Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Massillon, Stark Co, OH



Latitude: 40.7967244, Longitude: -81.5215093


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, John George  30 Dec 1938Massillon, Stark Co, OH I104769
2 ALLEN, James Lloyd  5 Sep 1930Massillon, Stark Co, OH I87588
3 HARTEL, Harold Lloyd  18 Feb 1930Massillon, Stark Co, OH I133033
4 HENRY, Vera  18 Aug 1934Massillon, Stark Co, OH I68720
5 HOLLENDER, George A. A.  18 Feb 1880Massillon, Stark Co, OH I106227
6 KELLY, Walter Emmett  26 Mar 1905Massillon, Stark Co, OH I108935
7 KILGORE, Allen Steven  21 Feb 1980Massillon, Stark Co, OH I129946
8 KILGORE, Gary Allen "Candy Man"  28 Apr 1953Massillon, Stark Co, OH I129945
9 MCFARREN, David Cullen  28 Oct 1941Massillon, Stark Co, OH I63086
10 MURPHY, James Rodney  10 Oct 1961Massillon, Stark Co, OH I6228
11 RANSWEILER, Peter Earl  30 Apr 1890Massillon, Stark Co, OH I116949
12 SHAFRATHE, Dorothy Barbarcy  23 May 1907Massillon, Stark Co, OH I89577
13 WINEMILLER, Ricky Blaine  17 Apr 1962Massillon, Stark Co, OH I133034


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALBARRAN, Antonio  7 Jul 1957Massillon, Stark Co, OH I111771
2 ARVIN, Carl  15 Oct 1993Massillon, Stark Co, OH I85494
3 ASH, Ola Mae  22 Jul 2005Massillon, Stark Co, OH I96086
4 ASH, Samantha  5 Nov 1967Massillon, Stark Co, OH I132394
5 BAKER, Wilson Frank  28 Oct 1995Massillon, Stark Co, OH I19250
6 BEVER, Duane Edgar  19 Dec 2016Massillon, Stark Co, OH I110719
7 BRITTON, Harvey  1 Jan 1981Massillon, Stark Co, OH I58503
8 BUNNELL, Aretta Bertha  18 Jul 1996Massillon, Stark Co, OH I121380
9 BURROWS, Donna Hattie  13 May 1991Massillon, Stark Co, OH I29219
10 BURTON, Eleanor Gay  2 Jan 1995Massillon, Stark Co, OH I94600
11 CLEVENGER, Kenneth Neil  11 Jul 1995Massillon, Stark Co, OH I18108
12 COTTRILL, Mabel Lucretia  18 Oct 1993Massillon, Stark Co, OH I63072
13 CURTIS, Frances Pauline  12 Aug 1997Massillon, Stark Co, OH I107350
14 DILLON, Jessie Ruben  8 Dec 1985Massillon, Stark Co, OH I29218
15 DYE, Nellie Gertrude  6 Feb 1988Massillon, Stark Co, OH I96939
16 ELKINS, Dewey Michael "Mike"  7 Jan 2015Massillon, Stark Co, OH I42453
17 GUM, James Delbert  2 Feb 2014Massillon, Stark Co, OH I77317
18 GUM, Willis Harold  26 Aug 1978Massillon, Stark Co, OH I92679
19 HART, Coleman P.  13 Jul 1979Massillon, Stark Co, OH I67308
20 HENNING, Clarence Roy  27 Aug 1941Massillon, Stark Co, OH I90659
21 HICKMAN, Hester Ann  21 Jun 1993Massillon, Stark Co, OH I85486
22 HILL, Darious Winford "Pete"  16 Feb 2011Massillon, Stark Co, OH I72158
23 JENKINS, Jessie Marie  8 Jan 1976Massillon, Stark Co, OH I74387
24 JETT, Pearl M.  19 Dec 2006Massillon, Stark Co, OH I14932
25 JONES, Clyde L. "Bob"  22 Apr 1979Massillon, Stark Co, OH I28054
26 KIMBALL, Eugene D.  28 Feb 2002Massillon, Stark Co, OH I70498
27 KNIGHT, Velva Berthena  4 Dec 1986Massillon, Stark Co, OH I85149
28 LAMP, Bertha May  19 Apr 1971Massillon, Stark Co, OH I15167
29 LAMP, Birdie Ann  20 Feb 1955Massillon, Stark Co, OH I13527
30 LIPSCOMB, Delmas Ross  17 Jul 1986Massillon, Stark Co, OH I60236
31 LOWTHER, Frank Joseph  2 Jul 1990Massillon, Stark Co, OH I2413
32 LYON, Hazen Glenwood  18 Jun 1996Massillon, Stark Co, OH I126994
33 MCCAIN, Denver Harold  28 May 1993Massillon, Stark Co, OH I111094
34 MOORE, Jack Blair  3 Dec 1980Massillon, Stark Co, OH I130224
35 NORMAN, Lloyd Francis  8 Jan 1990Massillon, Stark Co, OH I30946
36 POWELL, Harry Galen  19 Feb 2016Massillon, Stark Co, OH I99050
37 POYNTER, Mary Ellen  27 Jul 1991Massillon, Stark Co, OH I110566
38 RACHEL, Peter  6 Apr 1984Massillon, Stark Co, OH I104188
39 RASCH, Paul J.  8 May 1968Massillon, Stark Co, OH I114081
40 RICHARDS, Ica Gay  23 Feb 1968Massillon, Stark Co, OH I2449
41 RICHARDS, Porter Berkley  27 Jul 1997Massillon, Stark Co, OH I58827
42 SAMPLE, Patty Ann  20 Aug 2002Massillon, Stark Co, OH I53879
43 SEESE, Paul  5 Mar 2000Massillon, Stark Co, OH I71166
44 SHEETS, Homer Benford  26 Jul 1963Massillon, Stark Co, OH I81222
45 SIMONS, Ancil F.  30 Dec 1998Massillon, Stark Co, OH I86235
46 SMITH, Christena Elizabeth  2 Mar 1954Massillon, Stark Co, OH I19143
47 SMITH, John Paul  10 Apr 1994Massillon, Stark Co, OH I107485
48 TAYLOR, Mary Louise  4 Dec 1959Massillon, Stark Co, OH I105603
49 TAYLOR, Ruble Jackson  28 May 2001Massillon, Stark Co, OH I17659
50 TRENT, Mary Viola  1 Jan 2004Massillon, Stark Co, OH I16902

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 LOWTHER, Frank Joseph  13 Nov 1988Massillon, Stark Co, OH I2413
2 LOWTHER, Ramona Lee  25 Jun 1967Massillon, Stark Co, OH I2414
3 MURPHY, James Rodney  26 Nov 1972Massillon, Stark Co, OH I6228


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Berkley Ardeth  1940Massillon, Stark Co, OH I83111
2 ANDERSON, Betty Elmadean  1940Massillon, Stark Co, OH I97852
3 ANDERSON, Peggy Jean  1940Massillon, Stark Co, OH I97854
4 ANDERSON, Robert P.  1940Massillon, Stark Co, OH I97853
5 CARR, Almeda B. "Meda"  1940Massillon, Stark Co, OH I58019
6 FRASHURE, Mildred L.  1940Massillon, Stark Co, OH I74424
7 RACHEL, Peter  1930, 1940Massillon, Stark Co, OH I104188


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ___, Carolyn M.  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I113764
2 ADAMS, Archie E.  1974Massillon, Stark Co, OH I21124
3 ADAMS, Archie Wayne  1981Massillon, Stark Co, OH I38416
4 ADAMS, Betty Jean  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I62089
5 ADAMS, Donzil B.  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I19148
6 ADAMS, Forest Derward  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I38413
7 ADAMS, Jewel Leah  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I62088
8 ADAMS, Sarah Hettie "Sally"  1940Massillon, Stark Co, OH I21117
9 ALLEN, Arley Argil  1935Massillon, Stark Co, OH I87585
10 ALLEN, Cecil Eldwin  1935Massillon, Stark Co, OH I85831
11 ALLEN, Edward Lee  1935Massillon, Stark Co, OH I87586
12 ALLEN, James Lloyd  1935Massillon, Stark Co, OH I87588
13 ALLEN, Shirley Mae  1935Massillon, Stark Co, OH I85830
14 ALLEN, William Elden  1935Massillon, Stark Co, OH I87587
15 ARNOLD, Wilbert G.  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I16940
16 ARVIN, Carl  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I85494
17 ASH, Kenneth Wayne  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I100577
18 BAKER, Wilson Frank  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I19250
19 BARKER, Edward Leroy  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I82143
20 BOYCE, Goldie Louise  1986, 1988, 1995Massillon, Stark Co, OH I17708
21 BRISSEY, Ruth L.  2016Massillon, Stark Co, OH I82292
22 BRITTON, Ray  1946Massillon, Stark Co, OH I59613
23 BRITTON, Wallace P.  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I59617
24 BROWN, Ruby Byrl  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I82524
25 BROWN, Thelma Idell  2010, 2012Massillon, Stark Co, OH I82525
26 BURBRIDGE, Mabel Virginia  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I68765
27 BURROWS, Donna Hattie  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I29219
28 CALHOUN, Romeo M.  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I21908
29 CARIOTI, Vincent  1953Massillon, Stark Co, OH I84412
30 CARROLL, Eldra Rae  2007Massillon, Stark Co, OH I22657
31 CLEVENGER, Kenneth Neil  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I18108
32 CORBAN, Russell  2015Massillon, Stark Co, OH I105605
33 COX, Ray  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I18417
34 CUMPSTON, John Robert "Bob"  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I17568
35 CUMPSTON, Maryln K.  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I77221
36 CURTIS, Frances Pauline  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I107350
37 DENNISON, James R.  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I65871
38 DEVERICKS, Elven Fairfield  2000Massillon, Stark Co, OH I18697
39 DILLON, Jessie Ruben  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I29218
40 EAKLE, Jimmy Webster  1956Massillon, Stark Co, OH I21962
41 ELDER, Ruby Mae  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I52401
42 ELKINS, Dewey Michael "Mike"  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I42453
43 ELLIOTT, Mildred Waneta  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I37724
44 FORD, Coralene Margaret  1935Massillon, Stark Co, OH I80806
45 GARNER, Lee M.  1942Massillon, Stark Co, OH I63539
46 GARNER, Lloyd W.  1928Massillon, Stark Co, OH I124902
47 GARNER, Lloyd W.  1940Massillon, Stark Co, OH I124902
48 GEORGE, Oris L.  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I127710
49 HAGGERTY, Varist Lawarl "Vic"  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I129581
50 HART, Bradley Kincaid  1996Massillon, Stark Co, OH I68717

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 MCPHERSON, Vanzil Ilene  Massillon, Stark Co, OH I73821


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MCCLOY / TOWNSEND  1 Jun 1943Massillon, Stark Co, OH F866