Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Athens, Athens Co, OH



Latitude: 39.3292396, Longitude: -82.1012555


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARPENTER, Susie Virginia  15 Jan 1955Athens, Athens Co, OH I131894
2 CHARTER, Howard Lindley  21 Jul 1876Athens, Athens Co, OH I77003
3 GASTON, Eldon Francis  2 Jan 1931Athens, Athens Co, OH I10110
4 GASTON, Jill Walton  8 Mar 1940Athens, Athens Co, OH I116169
5 GASTON, Thomas Reid  25 Sep 1938Athens, Athens Co, OH I10111
6 GIBBS, Roger Dale  6 May 1948Athens, Athens Co, OH I135122
7 SIMERS, Silas Harvey  30 Sep 1860Athens, Athens Co, OH I115737


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHAPMAN, Emery Lee  23 Nov 1953Athens, Athens Co, OH I63212
2 CHAPMAN, Pallie Gail  24 Apr 1976Athens, Athens Co, OH I5804
3 CHAPMAN, Tracie Ellen  2 Jul 1985Athens, Athens Co, OH I122079
4 CHARTER, John Hampden  1943Athens, Athens Co, OH I76943
5 CLEVENGER, Thelma Virginia  2 Oct 2006Athens, Athens Co, OH I94509
6 COEN, Seigle Roy  24 Nov 1961Athens, Athens Co, OH I122081
7 CULVER, Roswell  1820Athens, Athens Co, OH I121071
8 CURRY, Herman P.  11 Jun 1949Athens, Athens Co, OH I105682
9 DAVIS, Hester H.  5 Dec 1945Athens, Athens Co, OH I127880
10 GARDNER, Don Everett  8 May 1941Athens, Athens Co, OH I106032
11 GARRETT, Elizabeth  1 Jan 1967Athens, Athens Co, OH I122068
12 GASTON, Ira Clinton Sr.  5 Mar 1984Athens, Athens Co, OH I1592
13 GASTON, James Lee  6 May 1968Athens, Athens Co, OH I1589
14 GASTON, Tidal Wave "Jake"  13 Sep 1974Athens, Athens Co, OH I1593
15 HOLMES, Gertrude Landrum  31 Aug 1914Athens, Athens Co, OH I97338
16 HOLSTEIN, Vivian Dell  1 May 2008Athens, Athens Co, OH I5887
17 HUSK, Samuel Bokter  6 Oct 1943Athens, Athens Co, OH I1003
18 KEITH, Chester Anderson  6 Sep 1991Athens, Athens Co, OH I33956
19 MEADOWS, Bessie Arlen  27 Jun 1977Athens, Athens Co, OH I82238
20 POWELL, Blonnie B.  30 Oct 1981Athens, Athens Co, OH I78685
21 POWELL, Marcus Martin "Red"  11 Aug 1958Athens, Athens Co, OH I104945
22 SHIRLEY, Lewis Arthur  24 Feb 1982Athens, Athens Co, OH I104115
23 SHUMAN, Jessie Fay  7 Nov 1982Athens, Athens Co, OH I21650
24 SNYDER, Barbara Sue  27 Dec 1981Athens, Athens Co, OH I56226
25 VERITY, William Henry  30 Jul 1943Athens, Athens Co, OH I129550


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ___, Matilda C.  1880Athens, Athens Co, OH I77006
2 BIGGINS, Clark Emmet  1940Athens, Athens Co, OH I127881
3 BURNS, Wallace William  1850Athens, Athens Co, OH I120844
4 CALDWELL, Curtis W.  1940Athens, Athens Co, OH I115214
5 CHARTER, Howard Lindley  1880Athens, Athens Co, OH I77003
6 CHARTER, John Hampden  1880Athens, Athens Co, OH I76943
7 CHARTER, Olive Marian  1880, 1900Athens, Athens Co, OH I77004
8 DAVIS, Ethel  1920, 1930Athens, Athens Co, OH I57795
9 DAVIS, Hester H.  1940Athens, Athens Co, OH I127880
10 FRANCIS, Lottie May  1940Athens, Athens Co, OH I56288
11 GASTON, Ella May  1920Athens, Athens Co, OH I1588
12 GASTON, Jill Walton  1940Athens, Athens Co, OH I116169
13 GASTON, Tidal Wave "Jake"  1940Athens, Athens Co, OH I1593
14 MCVAY, Jacob L.  1880, 1900Athens, Athens Co, OH I77005
15 MORRIS, Leslie H.  1920Athens, Athens Co, OH I104114
16 PINKERTON, Nina Pearl  1940Athens, Athens Co, OH I115231
17 RIFFEE, Jonathan H. (John)  1920Athens, Athens Co, OH I121868
18 ROBINSON, Emily J. "Emma"  1920Athens, Athens Co, OH I121859
19 ROBINSON, Mary F.  1950Athens, Athens Co, OH I135844
20 SHIRLEY, Lewis Arthur  1930Athens, Athens Co, OH I104115
21 TOWNSEND, Lennan Alva  1920Athens, Athens Co, OH I1597
22 WALTON, Florence  1940Athens, Athens Co, OH I11059


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ARCHER, Iris Virginia  Athens, Athens Co, OH I8464
2 BIGGINS, Clark Emmet  1918, 1922Athens, Athens Co, OH I127881
3 CHAPMAN, Pallie Gail  Athens, Athens Co, OH I5804
4 CHAPMAN, Tracie Ellen  Athens, Athens Co, OH I122079
5 CHIPPS, Florence  1934Athens, Athens Co, OH I86883
6 CHRYSLER, Elva Irene  Athens, Athens Co, OH I77011
7 COEN, Murray Donald "Don"  1935Athens, Athens Co, OH I5415
8 COEN, Seigle Roy  Athens, Athens Co, OH I122081
9 GASTON, Bernice Helena  Athens, Athens Co, OH I10109
10 GASTON, Glenn A.  Athens, Athens Co, OH I8486
11 GASTON, Ira Clinton Sr.  Athens, Athens Co, OH I1592
12 GASTON, Ira Clinton "Buddy" Jr.  Athens, Athens Co, OH I10096
13 GASTON, Tidal Wave "Jake"  Athens, Athens Co, OH I1593
14 HARRIS, William Wayne  Athens, Athens Co, OH I121444
15 HOLSTEIN, Vivian Dell  Athens, Athens Co, OH I5887
16 LAWSON, Columbus  1939Athens, Athens Co, OH I26443
17 MCDANIEL, Clarice B.  Athens, Athens Co, OH I116229
18 MILLER, John William  Athens, Athens Co, OH I131710
19 ROBINSON, Emily J. "Emma"  1918Athens, Athens Co, OH I121859
20 RULEY, Nannie Eloise  Athens, Athens Co, OH I35956
21 RULEY, Virginia G.  Athens, Athens Co, OH I35955
22 SHIRLEY, Lewis Arthur  Athens, Athens Co, OH I104115
23 SMITH, Walter Alva  1948Athens, Athens Co, OH I113457
24 SPADOTTO, Irma  Athens, Athens Co, OH I10138
25 STOUT, Bernard Dale  Athens, Athens Co, OH I17088
26 WALTON, Florence  Athens, Athens Co, OH I11059
27 WARNER, Clarence M.  Athens, Athens Co, OH I8467
28 WARNER, Milford E.  Athens, Athens Co, OH I71133
29 WEEKLEY, Victor Allen  1985Athens, Athens Co, OH I10152