Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Worthington, Marion Co, WV



Latitude: 39.4525851, Longitude: -80.2603622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GARRETT, Bobbie  16 Aug 1928Worthington, Marion Co, WV I36013
2 GARRISON, Earl  3 Feb 1924Worthington, Marion Co, WV I36011
3 MCHENRY, Teddy Dallas  17 Jan 1942Worthington, Marion Co, WV I107180
4 MCKNIGHT, Arlie Ray  16 Nov 1900Worthington, Marion Co, WV I31772
5 SANDY, Richard Lee  21 Sep 1948Worthington, Marion Co, WV I86124
6 SHOOK, Harold Loyd  23 Oct 1922Worthington, Marion Co, WV I115182
7 SULLIVAN, George Wesley  6 Dec 1848Worthington, Marion Co, WV I85338
8 WALLBROWN, Helen  23 Apr 1932Worthington, Marion Co, WV I66584
9 WINE, Rena Mae  6 Sep 1925Worthington, Marion Co, WV I84742
10 WOOD, James Thornton  23 May 1919Worthington, Marion Co, WV I43909


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNES, Cora May  6 Dec 1958Worthington, Marion Co, WV I89343
2 COURTNEY, Mary Katherine  22 Dec 2006Worthington, Marion Co, WV I87500
3 CUPP, Kenneth D.  11 Apr 1939Worthington, Marion Co, WV I99680
4 GILBERT, Sarah Jane "Janie"  10 Mar 1937Worthington, Marion Co, WV I99677
5 IRELAND, Mortimer  11 Jul 1913Worthington, Marion Co, WV I46489
6 LONG, John Asa  11 Oct 1969Worthington, Marion Co, WV I113911
7 PATTON, Jerusha Melvina  10 Apr 1913Worthington, Marion Co, WV I47765
8 SMITH, Lillian Blanche "Lillie"  10 Oct 1933Worthington, Marion Co, WV I42172


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CUPP, Earnest Benjamin  1940Worthington, Marion Co, WV I99678
2 CUPP, Isaac Morgan  1940Worthington, Marion Co, WV I99681
3 CUPP, Ora May  1940Worthington, Marion Co, WV I99682
4 SPURR, Ida C.  1940Worthington, Marion Co, WV I78473
5 SPURR, William Edward  1940Worthington, Marion Co, WV I78465


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ___, Alice  Worthington, Marion Co, WV I27235
2 ___, Mary Margaret  Worthington, Marion Co, WV I126102
3 BEE, Jennie Belle  1946Worthington, Marion Co, WV I68863
4 BLAIR, Willard Jr.  Worthington, Marion Co, WV I27234
5 COURTNEY, Mary Katherine  Worthington, Marion Co, WV I87500
6 CUPP, Earnest Benjamin  1937, 1939Worthington, Marion Co, WV I99678
7 CUPP, Ora May  1946Worthington, Marion Co, WV I99682
8 DAVIS, George  Worthington, Marion Co, WV I57798
9 FARLEY, Toney Irene  2006Worthington, Marion Co, WV I36014
10 GARRETT, Bobbie  1946, 1951Worthington, Marion Co, WV I36013
11 GARRISON, Betty E.  1951Worthington, Marion Co, WV I36012
12 GARRISON, James H.  1953Worthington, Marion Co, WV I17573
13 GILBERT, James Buchannan  1937Worthington, Marion Co, WV I21549
14 GILBERT, Mable Alice  1937Worthington, Marion Co, WV I36001
15 GRIFFITH, Kathleen Deloris  Worthington, Marion Co, WV I105117
16 HOLT, Elsie Maxine  1939Worthington, Marion Co, WV I61294
17 HUTSON, Blanche S.  1955Worthington, Marion Co, WV I54635
18 HYDE, Roy Ray  1947Worthington, Marion Co, WV I67947
19 IRELAND, Mary Alice  1913Worthington, Marion Co, WV I55617
20 IRELAND, Mortimer  Worthington, Marion Co, WV I46489
21 IRELAND, Walter A.  1913Worthington, Marion Co, WV I55615
22 KELLEY, Flossie Mae  1928Worthington, Marion Co, WV I71730
23 MINEAR, William Columbus  1934Worthington, Marion Co, WV I89866
24 MURPHY, Goldie India  1918Worthington, Marion Co, WV I26319
25 SANDY, Roy Wayne  1927Worthington, Marion Co, WV I86125
26 SCHEUVRONT, Terry Leroy  1928Worthington, Marion Co, WV I71729
27 SHUTTLESWORTH, William Thomas  1918Worthington, Marion Co, WV I26318
28 WALLBROWN, Dessel Gladys  1929Worthington, Marion Co, WV I63536
29 WALLBROWN, Helen  1951Worthington, Marion Co, WV I66584
30 WILLIS, Kenneth Joseph  1929, 1958Worthington, Marion Co, WV I63531


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COOPER / WALLBROWN  6 Oct 1951Worthington, Marion Co, WV F27952
2 MORGAN / CUPP  1 Feb 1946Worthington, Marion Co, WV F33338