Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV



Latitude: 39.2273007, Longitude: -81.1184451


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUNNER, Lora Belle  26 Dec 1900Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I51820
2 DOUGLASS, Frances Wanless "Fannie"  CA 1864Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I79936
3 GRAHAM, Della Meda  3 Apr 1877Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I102452
4 GRAHAM, Lewis William "Lewyer"  Jan 1876Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I104655
5 GRIFFITH, Emmett Woodrow  12 Oct 1922Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I95635
6 GRIFFITH, William Franklin Jr.  20 Feb 1915Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I58867
7 HEWITT, Union Ida  19 Oct 1861Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I126454
8 PAUGH, Donald Ray  31 Jan 1931Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I91794
9 PETTIT, William Augusta  9 Feb 1874Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I105694
10 PRIMM, Goldie Virginia  17 Feb 1917Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I74809
11 RICHARDS, Betty Jane  25 May 1942Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I45207
12 RICHARDS, Charles Lesley  4 Jun 1901Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I82951
13 RICHARDS, Dorothy Louise  24 May 1932Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I68590
14 RICHARDS, Floyd M.  27 Mar 1924Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I82954
15 RICHARDS, Harry Ray  9 Jun 1906Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I45208
16 RICHARDS, Hazel Irene  25 Dec 1903Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I103225
17 RICHARDS, Hubert Hays  11 Apr 1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I74832
18 RICHARDS, Russell Eugene  10 Sep 1928Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I82957
19 SNYDER, Clyde Edward  19 Oct 1915Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I63243
20 THOMAS, Herbert Harry  25 Dec 1892Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I119408


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRUMMAGE, Onia Elizabeth  9 Mar 1938Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I80405
2 BULLMAN, Hannah  23 Aug 1923Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I119413
3 BUNNER, Henry Clay  14 May 1953Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I119410
4 CUNNINGHAM, Ann  10 Nov 1916Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I82961
5 DOUGLASS, Frances Wanless "Fannie"  28 Nov 1940Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I79936
6 GRIFFITH, Ida Drucilla  1 Dec 1941Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I66885
7 RICHARDS, John Marshall  30 Oct 1935Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I80404
8 ROLLINS, Irene  23 Dec 1924Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I79934


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BUNNER, Lora Belle  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I51820
2 BUNNER, Lora Belle  1940Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I51820
3 DEMOSS, Louella "Ella"  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I56788
4 EDWARDS, Mary Ellen  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I51809
5 FOX, Bartholomew  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I58646
6 FOX, Michael Elza  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I49820
7 FOX, Pearl Brooks  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I50477
8 FRANCIS, Aroda Grace  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I94212
9 GOODWIN, Benjamin C.  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I62686
10 GOODWIN, Eva Ruth  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I10035
11 GOODWIN, Mabel Fern  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I62671
12 GOODWIN, Paul Kenneth  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I76977
13 GRIFFITH, William Franklin Jr.  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I58867
14 GRIFFITH, William Franklin  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I62335
15 GROVES, Emaranda "Miranda"  1910Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I69752
16 HART, Clarence Albert "Tom"  1940Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I74781
17 LAMBERT, James Jay "Jimmie"  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I56787
18 MERCER, Epsie Lee  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I49819
19 NETSER, Francis Marion  1910Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I102946
20 NETSER, Franklin M.  1910Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I102948
21 NETSER, Herbert C.  1910Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I102949
22 NETSER, Ica L.  1910Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I102947
23 NETSER, Ralph W.  1910Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I102950
24 NICHOLS, Asa Wesley  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I43980
25 NICHOLS, Beulah  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I44000
26 NICHOLS, Gale  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I43996
27 NICHOLS, Juanita Evelyn  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I43998
28 NICHOLS, Ralph  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I43995
29 PARKS, Asa Franklin  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I94211
30 PARKS, Virgil Glenn  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I45675
31 PRIM, Gladys Madeline  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I74790
32 PRIM, Gladys Madeline  1940Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I74790
33 PRIM, Thomas S.  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I51805
34 PRIMM, Goldie Virginia  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I74809
35 PRIMM, Goldie Virginia  1940Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I74809
36 PRIMM, Harry  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I51810
37 PRIMM, Harry  1940Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I51810
38 PRITCHETT, Nancy Ann  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I43981
39 TRAINER, Mary Elizabeth  1880Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I100720
40 WELLS, Benjamin Franklin Jr.  1880Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I106155
41 WELLS, Benjamin Franklin  1880Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I120782
42 WOLFE, Frances Cleveland  1920Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I62687


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Betty Jane  FORMERLYCornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I95633
2 BARKER, Ora Orlena  1917Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I128351
3 BRANNAN, William Reed  1897Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I102379
4 BRUMMAGE, Onia Elizabeth  Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I80405
5 BUNNER, William Henry  1949Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I53904
6 CALHOUN, Blaine James  1927Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I59435
7 DAVIS, Homer Amanual  1943Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I74814
8 DOUGLASS, Frances Wanless "Fannie"  Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I79936
9 FITTROW, Mary Louise  1950Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I82976
10 FRANCIS, Clarence Everett  1918Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I82953
11 FRANCIS, Stella A.  1923Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I82952
12 GRIFFITH, Alfaretta C.  1928Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I73279
13 GRIFFITH, James J.  1934Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I45203
14 GRIFFITH, William Franklin  1911Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I62335
15 HORNER, Berdelia Belle  1934Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I45204
16 HORNER, Robert Edward  1941Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I63081
17 JOHNSON, Amy Erma  1934Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I45209
18 LOWTHER, Jesse Coburn  Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I29173
19 LOWTHER, John G. J.  Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I43733
20 PARKS, Nellie Grace  1918Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I82959
21 PAUGH, Lloyd Eugene  1930Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I91795
22 PAUGH, Lloyd Eugene  1940Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I91795
23 PAUGH, Sadie Victoria  1919Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I69363
24 RICHARDS, Charles Lesley  1923Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I82951
25 RICHARDS, Dorothy Louise  1949Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I68590
26 RICHARDS, Glenville Ray  ORIGINALLYCornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I56216
27 RICHARDS, Harry Ray  1934, 1938Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I45208
28 RICHARDS, Hubert Hays  1939, 1945, 1946Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I74832
29 RICHARDS, John Marshall  Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I80404
30 ROBERTS, Viola  1911Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I62336
31 SPIKER, John B.  1928Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I88455
32 STARCHER, Grace Elizabeth  1946Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV I74833


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ROSS / PAUGH  30 Jun 1919Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV F29251
2 SHARPS / BARNETT  15 May 1907Cornwallis, Ritchie Co, WV F4803