Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Virginia (now West Virginia)



Matches 101 to 150 of 584

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 CHAPMAN, Elizabeth Virginia  20 Dec 1836Virginia (now West Virginia) I113297
102 CHAPMAN, John T.  CA 1835Virginia (now West Virginia) I113296
103 CHAPMAN, William Franklin "Frank"  Dec 1839Virginia (now West Virginia) I113300
104 CHARTER, John Hampden  3 May 1849Virginia (now West Virginia) I76943
105 CHILDERS, Adelia A.  CA 1844Virginia (now West Virginia) I119625
106 CHILDERS, Harriett A. "Hattie"  1 Sep 1855Virginia (now West Virginia) I126408
107 CHILDERS, Isaac Lee  10 Dec 1819Virginia (now West Virginia) I119622
108 CHILDERS, Mary F.  CA 1849Virginia (now West Virginia) I119627
109 CHILDERS, Preston R.  CA 1843Virginia (now West Virginia) I119624
110 CHILDERS, Silvanus W.  1847Virginia (now West Virginia) I119626
111 CHIPPS, James Edward  29 Mar 1853Virginia (now West Virginia) I89015
112 CLARK, Mary Elizabeth  Apr 1856Virginia (now West Virginia) I117320
113 CLEMANS, Luvina  CA 1847Virginia (now West Virginia) I113515
114 CLEMANS, Naomi  30 Jun 1850Virginia (now West Virginia) I113501
115 CLEMANS, Tilman  13 Jan 1848Virginia (now West Virginia) I108216
116 CLEVENGER, Mary Virginia  Feb 1848Virginia (now West Virginia) I119489
117 CLOVIS, Maria P.  CA 1858Virginia (now West Virginia) I89513
118 CLOVIS, Mary E.  CA 1859Virginia (now West Virginia) I89514
119 CLYCE, Charlotte F.  CA 1857Virginia (now West Virginia) I89511
120 COLLINS, Caroline M.  18 Feb 1844Virginia (now West Virginia) I71461
121 COLLINS, Mary Ann  17 Feb 1835Virginia (now West Virginia) I87538
122 CONGROVE, William F.  CA 1848Virginia (now West Virginia) I106027
123 COOPER, Rebecca Estoline  Aug 1845Virginia (now West Virginia) I101333
124 CORBIN, David  1825Virginia (now West Virginia) I124899
125 CORNELL, Mariah A.  Feb 1829Virginia (now West Virginia) I48301
126 CORNELL, Sarah  CA 1800Virginia (now West Virginia) I128630
127 COX, Rebecca Ann  1837Virginia (now West Virginia) I44722
128 CRANE, Benjamin F.  1855Virginia (now West Virginia) I119900
129 CRISS, Swayze T.  1845Virginia (now West Virginia) I10769
130 CRISS, William  Apr 1862Virginia (now West Virginia) I113163
131 CUMBERLEDGE, George Franklin  CA 1858Virginia (now West Virginia) I73863
132 CUNNINGHAM, Sarah A.  Jul 1835Virginia (now West Virginia) I101215
133 CUPP, William H.  1853Virginia (now West Virginia) I91946
134 CUSTER, George Alexander  23 Sep 1855Virginia (now West Virginia) I30043
135 CUTLIP, Willis  CA 1858Virginia (now West Virginia) I77625
136 DARLINGTON, John W.  18 Jan 1854Virginia (now West Virginia) I116302
137 DARNELL, Elizabeth  CA 1811Virginia (now West Virginia) I124215
138 DAVIS, Abraham  Mar 1814Virginia (now West Virginia) I131234
139 DAVIS, Alpheus  CA 1843Virginia (now West Virginia) I117233
140 DAVIS, Amy  1841Virginia (now West Virginia) I117232
141 DAVIS, Catharine  10 Jun 1804Virginia (now West Virginia) I20589
142 DAVIS, Delila C.  CA 1839Virginia (now West Virginia) I117231
143 DAVIS, Delilah  Virginia (now West Virginia) I95531
144 DAVIS, Ehud J.  CA 1830Virginia (now West Virginia) I117224
145 DAVIS, Elizabeth J.  CA 1835Virginia (now West Virginia) I117229
146 DAVIS, Greenberry L.  11 Jul 1838Virginia (now West Virginia) I115772
147 DAVIS, John S.  10 Feb 1804Virginia (now West Virginia) I49300
148 DAVIS, Johnathan H.  9 May 1836Virginia (now West Virginia) I115770
149 DAVIS, Joshua  CA 1855Virginia (now West Virginia) I117239
150 DAVIS, Lewis  13 Dec 1845Virginia (now West Virginia) I108634

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