Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV



Latitude: 39.4922999, Longitude: -80.9037181


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Norma Pauline  7 Sep 1936Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I69371
2 ANDERSON, Thomas Jr.  17 Oct 1923Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I51770
3 ASH, Latham  24 Aug 1890Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I121777
4 ASH, Lillie Irene  14 Apr 1908Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I120645
5 BAILEY, Stella Mae  27 Mar 1943Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I104389
6 BAKER, Oran F.  12 May 1900Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I111193
7 BOOHER, Virgie Luvera  23 Apr 1923Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I18597
8 BROWN, Lawrence W.  22 Jan 1899Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I26172
9 CAVINS, Mary Elizabeth  14 Apr 1929Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I79184
10 CURRY, Glen D.  15 May 1903Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I123549
11 DALLISON, Layman Duaine  2 Aug 1914Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I125799
12 DEMASTUS, Creed  16 Apr 1874Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I88857
13 DOAK, Robert Eston  5 May 1926Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I88488
14 DOTSON, Paul James  16 Feb 1935Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I95679
15 EDGELL, Charles Edgar  29 Jan 1900Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I87770
16 FETTY, Mary Virginia  29 May 1917Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I126998
17 FLETCHER, Daisy Aloria  19 Jan 1915Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I13816
18 FOLGER, Emma Cleora  27 Jan 1883Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I87772
19 FOLGER, Roma Dell  22 Jul 1936Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I130915
20 FOX, Orval L.  8 Aug 1905Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I72243
21 GORBY, Myrtle Ellen  16 Feb 1898Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I86962
22 HAUGHT, Ira M.  6 Oct 1879Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I89283
23 HAUGHT, Ira Mayfield "Bill"  6 Jun 1913Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I2647
24 HENDERSHOT, Ora David  12 Jan 1902Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I118258
25 KELLER, Thomas Clifton  27 Jul 1873Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I99487
26 LEASURE, Ora Dwain  17 Jun 1923Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I67736
27 MCMULLEN, Mary Frances  2 Sep 1926Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I26749
28 MONTGOMERY, Barbara Jean  22 Jan 1929Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I74773
29 MOSSOR, Gladys Marie  18 Mar 1908Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I49965
30 OWENS, James Corbett  Apr 1900Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I25177
31 PIERPOINT, Kenneth E.  2 Oct 1930Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I97002
32 RIGGS, Cathryn  27 Jul 1926Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I110020
33 SELLERS, Kenner Borman  18 Mar 1875Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I30231
34 SHUMAN, John Henderson  7 Feb 1887Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I17000
35 SMITH, Betty Lou  14 May 1943Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I16719
36 SPENCER, Allan P.  2 Sep 1930Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I125404
37 STEVENS, Robert Clairmont  3 Apr 1938Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I126996
38 SUMMERS, Shirley Ann  27 Nov 1938Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I25659
39 THOMAS, Blanche Emma  24 Nov 1902Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I111822
40 TRAVIS, Imogene Evelyn  27 Mar 1921Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I64510
41 WEEKLEY, Mildred Lucille  1 Jun 1924Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I119267
42 WELLS, Charles Albert  2 Mar 1923Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I33362
43 WELLS, James Franklin  30 Jan 1921Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I33363


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Francis Guy  19 Dec 1969Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I102715
2 ANDERSON, Jesse Thomas  24 Aug 1955Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I51778
3 ASH, Martha  9 May 1944Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I126478
4 ASH, Una Glaide  9 Oct 1968Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I10530
5 BAKER, Eliza Ann  20 Dec 1922Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I95222
6 BAKER, Emily Jane  3 Feb 1951Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I131481
7 BAKER, Meshach  14 Feb 1868Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I119038
8 BOOHER, Henry Ellsworth  14 Dec 1940Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I64083
9 BOOHER, John W.  24 Jun 1933Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I130919
10 DOAK, Eleazer  28 Apr 1942Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I81775
11 DOAK, Thomas  13 Jan 1941Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I101706
12 FERRELL, Catherine Jane  22 Nov 1924Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I126937
13 FREELAND, Benjamin Franklin  29 Jan 1946Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I73446
14 FRIEND, Kennetta Kay  2 Jun 2011Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I74769
15 GARRISON, Rina  13 Jul 1959Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I49260
16 GASKINS, Sarah Lynn  26 Jan 1962Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I119317
17 HARRIS, Charles Hosea  24 Nov 1946Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I115427
18 HAUGHT, Andrew  7 Jul 1924Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I84733
19 HAUGHT, Anthony Archer  24 Sep 1937Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I89285
20 HEADLEY, Pleasant "Pleasy"  21 Jan 1923Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I84734
21 HIGHLEY, Sarah Margaret "Maggie"  19 Jun 1947Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I97186
22 HILEY, David Alfred  16 Jul 1950Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I71089
23 HILEY, Michael Charles  10 Jun 2010Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I71986
24 INGHRAM, Matilda  9 Oct 1870Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I119034
25 JOHNSTON, Landora  1947Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I129555
26 JONES, Amos Sharp  3 Jun 1950Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I110024
27 JORDAN, Margaret Jane  1 Mar 1927Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I65463
28 KEARNS, Martha S.  6 Jun 1922Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I81792
29 KEYS, Mabel Edith "Edie"  24 May 2010Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I2310
30 KINNEY, Malzena C.  23 Jan 1905Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I70411
31 LANGFITT, Lawrence VanBuren  6 Jan 1965Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I110094
32 LOWTHER, Albert Granville  7 Nov 1950Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I43376
33 LOWTHER, Edna Clair  26 Dec 1969Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I47499
34 MAXWELL, Charles W.  6 May 1943Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I81548
35 MAYFIELD, Wilida Mae "Ida"  25 Oct 1924Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I89286
36 MCMULLEN, George L.  12 Feb 1931Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I109986
37 MCMULLEN, James Fred  6 Feb 1964Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I76402
38 NICHOLS, Marvin Hathaway  16 Apr 1948Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I119881
39 PINNELL, Ellen  11 Aug 1931Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I28828
40 PRATT, Bert  11 May 1932Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I106135
41 PRUNTY, Louanna Lea  26 May 2006Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I110943
42 RAILING, Maude M.  29 Jan 1946Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I106465
43 SECKMAN, Ruth Olive  9 Dec 2000Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I110420
44 SELLERS, Ezra Mason  22 Oct 1908Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I117739
45 SELLERS, Joseph Jonah  14 Nov 1925Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I45224
46 SELLERS, Thomas Jefferson  11 Sep 1909Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I124003
47 SMITH, David McClure  27 Nov 1921Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I99132
48 SPENCER, Eva  20 Apr 1943Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I80912
49 SPENCER, Susannah Elizabeth  20 Feb 1941Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I102964
50 STACKPOLE, Bea  31 Dec 1959Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I62293

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Nancy E.  1920Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I84732
2 CURRY, William E.  1920Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I129583
3 DOAK, Jesse Worthington  1930Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I80162
4 DOAK, Lester C. "Lec"  1930Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I50753
5 DOAK, Robert Eston  1930Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I88488
6 DUCKWORTH, Addie E.  1930Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I71062
7 ENGLE, Amy  1880Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I97250
8 FUCHS, Edna Delia  1930Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I111071
9 GEORGE, Louis Wayne  1930Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I111070
10 GOODE, Freda Addie  1930Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I93452
11 KIRCHNER, Flora N.  1900Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I77172
12 KIRCHNER, Herbert  1900Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I77173
13 KIRCHNER, Herman  1900Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I77164
14 PFAFF, Elizabeth  1900Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I77165
15 STEALEY, Oliver P.  1860Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I122264
16 TROUGH, Susan Myrtle "Susie"  1920Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I129538
17 WAGNER, Ethel M.  1930Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I80163
18 WHITE, Charles E.  1920Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I88067
19 WHITE, Daniel Newton  1920Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I84731
20 WHITE, Emmett Ray  1920Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I84730
21 WHITE, Florence A.  1920Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I88068
22 WHITE, Hattie O.  1920Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I88066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Ada M.  1907Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I85922
2 ALLEN, Francis Guy  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I102715
3 ANDERSON, Jesse Thomas  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I51778
4 ANDERSON, Norma Pauline  1955Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I69371
5 ANDERSON, Zola B.  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I80247
6 ASH, Benjamin J.  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I80911
7 ASH, Christopher Adam  1931Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I47262
8 BAKER, Eliza Ann  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I95222
9 BAKER, Emily Jane  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I131481
10 BATSON, James Albert  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I45113
11 BENNETT, Joseph Kyle  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I116173
12 BLAKE, Ida  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I131453
13 BLAKE, Rosalene Pearl  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I82046
14 BOYCE, Alma June  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I17752
15 CANTWELL, Janet  1955Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I88489
16 CANTWELL, Obie Allison "Red"  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I2291
17 CARROLL, Gilbert  1960Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I127149
18 CARROLL, Helen  1934Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I104847
19 CIVILIKI, Elefterya "Terry"  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I103835
20 CLAYTON, Charlotte Rebalee  1962Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I106531
21 CLINE, William Carter  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I26280
22 COLLINS, Price  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I80248
23 COTTRILL, Kenneth A.  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I71050
24 CUPP, Howard Harvey  1919Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I77140
25 DAVIS, Quinton Derewood "Duck"  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I74772
26 DOAK, Lester C. "Lec"  1947Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I50753
27 DOAK, Robert Eston  1955Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I88488
28 DOTSON, Arlington  1919Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I81025
29 DOTSON, Earl Frederick  1932Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I27368
30 DOTSON, Elsie  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I75895
31 DUTY, Auda Ola  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I123050
32 FERREBEE, Dorcas Tressie  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I81296
33 FERREBEE, Dorcas Tressie  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I81296
34 FERREBEE, Raleigh D.  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I81298
35 FIBER, Goldie Madeline  1919Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I84987
36 FLEMING, Rachel Virginia  1957Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I17159
37 FLUHARTY, Dessie M.  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I30232
38 FRAME, George Philip  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I35492
39 FREELAND, Myrtle V.  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I51779
40 FRIEND, Kennetta Kay  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I74769
41 GASKINS, Basil Carl  1962Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I44645
42 GORBY, Fred Alexander  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I10591
43 GREATHOUSE, Bertha M.  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I61991
44 GREGG, John W.  1932Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I91139
45 GRIMM, Lena May  1932Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I70082
46 GROVE, Olin Davis  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I76787
47 GUTHRIE, Glen Rex  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I82900
48 HADLEY, Anna Della  1927Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I103429
49 HADLEY, Freddie Louis  1958Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I127387
50 HART, Virginia F.  1980, 85, 2000Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV I13479

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / SPENCER  27 Aug 1902Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F20519
2 ANDERSON / STULL  6 May 1915Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F34320
3 ASH / JONES  24 Aug 1899Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F18734
4 BAKER / ASH  29 Oct 1927Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F41324
5 BAKER / JONES  4 Aug 1920Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F34966
6 BLAND / SPENCER  13 Jan 1949Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F6584
7 CANTWELL / HUSK  Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F824
8 CARROLL / LEASURE  30 Dec 1960Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F55314
9 CHIPPS / CORK  12 Apr 1957Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F40364
10 COFFMAN / STACKPOLE  15 Feb 1934Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F51550
11 COFFMAN / THORN  21 May 1930Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F29578
12 COMPTON / CURREY  11 Dec 1937Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F35576
13 CONAWAY / PRATT  1 Nov 1915Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F37585
14 CONAWAY / WEEKLEY  28 Dec 1904Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F52667
15 CURREY / STROTHER  17 Jul 1937Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F36586
16 DAVIS / MONTGOMERY  25 May 1946Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F31905
17 DAVIS / SMITH  18 Nov 1945Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F40524
18 DAVIS / WRIGHT  9 Dec 1946Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F33083
19 DAWSON / LEWIN  12 Apr 1920Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F54713
20 DEVERICKS / CROUSER  9 Jul 1933Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F32768
21 DILLON / HAUGHT  7 Jul 1948Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F11958
22 DOAK / CANTWELL  23 Oct 1955Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F38028
23 DOLL / STUBBS  11 Mar 1953Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F12841
24 DONLEY / ALLEN  9 Feb 1907Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F36838
25 DOTSON / GRIMM  23 Jan 1932Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F29616
26 DOTSON / WILLIAMS  8 Jul 1922Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F41012
27 FERREBEE / DOAK  17 Sep 1949Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F35461
28 FERRELL / MYERS  23 Aug 1906Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F28116
29 FLETCHER / WILLIAMSON  9 Feb 1933Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F25742
30 FREEMAN / MILLER  14 Jul 1921Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F37193
31 GASKINS / POFFENBARGER  22 Jan 1968Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F15419
32 HAMILTON / CAIN  19 Mar 1932Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F42542
33 HAMILTON / DARNELL  22 Aug 1901Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F46304
34 HARDMAN / HUFF  16 Nov 1958Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F38133
35 HAUGHT / FISH  6 Sep 1941Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F947
36 HAUGHT / HOWARD  31 Aug 1904Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F25112
37 HAUGHT / LEASURE  12 Mar 1946Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F9327
38 HAUGHT / VIRDEN  13 Oct 1923Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F55433
39 HAYES / MCKEOWN  15 May 1918Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F23946
40 HAYS / SPENCER  5 Apr 1913Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F49341
41 HUGHES / GRAHAM  30 Mar 1935Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F35677
42 HURST / BAKER  27 Aug 1890Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F34128
43 JAMES / SWIGER  13 May 1946Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F33084
44 JONES / MARKLE  25 Oct 1941Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F40180
45 JONES / PETTIT  23 Oct 1926Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F44135
46 KINNEY / HICKMAN  1 Sep 1934Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F43126
47 KNISLEY / LAW  22 Dec 1951Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F47568
48 KOCHER / WEEKLEY  18 Aug 1941Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F51092
49 LANGFITT / MOORE  16 May 1901Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F46378
50 LEMASTERS / FERREBEE  29 Aug 1953Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F39517

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WALKER / COLLINS  9 Jun 1967Middlebourne, Tyler Co, WV F36166