Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Grafton, Taylor Co, WV



Latitude: 39.3409249, Longitude: -80.0189659


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Ada Love  26 Oct 1882Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I27537
2 BALL, Raymond Merle  23 Aug 1915Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I27446
3 BALL, Raymond Merle Jr.  29 Jan 1946Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I27447
4 BALL, Walter Robert "Bob"  18 Mar 1941Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I50058
5 BARKER, Harry Sylvester Jr.  1 Jan 1897Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I85771
6 BARKER, Myrtle  30 Aug 1895Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I73226
7 BARKER, William Marvin  5 Nov 1919Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I18230
8 BEE, William F.  10 Oct 1919Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I52622
9 BENNETT, Arthur I.  CA 1876Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I124618
10 BOND, Cecil Martin  21 Sep 1904Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I121282
11 BOND, Jennie  13 Aug 1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I127431
12 BURKA, Solomon  6 May 1898Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I86353
13 COLE, Harold Tilden  17 Apr 1876Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I120047
14 COMPTON, Charles Edward "Jim"  18 Mar 1915Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I45651
15 COMPTON, William Marcellus  16 Aug 1934Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I2114
16 COURTNEY, Frances Colleen  CA 1929Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I66024
17 DEMOSS, Ola Larick  1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I131233
18 DOUGLAS, Mary Dorothy  30 Jan 1922Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I51418
19 DUCKWORTH, Jo Ann  26 Oct 1930Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I122811
20 DUNFEE, Helen Marie  27 Jul 1929Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I85941
21 DUSKEY, Charlene Aluena  9 Jul 1927Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I96839
22 DUSKEY, Joanna Genevieve  20 Mar 1916Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I96894
23 DUSKEY, Paul James "Jim"  19 Jan 1926Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I96897
24 FORD, Arthur  21 Jul 1894Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I118954
25 FORD, Effie Marie  22 Feb 1896Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I99101
26 FORD, Elsie  16 Nov 1897Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I118956
27 FORD, Etta Jessica  13 Apr 1904Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I118958
28 FORD, Thomas J.  29 Oct 1901Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I118957
29 FOSTER, Fred Watson  6 Jul 1880Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I107497
30 FUNK, John Howard  18 Oct 1887Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I75990
31 GIROD, Levada Levolia  CA 1936Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I91581
32 GROW, Mildred Lucille "Bee"  9 May 1911Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I90958
33 GUTHRIE, Beth Ann  31 Oct 1950Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I75901
34 HAMMOND, Helen Lee  25 Aug 1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I56501
35 HAMMOND, Joseph Valentine  14 Feb 1917Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I56500
36 HENDERSHOT, Bernice Eulalie  16 Feb 1921Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I82642
37 HENDERSON, Effa L.  1886Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I94936
38 HOFF, Herbert A.  12 Aug 1896Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I96858
39 HORTON, Warren G.  1 Aug 1923Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I128110
40 JACKSON, Mattie Hazel  CA 1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I96910
41 JAMES, Xenia Lorraine  7 Feb 1917Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I65497
42 KING, Earle Cochran  18 Jan 1918Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I42920
43 KINNEY, Carl  3 Apr 1933Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I22074
44 KINNEY, James William  24 Jul 1878Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I97501
45 KINNEY, Russell Clay  3 Nov 1892Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I75604
46 LYTTON, Juanita Elizabeth  20 Apr 1922Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I65838
47 MCCLOY, Terry Allen  24 May 1953Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I8202
48 MCCUE, Edna Louise  7 Feb 1902Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I96270
49 MCCUE, Joseph Henry  4 Aug 1870Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I125914
50 MCFARLAND, Martha Jean  1 Jan 1931Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I6037

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARICKMAN, Aaron  14 May 1863Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I32651
2 BARKER, Ida May  Apr 1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I129857
3 BARNES, Sarah E.  10 May 1924Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I120710
4 BARTLETT, Isis  12 Oct 1944Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I114917
5 BARTLETT, Sarah Jane  10 Jun 1919Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I115977
6 BAYLEY, Dexter Isaiah  27 Feb 1949Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I73629
7 BEE, Alice Lucretia "Tootsie"  14 Jul 2009Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I1015
8 BEE, Catharine Louise  4 Dec 1932Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I44288
9 BEE, Mary Ingaby  11 Feb 1972Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I52375
10 BEE, West Virginia  15 Mar 1953Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I49319
11 BENNINGTON, Percy Floyd  8 Jan 1898Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I131052
12 BLAND, Henrietta Virginia  22 Nov 1936Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I131786
13 BOND, Jennie  9 Nov 1902Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I127431
14 BOYCE, Arminta Samantha  15 Jul 1964Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I57129
15 BROWN, Filmore Stokely "Stump"  17 May 1956Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I89393
16 BROWN, Samuel VanBuren  27 Dec 1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I56080
17 BUTCHER, James Henry  13 Jun 1929Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I118981
18 CAMPBELL, Agnes Holmes  23 Jan 1962Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I63968
19 CARDER, Eva Pearl  16 Apr 1956Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I129284
20 CARR, Stella  13 Apr 1929Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I127575
21 CAUSER, Matilda Elisabeth  16 Oct 1930Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I24183
22 CHILDERS, Gay Susan  19 Oct 1994Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I19475
23 CLEVENGER, Wilma Lee  27 Mar 2018Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I123385
24 COLE, Harold Tilden  27 Oct 1957Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I120047
25 COLLINS, Artie Macie  9 Sep 1956Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I100673
26 COTTRILL, Calvin J.  23 Mar 1921Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I30597
27 COURTNEY, Kenneth Dulin  12 Nov 1974Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I66021
28 COX, Ora Minter  5 Jul 1952Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I51984
29 COYNE, Cornelius B. "Neely"  21 Jan 1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I119675
30 CROSTON, Lucy J.  25 May 1969Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I123039
31 CUNNINGHAM, Shirley Winifred  8 Jan 2014Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I34833
32 DAVIS, Etta Jane  12 Jan 1939Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I53280
33 DAVIS, Robert Clinton  7 Nov 1940Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I125653
34 DAVIS, Timothy K.  29 Jan 1921Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I54668
35 DAVISSON, Alice Augusta  11 Jul 1941Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I104713
36 DAVISSON, Mary L.  1943Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I78491
37 DEVERICKS, Charles Willard "Red"  17 Jul 2004Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I27002
38 DONOHUE, James  5 Nov 1927Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I113061
39 DOTSON, Alfred R.  17 Apr 1917Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I54578
40 DOTSON, Calvin Romulus "Bob"  14 Dec 1947Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I56686
41 DOTSON, Walter H.  12 Apr 1904Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I27343
42 DOUGLASS, Ora Odus  13 Nov 1963Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I24869
43 DUCKWORTH, Ebert Elam  28 Aug 1965Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I10598
44 DUGAN, Ellen  16 Apr 1947Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I97499
45 DUSKEY, Charlene Aluena  17 Aug 2010Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I96839
46 EHRET, Thomas William  5 Feb 1946Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I37462
47 FINLEY, Richard P.  2 Oct 1938Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I76397
48 FLEMING, Rachel Virginia  22 Jan 1943Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I63451
49 FORD, Arthur  5 Oct 1960Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I118954
50 FORD, Calvin Reason  16 Sep 1904Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I49998

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DOUGHERTY, Matthew C.  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I56122
2 DOUGLASS, Ora Odus  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I24869
3 FORD, Thomas  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I53279
4 JENNINGS, Sarah A.  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I78457
5 MENEAR, John Cornelius  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I114700
6 RENNER, Eva Alice  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I51417
7 TAYLOR, Rosa Frances  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I109525
8 TUCKER, Susan  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I34137


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 MADERA, Marion C.  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I34376


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ___, Blanche  1930Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I118256
2 ___, Cora Dea  1910, 1920, 1940Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I89454
3 ___, Dollie J.  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I74047
4 ___, May O.  1920, 1930Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I74828
5 ASH, Vesta  1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I81639
6 BARKER, Cecil Jonathan  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I82141
7 BARKER, Jasper Clay  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I19283
8 BARKER, Mary Catherine  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I82140
9 BARKER, Ottis Clay  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I82139
10 BARKER, William Marvin  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I18230
11 BARTLETT, Ansley Brooks  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I130206
12 BEE, Catharine Louise  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I44288
13 BEE, Clair Francis  1910, 1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I52617
14 BEE, James Edward  1910, 1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I52047
15 BEE, James R.  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I52620
16 BEE, John D.  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I52621
17 BEE, Mary M.  1910, 20Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I52619
18 BEE, Vallie F.  1930, 1940Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I52376
19 BEE, Virginia R.  1910, 20Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I52618
20 BEE, West Virginia  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I49319
21 BEE, William F.  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I52622
22 BENNINGTON, Alberta Joette  1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I103050
23 BENNINGTON, Thomas Danson  1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I92254
24 BOND, Ada Louise  1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I121276
25 BOND, Anna Elizabeth  1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I121277
26 BOND, Eleanor "Ella"  1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I121279
27 BOND, Georgia Josephine  1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I121278
28 BOND, Martin Sleater  1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I121271
29 BONNELL, Etta Myrtle  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I19279
30 BOYLE, Alice Genevieve  1920, 1930Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I99454
31 BRENNEMAN, Annie M.  1880Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I130449
32 BROOKS, Laura Iowa  1880Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I120040
33 BROWN, Bessie Virginia  1910, 1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I89456
34 BROWN, Filmore Stokely "Stump"  1910, 1920, 1940Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I89393
35 BROWN, James Godfrey  1900, 1910, 1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I61579
36 BROWN, Mary E.  1910, 1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I89455
37 BROWN, Samuel VanBuren  1910, 1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I56080
38 BURNS, Wallace William  1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I120844
39 BURWELL, Agnes  1910, 1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I93719
40 BURWELL, Audra Lela  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I62933
41 BUTCHER, Beryl  Jan 1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I118959
42 BUTCHER, James Henry  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I118981
43 CAMPBELL, Agnes Holmes  1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I63968
44 CARROLL, William  1880Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I112547
45 CHAPMAN, Freda L.  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I69861
46 CHILDERS, Gay Susan  1920, 1930, 1940Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I19475
47 COLE, Harold Tilden  1880Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I120047
48 COLE, Thomas E.  1880Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I120048
49 COLLINS, Sallie Nancy  1910Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I124846
50 COSTILOW, Mary  1880Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I55665

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ___, Cora Dea  1956Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I89454
2 ___, Debbie  2006Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I41312
3 ___, Helen  2005Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I29674
4 ___, May O.  1966Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I74828
5 ALKIRE, Ralph R.  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I73278
6 ANDERSON, George R.  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I87788
7 BALL, Beatrice L. "Patty"  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I27450
8 BATES, Martha Lou  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I90831
9 BAYLEY, Dexter Isaiah  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I73629
10 BEE, Alice Lucretia "Tootsie"  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I1015
11 BEE, Bessie  1927Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I59724
12 BEE, Vallie F.  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I52376
13 BEE, West Virginia  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I49319
14 BENNETT, Mamie R.  1935Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I84148
15 BLAND, Henrietta Virginia  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I131786
16 BOCK, Anna  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I66817
17 BOLLIGER, Sue Marie  1935Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I96859
18 BOND, Cecil Martin  1972Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I121282
19 BOND, Martin Sleater  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I121271
20 BONNELL, Charles Jennings  1965Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I57604
21 BOOHER, Elizabeth Jane  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I27003
22 BORAM, Leona Guinevier  1940Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I40662
23 BOYCE, Arminta Samantha  1926Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I57129
24 BRADEN, Van Evert  1935Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I93453
25 BRADFORD, Ralph Dale  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I49565
26 BRAHAM, Dorothy J.  1929Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I67943
27 BRENNEMAN, Annie M.  1870Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I130449
28 BROWN, Filmore Stokely "Stump"  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I89393
29 BROWN, James Godfrey  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I61579
30 CAMPBELL, Miner F.  1903Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I14385
31 CARDER, Eva Pearl  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I129284
32 CHAMBERS, Anna E.  1863Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I112999
33 CHAPMAN, Grace L.  1916Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I100002
34 CHARLTON, Mary Raydene  FORMERLYGrafton, Taylor Co, WV I106432
35 CHILDERS, Gay Susan  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I19475
36 CLEVENGER, Eva Isabella  2006Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I35551
37 CLEVENGER, Okey Clyde  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I81419
38 CLEVENGER, Wilma Lee  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I123385
39 COSTILOW, Florida  1920Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I73666
40 COTTRILL, Thelma  1993Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I60686
41 COULEHAN, Michael  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I87453
42 COURTNEY, Frances Colleen  1948Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I66024
43 COURTNEY, Kenneth Dulin  1947Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I66021
44 CROOK, Iva Mae  1956, 1966Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I57174
45 CUMMINGS, James Wesley  1918Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I125224
46 DAVIS, Carlton Duane  2009Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I60694
47 DAVIS, Etta Jane  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I53280
48 DAVIS, Robert Clinton  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I125653
49 DAVISSON, James Preston  1933Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I78009
50 DEVERICKS, Charles Willard "Red"  Grafton, Taylor Co, WV I27002

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARNETT / SHANNON  17 Nov 1914Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F42512
2 AULT / MCCONNELL  20 Nov 1909Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F53966
3 BALL / DUSKEY  8 Jun 1939Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F4632
4 BALL / WOLVERTON  29 Dec 1942Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F10393
5 BEE / SKILES  14 Dec 1911Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F27223
6 BLAND / SNIDER  28 Apr 1915Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F37045
7 BLOOM / CASTO  16 Jun 1945Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F10809
8 BRADY / FLINT  1 May 1924Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F54692
9 COLE / FLEMING  17 Jan 1918Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F54187
10 COURTNEY / KING  20 Jan 1949Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F27669
11 CUNNINGHAM / SMITH  10 Apr 1936Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F37809
12 FERGUSON / MILLER  29 Nov 1919Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F39698
13 FLEMING / FAHEY  14 Dec 1904Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F43281
14 FORINASH / SKYLES  7 Jun 1912Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F57144
15 GASTON / BECKMAN  3 Jul 1929Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F22222
16 GEAR / TACY  14 Apr 1923Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F56046
17 GILBERT / PRIM  20 Apr 1926Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F15685
18 GREATHOUSE / FLEMING  13 Mar 1943Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F54188
19 GROVES / HAWKINS  12 Aug 1944Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F36057
20 HALL / MENEAR  16 Apr 1905Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F48683
21 HANDLIN / SOUTHWORTH  28 Jun 1919Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F13484
22 HAYMOND / RAMSEY  15 Aug 1911Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F51837
23 HOLDEN / LOUGH  31 Aug 1919Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F23502
24 HOLTZ / SMITH  23 Dec 1933Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F37450
25 HUSSION / NORRIS  13 Nov 1947Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F13303
26 JOHNSON / RIGGS  2 Aug 1927Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F28035
27 JONES / PERNELL  25 Dec 1902Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F57501
28 KEIFER / STEWART  Nov 1902Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F51721
29 LAW / PHILLIPS  7 Jun 1911Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F28233
30 LEMASTERS / HARDMAN  12 Sep 1936Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F37415
31 LINDER / DEVER  26 Jan 1946Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F17461
32 LINVILLE / SOMERS  28 Dec 1863Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F57761
33 LIPSCOMB / LINKSWILER  30 Jul 1923Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F56340
34 LIPSCOMB / WOLFE  1 Sep 1946Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F24968
35 LOWTHER / SWIGER  27 Apr 1913Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F31563
36 MCCONNELL / MOORE  3 Jul 1874Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F41006
37 MCCUE / HELD  5 Nov 1936Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F54361
38 MCDONALD / BEE  3 Dec 1927Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F27203
39 MCKEEN / MCCARTNEY  17 Jul 1907Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F40457
40 MCWILLIAMS / SMITH  26 Dec 1915Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F29308
41 MILLER / WEEKLEY  7 Oct 1932Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F26210
42 MORGAN / MILLER  5 Jan 1916Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F3991
43 MORRIS / WANSTREET  6 Dec 1922Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F54671
44 MULVAY / CLINE  8 Jul 1931Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F43786
45 MYERS / KELLEY  13 May 1944Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F52179
46 NICOLA / LOWTHER  23 Dec 1914Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F31567
47 NORRIS / JENKINS  22 Dec 1954Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F10774
48 O'DONNELL / FAHEY  21 Nov 1900Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F43270
49 PERNELL / MCCROBIE  7 Jun 1909Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F51672
50 PETERS / SUMMERS  1 Nov 1945Grafton, Taylor Co, WV F15337

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