Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV


Latitude: 39.37647, Longitude: -80.8245499


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASH, Olive Joanne  24 Jan 1936Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I113121
2 CONAWAY, Nellie Grace  31 Dec 1920Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87546
3 CONNER, Cecil Albert  27 May 1917Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87547
4 CUMBERLEDGE, Eula Dell  4 Nov 1929Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I93358
5 CUMBERLEDGE, James Lester  14 Jun 1918Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I4071
6 CUMBERLEDGE, Kermit Elwood  21 Apr 1925Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I80430
7 CUMBERLEDGE, Rose Lee  16 Oct 1877Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I108632
8 DAVIS, Clarice Isabelle  2 Oct 1916Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I35695
9 DAVIS, Hattie  1 Jul 1876Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I94883
10 DAVIS, Mildred Irene  5 Sep 1912Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I72753
11 DAVIS, Ona Martha  19 Sep 1883Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I108636
12 DAVIS, Ora Carl  11 Aug 1903Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I57607
13 DAVIS, Orval Jackson "Jack"  23 Aug 1919Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I21406
14 FERGUSON, Nina Bell  24 Aug 1918Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I1610
15 GEORGE, Edna June  30 Jun 1918Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I94881
16 GEORGE, Nellie Louise  19 Oct 1912Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I109094
17 HARTMAN, Ronna Jean  26 Mar 1947Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I21858
18 HAUGHT, Virginia N.  21 Sep 1919Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I85569
19 KEYS, Dicie Myrtle  7 Nov 1891Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I27615
20 KEYS, Mabel Edith "Edie"  12 May 1922Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I2310
21 MCKINNEY, Pauline Virginia  23 Sep 1927Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I75784
22 MCKINNEY, Ruth  22 Dec 1924Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I84485
23 MERCER, Glenda Alice  10 Jun 1910Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I82917
24 MERCER, Tilden  1 Apr 1875Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I107923
25 PERNELL, Leland Lester  1922Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87211
26 PERNELL, Ovid Lee  3 Jun 1933Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I56251
27 PRATT, Alva  6 Aug 1880Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I114097
28 PRATT, Carrie  21 Jun 1883Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87551
29 PRATT, Clayton  3 Dec 1917Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I28657
30 PRATT, George  15 Mar 1894Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I96610
31 PRATT, Laura Belle  12 Nov 1860Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I52892
32 PRATT, Troy Leon  21 May 1922Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I60072
33 ROBINSON, Waitman Willie  CA 1876Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I86465
34 SCOTT, Dorothy H.  28 Feb 1926Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I75019
35 SECKMAN, Eric Glenn  25 Nov 1901Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I113983
36 SECKMAN, Mary Janice  26 Oct 1930Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87532
37 STEWART, Harold  11 Apr 1909Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I1083
38 STUBBS, Anitabelle  15 Mar 1931Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I32961
39 STUBBS, Ralph  5 Sep 1896Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I77160
40 STUBBS, William Ray  26 Jul 1888Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I19451
41 UNDERWOOD, Clay  30 Jul 1892Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I79527
42 UNDERWOOD, Eeward Blaine  15 Apr 1911Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I44237
43 UNDERWOOD, Helen Elizabeth  21 Feb 1869Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I113352
44 UNDERWOOD, Hessie Blaine  6 Mar 1891Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I92613
45 UNDERWOOD, Rex O.  26 Nov 1900Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I12701
46 WILLIAMS, Berlin E.  3 Aug 1914Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29100
47 WILLIAMS, Betty Ruth  9 Jun 1928Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I111815
48 WILLIAMS, Corlis  19 Mar 1919Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29106
49 WILLIAMS, Elmer E.  CA 1922Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29105
50 WILLIAMS, Wayne Chester  15 Jul 1916Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29104

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASH, Eli  9 May 1946Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I106709
2 ASH, Sarah Ann  20 Jul 1921Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I106700
3 BROWN, Mary Ellen  3 Mar 1924Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29600
4 COTTRILL, Kenneth A.  4 Feb 1970Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I71050
5 CUMBERLEDGE, James Lester  5 Aug 1931Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I4071
6 CUMBERLEDGE, Mary Elizabeth  30 Sep 1920Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I68858
7 CUMBERLEDGE, Samuel D.  29 Nov 1917Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29599
8 DAVIS, Angonetta "Ann"  1 Feb 1947Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I113442
9 DAVIS, Hattie  12 Jun 1961Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I94883
10 DAVIS, Pearley  18 Jan 1965Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I65165
11 DAVIS, Robert  15 Feb 1894Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I113440
12 DUCKWORTH, Noah  1 Feb 1955Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I78587
13 DUTY, Phoebe Ellen  6 May 1943Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I100677
14 FERGUSON, Zane Hamilton  4 Jul 1899Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I113445
15 GATRELL, Samuel Oliver  3 Apr 1959Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I102578
16 GEORGE, Lloyd  2 Dec 1957Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I94882
17 GOODE, Freda Addie  13 Sep 1935Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I93452
18 HOSKINS, Almeda  1 May 1956Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I101840
19 JONES, Joseph Willis  29 Jan 1943Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I16254
20 KEYS, Creed Fernando  11 Jan 1956Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I85209
21 LACY, Palmon L.  20 Feb 1918Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I113353
22 LYONS, Olive Leora  2 Oct 1958Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I30941
23 MCGEORGE, Laura Elizabeth  31 Oct 1924Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I70249
24 MERCER, John  26 Feb 1904Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I82918
25 MERCER, Jonathan  29 Jul 1948Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I101839
26 PRATT, Alva  15 Nov 1880Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I114097
27 PRATT, Carrie  28 Dec 1943Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87551
28 PRATT, George  18 Mar 1894Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I96610
29 PRATT, Henry Harrison  17 Dec 1927Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I91950
30 PRATT, John W.  25 Mar 1914Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I65182
31 PRATT, Laura Belle  10 Mar 1941Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I52892
32 PRATT, Leah  12 Dec 1918Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I97377
33 PRATT, Nancy  30 Dec 1903Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I49681
34 ROBINSON, James Blaine  5 Feb 1911Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I93691
35 SECKMAN, Clyde  18 Jun 1960Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87533
36 SECKMAN, James S.  18 Sep 1904Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I49678
37 SEEDERS, Mary Frances  4 Nov 1968Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I81030
38 SPENCER, Samantha Lenora "Nora"  7 Apr 1950Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I82039
39 THOMAS, Lucetta Ann  24 Aug 1928Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I82919
40 WEEKLEY, William Washington  3 Dec 1935Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I72750
41 WILLIAMS, Parley Sherman  7 Jan 1959Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29098
42 WISE, Elsie Ann  8 Apr 1902Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I101728


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DAVIS, Lumma Victoria  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I75471


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CONAWAY, Alton Lee  1940Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87550
2 CONAWAY, Roy H.  1940Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I95866
3 CUMBERLEDGE, Perry C. "Pete"  1940Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I52890
4 KEYS, Gwalia Jean  1940Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I83053
5 KEYS, Lawrence Eugene "Bub"  1940Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I84578
6 KEYS, Retha Lenora  1940Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87534
7 PRATT, Carrie  1940Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87551
8 PRATT, Laura Belle  1940Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I52892
9 SECKMAN, Clyde  1940Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87533
10 SECKMAN, Mary Janice  1940Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87532
11 WILCOX, Lulu Belle  1940Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I84577


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ASH, Eli  1931Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I106709
2 ASH, John Wesley  1930Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I113114
3 ASH, Mary Virginia  1911Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I16255
4 ASH, Olive Joanne  1955Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I113121
5 BATTON, Warder Brenton  1947Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I16499
6 BOOHER, Saul  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I63715
7 BRITTON, George Winfield  1948Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I80429
8 BRITTON, William Arthur  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I44013
9 CONAWAY, Alton Lee  1942Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87550
10 CONAWAY, Nellie Grace  1945Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87546
11 COTTRILL, Kenneth A.  1969Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I71050
12 CUMBERLEDGE, Ellis  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I52891
13 CUMBERLEDGE, Eula Dell  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I93358
14 CUMBERLEDGE, Jacob Alfred "Jake"  1955Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I9348
15 CUMBERLEDGE, James Andrew  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I1716
16 CUMBERLEDGE, Mary Elizabeth  1915Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I68858
17 CUMBERLEDGE, Sarah Jane  1916Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I60443
18 CUNNINGHAM, Austin Donal "Don"  1947Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I26743
19 DAVIS, Anthony Eugenius  1916Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I72883
20 DAVIS, Clarice Isabelle  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I35695
21 DAVIS, Daisy Virginia  1904Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I63478
22 DAVIS, Edna Elsie  1911Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I29099
23 DAVIS, Lewis  1916Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I108634
24 DAVIS, Mildred Irene  1935Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I72753
25 DAVIS, Ora Carl  1916Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I57607
26 DAVIS, Zelphia Mae  1950Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I23657
27 DELOE, Harry  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I30978
28 DILLON, Jacob Luther  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I86777
29 DOLL, Edward George  1935Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I72754
30 DONLEY, Samuel A.  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I85921
31 DUCKWORTH, Addie E.  1955Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I71062
32 DUCKWORTH, Noah  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I78587
33 FERGUSON, Lavina Clayce  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I63716
34 FERGUSON, Margery Clyde  1927Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I92170
35 FINLEY, Berthena  1924Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I84565
36 GASTON, Stella Gay  1932Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I1713
37 GEORGE, Edna June  FORMERLYWilbur, Tyler Co, WV I94881
38 GREGG, Lura V.  1955Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I78588
39 HAUGHT, Delbert  1927Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I82002
40 HICKMAN, Lucy Ellen  1931Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I53494
41 JAMES, Dewayne H. "Bud"  Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I19412
42 JETT, John  1948Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I21635
43 JONES, Gertrude B. "Gertie"  1920Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I20061
44 JONES, Joseph Willis  1911Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I16254
45 JONES, Mollie S.  1914Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I20060
46 JONES, Thomas Henry  1921Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I66804
47 KEYS, Gwalia Jean  1935Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I83053
48 KEYS, Mabel Edith "Edie"  FORMERLYWilbur, Tyler Co, WV I2310
49 KEYS, Retha Lenora  1926Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I87534
50 KINNEY, Anna A.  1924, 1939, 1943Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV I55704

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRITTON / DAVIS  13 Aug 1904Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F32231
2 CARROLL / GATRELL  19 Dec 1914Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F7174
3 CAYTON / PRATT  25 Apr 1925Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F6898
4 CRITES / FERGUSON  14 Jun 1909Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F36239
5 DAVIS / GEORGE  23 Jul 1910Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F26593
6 DAVIS / GEORGE  15 Apr 1911Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F30955
7 DAVIS / SHELINE  26 Sep 1902Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F48856
8 DAVIS / WEEKLEY  16 Apr 1911Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F27253
9 FOX / MERCER  29 May 1911Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F37640
10 HUFFORD / UNDERWOOD  6 Dec 1898Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F16898
11 KINNEY / GEORGE  6 Apr 1929Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F45824
12 LEWIS / MCCLAIN  24 Nov 1897Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F32268
13 MCGEORGE / DAVIS  9 Jun 1895Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F29559
14 MERCER / DOAK  7 Oct 1905Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F45253
15 MERCER / MYER  8 Oct 1905Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F39916
16 MOORE / UNDERWOOD  6 Oct 1923Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F47972
17 NICHOLS / DAVIS  22 Sep 1906Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F26027
18 PRATT / DAVIS  11 Jul 1903Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F37987
19 ROBINSON / PRATT  28 Aug 1902Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F40444
20 SMITH / DAVIS  5 Nov 1898Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F33825
21 SPENCER / WISE  29 Oct 1916Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F19942
22 STEWART / HICKMAN  6 Aug 1931Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F31430
23 SWIGER / KENDALL  8 Jul 1911Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F49355
24 THOMAS / GRUVER  19 Apr 1891Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F42842
25 UNDERWOOD / MERCER  12 Dec 1903Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F45255
26 UNDERWOOD / MERCER  3 Oct 1907Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F45330
27 WEEKLEY / SMITH  18 Dec 1902Wilbur, Tyler Co, WV F42228