Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Monroe Co, OH



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, William Wesley  May 1847Monroe Co, OH I95221
2 ANDERSON, Jesse Thomas  4 Jun 1879Monroe Co, OH I51778
3 ASH, John Jr.  21 Apr 1830Monroe Co, OH I47756
4 BACHMAN, Charles W.  CA 1871Monroe Co, OH I103574
5 BAKER, Henry Harrison  11 Oct 1822Monroe Co, OH I110923
6 BARKER, William Moses  8 Jun 1864Monroe Co, OH I72944
7 BARNARD, William Robert  CA 1857Monroe Co, OH I126891
8 BLOUIR, Sabina Elizabeth  19 Feb 1869Monroe Co, OH I85651
9 BRADY, Margaret J. "Maggie"  1 Jan 1860Monroe Co, OH I30374
10 BROWN, Dorothy Elizabeth  CA 1914Monroe Co, OH I45433
11 BROWN, George Washington  7 May 1856Monroe Co, OH I41735
12 CALEBAUGH, William Edward  25 Jan 1879Monroe Co, OH I45446
13 CARPENTER, Albert  7 Feb 1863Monroe Co, OH I127043
14 CARPENTER, Margaret Lucinda  11 Mar 1852Monroe Co, OH I23794
15 CASE, Melissa Ann  3 Apr 1844Monroe Co, OH I124269
16 CLINE, Archie R.  10 Jan 1868Monroe Co, OH I64177
17 CLINE, Nathaniel  Monroe Co, OH I64178
18 CLINE, Perline  Oct 1828Monroe Co, OH I30594
19 CLUTTER, James Washington  CA 1840Monroe Co, OH I130213
20 COX, John Westley  19 Oct 1863Monroe Co, OH I118941
21 COX, Theodore M.  Apr 1866Monroe Co, OH I118942
22 CRANDALL, Maria J.  26 Jun 1849Monroe Co, OH I115868
23 DAVIS, Henry Thompson  9 Dec 1827Monroe Co, OH I49480
24 DENBOW, Jane "Jennie"  5 Jan 1848Monroe Co, OH I127442
25 DILLON, Louisa Jane  CA 1870Monroe Co, OH I127990
26 DILLON, Thomas Elwood  2 Mar 1868Monroe Co, OH I30940
27 DOTSON, William Casey  1 Jan 1849Monroe Co, OH I119539
28 DYE, Ary A.  10 Aug 1857Monroe Co, OH I107330
29 EDDY, Hannah Margaret  3 Aug 1872Monroe Co, OH I113290
30 EDDY, Michael  27 Feb 1858Monroe Co, OH I111853
31 FARLEY, Alcena  Mar 1876Monroe Co, OH I33449
32 FIBER, Sarah Belle  20 Mar 1867Monroe Co, OH I79324
33 FISHER, John William  3 Jul 1839Monroe Co, OH I101891
34 FREEMAN, William  Apr 1835Monroe Co, OH I70417
35 GANO, Viola A.  CA 1863Monroe Co, OH I99519
36 GASTON, James Thomas  7 Apr 1840Monroe Co, OH I61473
37 GILMORE, Leanna Bell "Anna"  1870Monroe Co, OH I93080
38 GIVENS, Daniel William  CA 1835Monroe Co, OH I119968
39 GIVENS, Dora Isabelle  24 Sep 1877Monroe Co, OH I86053
40 GIVENS, John W.  24 Jun 1845Monroe Co, OH I86054
41 GIVENS, Sarah Elizabeth  Oct 1870Monroe Co, OH I58297
42 GIVENS, Thomas William  7 May 1857Monroe Co, OH I119962
43 GRANT, Mary Ann  27 Dec 1851Monroe Co, OH I95940
44 HARTLINE, Andrew Wilson  CA 1868Monroe Co, OH I86888
45 HAYWARD, John A.  CA 1856Monroe Co, OH I29260
46 HEDGE, James Reason  4 Mar 1870Monroe Co, OH I19241
47 HICKMAN, Peter King  Dec 1857Monroe Co, OH I78899
48 HICKMAN, William  Oct 1840Monroe Co, OH I71091
49 HIGHLEY, Abraham  Apr 1837Monroe Co, OH I128223
50 HINTON, Thomas J.  1841Monroe Co, OH I74829

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEE, Jessie  21 Mar 1996Monroe Co, OH I78163
2 GIVENS, David  12 Mar 1873Monroe Co, OH I119966
3 GIVENS, William Thomas  20 Apr 1879Monroe Co, OH I119960
4 MILLER, Gordon Robinson  16 Nov 1997Monroe Co, OH I82087
5 STARKEY, Gabriel  16 Nov 1862Monroe Co, OH I25880
6 ___, Rachel  20 Feb 1855Monroe Co, OH I116943


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Nancy E.  1910Monroe Co, OH I84732
2 BALIS, Thomas  1840Monroe Co, OH I124165
3 BALIS, Thomas W.  1850Monroe Co, OH I124162
4 BEVER, Amster  1850Monroe Co, OH I30989
5 BEVER, Caroline  1850Monroe Co, OH I110710
6 BEVER, Catherine  1850Monroe Co, OH I110708
7 BEVER, Isaac  1850Monroe Co, OH I110709
8 BEVER, James  1850Monroe Co, OH I110711
9 BEVER, John  1850Monroe Co, OH I110700
10 BEVER, Joseph P.  1850Monroe Co, OH I110699
11 BEVER, Martha  1850Monroe Co, OH I110701
12 BEVER, Peter  1850Monroe Co, OH I110704
13 BEVER, William  1850Monroe Co, OH I110707
14 BEVER, William  1850Monroe Co, OH I30992
15 BLACKBURN, Eliza  1850Monroe Co, OH I30993
16 BONER, Armina  1870Monroe Co, OH I86900
17 CHILDERS, Arnold  1840Monroe Co, OH I128621
18 FARLEY, Andrew F.  1850Monroe Co, OH I87122
19 FARLEY, Noah  1850Monroe Co, OH I87120
20 GASTON, Caroline  1850, 1860Monroe Co, OH I71152
21 GASTON, James  1830, 1840Monroe Co, OH I71153
22 GASTON, James Thomas  1850, 1860Monroe Co, OH I61473
23 GASTON, John  1850, 1860Monroe Co, OH I71148
24 GASTON, Oliver  1850, 1860Monroe Co, OH I71151
25 GASTON, Sophia  1850Monroe Co, OH I71150
26 GRANT, Mary Ann  1880Monroe Co, OH I95940
27 HARTLINE, Andrew Wilson  1880Monroe Co, OH I86888
28 HARTLINE, John S.  1870, 1880Monroe Co, OH I86899
29 HOUCK, Catherine  1860Monroe Co, OH I87132
30 LANAM, John  1850Monroe Co, OH I124158
31 LOWTHER, Adaline M.  1880Monroe Co, OH I28945
32 LOWTHER, Alice T.  1900Monroe Co, OH I60253
33 LOWTHER, Charles Miller  1880Monroe Co, OH I37180
34 LOWTHER, Daniel O.  1910Monroe Co, OH I60258
35 LOWTHER, Inez  1910Monroe Co, OH I60259
36 LOWTHER, John C.  1880, 1900, 1910Monroe Co, OH I60252
37 LOWTHER, John E.  1910Monroe Co, OH I60257
38 LOWTHER, Julia A.  1900Monroe Co, OH I60254
39 LOWTHER, William  1910Monroe Co, OH I60256
40 LOWTHER, William M.  1880, 1900Monroe Co, OH I47042
41 MATHENY, Rachel  1850Monroe Co, OH I87123
42 MCPHERSEN, Gemima  1850Monroe Co, OH I124163
43 MERCER, Elizabeth Ann "Annie"  1870Monroe Co, OH I107915
44 MERCER, John  1870Monroe Co, OH I82918
45 MERCER, Jonathan  1870Monroe Co, OH I101839
46 MOBLEY, Christopher Columbus  1870, 1880Monroe Co, OH I95939
47 MOBLEY, John M.  1880Monroe Co, OH I95941
48 MOBLEY, Thomas  1880Monroe Co, OH I95942
49 MOORE, Mary Ann  1880Monroe Co, OH I47043
50 POTTS, Nelson M.  1940Monroe Co, OH I23455

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 HUSK, Samuel Austin  1899Monroe Co, OH I772
2 KINNEY, Sheridan Bailey  1900Monroe Co, OH I131328
3 LEASURE, William  1863Monroe Co, OH I111981
4 MAXWELL, Robert R.  1872Monroe Co, OH I43471
5 RUBLE, Blaine E.  1935Monroe Co, OH I23450
6 WEBBER, Maxwell Sherwood  Monroe Co, OH I82510


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BECK / ___  18 Sep 1991Monroe Co, OH F35437
2 BELFORD / NORMAN  2 Apr 1868Monroe Co, OH F17103
3 BRISBIN / SCOTT  27 Jan 1934Monroe Co, OH F17890
4 CARPENTER / PORTER  18 Oct 1841Monroe Co, OH F55328
5 HARRIS / EARLE  8 Oct 1940Monroe Co, OH F49044
6 JONES / STACKHOUSE  25 Jan 1854Monroe Co, OH F34965
7 MERCER / THOMAS  13 May 1865Monroe Co, OH F35474
8 MULLETT / KANZIG  24 Oct 1874Monroe Co, OH F56254
9 SINDLEDECKER / ENSLEY  13 Jul 1879Monroe Co, OH F20406