Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV



Latitude: 39.281474, Longitude: -80.6964909


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Donald Clark  24 Oct 1932Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I75844
2 ALLEN, Leonard Ray  5 Nov 1921Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I75840
3 ALLEN, Stanley Cecil "Jack"  6 Mar 1924Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I75841
4 ANDERSON, John Franklin  14 Sep 1887Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I83113
5 ARNETT, Arnold Wilbur  5 Jul 1919Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I82317
6 ARNETT, Billy Dean  23 Dec 1924Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I92724
7 ARNETT, Howard Delbert  16 Oct 1896Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I61508
8 ARNETT, Walter Earl  13 Apr 1923Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I92729
9 ASH, Alverta  3 Feb 1907Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I80929
10 ASH, Billie Lloyd  17 Sep 1923Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I82136
11 ASH, Leon  29 Sep 1911Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I79888
12 ASHCRAFT, Allie Dorthella  19 Jan 1920Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I83140
13 ASHCRAFT, Rosa Lee  2 Dec 1931Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I95312
14 ASHER, Betty Jo  6 Sep 1927Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I65984
15 ASHER, Doris Marie  30 Sep 1929Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I65063
16 ASHER, Freda Lee  18 Jun 1926Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I102594
17 BACKUS, Jessie Alfreda  30 Mar 1918Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I78975
18 BAKER, Ura McKinley  18 Jul 1896Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I56862
19 BALL, Orpha  23 May 1900Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I84931
20 BALL, Pauline Marie  18 Apr 1913Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I80113
21 BALL, Valentine  15 Feb 1892Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I48780
22 BARKES, Golden Lee  18 Apr 1902Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I116744
23 BARKES, William Ray  12 Jan 1905Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I60820
24 BENEDUM, Grover Lester  25 Dec 1892Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I97469
25 BENEDUM, Walter Thomas  10 Nov 1916Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I106131
26 BLAND, Lawrence Brooks  2 Mar 1908Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I28567
27 BOYCE, Joseph Walton  14 Nov 1923Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I84047
28 BOYD, Denver Clay  15 Mar 1935Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I62304
29 BRINEGAR, Clyde DeWitt  21 Feb 1890Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I98114
30 BROWN, Georgia Dollars  5 Aug 1912Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I2032
31 BROWN, Ruth Elizabeth  1 Jul 1912Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I60426
32 CAIN, Helen Mae  7 Apr 1931Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I124649
33 CARDER, Carson Edward  24 Dec 1907Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I78929
34 CARDER, James William  12 Mar 1905Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I78931
35 CARR, Victor Pershing  11 Aug 1918Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I61626
36 CARROLL, Hazel Irene  16 Jan 1923Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I94427
37 CHATHAM, Robert Charles  27 Oct 1932Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I127338
38 CHEDESTER, Aletha Chlora  27 May 1887Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I81641
39 CHEDESTER, Frankie Carroll  20 Jan 1896Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I114300
40 CHEDESTER, Maude Stella  14 Aug 1892Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I114298
41 CHEDESTER, Romie Wayne  24 Jul 1899Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I109284
42 CHEDESTER, Ruby Velma  10 Apr 1916Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I51409
43 CHILDERS, Donna Mae  24 May 1915Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I98066
44 CHILDERS, Otha Theodore  11 Apr 1908Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I79201
45 COSTILOW, Leroy "Roy"  22 Oct 1897Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I62075
46 COTTRILL, Kermit J.  15 Jun 1912Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I93932
47 COTTRILL, Leslie Gordon  30 Sep 1900Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I16384
48 DAVIS, Alma M.  16 Oct 1912Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I108022
49 DAVIS, Helen Virginia  17 Jun 1919Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I122467
50 DAVIS, Iris Alwilda  9 Jun 1921Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I121376

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ___, Charlotte  12 Feb 1889Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I74024
2 ARNETT, Delbert L.  11 Dec 1895Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I115396
3 ARNETT, Elizabeth O.  27 Apr 1899Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I6331
4 ASH, Ada Belle  5 Dec 1921Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I80925
5 ASH, Billie Lloyd  28 May 1924Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I82136
6 ASH, Mary Iowa  27 Jul 1941Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I16199
7 ASH, Peter  23 May 1920Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I89721
8 ASHCRAFT, Sarah  29 Jan 1937Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I103980
9 ASHER, Carl Clayton  1 Nov 1926Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I124408
10 BAILEY, Vera Mae  1 Oct 1964Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I93892
11 BAKER, Ida Lucy  3 May 1943Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I46091
12 BAKER, Talitha Ester  31 Dec 1938Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I56860
13 BARNETT, Granville Leonard  8 Feb 1953Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I80976
14 BLAND, Raymond  6 Mar 1930Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I30871
15 BUNTING, Cecil Grant  3 Oct 1961Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I20290
16 CARPENTER, Carl Dorsey  21 Dec 1964Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I70045
17 CARR, Hugh Linn  26 Jul 1938Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I16389
18 CARR, Joseph Lewis  13 Jul 1934Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I58017
19 CARR, Lena Louiseose  3 Dec 1925Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I59734
20 CHEDESTER, Harlan H.  15 Feb 1964Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I85387
21 CHILDERS, Maggie E.  2 Jul 1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I56852
22 CORK, Grace  10 Dec 1965Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I83745
23 DAVIS, Clarissa A.  7 Jul 1929Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I66181
24 DAVIS, Lorhemus W. "Low"  13 Sep 1951Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I43346
25 DAVIS, Xenia Jane  15 Jan 1894Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I59450
26 DAVISSON, Elmer Hart  17 May 1952Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I21248
27 DAVISSON, Julius E.  1 Apr 1884Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I6590
28 DAVISSON, Nancy Rebecca  21 Jul 1934Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I37243
29 DAVISSON, Theodore  22 Apr 1910Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I6588
30 DOTSON, Carroll R.  7 Jan 1919Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I124707
31 DOTSON, Hattie  10 Mar 1965Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I83837
32 DOUGLASS, Solomon  9 Nov 1927Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I44416
33 DULANEY, Theratis Kinsey  10 Mar 1962Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I24566
34 FORD, Grace Opal  4 Jun 1932Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I73134
35 FORD, Laura Lizabelle  15 Apr 1943Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I18570
36 FORD, Talitha Frances  4 Dec 1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I59893
37 FOX, Amy J.  8 Jan 1919Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I87371
38 FOX, Madaline Virginia  7 Jun 1964Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I31394
39 FOX, Odia McKinley  13 Dec 1897Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I57116
40 FOX, William Ambrose  11 Feb 1963Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I57111
41 FRASHURE, James Steele  8 Sep 1937Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I67925
42 GAIN, Eli Bee  12 Mar 1963Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I45972
43 GARNER, Edgar F.  5 Nov 1902Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I124853
44 GARRETT, Alonzo  15 Mar 1888Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I122069
45 GASKINS, Andrew Jackson  11 Jul 1925Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I58428
46 GASKINS, James Madison  2 Apr 1924Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I58429
47 GASKINS, Lois Jean  11 Aug 1928Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I28252
48 GUTHRIE, Arie E.  23 Jan 1932Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I65046
49 GUTHRIE, Henry Owen  5 Sep 1952Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I57103
50 HAUGHT, Rosa Lee  3 Oct 1953Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I84768

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CHEDESTER, Icie Gale  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I68041
2 STEPHENSON, Barbary Ellenor  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I31397


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Donald Clark  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I75844
2 BAKER, Ida Lucy  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I46091
3 DAVIS, Harold David  1950Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I64716
4 DAVIS, John Aldis  1950Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I135134
5 DAVIS, Orla Aldis "Al" Jr.  1950Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I37074
6 DOUGLASS, Clara Belle  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I49907
7 DOUGLASS, Ruby Lotus  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I49908
8 HILEMAN, Velma Ruth  1950Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I6201
9 LIPSCOMB, Alice Josephine "Jo"  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I39199
10 LIPSCOMB, Bernard Harland  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I77194
11 LIPSCOMB, Betty Jean  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I77196
12 LIPSCOMB, Hobert  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I62785
13 LIPSCOMB, Thelma Iris  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I77195
14 NUTTER, Nellie Lorraine  1950Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I122744
15 SAMPLE, Charles Willard  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I51614
16 SAMPLE, James Ronald  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I53878
17 SAMPLE, Patty Ann  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I53879
18 SAMPLE, William Jennings  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I51280
19 SINDLEDECKER, Gladys Cecil  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I49491
20 SWISHER, Charles Edward  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I93442
21 SWISHER, Eva Pearl  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I81317
22 SWISHER, Lyndel Dessel  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I8531
23 WOLFE, Charles Edward "Chuck"  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I123090
24 WOLFE, Charlie Dow  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I21762
25 ZAHN, Benjamin Franklin  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I29864
26 ZAHN, Lelah Gay  1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I62786


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Claude Lee  1959Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I180
2 ADAMS, Hugh L.  1959Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I81682
3 ADAMS, James L.  1941Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I80200
4 ALLEN, Clara Delvira  1926Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I77798
5 ALLEN, Clara Delvira  1957Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I77798
6 ALLEN, Glen  1926, 1957Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I75839
7 ALLEN, Hazel Pearl  1926Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I82557
8 ALLEN, Hazel Pearl  1942, 1957Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I82557
9 ALLEN, Howard Dale  1933Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I68688
10 ALLEN, Irvin  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I57759
11 ALLEN, Leonard Ray  1944Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I75840
12 ALLEN, Miles  1926Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I82558
13 ANDERSON, Glenn Brooks  1928Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I83112
14 ANDERSON, John Franklin  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I83113
15 ANDERSON, John Franklin  1917Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I83113
16 ARNETT, David Carson  1961Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I61509
17 ARNETT, Walter Earl  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I92729
18 ASH, Benjamin Howard  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I80924
19 ASH, Corla A.  1929Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I73989
20 ASH, Daniel  1942Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I73645
21 ASH, Henry Tucker  1942Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I73648
22 ASH, Randall Bates "Ranny"  1957Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I26746
23 ASH, Ranza Burton  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I28629
24 ASH, Robert Lee  1953Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I28635
25 ASH, Rolly Lee  1917Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I78983
26 ASH, Sylvanus Preston  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I80918
27 ASHCRAFT, Artie Hiram  1943Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I83139
28 ASHER, Doris Marie  1946Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I65063
29 ASHER, Elizabeth "Edwina"  1949Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I49557
30 ASHER, Huey Ewing  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I65064
31 ASHER, Huey Ewing  1926Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I65064
32 BACKUS, Lloyd Berton  1918Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I23768
33 BAKER, Ida Lucy  1927Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I46091
34 BAKER, Mary Alma  1948Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I51942
35 BALL, Lena B.  1930Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I30870
36 BALL, Mabel M.  1941Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I74255
37 BARCUS, Comora V.  FORMERLYMorgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I125255
38 BARKER, Creed  1914Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I95396
39 BARKER, James Alfred  1914Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I95394
40 BARKER, Robert  1914Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I95395
41 BARNETT, Granville Leonard  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I80976
42 BEE, Ethelyn Mae  1950Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I23700
43 BEE, Owen Ulysses  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I23685
44 BEVERLIN, Ida Belle  Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I80919
45 BLAKE, Delphia Leona  1937Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I107308
46 BOND, Preston Theodore  1935Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I37244
47 BRIGHT, Levva Mattie  1943Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I16457
48 BROWN, Fuhr Wendell "Dee"  1935Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I60324
49 BUNTING, Patsy Lea  1961Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I22527
50 BURTON, Earl  1956Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV I85452

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALKIRE / CARDER  22 Feb 1921Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F31814
2 ALLEN / MORGAN  16 Oct 1919Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F33634
3 ALLEN / WILLIAMS  18 Mar 1933Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F28906
4 ASH / BATES  31 Aug 1920Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F13392
5 ASH / STACKPOLE  27 Jul 1921Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F32771
6 ASHCRAFT / ASH  26 Jan 1954Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F51215
7 ASHER / GUTHRIE  19 Nov 1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F38301
8 BAKER / ASH  20 Dec 1919Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F34218
9 BAKER / KNIGHT  17 Apr 1913Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F59270
10 BAKER / TATE  7 Mar 1936Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F29655
11 BENEDUM / YERKEY  17 Oct 1915Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F8809
12 BOND / LANGFITT  13 Mar 1883Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F33062
13 BOND / ROMINE  3 Apr 1914Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F37906
14 BOYCE / BENEDUM  15 Nov 1914Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F35634
15 CADE / CHILDERS  13 Aug 1934Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F13971
16 CARROLL / KIRKPATRICK  10 Jun 1950Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F14994
17 CHEDESTER / WALLER  21 Nov 1941Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F21240
18 CORK / FORD  24 Dec 1935Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F29179
19 CUMPSTON / CARROLL  12 Mar 1953Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F8460
20 DAVIS / COTTRILL  9 Sep 1925Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F31117
21 DAVIS / SHAFFER  22 May 1954Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F10384
22 DILLY / SMITH  7 Aug 1915Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F35704
23 DOAK / ASH  2 Jul 1916Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F32489
24 EVANS / MCMILLAN  1 Jun 1951Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F28042
25 FERREBEE / CHILDERS  17 Dec 1933Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F13959
26 FLOYD / TATE  2 Sep 1888Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F14486
27 FORD / DOHERTY  26 May 1931Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F36554
28 FORD / KNIGHT  4 Jul 1919Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F39964
29 FOX / MCKEOWN  22 Apr 1902Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F32972
30 FRASHUER / OWENS  17 Nov 1945Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F26627
31 FRASHURE / BLAND  9 Feb 1958Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F45915
32 GAINS / MOORE  7 Mar 1934Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F36834
33 GARRISON / HICKMAN  21 May 1891Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F52238
34 GASKINS / FORD  20 Jan 1940Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F24905
35 GORBY / PRATT  22 Jan 1946Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F37098
36 GREATHOUSE / FORD  30 Aug 1941Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F20076
37 GREEN / HYDE  13 Jun 1933Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F30999
38 GUTHRIE / HOLBERT  17 Mar 1935Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F42548
39 GUTHRIE / WEEKLEY  31 Mar 1937Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F45240
40 HARPER / ROMINE  28 Sep 1952Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F48783
41 HASKINS / ZEIGLER  29 Oct 1953Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F35049
42 HENDERSON / ANDERSON  31 Jul 1923Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F58175
43 HILL / ALKIRE  28 Mar 1953Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F37917
44 HILL / POWELL  19 Jun 1923Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F16941
45 HOLDEN / BURCH  11 Oct 1944Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F38325
46 HUTSON / HILL  5 May 1917Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F39131
47 JETT / SMITH  8 Jul 1917Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F5328
48 JOHNSON / ALLEN  23 Nov 1932Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F42798
49 JOHNSON / FORD  29 Feb 1936Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F54613
50 JONES / LANGFITT  26 Oct 1886Morgansville, Doddridge Co, WV F11324

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