILLIPS, Marshall  17 Mar 1977Randolph Co, WV I82278
32 POWELL, Belle  18 Jan 1914Randolph Co, WV I106477
33 REAM, William M.  13 Jul 1936Randolph Co, WV I117039
34 RINEHART, Howard Daniel  1 May 1964Randolph Co, WV I95729
35 ROSENCRANCE, John William  9 Apr 1935Randolph Co, WV I136300
36 SHIFLETT, Simeon Sampson  21 Aug 1919Randolph Co, WV I106595
37 SKIDMORE, David Evans  9 Aug 1907Randolph Co, WV I131740
38 TETER, Minerva Flesher  2 May 1898Randolph Co, WV I136247
39 THOMAS, Maude Gay  13 Apr 1941Randolph Co, WV I5980
40 WALLER, Curtis Coy  2 Aug 1966Randolph Co, WV I59945
41 WIGNER, Dina Leah  12 Apr 1904Randolph Co, WV I124118


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ___, Anna  1900Randolph Co, WV I60041
2 ARBOGAST, Virginia Ruth "Jenny"  1860, 1870Randolph Co, WV I64575
3 ASH, Eska  1920Randolph Co, WV I41472
4 BRITTON, Clarence  1910Randolph Co, WV I12526
5 BRITTON, Effie R.  1910Randolph Co, WV I66662
6 CAIN, Okey Johnson  1900, 1910Randolph Co, WV I95027
7 CARR, Marvin Homer Jr.  1930Randolph Co, WV I12556
8 DAVIS, Cecil H.  1910Randolph Co, WV I52897
9 DAVIS, Ethel Mae  1910Randolph Co, WV I52894
10 DAVIS, Willis A.  1910Randolph Co, WV I52898
11 JONES, Jasper  1900Randolph Co, WV I60040
12 JORDAN, Jessie Lee  1910Randolph Co, WV I66667
13 KITTLE, Eli Cardor  1920Randolph Co, WV I131128
14 KITTLE, Madison O.  1900Randolph Co, WV I100488
15 KNAPP, Victoria Ann  1880, 1900Randolph Co, WV I64573
16 MILLER, Armeda Bliss  1930Randolph Co, WV I9203
17 PHILLIPS, Beatrice Columbia  1920, 1930Randolph Co, WV I82277
18 PHILLIPS, Howard Marshall Calvin  1930Randolph Co, WV I85360
19 PHILLIPS, Marshall  1920, 1930Randolph Co, WV I82278
20 PHILLIPS, Sanford C.  1920, 1930Randolph Co, WV I85361
21 PRITCHARD, Castle  1910Randolph Co, WV I66668
22 PRITCHARD, Mary Alice  1910Randolph Co, WV I66669
23 PRITCHARD, Torrey I.  1910Randolph Co, WV I66670
24 PRITCHARD, Walter Icen  1910Randolph Co, WV I34206
25 REESE, Binna Luola  1920, 1930Randolph Co, WV I82279
26 RIGGLEMAN, Priscilla  1880Randolph Co, WV I64583
27 SUTTON, Bertha Jeanne  1930Randolph Co, WV I9208
28 SUTTON, Elizabeth Leona "Betty"  1930Randolph Co, WV I9210
29 SUTTON, George William "Bill"  1930Randolph Co, WV I9205
30 SUTTON, Wellington Joe  1930Randolph Co, WV I9204
31 SUTTON, William  1930Randolph Co, WV I9184
32 SWIGER, Alice Lubirta  1920Randolph Co, WV I74370
33 SWIGER, Arthur  1920Randolph Co, WV I41471
34 SWIGER, Francis Marion  1920Randolph Co, WV I42107
35 SWIGER, Gale Arnold  1920Randolph Co, WV I59714
36 SWIGER, Jason Waldo  1920Randolph Co, WV I74372
37 SWIGER, Luletta  1920Randolph Co, WV I131132
38 SWIGER, Una Grethel  1920Randolph Co, WV I74371
39 SWIGER, Wayne  1920Randolph Co, WV I74373
40 SWIGER, Zona Gathell  1920Randolph Co, WV I16626
41 TACY, Lina May  1900Randolph Co, WV I64566
42 TACY, William Jackson "Will"  1860, 70, 80, 1900Randolph Co, WV I64572
43 TACY, William Jacob  1860, 1870, 1880Randolph Co, WV I64574
44 TEETS, Etta  1900Randolph Co, WV I94643
45 THOMAS, Ada  1910Randolph Co, WV I66661
46 VAUGHAN, Mary Ellen  1920Randolph Co, WV I131129
47 WINANS, Marion F.  1900Randolph Co, WV I94642
48 WINANS, Walter Jay  1900Randolph Co, WV I90249
49 ZUMBACH, Mary  1900, 1910Randolph Co, WV I95028


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, William Calvin  1907Randolph Co, WV I109649
2 ASH, Bertha M.  1904Randolph Co, WV I81825
3 BAKER, Daniel Randolph  1868Randolph Co, WV I95766
4 BAKER, Nancy Hart  1904Randolph Co, WV I95765
5 BLAIR, Andrew Core  1903Randolph Co, WV I134816
6 BODE, Lester Robert  1938Randolph Co, WV I122781
7 BONNELL, Minda Grace  1907Randolph Co, WV I94307
8 BRAKE, Verna Sybil  1905Randolph Co, WV I62351
9 BYRD, Lula  1912Randolph Co, WV I96701
10 CADE, Rebecca Ellen  1913Randolph Co, WV I100489
11 CARPER, Georgia  1887Randolph Co, WV I74426
12 CHENOWETH, Christine Margaret  1868Randolph Co, WV I95767
13 COOPER, John Grafton  1941Randolph Co, WV I5985
14 CURTIS, Vernie Elizabeth  1903Randolph Co, WV I134818
15 DAFT, Margaret Jane  1867Randolph Co, WV I64646
16 DIGMAN, Absalom E.  1885Randolph Co, WV I68953
17 DUNLAP, John William  1908Randolph Co, WV I125533
18 FRASHURE, Charles M.  1887Randolph Co, WV I96096
19 GALFORD, Lee Arnold  1904Randolph Co, WV I81837
20 HAMRICK, Elizabeth  1874Randolph Co, WV I128588
21 HAMRICK, John Andrew Jackson  1902Randolph Co, WV I64565
22 HAMRICK, Melvina  1883Randolph Co, WV I64649
23 HELMICK, Franklin C.  1893Randolph Co, WV I100110
24 HICKS, Albert Roy  1907Randolph Co, WV I61205
25 HINZMAN, Berthena Bird  (SETTLED, IN 1884)Randolph Co, WV I41673
26 HOUCHIN, Deremus David  1909Randolph Co, WV I103851
27 JOHNSTON, Blanch E.  1903Randolph Co, WV I86182
28 KELLEY, Mathew W.  1874Randolph Co, WV I128590
29 KITTLE, Madison O.  1913Randolph Co, WV I100488
30 LINDSEY, George  1903Randolph Co, WV I96153
31 LOUK, Martha E.  1879Randolph Co, WV I128589
32 LOWTHER, Newton Jackson  1870, 1880Randolph Co, WV I43847
33 NEWLON, Marion E.  1911Randolph Co, WV I57160
34 PHILLIPS, Ira G.  1912Randolph Co, WV I96700
35 PHILLIPS, Oma  1901Randolph Co, WV I59210
36 PRITCHARD, Millard Fillmore  1884Randolph Co, WV I34204
37 ROGERS, Homer  1909Randolph Co, WV I91166
38 ROWAN, Cynthia  Randolph Co, WV I37374
39 SCOTT, Paul A.  Randolph Co, WV I37373
40 SKIDMORE, Almira Kate  1889Randolph Co, WV I131733
41 SKIDMORE, David Evans  1866Randolph Co, WV I131740
42 SMITH, Abraham  1863Randolph Co, WV I133693
43 SWIGER, Elsie  1904Randolph Co, WV I74366
44 SWIGER, Russell  1908Randolph Co, WV I42108
45 SWISHER, Ashford Ervin  (SETTLED, IN 1884)Randolph Co, WV I40363
46 TACY, Harmon Woodford  1905Randolph Co, WV I62350
47 TACY, Lina May  1902Randolph Co, WV I64566
48 THOMAS, Maude Gay  Randolph Co, WV I5980
49 VANSCOY, Jesse James  1864Randolph Co, WV I46280
50 VAUGHAN, Bennie Clee  1920Randolph Co, WV I126730

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAKER / CHENOWETH  5 May 1868Randolph Co, WV F41382
2 BARTLETT / CURRENCE  1897Randolph Co, WV F49331
3 BARTLETT / POTTS  1896Randolph Co, WV F49330
4 BENNETT / STEWART  6 Nov 1912Randolph Co, WV F46553
5 BLAIR / CURTIS  23 Dec 1903Randolph Co, WV F59434
6 COOPER / COLLETT  1929Randolph Co, WV F46770
7 COOPER / THOMAS  1909Randolph Co, WV F2094
8 CORLEY / SKIDMORE  9 Sep 1889Randolph Co, WV F57753
9 DAFT / HAMRICK  27 May 1883Randolph Co, WV F26998
10 DAVIS / HELMICK  3 Nov 1900Randolph Co, WV F21831
11 DOUGLASS / KELLY  19 May 1891Randolph Co, WV F21203
12 HAMRICK / DAFT  4 Feb 1867Randolph Co, WV F26995
13 HILEMAN / ELDER  3 Jun 1952Randolph Co, WV F59071
14 HUFFORD / VOGEL  1929Randolph Co, WV F48496
15 HYDE / KISAMORE  23 Dec 1910Randolph Co, WV F43569
16 KELLEY / HAMRICK  5 Nov 1874Randolph Co, WV F56105
17 KELLY / LONG  14 Nov 1883Randolph Co, WV F60065
18 KITTLE / CADE  15 Oct 1913Randolph Co, WV F41851
19 KITTLE / VAUGHAN  19 Sep 1886Randolph Co, WV F57411
20 KNAPP / HEVENER  2 Sep 1852Randolph Co, WV F26959
21 LEMLEY / COOPER  1913Randolph Co, WV F44510
22 MALLOW / HUFFMAN  1887Randolph Co, WV F58826
23 MUSGRAVE / BODKINS  26 Apr 1900Randolph Co, WV F17502
24 PHILLIPS / BYRD  23 Mar 1912Randolph Co, WV F1562
25 PROPST / MESSENGER  24 Dec 1901Randolph Co, WV F58717
26 PROPST / TAYLOR  4 Jul 1911Randolph Co, WV F48578
27 PROUDFOOT / SKIDMORE  1943Randolph Co, WV F48117
28 REAM / WILLIAMS  1897Randolph Co, WV F49892
29 SCOTT / BOSERMAN  1909Randolph Co, WV F36079
30 SUTTON / TEUSCHER  28 Mar 1896Randolph Co, WV F3295
31 TACY / KNAPP  16 Mar 1880Randolph Co, WV F26956
32 TACY / RIGGLEMAN  22 Aug 1878Randolph Co, WV F26963
33 TAYLOR / CANFIELD  27 Aug 1893Randolph Co, WV F57250
34 TAYLOR / RENNIX  17 Jul 1892Randolph Co, WV F46062
35 VANSCOY / CURRENCE  11 Feb 1864Randolph Co, WV F18909
36 WATSON / PHILLIPS  24 Dec 1901Randolph Co, WV F24504
37 WESTFALL / POWERS  20 Aug 1853Randolph Co, WV F49161
38 WILFONG / SHIFLETT  23 Sep 1907Randolph Co, WV F44574
39 WILFONG / TRUSLER  17 Feb 1919Randolph Co, WV F12796
40 WILLIAMS / SWIGER  31 Jan 1904Randolph Co, WV F35919