Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Toledo, Lucas Co, OH



Latitude: 41.6639383, Longitude: -83.555212


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CURTIS, William Earl  22 Jul 1916Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I112575
2 HEIDTMAN, Donald Lee  27 Jul 1930Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I18478


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOND, Edith Belle  22 Jun 1958Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I63285
2 BOND, Lucille Victoria  23 Jul 1997Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I106034
3 CHURCH, Elizabeth  15 Jul 1949Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I114744
4 JACKSON, Mettie May  2 Jan 1977Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I21666
5 MYERS, Mary Kathleen "Katie"  1 Sep 1995Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I24829
6 NUTTER, Donald Dean  16 Aug 2008Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I19889
7 NUTTER, Harold Gail  9 Dec 1959Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I89896
8 REED, Carlos Wilbur  13 Oct 1973Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I53354
9 REYNOLDS, Nellie G.  3 Jan 1987Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I106181
10 SMITH, Grant Edwin  6 Aug 1973Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I19880
11 SPURR, Donald Myer  4 Mar 1969Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I99463
12 STACKPOLE, Edwin L.  28 May 1995Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I88021
13 STUTLER, Arling Blagg  10 Apr 1975Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I110396
14 VINCENT, Benjamin Franklin  29 Apr 1899Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I10475
15 WALKER, Ome Vincent  13 Feb 1991Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I92901


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 NUTTER, Walter Carroll  TOLEDO MEMORIAL PARKToledo, Lucas Co, OH I73351
2 WALDO, Theodore  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I89677


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BOND, Benjamin  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I106035
2 BOND, Benjamin Nathan  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I27582
3 BOND, Lucille Victoria  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I106034
4 CLEVENGER, Ella Virginia  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I115440
5 CLEVENGER, William McKinley  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I97182
6 DIVERS, Mary Ann  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I97289
7 DOTSON, Franklin B. Jr.  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I27383
8 LACEY, Harold Jr.  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I106037
9 LACEY, Harold L.  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I106036
10 LIPSCOMB, Ioda Fay  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I27575
11 LYCANS, Patricia Peyton  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I27349
12 ROGERS, Homer Marshall  1926Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I91159
13 WALKER, Ome Vincent  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I92901
14 ___, Gertrude M.  1940Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I115458


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 AMES, Mary E.  1935Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I97287
2 BATES, Dessie N.  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I66149
3 BOND, Lucille Victoria  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I106034
4 CHALFANT, James Donald  FORMERLYToledo, Lucas Co, OH I85964
5 CORATHERS, Claris Neal  1963Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I59769
6 FRIEND, Ida Gussie  1926Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I91161
7 JACKSON, Mettie May  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I21666
8 JENKINS, Nellie Mae  1956Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I71002
9 KELLEY, Elmer Clinton  1944, 1977Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I21670
10 KILE, Doris Joanne "Dotty"  1935Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I117403
11 KILE, Wayne  1935Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I92836
12 KILE, Wayne Jr.  1935Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I117402
13 LANGFITT, Laura Odell  1918Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I102419
14 MULLINS, Theodore Roosevelt  1937Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I100560
15 MYERS, Mary Kathleen "Katie"  1973Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I24829
16 NUTTER, Donald Dean  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I19889
17 NUTTER, Walter Carroll  FORMERLYToledo, Lucas Co, OH I73351
18 PICKENS, Frances Louise  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I117902
19 PITCHFORD, Claudius F.  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I61866
20 PITCHFORD, Romeo C.  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I61865
21 REED, Kenneth Sylvester  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I60565
22 SKINNER, Mary Alma Lillian  FORMERLYToledo, Lucas Co, OH I871
23 SKINNER, Walter Ralph  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I44793
24 SMITH, Grant Edwin  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I19880
25 SMITH, Grant Edwin  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I19880
26 SMITH, Hadsel Lee  1963Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I19887
27 SMITH, Hadsel Lee  1963Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I19887
28 SMITH, Ruth Ellen  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I19884
29 SMITH, Ruth Ellen  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I19884
30 SPURR, Donald Myer  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I99463
31 SQUIRES, Ida Oma  1919Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I1694
32 SQUIRES, Kenneth H.  1951Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I20888
33 STACKPOLE, Edwin L.  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I88021
34 STEINS, Joann Jessie  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I45127
35 STRAIGHT, Cora Alice  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I28279
36 STUTLER, Arling Blagg  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I110396
37 SULLIVAN, Patrick Bryant  1917Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I117985
38 SWISHER, Edsel Eugene "Ed"  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I81309
39 WHITEHAIR, Arrilla "Rella"  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I92761
40 ZINN, Palestine  Toledo, Lucas Co, OH I29764


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MOORE / FOUTTY  12 Nov 1944Toledo, Lucas Co, OH F15516