Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Virginia (now West Virginia)



Matches 151 to 200 of 584

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 DAVIS, Margaret Jane  4 Oct 1828Virginia (now West Virginia) I124586
152 DAVIS, Mariah P.  1850Virginia (now West Virginia) I117237
153 DAVIS, Mary T.  CA 1845Virginia (now West Virginia) I117235
154 DAVIS, Nathan J. "Nate"  CA 1843Virginia (now West Virginia) I77125
155 DAVIS, Phiothata  5 Dec 1812Virginia (now West Virginia) I115937
156 DAVIS, Sylvester  1797Virginia (now West Virginia) I115924
157 DAVIS, Tacy  25 Jun 1801Virginia (now West Virginia) I37482
158 DAWSON, Alonzo  24 Jan 1851Virginia (now West Virginia) I80028
159 DAWSON, William H.  CA 1864Virginia (now West Virginia) I46896
160 DAYTON, Ida Elizabeth  7 Jan 1856Virginia (now West Virginia) I122729
161 DEEM, Dorcas  Dec 1850Virginia (now West Virginia) I61548
162 DOAK, Davis  2 Aug 1824Virginia (now West Virginia) I109700
163 DONAHOE, Mary E.  CA 1855Virginia (now West Virginia) I105548
164 DONAHOE, Michael  CA 1857Virginia (now West Virginia) I105549
165 DOTSON, Charles W.  1825Virginia (now West Virginia) I83634
166 DOTSON, Elizabeth  CA 1805Virginia (now West Virginia) I46788
167 DOTSON, Helen Mary  3 Apr 1861Virginia (now West Virginia) I33108
168 DOTSON, John Wesley  Mar 1829Virginia (now West Virginia) I113251
169 DOTSON, Lloyd  16 Jul 1833Virginia (now West Virginia) I109727
170 DOTSON, Louisa  15 Jun 1825Virginia (now West Virginia) I47825
171 DOTSON, Mary Jane  3 Feb 1827Virginia (now West Virginia) I52704
172 DOTSON, Mary Salome  26 Apr 1848Virginia (now West Virginia) I109722
173 DOTSON, Sindonah E. "Dona"  16 Nov 1858Virginia (now West Virginia) I109728
174 DOTSON, William M.  1850Virginia (now West Virginia) I101416
175 DOWNS, Mary Emily  Mar 1850Virginia (now West Virginia) I85878
176 DUCKWORTH, Anna Bell  20 Apr 1860Virginia (now West Virginia) I38686
177 DUCKWORTH, William  CA 1849Virginia (now West Virginia) I106650
178 DUGAN, Ellen  26 Jun 1854Virginia (now West Virginia) I97499
179 DUTY, Andrew W. "Andy"  29 Oct 1846Virginia (now West Virginia) I119165
180 DYE, Andrew Jackson  27 Feb 1856Virginia (now West Virginia) I95704
181 EHRET, Lewis M.  CA 1849Virginia (now West Virginia) I47662
182 ELLIFRITT, Porter  Jul 1863Virginia (now West Virginia) I99778
183 ELLIOTT, William Henry H.  22 Dec 1840Virginia (now West Virginia) I45186
184 ELSEY, Mary M.  Nov 1851Virginia (now West Virginia) I110523
185 ENOCH, Drusilla  6 Oct 1808Virginia (now West Virginia) I88906
186 FAHEY, Michael  CA 1856Virginia (now West Virginia) I103703
187 FAST, Asberry  CA 1836Virginia (now West Virginia) I108269
188 FAST, Hiram N.  CA 1828Virginia (now West Virginia) I108267
189 FAST, Jacob E.  CA 1832Virginia (now West Virginia) I108268
190 FAULKNER, Patrick  Mar 1862Virginia (now West Virginia) I87436
191 FERRELL, Mahala Jane  11 Dec 1837Virginia (now West Virginia) I54473
192 FIRTH, Angeline  Feb 1840Virginia (now West Virginia) I107693
193 FIRTH, Elizabeth  CA 1844Virginia (now West Virginia) I107697
194 FIRTH, George William  CA 1845Virginia (now West Virginia) I107698
195 FIRTH, Martha J.  CA 1846Virginia (now West Virginia) I107699
196 FIRTH, Nancy A.  CA 1838Virginia (now West Virginia) I107696
197 FISHER, John O.  CA 1838Virginia (now West Virginia) I75573
198 FITZWILLIAMS, Daniel  CA 1843Virginia (now West Virginia) I100795
199 FITZWILLIAMS, James  CA 1841Virginia (now West Virginia) I100794
200 FITZWILLIAMS, Peter Jr.  May 1839Virginia (now West Virginia) I100793

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