Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Allegany Co, MD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AMERICA, Morris  15 Apr 1846Allegany Co, MD I62749
2 ARMSTRONG, William  CA 1844Allegany Co, MD I100857
3 AYERS, David Potter  28 Mar 1828Allegany Co, MD I110378
4 AYERS, Michael A.  20 Nov 1840Allegany Co, MD I45768
5 AYERS, Ruhama  CA 1825Allegany Co, MD I117332
6 BARNES, William  CA 1823Allegany Co, MD I117331
7 BROADWATER, Catherine  14 Mar 1809Allegany Co, MD I76491
8 BROADWATER, James E.  18 Jan 1857Allegany Co, MD I47644
9 BROADWATER, Peter  12 Sep 1841Allegany Co, MD I47822
10 BROADWATER, Rebecca  30 Dec 1837Allegany Co, MD I60546
11 BROWN, Joseph  16 Mar 1845Allegany Co, MD I71769
12 CLYCE, George W.  CA 1835Allegany Co, MD I41109
13 COX, David  24 Apr 1818Allegany Co, MD I74986
14 DAVIS, Samuel H.  Feb 1850Allegany Co, MD I89272
15 DAWSON, Benjamin B.  1818Allegany Co, MD I134828
16 DAWSON, Elizabeth N.  19 Mar 1849Allegany Co, MD I78444
17 DAWSON, Jackson  17 Apr 1822Allegany Co, MD I50974
18 DAWSON, John Thomas  12 Mar 1824Allegany Co, MD I88409
19 DAWSON, Noah Hillary  17 Jul 1795Allegany Co, MD I97231
20 DUCKWORTH, Aaron  11 Mar 1804Allegany Co, MD I57942
21 DUCKWORTH, Francis Marion  23 Feb 1841Allegany Co, MD I81745
22 DUCKWORTH, George  21 Sep 1792Allegany Co, MD I40839
23 DUCKWORTH, Henry U.  2 Feb 1812Allegany Co, MD I130320
24 DUCKWORTH, James Orison  CA 1839Allegany Co, MD I106644
25 DUCKWORTH, James William  22 Jan 1845Allegany Co, MD I6443
26 DUCKWORTH, Lord Wellington  1816Allegany Co, MD I121230
27 DUCKWORTH, Lorena  9 Apr 1841Allegany Co, MD I98270
28 DUCKWORTH, Louisa  16 Jan 1832Allegany Co, MD I134827
29 DUCKWORTH, Mariah Louise  1846Allegany Co, MD I81944
30 DUCKWORTH, Mary  25 Mar 1823Allegany Co, MD I57317
31 DUCKWORTH, Mary Jane  1801Allegany Co, MD I30304
32 DUCKWORTH, Oliver  CA 1850Allegany Co, MD I88769
33 DUCKWORTH, Rebecca S.  21 Mar 1847Allegany Co, MD I100431
34 DUCKWORTH, Robert V.  25 Dec 1840Allegany Co, MD I106647
35 ELLIFRITT, James T.  CA 1830Allegany Co, MD I92493
36 GREEN, William P.  30 Nov 1840Allegany Co, MD I97375
37 HARMON, Rachel Sarah Rebecca  29 Jan 1798Allegany Co, MD I133547
38 JENKINS, George Williamson  25 Feb 1897Allegany Co, MD I76575
39 JINKINS, Mary  1834Allegany Co, MD I103856
40 LLEWELLYN, Charlotte  CA 1823Allegany Co, MD I50969
41 MALE, Francis  CA 1850Allegany Co, MD I129657
42 MALE, Sanford  27 Apr 1853Allegany Co, MD I98097
43 MCCONNELL, Emma Louise  1850Allegany Co, MD I99347
44 MCCONNELL, Robert J.  21 Dec 1841Allegany Co, MD I94885
45 MCCONNELL, Sarah Elizabeth  CA 1840Allegany Co, MD I125217
46 MCGOWAN, Robert Ward  17 Apr 1859Allegany Co, MD I79153
47 MICHAEL, Rose Jenny  15 Dec 1871Allegany Co, MD I76496
48 MORROW, Mary Rebecca  CA 1830Allegany Co, MD I78501
49 MURPHY, George Bernard  1879Allegany Co, MD I98258
50 MYER, Julia Ann  8 Sep 1832Allegany Co, MD I103991

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROADWATER, Charles  5 Aug 1859Allegany Co, MD I60526
2 DAVIS, Rachel  Aft Jun 1813Allegany Co, MD I35570
3 DAWSON, Benjamin B.  14 Mar 1872Allegany Co, MD I134828
4 DUCKWORTH, George  1 Feb 1880Allegany Co, MD I40839
5 JOHNSON, Dorcas  17 Jan 1861Allegany Co, MD I130486
6 LLEWELLYN, Phillip  Jun 1856Allegany Co, MD I134826
7 MICHAEL, Mary  27 Mar 1841Allegany Co, MD I114047
8 MYERS, Henry  14 Dec 1836Allegany Co, MD I99497
9 ROBINETTE, Jesse  26 Nov 1832Allegany Co, MD I130485
10 SIGLER, Jacob  27 Mar 1841Allegany Co, MD I114046
11 SIGLER, Phillip  2 Dec 1862Allegany Co, MD I114044
12 TICHENAL, Moses  CA 1796Allegany Co, MD I35566
13 TICHENELL, Phoebe  Bef 1796Allegany Co, MD I35593
14 WILLIAMS, Bradford  9 Apr 1948Allegany Co, MD I48501


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MYERS, Henry  MOSCOW HILLS CEMAllegany Co, MD I99497
2 SNOOK, Julianna  MOSCOW HILLS CEMAllegany Co, MD I99498


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ___, Margaret  1850Allegany Co, MD I115390
2 ___, Mary  1870Allegany Co, MD I117516
3 ___, Matilda  1870Allegany Co, MD I103549
4 CLYCE, George W.  1850Allegany Co, MD I41109
5 COLEMAN, Mathalena L. "Minnie"  1850Allegany Co, MD I80337
6 COLEMAN, Otho  1850Allegany Co, MD I69152
7 DAWSON, Jackson  1850Allegany Co, MD I50974
8 DAWSON, Rebecca Marie  1850Allegany Co, MD I32633
9 DAWSON, Sarah A.  1850Allegany Co, MD I97238
10 DUCKWORTH, Admiral Nelson  1840Allegany Co, MD I106645
11 DUCKWORTH, Israel  1850Allegany Co, MD I32632
12 DUCKWORTH, Mariah Louise  1850Allegany Co, MD I81944
13 DUCKWORTH, Nelson  1870Allegany Co, MD I117515
14 FLOWERS, Lawson James  1870Allegany Co, MD I41445
15 GREEN, Jacob P.  1850Allegany Co, MD I97374
16 GREEN, William P.  1850Allegany Co, MD I97375
17 HAMILTON, Edward R.  1900Allegany Co, MD I119897
18 HAMILTON, James William  1900Allegany Co, MD I119899
19 HAMILTON, Thelma Julia  1900Allegany Co, MD I119893
20 HELMSTETTER, Teresa  1860, 1870, 1880Allegany Co, MD I105716
21 HULL, Isaac Norton  1850Allegany Co, MD I115391
22 HULL, John  1850Allegany Co, MD I44345
23 HULL, William T.  1850Allegany Co, MD I43693
24 JARBOE, Veda H.  1900Allegany Co, MD I119898
25 JINKINS, Mary  1860Allegany Co, MD I103856
26 LEWELLYN, John Griffin  1850Allegany Co, MD I45542
27 LLEWELLYN, Charlotte  1850Allegany Co, MD I50969
28 MCCONNELL, Emma Louise  1850Allegany Co, MD I99347
29 MCCONNELL, John R.  1850Allegany Co, MD I30130
30 MCCONNELL, Robert J.  1850Allegany Co, MD I94885
31 MCCONNELL, Sarah Elizabeth  1850Allegany Co, MD I125217
32 MCCONNELL, William W.  1850Allegany Co, MD I56402
33 MYERS, John Lloyd  1850Allegany Co, MD I99503
34 MYERS, Luvena  1850Allegany Co, MD I99504
35 MYERS, Margaret  1850Allegany Co, MD I99505
36 MYERS, Maria  1850Allegany Co, MD I99502
37 MYERS, Oliver Benton  1850Allegany Co, MD I106759
38 MYERS, Upton Benton  1840, 1850Allegany Co, MD I99495
39 O'DONNELL, Edmund Henry  1850Allegany Co, MD I103664
40 POLAND, William  1850Allegany Co, MD I115106
41 POTTER, Charlotte  1850Allegany Co, MD I97232
42 POWELL, Bertha  1870Allegany Co, MD I103551
43 POWELL, Elkanah Pendleton  1870Allegany Co, MD I99046
44 POWELL, Leora "Ora"  1870Allegany Co, MD I103550
45 PRICHARD, William  1810Allegany Co, MD I35644
46 PRITCHARD, Thomas Sr.  1800Allegany Co, MD I35569
47 PRITCHARD, Thomas Jr.  1800Allegany Co, MD I15786
48 RUPPERT, Frank J.  1880Allegany Co, MD I105723
49 RUPPERT, George William  1880Allegany Co, MD I105724
50 RUPPERT, Henry A.  1880Allegany Co, MD I105717

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BEVERLIN, Burtis  1945Allegany Co, MD I108572
2 BEVERLIN, Noel  1942Allegany Co, MD I101192
3 POWELL, Ervin Orrie  1917Allegany Co, MD I90337
4 REED, Asbury  1865Allegany Co, MD I46946
5 RUPPERT, Frederick Alphonsus  1915Allegany Co, MD I105719
6 TICHENAL, David  CA 1783 - CA 1809Allegany Co, MD I35590


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHILDERS / MATTHEWS  28 Dec 1825Allegany Co, MD F56122
2 DAWSON / LLEWELLYN  30 Mar 1848Allegany Co, MD F21050
3 DAWSON / POTTER  21 Jan 1817Allegany Co, MD F7596
4 DUCKWORTH / DAWSON  3 Apr 1837Allegany Co, MD F15724
5 DUCKWORTH / DAWSON  5 Jul 1845Allegany Co, MD F12688
6 DUCKWORTH / DUCKWORTH  8 Apr 1836Allegany Co, MD F57020
7 DUCKWORTH / TICHENELL  10 Jan 1801Allegany Co, MD F29976
8 ELLIFRITT / DUCKWORTH  11 Jan 1819Allegany Co, MD F11658
9 FURBAY / PRITCHARD  Aft 1800Allegany Co, MD F14105
10 GREEN / POTTER  2 Feb 1839Allegany Co, MD F8025
11 JAMES / CULP  11 Apr 1818Allegany Co, MD F41500
12 LOUGHRIDGE / SIGLER  30 Jul 1816Allegany Co, MD F49625
13 MAYBURY / WANSTREET  4 Mar 1842Allegany Co, MD F43990
14 MCCONNELL / ZIMMERLY  20 Oct 1838Allegany Co, MD F11585
15 MCMANUS / WALKER  26 Jul 1851Allegany Co, MD F47828
16 MEREDITH / PRITCHARD  8 Nov 1800Allegany Co, MD F14107
17 MICHAEL / BROADWATER  7 Jul 1827Allegany Co, MD F32661
18 MYER / PRICE  22 Jul 1824Allegany Co, MD F36637
19 MYERS / DAWSON  10 Jan 1837Allegany Co, MD F31752
20 PARKER / PRITCHARD  22 Dec 1804Allegany Co, MD F14109
21 PRITCHARD / TICHENELL  9 Jan 1796Allegany Co, MD F13424
22 SEES / TICHENELL  8 Oct 1814Allegany Co, MD F14087
23 SMITH / PRITCHARD  9 Jan 1798Allegany Co, MD F14104
24 TAYLOR / SIGLER  6 May 1833Allegany Co, MD F38059
25 TROLLINGER / HOCKENBERRY  2 Apr 1838Allegany Co, MD F42289
26 WYCKOFF / SHILLINGBERG  22 May 1819Allegany Co, MD F48741