Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV



Latitude: 38.9342573, Longitude: -80.8376033


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ___, Margaret  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I29786
2 BEALL, Clayton Franklin  9 Sep 1922Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I100621
3 BEALL, Elizabeth  21 Feb 1909Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I114715
4 BERKHOUSE, Richard Long  25 Oct 1924Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I16759
5 BRANNON, Lenora  CA 1912Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I110279
6 BRITTON, Sarah Rosella  21 Apr 1886Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I49215
7 BROWN, Ella Marlene  22 Mar 1933Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5354
8 BROWN, Garlan Wilbert  18 Mar 1926Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5369
9 BROWN, Susan B. "Sue"  9 Feb 1922Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5368
10 CHILDERS, Ruby Ellen  12 Nov 1929Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I35336
11 CLEAVENGER, Samuel Howard  19 Aug 1918Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I61330
12 CROOK, Mary Elizabeth  25 Feb 1926Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I125875
13 CROOK, William McClellan  17 Jun 1912Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I125855
14 CUROTZ, Guy Edward  11 Feb 1931Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I125973
15 DAVIS, Teresa S.  9 Oct 1908Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I11646
16 ELLIS, Verna Dean  28 Jun 1927Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5371
17 FURR, Farrell F.  10 Nov 1888Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I100470
18 GAINES, Marvin Lee  3 May 1950Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I123488
19 GARRETT, Junior McClellan  27 May 1921Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I125870
20 GATRELL, John Scott  2 Apr 1880Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I120955
21 HARPER, George Daniel  14 Jan 1947Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I116192
22 HOEY, Lynn Wilson Jr.  13 Mar 1936Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I105369
23 HOLMES, Ida May  Sep 1860Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I97343
24 HOLT, Roland Timothy Jr.  2 Oct 1920Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I27160
25 HOLT, Tilford Jackson  15 Aug 1882Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I62951
26 JARVIS, Eugene "Sam"  2 Aug 1916Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38329
27 JARVIS, Fred  17 Mar 1906Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5968
28 JARVIS, James Lowell  27 Oct 1918Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38331
29 JARVIS, Karl Leon  11 Aug 1902Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38332
30 JARVIS, Martha  14 Jun 1904Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38333
31 JARVIS, Mary Lucille  5 Oct 1922Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38334
32 JARVIS, Paul  Apr 1914Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38330
33 KEE, John  22 Aug 1874Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I121018
34 KNIGHT, Smith Cyrus  30 Apr 1900Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I24544
35 KUHL, Joshua Mandeville  28 Mar 1871Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I88106
36 LANDERS, Harry Edwin  10 Dec 1933Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I99950
37 LANGFORD, Naomi Grace  4 Aug 1933Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I100622
38 LYNCH, Julia Ann  18 Dec 1845Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I25765
39 MILLER, Oleta Maud  22 Sep 1889Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I119767
40 MOORE, Mary Belle  14 Aug 1927Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I66759
41 MOORE, Verle Glenn  18 Jun 1913Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I119499
42 NUTTER, Jasper Newton  12 Mar 1851Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I13899
43 PHILLIPS, John William  6 Nov 1892Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I15966
44 POLAN, Edward Lewis  25 Jun 1933Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I19648
45 REASER, James Stanley Jr.  10 Jan 1938Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I85543
46 REED, Roy Wilbur  8 Feb 1923Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I69437
47 RIDDLE, Lenora Hannah  28 Jul 1872Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I61975
48 RUTHERFORD, Denzil Ray  28 Mar 1932Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I75924
49 SHACKLEFORD, Charles Lee  31 Mar 1942Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I79638
50 SHERWOOD, Danny Max  16 Jun 1928Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I108811

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Ada  9 Apr 1958Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I69504
2 ADAMS, Camden  11 May 1934Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I102474
3 ADAMS, Sheryle Raye  6 Apr 2006Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I12360
4 BEALL, Franklin Richard  11 Nov 1950Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I100623
5 BENNETT, William G.  22 Sep 1936Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I26033
6 BERKHOUSE, Alva Esty  4 Apr 1970Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I81626
7 BOILON, Nancy  3 Aug 1858Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I124941
8 BRANNON, Wilson Patterson  1 Jan 1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I70660
9 BROWN, Guy Cecil  3 Jun 1960Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5363
10 BUSH, George Eli  23 Jun 1936Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I108256
11 BUTCHER, Robert Jackson  3 Nov 2005Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I33615
12 CROOK, Oral O.  1 Dec 1943Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I112830
13 DEVERICKS, Margaret J.  23 Sep 1945Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I95152
14 FLOYD, Thomas Riley  8 Nov 1914Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I123627
15 FOWLER, Zelda P. "Doodie"  20 Nov 2005Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I26016
16 GASTON, Estella B.  7 Jan 1936Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I1308
17 GASTON, Hannah Elizabeth  17 Sep 1938Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I1384
18 GASTON, Harold Dean "Toots"  4 Feb 1997Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I1316
19 HARDBARGER, Emogene  16 Jun 2014Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I18724
20 HARPER, James M.  6 Mar 1907Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I22558
21 HUFF, Foy Eufaula  31 Jul 1963Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I88661
22 KEE, Jasper Newton  19 Jan 1924Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I121014
23 LEESON, Joseph Forest  5 Feb 1956Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I22126
24 LONG, Madera Jane  8 Mar 1964Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I81627
25 LOWTHER, Carley Henry  12 Sep 1961Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I119759
26 MACKEY, Mally Ann  20 Feb 1952Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I101617
27 MCCLOY, Herbert Hoover  12 Feb 2000Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I2408
28 MCCULTY, Arminda Jemima  22 Dec 1932Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I102551
29 MCHENRY, Buryel Annalea  12 Oct 2002Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I75966
30 MCHENRY, Christian Lee  6 Mar 1923Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I120391
31 MORAN, Barbara Ann  11 Oct 2017Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I113178
32 NIDAY, Elsie M.  20 Nov 1963Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I119717
33 NUTTER, Paul Strader  24 Apr 1997Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I10219
34 NUTTER, Salathiel Martin  8 Oct 1960Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I115110
35 PATTON, Susan K.  2 Jan 1930Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I77277
36 REASER, Amy Catherine  10 Dec 1966Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I115111
37 REED, James Ervin  21 Jul 1941Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I69438
38 REED, Larry Wayne  25 Jul 2013Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I36072
39 REED, Lewis Wilson  10 Feb 1950Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I127115
40 REYNOLDS, Lillie G.  20 Jan 1945Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I53179
41 RIDDLE, Lenora Hannah  12 Nov 1942Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I61975
42 RUTHERFORD, Eliza Jane  1 Oct 1923Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I101116
43 SEE, Emma Dora  19 Feb 1938Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I70341
44 SHEETS, Flarah Belle  9 Jan 1954Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I108255
45 SHUMAN, John Henderson  7 Apr 1980Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I17000
46 SPURGEON, Dale  14 Feb 2005Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I55924
47 SPURGEON, Joseph Jennings "Jay"  7 Jan 1996Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I22412
48 STULL, Alexander  17 Dec 1945Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I53035
49 STUMP, Remley Dock  31 Aug 1953Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I77447
50 SUMMERS, Marion Bruce  16 Sep 1934Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I102826

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, Oda  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I95553
2 COBERLY, Ercel Bernard  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5359


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BERKHOUSE, Alva Esty  1930Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I81626
2 BERKHOUSE, Richard Long  1930Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I16759
3 BOND, Lura Havila  1930Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I65361
4 BOND, Lura Havila  1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I65361
5 BUTCHER, Dona Mae (Wimer)  1900Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I50275
6 CAMPBELL, Louisa J.  1880Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I121015
7 CARSON, Ulda  1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I105238
8 COLLINS, Gay  1920, 1930, 1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38324
9 COLLINS, Gay  1920, 1930, 1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38324
10 COLLINS, Hannah Gay  1920Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I116831
11 CROOK, Mary Ethel  1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I56803
12 EAGAN, James L.  1910Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I83360
13 FISCHER, Cora A.  1910Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I105445
14 FISHBACK, Moda  1930, 1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I101938
15 HINEY, Earl Conrad  1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I105236
16 HINEY, Roy E.  1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I105237
17 HOLT, Rebecca C. S.  1870Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I121369
18 JARVIS, Mary Lucille  1930, 1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38334
19 JARVIS, Mary Lucille  1930, 1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38334
20 JARVIS, Robert  1920, 1930Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38328
21 JARVIS, Robert  1920, 1930Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38328
22 KEE, Dee  1880, 1900Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I121016
23 KEE, Dee  1920Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I121016
24 KEE, Jasper Newton  1880, 1910Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I121014
25 KEE, John  1880, 1910Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I121018
26 LONG, Madera Jane  1930Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I81627
27 PARKER, John Hugh  1930Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I101937
28 RADCLIFF, Perry  1880, 1920Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I116830
29 SHERWOOD, Henry Alva  1930Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I65360
30 SHERWOOD, Henry Alva  1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I65360
31 SHIFLET, John Columbus  1900Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I110390
32 SKINNER, Beulah Delina  1900Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I122462
33 SKINNER, John W.  1900Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I37596
34 STUTLER, Benjamin Franklin  1900Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I110382
35 WARREN, Samuel N.  1900Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I121021
36 WARREN, Washington "Wat"  1900Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I121017


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ___, Blanche  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I72023
2 ___, Emma Ruth  2008Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I71471
3 ___, Gladys  2004Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I27233
4 ADAMS, Sheryle Raye  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I12360
5 ALLMAN, Marjorie  1943Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I6861
6 ALLMAN, Maurice Law  1950Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I73324
7 BALL, Josie Iora  1966Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I23836
8 BARNETT, Charles E.  1916, 1923Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I53320
9 BEALL, Clayton Franklin  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I100621
10 BEALL, Helen Lavoughn  1933Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I55446
11 BEE, Sada Florence  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I62706
12 BENNETT, Billy Joe "Chuck"  1951Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I66892
13 BENNETT, Samuel M.  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I67368
14 BERRY, Frances  1929Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I102634
15 BOND, Lura Havila  1942Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I65361
16 BRANNON, Lenora  1938Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I110279
17 BRITTON, Lorene  1978, 2006Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I40316
18 BRITTON, Lorene  1978, 2006Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I40316
19 BRITTON, Minnie Alice  1938Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I1494
20 BROWN, Arch Thomas  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5351
21 BROWN, Arta Waitman  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5352
22 BROWN, Ella Belle  1935Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5366
23 BROWN, Garlan Wilbert  1944Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5369
24 BROWN, Glendon W.  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5353
25 BROWN, Guy Cecil  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5363
26 BROWN, Lilburn L. "Tim"  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5367
27 BROWN, Susan B. "Sue"  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5368
28 BURTON, Eva Byrd  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I62522
29 BUTCHER, Robert Jackson  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I33615
30 CAMPBELL, Albert Russell  1966Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I119716
31 CAMPBELL, Claude Wilson  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5417
32 CAMPBELL, Claudette Sue  1962Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I94625
33 CANFIELD, Edna May  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I66713
34 CARPENTER, Aubra Carl  1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I62969
35 COBERLY, Araminta Bell  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5261
36 COBERLY, Arnetta Bertha  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5258
37 COBERLY, Champ Clark  1962, 97Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I24112
38 COBERLY, Iona Mae  UNTIL 1981Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I71469
39 COBERLY, Isom Oppolance  1962Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I24110
40 COBERLY, James B.  2008Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I71470
41 COBERLY, Vera Blanch  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I5262
42 COFFMAN, Lyle Thorn  2010, 2019Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I19323
43 COGAR, David Kent  1969Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I46151
44 COLE, Emma Lisette  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I21408
45 COLLINS, Gay  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38324
46 COLLINS, Gay  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38324
47 COLLINS, Jackson Merrill  1955Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38723
48 COLLINS, Jackson Merrill  1955Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I38723
49 CONNER, John Elbert  1931Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I17015
50 COOPER, Cora Ester  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I23406

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 WRIGHT, Wilma Virginia  Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV I62717


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / ABLES  7 Mar 1950Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F29684
2 ALFRED / BAILEY  23 Oct 1936Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F29485
3 BAKER / DAVIS  29 Nov 1933Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F33110
4 BEALL / LANGFORD  27 Oct 1951Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F41912
5 BOYCE / MILLER  6 Dec 1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F40889
6 BRITTON / BEALL  14 Jan 1933Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F22955
7 BRITTON / BOGGS  14 Jun 1947Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F4401
8 BRITTON / TAYLOR  20 Apr 1935Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F4366
9 BROWN / KELLEY  22 Jun 1938Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F41991
10 BUTCHER / KEENER  26 Sep 1942Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F13172
11 BUTCHER / SMITH  22 Jul 1928Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F9964
12 CAIN / LEWIS  7 Oct 1939Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F4323
13 COBERLY / HUPP  2 Feb 1946Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F1855
14 COEN / BROWN  28 Jan 1939Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F1856
15 COOPER / STARCHER  9 Jan 1918Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F9682
16 COSNER / TUSTIN  13 Jan 1954Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F25082
17 CUNNINGHAM / MILLER  5 Jan 1946Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F6544
18 GOFF / COBERLY  28 Oct 1955Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F30339
19 GREGORY / CROOK  28 Jun 1947Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F54637
20 GUM / COOK  31 Oct 1938Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F54329
21 HALL / MOORE  9 Feb 1935Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F18469
22 HINZMAN / RIDDLE  4 Mar 1946Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F9290
23 HOOPS / HOLT  23 Mar 1873Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F52183
24 HUSK / LUNSFORD  15 Nov 1931Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F191
25 JONES / BOYCE  9 Jun 1948Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F7393
26 KING / PARSONS  15 Apr 1953Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F42372
27 LORENTZ / BUSH  7 Aug 1937Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F15322
28 LOWTHER / BONNETT  25 Apr 1936Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F31798
29 LOWTHER / WILMOTH  2 Jul 1936Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F33844
30 LYDICK / WRIGHT  20 Aug 1948Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F26075
31 MATHENY / RYMER  15 May 1927Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F22207
32 MCCAULEY / THATCHER  1849Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F23177
33 MCMILLION / HARDESTY  19 Feb 1949Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F29779
34 MCNUTT / LAWSON  26 Jul 1928Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F42751
35 OSBORNE / SHAFFER  8 May 1937Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F31898
36 PARKER / BRANNON  27 Jan 1938Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F46436
37 PERRIN / FRYMIER  27 May 1949Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F26179
38 PHILLIPS / LAW  CA 1918Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F5713
39 PHILLIPS / THOMAS  1 Nov 1947Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F33283
40 PRITT / KING  14 Jun 1952Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F34073
41 REED / BRITTON  28 Sep 1940Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F4408
42 REED / CROOK  14 Dec 1947Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F47716
43 RUTHERFORD / SANDERS  15 Jun 1932Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F32392
44 RYMER / BRITTON  1 Jun 1942Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F4449
45 RYMER / WOOFTER  2 Oct 1948Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F32838
46 SHAFFER / LANGFORD  3 Jul 1930Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F37517
47 SHEETS / ELLIS  19 Aug 1949Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F54431
48 SIMMONS / TALBOTT  23 Nov 1935Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F48196
49 SKINNER / REED  26 Aug 1933Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F35008
50 SNIDER / PRITT  1 Dec 1950Glenville, Gilmer Co, WV F42204

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