Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABLES, Mary E.  30 Apr 1890West Virginia I113852
2 ADAMS, Hiram Luther  24 Sep 1879West Virginia I84952
3 ADAMS, Jewel Leah  6 Jan 1924West Virginia I62088
4 ADAMS, Rosa Belle  18 Sep 1872West Virginia I41838
5 ALBERS, George Washington  25 Jun 1863West Virginia I21539
6 ALBRIGHT, Ada V.  Aug 1885West Virginia I62541
7 ALBRIGHT, Archie F.  4 May 1893West Virginia I62543
8 ALBRIGHT, Jacob C.  CA 1877West Virginia I98305
9 ALBRIGHT, Joseph McClure  CA 1901West Virginia I62547
10 ALBRIGHT, Susan C.  Jul 1887West Virginia I62542
11 ALDERMAN, James Howard  30 Jun 1918West Virginia I50041
12 ALLEN, Ethel M.  Dec 1897West Virginia I102721
13 ALLEN, Fern  CA 1922West Virginia I82562
14 ALLEN, Lillie Madge  Mar 1896West Virginia I102720
15 ALLEN, Livingston H.  Dec 1875West Virginia I116223
16 ALLEN, Lois Mae  CA 1924West Virginia I82563
17 ALLEN, Paul  18 Sep 1899West Virginia I86665
18 ALLEN, Ralph McKinley  25 Mar 1900West Virginia I1596
19 ALLEN, Wayne M. Jr.  3 Sep 1919West Virginia I82561
20 AMOS, Jennings  1 Mar 1918West Virginia I123752
21 ANDERSON, Robert P.  CA 1929West Virginia I97853
22 ANDY, Anthony  21 Nov 1917West Virginia I18770
23 ANDY, Catherine  CA 1909West Virginia I18776
24 ANDY, Clara  4 Jul 1915West Virginia I18778
25 ANDY, Peter M.  4 Dec 1919West Virginia I18777
26 ANKROM, Clarissa  Apr 1867West Virginia I81857
27 ARCHER, Ray F.  CA 1909West Virginia I87518
28 ARNOLD, Elsie Elizabeth  6 Sep 1909West Virginia I111407
29 ASH, Iva Myrtle  19 Apr 1875West Virginia I127535
30 ASHBURN, Glenn A.  17 Aug 1895West Virginia I98698
31 ASHBURN, Ila B.  Aug 1889West Virginia I98696
32 ASHBURN, Oscar Lawrence  16 Jan 1893West Virginia I98697
33 ASHBURN, Paul  18 Sep 1898West Virginia I98699
34 ASHCRAFT, Raymond  CA 1912West Virginia I109199
35 ASHENHART, Joshua Deitreich  6 Mar 1890West Virginia I21012
36 BAILEY, Lelia Belle  7 Jan 1891West Virginia I20824
37 BAILEY, Nell C.  CA 1934West Virginia I83127
38 BAILEY, Olney Galon  1 Mar 1901West Virginia I124588
39 BAKER, Addie May  10 Jul 1868West Virginia I76114
40 BAKER, Barbara  1929West Virginia I126952
41 BAKER, Donald V.  CA 1929West Virginia I80004
42 BAKER, Evert D.  CA 1927West Virginia I80003
43 BAKER, June Nadine  CA 1925West Virginia I80002
44 BAKER, Nancy E.  CA 1876West Virginia I84732
45 BAKER, Wilson Frank  7 Apr 1915West Virginia I19250
46 BALL, Edward R.  3 Mar 1931West Virginia I124396
47 BANE, Irene  24 Mar 1910West Virginia I102093
48 BARGER, Ella M.  CA 1873West Virginia I117859
49 BARKER, Ira Harold  CA 1909West Virginia I95505
50 BARKER, James P.  CA 1912West Virginia I95506

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Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADKINS, Judith  1879West Virginia I122928
2 ALBERS, Engel Maria "Mary"  1918West Virginia I62045
3 COFFMAN, Henry  12 Nov 1862West Virginia I119010
4 CORK, Burtis  17 Aug 2006West Virginia I85766
5 COX, Mary Elizabeth  13 Dec 1912West Virginia I122576
6 DRAKE, Hannah  27 Oct 1868West Virginia I49279
7 DUVAL, Elizabeth  11 Feb 1865West Virginia I77970
8 ENGLAND, Susannah  14 May 1863West Virginia I66234
9 FORTNEY, Mary  12 Jul 1869West Virginia I128385
10 FULTZ, Jacob F.  19 Mar 1883West Virginia I127370
11 GAPEN, Dorcas  11 Feb 1899West Virginia I40971
12 HEWITT, Charles  From 1860 to 1870West Virginia I126450
13 HODGES, Martha G.  20 Feb 1889West Virginia I114520
14 LEWIS, William Wilson  21 Jun 1864West Virginia I109215
15 MADDOX, Thomas  1901West Virginia I7782
16 MAZE, Roanna Jane  1892West Virginia I55516
17 MCGREGOR, William  Dec 1903West Virginia I43827
18 PEW, Anna Maria  CA 1862West Virginia I13896
19 PITTS, Gladys Doris  20 Apr 2009West Virginia I108204
20 SIMMONS, Elizabeth  1910West Virginia I109507
21 SQUIRES, John  12 Jul 1869West Virginia I128384


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CASTO, Dorothy Lou  West Virginia I28496
2 PERINE, Charles Wayne  West Virginia I13954
3 STALNAKER, Eva Dell  West Virginia I111494


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, June  FORMERLYWest Virginia I24654
2 ALFRED, Duane  FORMERLYWest Virginia I30757
3 ALTIZER, Orville C.  West Virginia I47701
4 BAKER, Warden  FORMERLYWest Virginia I26890
5 BALL, Norma May  FORMERLYWest Virginia I48483
6 BATES, Edna E.  1993West Virginia I80683
7 BENNETT, Edna F.  FORMERLYWest Virginia I1944
8 BRITTON, Elizabeth J. "Joann"  FORMERLYWest Virginia I12736
9 BRITTON, Leona Belle  FORMERLYWest Virginia I11950
10 BRITTON, Oma  FORMERLYWest Virginia I12322
11 BUFFEY, Kay Angela  FORMERLYWest Virginia I42264
12 BURBRIDGE, Shirley Gale  FORMERLYWest Virginia I91627
13 BUTCHER, Roland  West Virginia I33625
14 BYRD, Virgil H.  FORMERLYWest Virginia I7129
15 CARMICHAEL, Loretta  FORMERLYWest Virginia I39157
16 CARR, Mary Jane  FORMERLYWest Virginia I6787
17 CONSTABLE, Virgil Paul  FORMERLYWest Virginia I8613
18 CORNELL, Fred E.  FORMERLYWest Virginia I17731
19 CORNELL, Fred E.  FORMERLYWest Virginia I17731
20 COX, Ray  FORMERLYWest Virginia I18417
21 CRADDOCK, Ottie G.  FORMERLYWest Virginia I1959
22 CROPP, John  West Virginia I7148
23 DAVIS, Dessie May  FORMERLYWest Virginia I42053
24 DAVIS, Emerson Clifford "Ted"  West Virginia I28548
25 DAVIS, Fred Edmund  FORMERLYWest Virginia I2061
26 DAVIS, Harry  FORMERLYWest Virginia I92564
27 DEARTH, Delbert Maywood  FORMERLYWest Virginia I50103
28 DRAIN, Hayward H.  FORMERLYWest Virginia I10284
29 FABER, Charles Lee  West Virginia I6723
30 FABER, Frank Glen  West Virginia I6719
31 FABER, Patricia Ann  FORMERLYWest Virginia I6994
32 FOWLER, Ida B.  FORMERLYWest Virginia I26017
33 FRAKER, John Reed  ORIGINALLYWest Virginia I10300
34 FRANCIS, Ernest Allen  West Virginia I43242
35 GEE, Mary Wilson  FORMERLYWest Virginia I36645
36 GOODWIN, Frances Lucille  FORMERLYWest Virginia I5810
37 GRIBBLE, Blair W.  FORMERLYWest Virginia I25294
38 HANNAH, Lena Jane  FORMERLYWest Virginia I27030
39 HART, Edwin Carl  FORMERLYWest Virginia I6434
40 HEFLIN, Anna Belle  FORMERLYWest Virginia I10339
41 HEFLIN, Lillian Virginia  FORMERLYWest Virginia I10335
42 HICKMAN, Robert Leo  2005West Virginia I21565
43 HICKMAN, Sandra Sue  ORIGINALLYWest Virginia I111011
44 HICKMAN, Sandra Sue  ORIGINALLYWest Virginia I111011
45 HILEMAN, Howard Junior  FORMERLYWest Virginia I18197
46 HILEMAN, Howard Junior  FORMERLYWest Virginia I18197
47 HILEMAN, William Grant  FORMERLYWest Virginia I18196
48 HILEMAN, William Grant  FORMERLYWest Virginia I18196
49 HOEY, James Mathew  From Abt 1871West Virginia I85877
50 HOSTUTLER, Mary Alice  FORMERLYWest Virginia I25502

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Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FARMER / FRIEND  2 Nov 1976West Virginia F31707
2 HALL / BEE  19 Sep 1909West Virginia F31015
3 NUTTER / HARLESS  7 Dec 1879West Virginia F4981
4 PITTS / BAKER  31 Mar 1874West Virginia F52609