Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Philippi, Barbour Co, WV



Latitude: 39.1523198, Longitude: -80.0403578


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABLES, George Washington  18 Mar 1865Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I56051
2 AUVIL, Kermit Lynwood "Bob"  29 Sep 1918Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I12763
3 BENNETT, Clyde Earl  26 Apr 1947Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I130162
4 DIGMAN, Rosalee Virginia  12 Mar 1922Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I66358
5 DOUGLAS, Frank L.  6 Jun 1893Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I51263
6 GASTON, Milton C.  17 Sep 1924Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I75282
7 HEATHERLY, Nancy Ann "Annie"  9 Mar 1871Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I131140
8 HOWELL, Flora Dell Jones  21 Jun 1874Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119483
9 JONES, Arthur Jr.  21 Dec 1922Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I99277
10 JONES, Ella A.  26 Feb 1866Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119452
11 JONES, Opal Emogene  4 May 1928Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I100614
12 KIRKENDALL, Beatrice Isabelle  22 Jan 1942Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I106849
13 MALCOLM, Sentell Key  12 Apr 1921Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I13522
14 MAXSON, Ronald Jack  14 Jan 1950Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I120915
15 MCKINNEY, Joseph H.  May 1863Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I6419
16 MILLER, Delaine C.  5 Nov 1921Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I88273
17 MILLER, Harold Eugene  10 Jan 1931Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I116947
18 MITCHELL, Sylvia Pearl  25 May 1956Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I68792
19 NUTTER, DeWayne Dale  20 Mar 1935Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I128641
20 NUTTER, Madelyn Janet  4 Feb 1937Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I128638
21 POLING, Dorsey Herbert  4 Mar 1905Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I69464
22 RUSH, Harry Maurice  24 May 1901Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I29634
23 STEMPLE, Elizabeth Ann  CA 1933Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I66027
24 STEWART, Howard Isaac  13 Aug 1927Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I101874
25 THOMAS, Betty Flo  4 Jun 1937Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I13516
26 THOMAS, Earl Wesley  25 Dec 1922Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I13510
27 THOMAS, Voie Louise  23 Mar 1925Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I13515
28 WALLS, Dorothy Ellen  30 Sep 1934Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I8006
29 WILLIAMS, Gladoylene  7 Oct 1909Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119463
30 WILLIAMS, Wilton Eugene "Bud" Jr.  12 Jan 1926Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I6315
31 WOODFORD, Margaret Josephine  5 Nov 1926Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I105161
32 WOODFORD, Melvin R. Jr.  3 Jan 1928Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I122065


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLMAN, Maurice Law  7 Jun 2014Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I73324
2 ANDRICK, Arley Clayton  19 Jul 1956Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119464
3 BARTLETT, Ivah Virginia  1 Nov 1968Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I8397
4 BAXTER, Elmer James  7 Sep 1946Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I125232
5 BEATTY, Calvin Ray  29 May 1965Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I105164
6 BENNETT, Iva Myrtle  10 Nov 1964Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I125796
7 BENSON, Ira Dever  14 Oct 1953Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I64631
8 BLAKE, Delbert Brent  7 Jun 1962Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I63844
9 BOLYARD, Louella Ray  10 Aug 1969Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I107472
10 BONNELL, Charles Jennings  5 Apr 2010Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I57604
11 BRADY, Lulu Elizabeth  18 Jan 1968Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I111028
12 BURNER, Clyde Herman  28 Sep 1995Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I116406
13 BUTCHER, Delpha Blanch  14 Feb 1963Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I63504
14 CARDER, Mossie Pauline  19 May 1976Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I100593
15 CHENOWETH, Columbia  18 Oct 1932Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I108250
16 CLEAVENGER, Curtis Samuel  7 Jan 1943Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I115270
17 CLEAVENGER, Samuel Howard  26 Sep 2003Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I61330
18 COFFMAN, George Wayne  25 Nov 1966Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I120166
19 CROSS, Guy Bird  8 Jan 1931Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I127652
20 DAVIS, Harvey  18 Jan 1936Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I92760
21 DAVIS, Juniata  20 Feb 1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I43054
22 DYE, Mary Belle  6 Feb 1967Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I94471
23 FLINT, Wade Hampton  13 Oct 1951Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I111560
24 FORD, Oral Virtes  20 Apr 1968Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I67189
25 GASTON, Elizabeth Mader  3 Oct 1953Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I4370
26 GILBERT, Mable Alice  9 Oct 1952Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I36001
27 HARBERT, Luther J.  13 Apr 1943Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I117885
28 HICKMAN, James Marshall  15 Aug 1952Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I1000
29 HOLDEN, John Benton  11 May 1902Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I64624
30 HYDE, Alva Leo  20 Aug 1938Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I121426
31 LEGGETT, Marshall Douglas  31 Dec 1957Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I16954
32 LIPSCOMB, Edward  27 Nov 1972Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I84635
33 LOWTHER, Edda Ross  23 Mar 1958Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I65863
34 MARKS, Nelson  25 Dec 1964Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I71999
35 MAYLE, James C.  7 Mar 1948Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I129739
36 MCINTYRE, Roger Keith  5 Jun 1959Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I5933
37 MCKEEN, Earl Grant  7 Feb 1964Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I93713
38 MCKINNEY, Thomas H.  22 Nov 1853Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I106201
39 MCNEMAR, James Coy  17 Jun 1974Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I20180
40 MOORE, Denzil Murl  16 Nov 2007Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I103818
41 MYER, Quincy Edward  11 Apr 1958Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I92601
42 NUTTER, Herman C.  9 Feb 1944Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I128263
43 NUTTER, Juliet Grace  6 Sep 1981Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I16593
44 OLDAKER, Elizabeth  29 Mar 1922Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I128304
45 PAYNE, Francis Edward  7 Apr 1915Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I67639
46 POLING, Daniel Boyles  12 Sep 1965Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I82869
47 PRATT, Bertha Estella  31 Mar 1935Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I115820
48 PRIMM, Sarah Blanche  6 Oct 1937Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I21516
49 PRUNTY, Carl  27 Jan 2007Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I41711
50 REED, Alpheus  5 Aug 1895Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I127665

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 AUVIL, Kermit Lynwood "Bob"  1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I12763
2 AUVIL, William Quinter  1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I76447
3 AYERS, Nellie Laura  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I34156
4 BENNETT, Iva Myrtle  1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I125796
5 BONNELL, Floyd Neely  1870Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I64363
6 BURR, Georgia  1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I99279
7 CARMICHAEL, Isabel  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I106830
8 EVERSON, Carl Daniel  1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I128238
9 EVERSON, Jacquline Sylvia  1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I14883
10 FOUTTY, Claude Monroe  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I34155
11 FOUTTY, Evelyn  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I34154
12 FOUTTY, Janice L.  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I34158
13 FOUTTY, Margaret  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I34157
14 FOUTTY, Peggy Pauline  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I34159
15 GASTON, Milton C.  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I75282
16 GOLDSBORO, Elizabeth Jane  1870Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I113584
17 HOWELL, Flora Dell Jones  1900Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119483
18 HYDE, Alva Leo  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I121426
19 JONES, Arthur C.  1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I99278
20 JONES, Ella A.  1910, 1920, 1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119452
21 JONES, Opal Emogene  1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I100614
22 KELLEY, Mathew W.  1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I128590
23 MACKEY, Minnie  1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119465
24 PARKER, Virginia C.  1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I76448
25 PAYTON, David Elliott  1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I89433
26 PAYTON, Herbert  1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I125905
27 PITMAN, Joel C.  1910, 1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119450
28 POLING, William Obed  1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I106827
29 RIDENOUR, Milton Loar  1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I87994
30 SCOTT, Boyd W.  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I106578
31 SCOTT, Charles Wesley  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I98891
32 SCOTT, Clarence Eugene  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I98890
33 SMITH, Essie Leora  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I98892
34 SMITH, Velma  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I75279
35 SNIDER, Irene Margarite  1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I130570
36 SNIDER, William Perry  1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I112009
37 SUDER, Ethel Loraine  1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I128239
38 TRENT, Nancy Agnes  1930, 1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I106828
39 TRENT, William Woodson  1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I106829
40 VASTO, Nellie Louise  1940Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I87991
41 WILLIAMS, Alice M.  1910, 1920, 1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119458
42 WILLIAMS, Aurist L.  1910Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119460
43 WILLIAMS, Brydia E.  1910, 1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119462
44 WILLIAMS, Dora Bird  1910, 1920, 1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119455
45 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth J. "Lizzie"  1910, 1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119449
46 WILLIAMS, Ferol Brock  1910, 1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119456
47 WILLIAMS, Gladoylene  1910, 1920Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119463
48 WILLIAMS, Henry Otto  1910Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119459
49 WILLIAMS, Jacob Otterbein  1910, 1920, 1930Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119451
50 WILLIAMS, Martin Grant  1900Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I119480

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Robert Earl Carl  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I118272
2 ALLENDER, Argyle DeWight  1953Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I30694
3 ALLMAN, Maurice Law  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I73324
4 ARMENTROUT, Lonnie R.  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I63601
5 ASHCRAFT, Helen  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I68880
6 BARTLETT, Ivah Virginia  1950Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I8397
7 BEATTY, Calvin Ray  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I105164
8 BENNETT, Goldie  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I47236
9 BENNETT, Sammy Edward  FORMERLYPhilippi, Barbour Co, WV I116110
10 BENSON, Ira Dever  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I64631
11 BLACKWELL, Richard Lee  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I62734
12 BOGGS, Homer Scott  1960Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I69773
13 BRITTON, Margaret Elizabeth  1949Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I7913
14 BROWN, Bessie Virginia  1938Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I89456
15 CARDER, Grace S.  1960Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I100592
16 CARDER, Mossie Pauline  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I100593
17 CARDER, Oma  1960Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I100596
18 COMPTON, William Marcellus  2003, 2019Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I2114
19 COURTNEY, Vance Burdell  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I56488
20 COX, Christine L.  1971Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I47241
21 COX, Kathleen Louise  1971Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I47240
22 DADISMAN, Floyd Jefferson  1931Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I70370
23 DAUGHERTY, Bonnie Ruth  1986Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I88268
24 DAUGHERTY, Helen L.  1986Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I88269
25 DAVIS, Juniata  1915Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I43054
26 DELAUDER, Darl Opha  1960Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I54535
27 EDGELL, Archie Dail  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I79849
28 EDGELL, Isaiah David  2018Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I94798
29 EDGELL, Katherine Louise "Kathy"  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I94793
30 EVERSON, Carl Daniel  1942Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I128238
31 FLEMING, Neva Elanore  1981Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I2944
32 FURBEE, Augustus Paul "Dutch"  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I83918
33 GALLIEN, Okey Forest Jr.  1984, 1990, 2003Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I17343
34 GASTON, Elizabeth Mader  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I4370
35 GRAY, Garnett Wanda  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I50368
36 GREGORY, Rachel L.  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I128293
37 GULLEY, Joseph Napoleon  FORMERLYPhilippi, Barbour Co, WV I33883
38 HAMRICK, Velva May  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I63602
39 HARRIS, Betty Jo  1963Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I71748
40 HAUGHT, Josephine Lelia "Jody"  2001, 2005, 2006Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I30675
41 HOVEY, James M. R.  1890Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I54286
42 HUTSON, Elizabeth Pearl  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I79755
43 HUTSON, Orva Lee  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I68879
44 JENKINS, Willa G.  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I115274
45 JONES, Dayton Rex  1954Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I10310
46 KOLITSCH, Anthony Louis  1956Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I124885
47 MALCOLM, Sentell Key  1942Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I13522
48 MALONE, Lynn  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I107809
49 MARKS, Nelson  1917Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I71999
50 MAYLE, James C.  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I129739

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 RITTER, Virginia Garneta  Philippi, Barbour Co, WV I18050


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / SWICK  24 Sep 1893Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F25517
2 ALLENDER / CARR  14 Nov 1953Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F11831
3 ANDRICK / WILLIAMS  Jun 1910Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F51182
4 ASHCRAFT / WILMOTH  24 Jul 1926Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F49945
5 BEATTY / WOODFORD  3 Sep 1949Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F43873
6 BOYD / ECKLES  15 Mar 1958Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F40947
7 BROWN / STUART  4 Jul 1915Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F46973
8 CLEAVENGER / CLEAVENGER  14 Jul 1943Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F25458
9 CONSTABLE / REED  18 Dec 1946Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F51287
10 CORDER / WEEKLEY  23 Jan 1904Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F51119
11 COTTRILL / GLENDENING  10 Sep 1951Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F9397
12 DAUGHERTY / CUPP  16 Jun 1956Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F18758
13 DAVISSON / WOODFORD  30 Oct 1845Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F2325
14 DUVALL / CLEAVENGER  25 Jan 1945Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F25466
15 FORD / CUNNINGHAM  18 Apr 1918Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F54401
16 HARVEY / MCNEMAR  13 Sep 1941Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F7385
17 JONES / BURR  5 Oct 1925Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F28819
18 KINNEY / JENKINS  22 Oct 1916Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F48967
19 LYNCH / MAXWELL  12 Feb 1970Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F24698
20 MATTHEY / WARE  31 Mar 1956Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F14313
21 MCCONNELL / COFFMAN  23 Apr 1921Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F25739
22 METZ / DOTSON  20 Jan 1907Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F35306
23 MITCHELL / HATHAWAY  22 Sep 1937Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F20614
24 MULLENS / FRASHURE  9 May 1950Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F48688
25 NUTTER / CUNNINGHAM  5 Dec 1864Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F18826
26 NUTTER / HADDIX  21 Feb 1910Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F55922
27 NUTTER / HOLLEN  5 Jul 1911Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F33136
28 NUTTER / PARKS  24 May 1908Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F23650
29 NUTTER / STRAWDERMAN  29 Jun 1921Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F56132
30 REED / COSTILOW  9 Jun 1903Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F55200
31 REGER / PETERS  16 Mar 1948Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F31337
32 REIDER / DELOE  1 Oct 1934Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F11972
33 RIDDLE / KOWALSKY  20 Nov 1933Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F27874
34 RYAN / VANSCOY  6 Jan 1958Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F38620
35 STUTLER / HOOVER  3 Nov 1953Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F45723
36 TALBERT / BENNETT  8 Aug 1931Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F56938
37 WILLIS / HARRIS  15 Jun 1900Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F26461
38 WILSON / CURRY  24 Sep 1914Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F38558
39 WILSON / HILEMAN  17 May 1915Philippi, Barbour Co, WV F49919