Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Preston Co, (W)VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEE, Enos  CA 1827Preston Co, (W)VA I52311
2 BEE, Hannah  CA 1826Preston Co, (W)VA I48394
3 BEE, Mary  8 Apr 1823Preston Co, (W)VA I49275
4 BEE, Mary Jane  15 Apr 1840Preston Co, (W)VA I52480
5 BEE, Rhoda  5 May 1822Preston Co, (W)VA I49264
6 BEE, Rohanna  22 Mar 1820Preston Co, (W)VA I49262
7 BELL, Rebecca Jane  18 Mar 1859Preston Co, (W)VA I123795
8 BISHOP, Katherine P. "Kate"  29 Mar 1858Preston Co, (W)VA I99544
9 BOLYARD, Sarah Ellen  15 Jan 1844Preston Co, (W)VA I75106
10 BOWERS, Mary Ann  Nov 1854Preston Co, (W)VA I81761
11 BOYCE, Sarah E.  28 Sep 1847Preston Co, (W)VA I69602
12 BOYCE, William F.  CA 1844Preston Co, (W)VA I77295
13 BUCK, Mary Elizabeth  10 Feb 1839Preston Co, (W)VA I91439
14 BURBRIDGE, John P.  Mar 1839Preston Co, (W)VA I78574
15 CARROLL, Godfrey  15 Feb 1815Preston Co, (W)VA I83665
16 CARROLL, John  11 Apr 1828Preston Co, (W)VA I37872
17 CARROLL, Nancy Jane  CA 1839Preston Co, (W)VA I83667
18 CARROLL, William  1795Preston Co, (W)VA I112547
19 COOL, John Herbert  Oct 1832Preston Co, (W)VA I101878
20 COOL, Peter  2 Aug 1856Preston Co, (W)VA I101881
21 CRISS, Adaline Virginia  6 Oct 1851Preston Co, (W)VA I125571
22 CRISS, Isaac  Sep 1828Preston Co, (W)VA I125567
23 CRISS, Permelia  Feb 1850Preston Co, (W)VA I125570
24 EDWARDS, Thomas W.  1807Preston Co, (W)VA I128298
25 FEATHER, Margery  5 Jul 1857Preston Co, (W)VA I49692
26 FLEMING, Thomas  CA 1860Preston Co, (W)VA I103870
27 FORTNEY, Barton  13 Nov 1813Preston Co, (W)VA I75038
28 FORTNEY, David Crockett  28 Aug 1856Preston Co, (W)VA I101841
29 FORTNEY, David Harrison  17 Sep 1804Preston Co, (W)VA I102138
30 FORTNEY, David Harrison  24 Feb 1846Preston Co, (W)VA I75041
31 FORTNEY, Jonathan David  1 Jan 1820Preston Co, (W)VA I101860
32 FORTNEY, Mary  1800Preston Co, (W)VA I128385
33 GANDY, Otho Preston  1818Preston Co, (W)VA I89389
34 GARNER, Simon Henry  28 Feb 1846Preston Co, (W)VA I23382
35 GOFF, John  8 Feb 1792Preston Co, (W)VA I75107
36 GOFF, Mary E.  1831Preston Co, (W)VA I91865
37 GOFF, William Chambers  14 Aug 1838Preston Co, (W)VA I75105
38 GRAY, Charlotte Jane  CA 1835Preston Co, (W)VA I30255
39 GRAY, Mary Ann  2 Apr 1818Preston Co, (W)VA I83666
40 GRIBBLE, James B.  1836Preston Co, (W)VA I23069
41 GRIBBLE, John Marion  5 May 1838Preston Co, (W)VA I22953
42 GRIBBLE, Persis Ellen  29 May 1841Preston Co, (W)VA I20860
43 GRIBBLE, Sarah Jane  CA 1835Preston Co, (W)VA I66734
44 HAWKINS, Hannah  Preston Co, (W)VA I73893
45 HOLMES, John M.  CA 1834Preston Co, (W)VA I65644
46 HOWARD, Mariah C.  CA 1853Preston Co, (W)VA I121748
47 HUNT, Nancy Jane  CA 1841Preston Co, (W)VA I29327
48 JOHNSON, Franklin Legoria  10 Mar 1862Preston Co, (W)VA I42348
49 KEISTER, Sarah Ann  3 Jan 1834Preston Co, (W)VA I110394
50 KILDOW, Daniel D.  CA 1836Preston Co, (W)VA I117813

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEE, Asa  1826Preston Co, (W)VA I20590
2 BOLYARD, Stephen  1840Preston Co, (W)VA I75116
3 COOL, Rhoda  21 Dec 1861Preston Co, (W)VA I75113
4 FORTNEY, Daniel  Feb 1818Preston Co, (W)VA I75085
5 FORTNEY, Daniel  CA 1862Preston Co, (W)VA I75039
6 FORTNEY, Peter  Aft 1817Preston Co, (W)VA I75079
7 GOFF, James  5 Jan 1834Preston Co, (W)VA I75111
8 MENEAR, Leah Morgan  2 Sep 1854Preston Co, (W)VA I75040
9 PICKENPAUGH, Barbary  CA 1829Preston Co, (W)VA I75086
10 PILES, Elijah  3 Nov 1860Preston Co, (W)VA I75070
11 PILES, Hunter  1847Preston Co, (W)VA I75075
12 POLEN, Sarah Elizabeth  30 Sep 1857Preston Co, (W)VA I75119
13 RINEHART, Eva Catherine  1848Preston Co, (W)VA I22295
14 SQUIRES, Nehemiah  1827Preston Co, (W)VA I75118
15 SWISHER, Dorothy  4 Jan 1861Preston Co, (W)VA I22282
16 TICHENALL, Stephen  6 Mar 1857Preston Co, (W)VA I35592


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ALBRIGHT, Henry  1850, 1860Preston Co, (W)VA I62545
2 BOWERS, Mary Ann  1860Preston Co, (W)VA I81761
3 BOWERS, Mary Ann  1860Preston Co, (W)VA I81761
4 BRITTON, James  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I110665
5 BRITTON, John Wesley  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I94446
6 BRITTON, Mary Jane  1850, 1860Preston Co, (W)VA I128583
7 CARROLL, Godfrey  1840Preston Co, (W)VA I83665
8 CARROLL, Nancy Jane  1840Preston Co, (W)VA I83667
9 CARROLL, William  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I112547
10 COMBS, Lydia  1860Preston Co, (W)VA I59347
11 CRANE, Benjamin F.  1860Preston Co, (W)VA I119900
12 CRISS, Isaac  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I125567
13 CRISS, Jacob  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I70874
14 CRISS, Mary Ann  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I125569
15 CRISS, Permelia  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I125570
16 DEWITT, Christena  Preston Co, (W)VA I120580
17 FAWCETT, Mary  1850, 1860Preston Co, (W)VA I15798
18 FLAHERTY, Bryan Bernard  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I100791
19 FORTNEY, Barton  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I75038
20 FORTNEY, Daniel  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I75039
21 FORTNEY, David Crockett  1860Preston Co, (W)VA I101841
22 FORTNEY, David Harrison  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I75041
23 FORTNEY, Jonathan David  1860Preston Co, (W)VA I101860
24 GARNER, Alfred  1850, 1860Preston Co, (W)VA I89300
25 GARNER, Simon Henry  1850, 1860Preston Co, (W)VA I23382
26 GRAY, Mary Ann  1840Preston Co, (W)VA I83666
27 HAWLEY, Nancy Ann  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I112548
28 JACO, Jesse  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I120050
29 JACO, Sarah Frances  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I120049
30 KERNS, Susan  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I55237
31 MARTIN, George S.  1850, 1860Preston Co, (W)VA I56075
32 MARTIN, Joseph  1850, 1860Preston Co, (W)VA I56076
33 MCCLASKEY, Enos  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I35712
34 MCGEE, James R.  1860Preston Co, (W)VA I128582
35 MCGILL, James  Preston Co, (W)VA I79330
36 MENEAR, Leah Morgan  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I75040
37 MENEAR, Nancy Jane  1860Preston Co, (W)VA I101861
38 METHENY, Elijah C.  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I120579
39 METHENY, John  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I47122
40 MITCHELL, Phebe  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I105555
41 PRICE, Sarah  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I78479
42 ROBERTS, Mary E.  1850, 1860Preston Co, (W)VA I89301
43 ROGERS, Samuel G.  1860Preston Co, (W)VA I97266
44 ROGERS, Thomas N.  1860Preston Co, (W)VA I102131
45 SANDERS, Elizabeth  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I120051
46 SHACKELFORD, Warner Washington  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I55236
47 SHACKLEFORD, Frances Ann  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I119308
48 SHACKLEFORD, James William  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I43719
49 SPURGEON, Elizabeth  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I105560
50 SPURGEON, John C.  1850Preston Co, (W)VA I56365

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Thomas  Preston Co, (W)VA I102143
2 HOSKINS, Elizabeth  Preston Co, (W)VA I20825
3 TICHENALL, Stephen  (SETTLED Bef 1810)Preston Co, (W)VA I35592
4 ZINN, Elizabeth  Preston Co, (W)VA I102142


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FORTNEY / ZINN  1828Preston Co, (W)VA F42526
2 STEMPLE / WILT  1828Preston Co, (W)VA F44362
3 TOWNER / HUNT  10 Mar 1836Preston Co, (W)VA F37281