We provide here a listing of all the West Virginia cemeteries mentioned in our genealogies along with the names and dates of people known to be buried there.

In some cases, when the specific cemetery has not been determined, only the city of burial is listed.

Only the burials of  those people who appear in our genealogies are listed, along with the name of their spouse (most recent if married more than once).  Inclusion of a spouse's name does not necessarily mean that the spouse is buried in the same cemetery or is even deceased.

For burials of people not included in our genealogies, try one of the West Virginia cemetery websites on our links page.

For more information on any of the individuals listed here, and perhaps a photo of them or their headstone, see their entry in one of the Pedigree or Group Sheet formats accessible from the Home page..

  You may also be interested in maps and GPS coordinates for some Doddridge County cemeteries or their associated churches.