Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD



Latitude: 39.6528654, Longitude: -78.7625185


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALKIRE, Gerald Roger "Jerry"  26 May 1943Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I18365
2 ALKIRE, Rickey Gene  7 Apr 1953Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I18366
3 BEVERLIN, Zelma Mae  10 Oct 1941Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I108568
4 BORCHERT, Louis  31 Mar 1869Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I69251
5 BOWEN, James Lemuel  22 Mar 1942Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I132769
6 BROCKELMAN, John William  12 Feb 1850Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I115840
7 BROWN, John Thomas  Dec 1847Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I80274
8 BROWN, M. Catherine  1842Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I80273
9 DUCKWORTH, Jane  Jan 1817Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I57943
10 DUCKWORTH, Uriah B.  29 May 1840Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I83673
11 HUMBIRD, Susan  11 Oct 1869Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I118596
12 LEMASTER, Herbert Russell  29 Oct 1928Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I115302
13 LICOT, Camille Arthur "Shad"  22 May 1921Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I55911
14 MAFFLEY, Charles Fred  12 Aug 1895Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I111174
15 MALAMPHY, Margaret Denise  29 Jan 1909Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I109789
16 MAYBURY, Henry  18 Oct 1843Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105395
17 MCCONNELL, William W.  20 May 1848Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I56402
18 O'NEAL, Cleon Doane Jr.  9 Apr 1908Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I29403
19 PIFER, James Forrest  13 Apr 1935Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I62289
20 RAHRIG, Julia A.  9 Oct 1839Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105649
21 RANDOLPH, Jennings "Jay"  19 Sep 1934Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I59371
22 ROMEL, James E.  22 Mar 1926Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I47923
23 RUBLE, Gerald Leroy  7 Dec 1924Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I24383
24 RUPPERT, Angela B.  5 Jan 1928Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105730
25 RUPPERT, Frederick Alphonsus  30 Nov 1883Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105719
26 RUPPERT, Frederick Joseph  11 Dec 1922Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105729
27 RUPPERT, Mary Kathleen "Katie"  16 Nov 1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105728
28 SCHAFFER, Joseph Francis  15 Sep 1914Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I82785
29 SCHAFFER, Richard Bernard  13 Sep 1924Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I82788
30 SEVERIN, John Henry  14 May 1860Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105640
31 SEVERIN, Mary Catherine  7 May 1858Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105650
32 UNDERWOOD, James Ross Jr.  20 Aug 1975Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I95055
33 WARNICK, Mary Ellen  14 Jun 1819Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I95960
34 WILFONG, Wade Jay  16 Apr 1936Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I18369
35 WILT, David  4 Nov 1830Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I103855
36 ZIMMERLY, Emma (Amy)  30 Apr 1822Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I30131


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ___, Marie Antoinette "Mary"  20 Nov 1940Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I127803
2 ALBERS, Etta Margaretha Christina  1852Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I90084
3 CRITCHFIELD, William E.  10 Aug 1864Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I6518
4 CROSTEN, Howard Hubby  1 Mar 1949Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I116717
5 CROSTEN, John William  22 Nov 1966Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I108574
6 CROSTEN, Olive Mae  21 Oct 1981Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I108561
7 DAVIS, Claud T.  20 Aug 1916Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I108348
8 DAVIS, Floyd Gamble "Bub"  26 Aug 1913Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I99091
9 DUCKWORTH, Robert V.  30 Sep 1864Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I106647
10 DYE, Bearl Cora  25 Aug 1947Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I96940
11 FINLEY, David R.  27 Nov 1862Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I18943
12 FORD, Donald Eugene  9 Jan 1998Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I73675
13 HILL, Patricia Ann  1 Dec 2010Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I79407
14 LICOT, Arthur  1 Nov 1938Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I127802
15 LOCKHART, Joyce Elaine  28 Feb 2001Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I36379
16 MAYBURY, Henry  23 Jan 1922Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105395
17 MCCAULEY, George Blackwell  17 Apr 1942Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I86529
18 RUPPERT, Frederick Alphonsus  11 Dec 1965Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105719
19 SQUIRES, John Ellsworth  14 Jul 1941Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I6295
20 SQUIRES, Ulysses S. Grant  2 Apr 1954Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I6294
21 STANSBERRY, Charles Wayne  2 Dec 1985Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I16855
22 SWISHER, Edna  4 Dec 1964Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I113436
23 WILLIAMS, Alva  4 Jan 1944Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I119470
24 WILT, Alicia "Lesha"  16 Feb 1850Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I95961
25 WILT, Henry  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I95965
26 WILT, Peter  1825Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I95962
27 YERKEY, Berma Blaine  13 Jan 2005Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I80086
28 YOUNG, David H.  30 Jul 1864Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I44471


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AVERY, Pearl Rosetta  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I81817
2 BORCHERT, Louis  HILL CREST CEMETERYCumberland, Allegany Co, MD I69251
3 DAVIS, Floyd Gamble "Bub"  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I99091
4 SQUIRES, John Ellsworth  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I6295


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ___, Agnes V.  1930Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I83770
2 BEVERLIN, Clyde  1930Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I101180
3 BEVERLIN, Homer J.  1930Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I101187
4 BONNELL, Victoria Elizabeth  1930Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I89382
5 CARRICO, Lilah  1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I127625
6 CARRICO, Violet  1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I127626
7 CROSTEN, Olive Mae  1930Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I108561
8 CURTIS, Rose  1920, 1930, 1940Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I119471
9 DAVIS, Charles  1910Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I101678
10 DAVIS, Floyd Gamble "Bub"  1910Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I99091
11 DAVIS, Isaac  1860Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I129726
12 DAVIS, Mary  1910Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I101679
13 DAVIS, Samuel H.  1860Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I89272
14 HAGAR, Nancy Agnes  1860Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I129727
15 HELMSTETTER, Teresa  1900, 1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105716
16 HICKMAN, Emery Dores  1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I127635
17 KINNEY, Earl Benson  1910 (APR 15)Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I41935
18 LAING, Mary  1870Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I79431
19 LARKINS, Lucy B.  1910Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I101675
20 MAFFLEY, Charles Fred  1930, 1940Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I111174
21 MCNEMAR, Eliza Jane  1910, 1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I28967
22 MORRIS, Dona Leigh  1910Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I31633
23 MORRIS, James Benjamin  1910Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I5121
24 MORRIS, Lillian L.  1910Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I59561
25 PARISH, Daniel H.  1910, 1920, 1930Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I83769
26 PARISH, John Adam  1910, 1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I28968
27 PARISH, Steven L.  1910, 1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I83765
28 PARRISH, Elizabeth J.  1930Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I83771
29 RAHRIG, Julia A.  1860Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105649
30 RUPPERT, Frederick Alphonsus  1900Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105719
31 RUPPERT, Frederick Alphonsus  1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105719
32 RUPPERT, George William  1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105724
33 RUPPERT, Henry A.  1900Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105717
34 RUPPERT, Joseph H.  1900, 1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105535
35 RUPPERT, Mary T.  1900Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105718
36 SEVERIN, Frederick Johann  1860Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105648
37 SEVERIN, John Henry  1860Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105640
38 SEVERIN, Julia Ann  1930, 1940Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I111156
39 SEVERIN, Mary Catherine  1860Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105650
40 STAARMAN, William Francis  1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I126696
41 STAARMANN, Caroline Louise "Carrie"  1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105727
42 TALBOTT, Addie May  1910Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I30084
43 WILLIAMS, Alva  1920, 1930, 1940Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I119470
44 WILLIAMS, Laura S.  1920Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I125150


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ___, Agnes V.  1942Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I83770
2 ASKEY, Joseph V.  1948Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I120945
3 BEVERLIN, Anna  1929, 1951, 1953Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I108563
4 BEVERLIN, Burtis  1951Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I108572
5 BEVERLIN, Noel  1951Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I101192
6 BEVERLIN, Stella  1951Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I101198
7 BEVERLIN, Zelma  1951Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I101199
8 BOOR, Ada L.  1942Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I97421
9 BURTON, Barbara Jean  1944Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I79408
10 COVERT, Morris  FORMERLYCumberland, Allegany Co, MD I83703
11 CROSTEN, Charles Arthur  1929Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I108573
12 CROSTEN, John William  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I108574
13 DAVIS, Charles  1913Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I101678
14 DAVIS, Effie C.  1936, 1956Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I84435
15 DAVIS, Floyd Gamble "Bub"  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I99091
16 DAVIS, Mary  1913Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I101679
17 DOTSON, Jennie V.  1916Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I15794
18 FEATHER, Beatrice Lucille  1947, 1954, 1957Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I103791
19 FLANAGAN, Elmer Earl  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I135211
20 FLYNN, George Augustus  1947, 1954, 1957Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I71525
21 GASTON, Louise  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I4358
22 HILL, Patricia Ann  1944Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I79407
23 HUSK, Hazel Lenora  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I42985
24 LARKINS, Lucy B.  1913Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I101675
25 LATTEA, Virgil Jennings "VJ"  2001Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I32879
26 LEMASTER, Herbert Russell  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I115302
27 LEMASTER, Raymond  1942Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I115304
28 LOUGH, Wayne Alan  1955Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I84740
29 MAFFLEY, Charles Fred  1929Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I111174
30 MCCAULEY, George Blackwell  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I86529
31 NICKLIN, John G.  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I4362
32 PARISH, Daniel H.  1942Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I83769
33 PENNINGTON, Helen Olive  1922Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I52073
34 RUPPERT, George William  1918Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105724
35 RYMER, Fred C.  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I118852
36 SCHAFFER, Joseph Francis  1944Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I82785
37 SQUIRES, John Ellsworth  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I6295
38 SQUIRES, Ulysses S. Grant  1916Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I6294
39 STAARMAN, William Francis  Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I126696
40 STAARMANN, Caroline Louise "Carrie"  1972Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I105727
41 SUTTON, Jessie  2008Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD I9209


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMSON / CHILDERS  1 Oct 1932Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD F7862
2 BURTON / HILL  5 Sep 1942Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD F33990
3 LOUGH / DUCKWORTH  10 Dec 1922Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD F24682
4 MCCULLOUGH / DOAK  Oct 1915Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD F42340
5 MULLIGAN / HILL  14 Aug 1946Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD F33991
6 NEELY / FAUST  31 Aug 1931Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD F33893
7 PETERS / WEBBER  6 Sep 1936Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD F35267
8 PIERCE / JONES  26 Dec 1923Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD F48983
9 SEVERIN / RAHRIG  10 Jun 1856Cumberland, Allegany Co, MD F44117