Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV


Latitude: 39.37647, Longitude: -80.8245499


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
51 LOWE, Alvin E.  1944Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I85794
52 LOWTHER, Jesse Vernon  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I56864
53 MAHON, Gwendolyn Georgia  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I65021
54 MCGEORGE, Hattie  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I75786
55 MCKINNEY, Harmon Washington  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I75785
56 MERCER, Elsie Lee  1927Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I65325
57 MERCER, John  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I82918
58 MERCER, Woodie  1907Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I108060
59 OSBORN, Dottie  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I44014
60 PERNELL, Harrison Latham  1916Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I42849
61 PRATT, Alta William  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I60073
62 PRATT, Beulah Cora  1925Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I18880
63 PRATT, Carrie  1902Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87551
64 PRATT, Edna L.  1917Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I102571
65 PRATT, Gladys F. "Bunny"  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I2036
66 PRATT, Henry Harrison  1902Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I91950
67 PRATT, Martha Ann  1941Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I89602
68 PRATT, Okey  1915Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I65181
69 PRATT, Ora Eli  1927Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I86454
70 PRATT, Rhoda A.  1956Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I77309
71 PRATT, William Thurman  1925Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I107902
72 ROBINSON, James Blaine  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I93691
73 SCOTT, Arah Jane  1914Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I58412
74 SCOTT, Dorothy H.  1951Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I75019
75 SECKMAN, Clyde  1926Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87533
76 SECKMAN, Gay  1922Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I60074
77 SECKMAN, Mary Janice  1950Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87532
78 SMITH, Amy (Ann M.)  1925Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I107903
79 SMITH, Artie Jane  FORMERLYWilbur, Tyler Co, WV I75190
80 STEVENS, Betty Louise  1987Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I23377
81 STEWART, Alti Irvin  1904Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I63477
82 STEWART, Everitt  1931Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I73751
83 STEWART, Rawley James  1904Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I35361
84 STUBBS, Earl  1943Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I17927
85 UNDERWOOD, Helen Elizabeth  1923Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I113352
86 UNDERWOOD, Hessie Blaine  1917Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I92613
87 UNDERWOOD, Joseph W.  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I81200
88 WEEKLEY, Dale E.  1933Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29112
89 WEEKLEY, Glenver O.  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I75189
90 WILCOX, Lulu Belle  1935Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I84577
91 WILLIAMS, Corlis  1944Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29106
92 WILLIAMS, Elmer E.  1946Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29105
93 WILLIAMS, Eska M.  1933Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29107
94 WILLIAMS, James Claremont  1947Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I83072
95 WILLIAMS, James Leo  1948Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I20647
96 WILLIAMS, Wanona Wandella  1946Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I111819
97 WISE, Dora  1904Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I35362
98 WISE, Louisa  1915Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I98323
99 WISE, Virgil Clayton  1947Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I100658

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