Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Columbus, Franklin Co, OH



Latitude: 39.9611755, Longitude: -82.9987942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Frances May  16 Jun 1904Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I15905
2 BOUDINOT, Marlene Joan  12 Dec 1933Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I118241
3 BOYD, David Lawrence  11 Oct 1954Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I77435
4 BRITTON, Larry Blaine  21 Aug 1963Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I13047
5 BRYANT, Mary Loretta  4 Oct 1915Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I103719
6 BURKE, Henry Robert  21 Jan 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I91700
7 CAIN, Mary Ellen  2 Oct 1986Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I123123
8 CALDWELL, Inece Loretta  30 Sep 1944Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I24840
9 CORATHERS, Alice Jean  9 Sep 1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I60237
10 CORATHERS, Joseph Roger  2 May 1935Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I60241
11 COULEHAN, Nancy Ann  28 Feb 1933Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I77449
12 DAVIS, Robert Mike  21 Sep 1951Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I16378
13 DENNISON, Sharon Lee  26 Nov 1952Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I106857
14 EATON, Zella May  17 Nov 1892Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I118529
15 GASTON, Larry Allen  11 Feb 1960Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I10169
16 HOLT, Joseph N.  8 Oct 1920Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I97517
17 HUSK, Frederick Samuel  13 Mar 1959Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I2685
18 HUSK, Janet Lynn  1 Oct 1957Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I2664
19 JANISCH, James Donald  30 Aug 1931Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I116049
20 JOBE, Samuel Gerhard  27 Jun 1920Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I109290
21 MOSES, John William  5 Dec 1942Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I8549
22 NOBLE, Maude A.  9 Dec 1910Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I107444
23 NOBLE, Ronald Carl  20 Dec 1934Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I107457
24 NOBLE, Russell Appleton  28 Aug 1918Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I107438
25 PICKERAL, Isabelle  19 Apr 1855Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I98607
26 ROSE, Joan Louise  3 Jun 1946Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I132867
27 SIMMONS, Eva Ann  19 Aug 1929Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I74343
28 STARR, Larry Fred  16 Jun 1945Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I12115
29 STEELE, Ronald Lee  9 May 1947Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I132126
30 STOUT, Elmer Lewis  22 Dec 1891Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I115566
31 STOUT, Genevieve A. "Jenny"  3 Jul 1925Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I61259
32 STOUT, Lloyd Elmer  9 Mar 1924Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I12141
33 STOUT, Robert Lewis  21 Sep 1952Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I12143
34 WILSON, Randall Lee "Randy"  1 Oct 1951Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I5273


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Bradley R.  17 May 2013Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I90733
2 ALLEN, William Elden  21 Sep 2006Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I87587
3 ANDERSON, Betty Elmadean  29 Apr 1975Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I97852
4 ASH, Carrie Ethel  8 Jun 1989Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I84894
5 BAINTER, Grover C.  4 Mar 1977Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I63095
6 BAKER, William F.  24 Apr 1959Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I59743
7 BARR, James Lee  1 Jun 2005Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I114121
8 BEE, Ben W. Jr.  16 Apr 1982Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I41877
9 BEE, Clyde Harold  15 Feb 2007Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I78211
10 BEE, Edward Russell  25 Nov 1970Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I52386
11 BLAND, Charles Ellis  3 Mar 1983Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I50466
12 BOLTE, Marshall Theodore  23 Mar 1959Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I73102
13 BOND, Barney Oliver  24 Jun 1970Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I79459
14 BOND, Elmer Kent  3 Jun 1972Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I102639
15 BOND, Golda Maude  6 Jul 1979Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I126638
16 BOND, Haul C.  6 Feb 1986Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I88373
17 BOND, Margaret  20 Oct 1983Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I126640
18 BOND, Pauline M.  21 Dec 2001Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I79458
19 BONNELL, William Junior  23 Sep 1990Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I71551
20 BRIDWELL, James Leftridge  23 May 1981Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I38455
21 BRIDWELL, Waneta  16 May 1993Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I38462
22 BRITTON, Larry Blaine  5 Sep 1969Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I13047
23 BRITTON, Lester Roy  11 Oct 1976Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I11792
24 BROCKMYER, William Henry  28 Apr 1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I119186
25 BROWN, Ephraim Franklin  8 Jan 1937Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I88753
26 BROWN, Fred S.  20 May 1945Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I57135
27 BROWN, Thomas William  7 Sep 1960Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I57134
28 BUNTING, Alice Marie  10 Oct 2003Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I22518
29 BURNSIDE, John S.  20 Oct 1991Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I23930
30 CAIN, William Gary  15 Jun 1971Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I12093
31 CARDER, Helen Lee  5 Feb 1985Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I66293
32 CARDER, Pearlene  26 Apr 1995Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I93098
33 CARPENTER, Evelyn E.  27 Nov 2003Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I31566
34 CARROLL, Lisa Kay  23 Sep 2019Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I28264
35 CHARTER, Franklin Charles  18 Jan 1963Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I76952
36 CHILDERS, Edna Murrell  5 Mar 1971Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I126897
37 CHIPPS, Hayward Alden  14 Oct 1989Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I71415
38 CLEAVENGER, Cybal J.  5 Dec 1975Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I73468
39 CLEMENTS, Erwin Clifford "Ernie"  7 Apr 2016Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I121367
40 COLE, M. Avanelle  5 May 2016Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I20822
41 CRANE, Dwight Mansel  18 Jun 1975Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I29621
42 CROOKS, Clarence Edward  9 Feb 1946Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I78690
43 CUNNINGHAM, Joseph P.  19 Jul 1994Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I131154
44 DAVIS, Allison Bell "George"  27 Feb 1986Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I6111
45 DAVIS, Marie Ruth  27 Mar 1973Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I80268
46 DEVERICKS, Emogene Mae  23 Sep 2009Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I27009
47 DOAK, Robert L.  31 Mar 2008Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I107400
48 DOTSON, Leeman  20 Oct 1908Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I109724
49 DOTSON, Linda Lou  18 Sep 2021Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I39104
50 DOTSON, Mabel Blanche  24 Jul 1984Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I42368

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MAXWELL, Blake Edward  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I56810
2 REAM, Harriet Adelle  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I11198
3 SHARPS, David Lee  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I360


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ___, Frances Julia  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I102798
2 ___, Helen  1920Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I93652
3 ANDERSON, Frances May  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I15905
4 BAINTER, Bertha B.  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I63096
5 BAINTER, Grover C.  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I63095
6 BAINTER, John M.  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I63097
7 BATES, Guy Garfield  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I117878
8 BATTIN, Max R.  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I107446
9 BEE, Kisiah  1910Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I44292
10 BEESON, Clarence W.  1910, 1920, 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I109849
11 BOOTH, Maude  1910, 20, 30, 40Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I107443
12 BRANNON, Josephine Louise  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I2510
13 BROWN, Ephraim Franklin  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I88753
14 BROWN, Fred S.  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I57135
15 BROWN, Lillian Caroline  1930, 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I80269
16 BROWN, Thomas William  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I57134
17 CHARTER, Elizabeth L. "Lizzie"  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I76951
18 COULEHAN, Dorothy E.  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I18075
19 COULEHAN, James Joseph  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I18076
20 COULEHAN, John E.  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I84741
21 DAVIS, Dorsey Dow (Seeders)  1920Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I126722
22 DAVIS, James A.  1910Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I125038
23 DAVIS, Marie Ruth  1930, 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I80268
24 DENNEWITZ, Charles F.  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I71404
25 DOUGLAS, George B.  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I123085
26 ENLOW, David Lee  1930, 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I102799
27 ENLOW, Don Lee "Dana"  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I102800
28 ENLOW, Victor Leon  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I102797
29 FOSTER, James C.  1910Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I40529
30 GAIN, Hiram L.  1920, 1930, 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I93538
31 HANEY, Plesa Mae  1930, 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I119194
32 HIATT, Frank Waldo  1920, 1930, 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I102801
33 HICKMAN, Warren G. "Bud"  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I85483
34 HINKLE, Harley Roscoe  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I112279
35 HOLLY, Leonard Arthur "Lee"  1920Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I107439
36 HOYNG, Emma Bernadette  1910Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I86063
37 HUMPHREY, Lenore M.  1930Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I80445
38 JOHNSON, Shirley Marie  1930, 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I11530
39 JONES, Lucy Margaret  1920Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I75433
40 KEISTER, Maude  1935Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I58581
41 KELLER, Arthur C.  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I115894
42 KELLER, Patricia E.  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I115896
43 KELLER, Robert A.  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I115895
44 KING, Edna Caroline  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I112293
45 KNIGHT, Elva  1910, 1920, 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I109847
46 LANGFITT, Charles Kenneth "Ken"  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I110176
47 MARTIN, James Edward  1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I11184
48 MARTIN, Wendall Edward  1930, 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I11529
49 MAXWELL, Susie Pearl  1910Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I29477
50 MCCLAIN, Donald Earl  1920, 1930, 1940Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I107453

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ___, Frances Julia  1935Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I102798
2 ___, Martha  1935Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I88987
3 ALLEN, William Elden  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I87587
4 ANDY, Clara  From 2000Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I18778
5 ANDY, Mary Virginia  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I18779
6 ASH, Carrie Ethel  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I84894
7 ASH, Loretta M.  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I104169
8 BAINTER, John M.  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I63097
9 BARNETT, Jenneth G.  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I53263
10 BARTLETT, Alfred Neely  1961Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I55226
11 BEE, Ben W. Jr.  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I41877
12 BEE, Edward Russell  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I52386
13 BEE, Lloyd  1991Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I78223
14 BEE, Sherman Harry  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I43345
15 BEESON, Clarence W.  1916Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I109849
16 BENNETT, James Stephen  1991Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I30194
17 BLAIR, William Travis  1961Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I75413
18 BOND, Barney Oliver  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I79459
19 BOND, George Harrison  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I74897
20 BOND, Louise Mae  SINCE 1982Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I126644
21 BOND, Mary Elizabeth "Bet"  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I126642
22 BOND, Pauline M.  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I79458
23 BONNELL, Virginia Jeraldyne "Jerry"  1994Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I18469
24 BOOHER, Beulah Nell  1944, 1946Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I106237
25 BOWLES, Edna  1929Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I77297
26 BOYD, Lawrence Everett  1954Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I84620
27 BRANNON, Lillian June  1970Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I2511
28 BRIDWELL, James Leftridge  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I38455
29 BRIDWELL, Waneta  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I38462
30 BRITTON, Donna Beth  1980Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I11959
31 BRITTON, Leona Belle  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I11950
32 BROOKS, Helen Louise  1950Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I23639
33 BROWN, Ohley R. "Ola"  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I57132
34 BROWN, Thomas William  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I57134
35 BURNS, Hartzel L. "Hart"  1954Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I29831
36 CAIN, Charles David  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I12092
37 CHILDERS, Carrie Bell  2006, 2009Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I35337
38 CHILDERS, Edna Murrell  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I126897
39 CHIPPS, Hayward Alden  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I71415
40 CLEAVENGER, Cybal J.  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I73468
41 COOPER, Charles  1929Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I123088
42 COTTRILL, Icie  1928Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I76557
43 COULEHAN, Dorothy E.  1935Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I18075
44 COULEHAN, James Joseph  1935, 1937Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I18076
45 COULEHAN, John E.  1935Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I84741
46 COULEHAN, Margaret Ellen "Madge"  1935, 1937Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I79276
47 COULEHAN, Nancy Ann  1935Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I77449
48 CRITCHFIELD, Peggy Irene  1963Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I12909
49 DAVIS, Dorsey Dow (Seeders)  1918Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I126722
50 DAVIS, Hester H.  1922Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I127880

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 SMITH, Warren  Columbus, Franklin Co, OH I84138


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAINTER / WADE  15 Apr 1912Columbus, Franklin Co, OH F5684
2 BROCKMYER / DUCKWORTH  1908Columbus, Franklin Co, OH F51046
3 HOFF / JEFFREYS  27 Nov 1927Columbus, Franklin Co, OH F3361
4 NOBLE / SPICER  Sep 1946Columbus, Franklin Co, OH F45016
5 SHARPS / MILLER  23 Sep 1939Columbus, Franklin Co, OH F4014
6 SHARPS / REAM  26 Dec 1950Columbus, Franklin Co, OH F4025