Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Wallace, Harrison Co, WV



Latitude: 39.4095308, Longitude: -80.4898145


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHCRAFT, Kenneth Conley  26 Nov 1901Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I116264
2 ASHCRAFT, Ward L.  12 Feb 1895Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I50762
3 ASHCRAFT, William Brent  21 Jan 1908Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I77830
4 BALL, Lena B.  5 Mar 1891Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I30870
5 BARR, Larry Coen  31 Mar 1946Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I59593
6 BATES, Rex Fleming  2 May 1914Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I116314
7 BEE, Richard Dale  18 Jun 1938Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I59212
8 BEVERLIN, Sylva Eugene  13 Aug 1918Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I101210
9 CAIN, Sylvester Reason "Dusty"  30 Mar 1923Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I35547
10 CARSON, James Russell  2 Jul 1923Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I8453
11 CHASE, Alfred William  27 Jun 1924Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I62360
12 COOPER, Robert Lee  8 Feb 1926Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I35474
13 COTTRILL, Audie Jay  29 Jan 1915Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I61060
14 CUMBERLEDGE, William Gordon "Junior"  6 Jan 1928Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I79140
15 CURREY, Hugh Larry  1 Jan 1932Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I63698
16 DAVIS, Donald R.  7 Jan 1934Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I36384
17 DAVIS, Kenneth Eugene "Gene"  28 Jun 1928Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I22683
18 DAVISSON, Clifford Wayne  22 Oct 1908Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109665
19 DAVISSON, Edmond M. "Eddie"  25 Jun 1894Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I87830
20 DAVISSON, Ronald Lee  26 Aug 1938Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I23253
21 DAVISSON, Vivian Pearl  3 Aug 1912Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I99229
22 DAWSON, Leota Dell  9 Mar 1884Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109458
23 DYE, Adaline  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I105085
24 EDGELL, Blanche M.  26 Mar 1918Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I91641
25 EDGELL, Oma Margery  24 Apr 1927Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I50514
26 FLEMING, Doris Jean  15 May 1925Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I96507
27 FLEMING, Izetta Jewel  14 Sep 1922Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I119081
28 FLUHARTY, Anga Doloris  13 Aug 1927Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I87354
29 FLUHARTY, Henry Lawrence  8 Jun 1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I35217
30 FLUHARTY, Thomas Jackson  30 May 1929Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I122703
31 FORD, Lloyd Hale  14 May 1919Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I26356
32 FRUM, Bertha  Jun 1885Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I46104
33 GLASPELL, Charles Earlin  8 Aug 1933Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I108069
34 GLASPELL, Gale  12 May 1922Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I61118
35 HARBERT, Luther Shinn  30 Apr 1869Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I119003
36 HARBERT, Marshall Ernest  Jul 1869Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109442
37 HENDERSON, Ruth May  8 May 1925Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I16692
38 HOEY, Helen L.  21 Mar 1917Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I52254
39 HOEY, Lynn Wilson  28 Aug 1905Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I77444
40 HUTSON, Ariel D.  29 Jan 1913Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I108890
41 HUTSON, Chesley Fay  28 Feb 1924Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I71785
42 HYDE, Roy Denzil  14 Mar 1922Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I110116
43 KISHBAUGH, Myrtle F.  13 Jan 1872Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I85359
44 MAHANA, Nancy Jewell  6 Oct 1907Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I103441
45 MAIN, Cecil Otas  4 Sep 1921Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I94398
46 MCCOY, Harry A.  13 Jun 1905Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I101720
47 MCQUAID, Alfred Lewis  26 Apr 1932Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I111906
48 ORR, Gagie Lorraine  10 Sep 1903Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I105371
49 PIGOTT, Clovis Wayne Jr.  6 Jul 1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I97482
50 PITTS, Genevieve "Ginny"  11 Feb 1933Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I41763

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ASH, Dallas Earl  8 Dec 1946Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I120556
2 ASHCRAFT, Chester Earl  22 Oct 1966Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109835
3 ASHCRAFT, Hazel Agnes  5 Jan 1965Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I86860
4 BATES, Jacob Emmanuel  21 Sep 1937Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I63449
5 BATTON, Pauline Ida  22 Nov 2005Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I16511
6 BENNETT, Theron D.  18 Dec 1925Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I123243
7 BOON, Christena  31 Jul 1916Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I112087
8 BOWEN, Rollin Timothy "Tim"  2 Aug 2012Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I22112
9 BRAMER, John Quilla  24 Jun 1968Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I122456
10 BURTON, Roy  16 Jun 1966Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I85453
11 CARSON, Friend Ebenezer  6 Oct 1942Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109448
12 COFFMAN, Russell Lee  24 Aug 1938Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I50489
13 COOPER, Blondena Ruth "Bonnie"  11 Nov 2004Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I16672
14 COOPER, Opal Irene  31 May 1943Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I27941
15 CUMBERLEDGE, Vesta Chloe  16 Jan 2010Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I62410
16 CUMBRIDGE, Guy  19 Jun 1921Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I48089
17 DAVIS, Catherine Joannah  19 Apr 1908Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I104937
18 DAVIS, Elmus Elsworth  10 Aug 1952Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I102565
19 DAVIS, Francis Lee  16 Nov 2000Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I68956
20 DAVIS, Oral T.  27 Oct 1968Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I76969
21 DAWSON, Leota Dell  24 Dec 1945Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109458
22 DRUMMOND, Bertha Roxie  28 Nov 1950Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I86602
23 DYE, Delmus  19 Jul 1954Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109820
24 DYE, Templeton W. "Temp"  30 Nov 1946Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109573
25 DYE, William Ellis  11 Nov 1949Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109455
26 FLANAGAN, Samuel T.  29 Sep 1949Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I110132
27 FLEMING, Eli B.  26 Feb 1908Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I13945
28 FLEMING, George W.  20 Jul 1947Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I44357
29 FLEMING, Izetta Jewel  19 Jul 1924Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I119081
30 FRUM, Columbia Jane  16 Jan 1943Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I58932
31 FRUM, Emily A.  16 Dec 1942Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I58939
32 GARRETT, William Harrison  23 Feb 1929Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I56097
33 GEORGE, Thomas Benton  25 Jun 1944Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I83973
34 HALL, Isaac D.  12 Feb 1929Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I106910
35 HARBERT, Malinda  14 Feb 1888Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I113603
36 HURST, Sarah Louise  14 Feb 1926Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I69261
37 HUTSON, Raymon Dale  26 Nov 1965Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I79174
38 HYDE, Ira C.  22 Jan 1926Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I110120
39 KILE, Luke B.  21 Sep 1931Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I88137
40 KILE, Mary Catherine  3 Nov 1934Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I61303
41 MAHANA, Ivy Bell  9 Apr 1939Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I103440
42 MARTIN, Louisa  31 Jan 1906Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I58948
43 MARTIN, William Lloyd  6 Nov 1925Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I61302
44 MAXWELL, Myrtle L.  20 May 1923Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109462
45 MAYLE, Chad Everett  13 Mar 2016Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I105715
46 MCINTIRE, Mary E.  4 Jul 1904Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I88033
47 MORRIS, Elizabeth  15 Feb 1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I108903
48 NAY, William H. W.  7 Jul 1923Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I116012
49 NICHOLAS, Melissa Ann  11 Aug 1950Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I44790
50 NICHOLAS, Rhoda V.  29 Nov 1938Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I86863

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COFFMAN, Augustus Frederick  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117697
2 FRUM, Columbia Jane  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I58932
3 ROBBINS, Mary Etta  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117624
4 SHIELDS, William Melvin  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I114419


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ASHCRAFT, Arlen Elmer  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I110122
2 ASHCRAFT, Chester Earl  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109835
3 ASHCRAFT, Mary Adeline  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117104
4 ASHCRAFT, Minnie Lillian  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I110123
5 ASHCRAFT, Vesta Everett  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117133
6 ASHCRAFT, Walter James  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I103443
7 BATES, Rex Fleming  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I116314
8 BATES, Rosetta  1920Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I71170
9 COFFMAN, Arlie E.  1920Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I120144
10 COFFMAN, Augustus Frederick  1920Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117697
11 COFFMAN, Ora Esker "Orie"  1920Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117696
12 COFFMAN, Otha Guy  1920Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I120143
13 COOPER, Blondena Ruth "Bonnie"  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I16672
14 COOPER, Carl Clay  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I27943
15 COOPER, James Edward  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I27944
16 COOPER, John Homer  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I27945
17 COOPER, Nina Marie  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I27940
18 COOPER, Norman Clay  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I27919
19 COOPER, Opal Irene  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I27941
20 COOPER, Robert Lee  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I35474
21 CURREY, Arnold Lane  Apr 1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I96483
22 DAVIS, Oren Gail  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I36386
23 FORD, Herman D.  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I89985
24 HENNEN, Dora V.  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I97484
25 HYDE, Roy Denzil  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I110116
26 KELLER, Okey  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117105
27 KELLER, Ottis Harold  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117111
28 KING, Edith Lorraine  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I36387
29 LYNCH, Mary  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I110121
30 LYONS, Laco B.  1920Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117868
31 NICHOLAS, Rhoda V.  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I86863
32 STARKEY, Ida Ellen  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I83247
33 STOUT, Nellie B.  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I91511
34 SWIGER, Lena Monie  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I103590
35 TUCKER, William Francis  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I97483
36 TUCKER, Wilma Rose  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I73637
37 WALLACE, Bessie Forest  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117112
38 WILMOTH, Beatrice  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117134


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Faynetta  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I20024
2 ALLEN, Larnie Opal  1913, 1925Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I85211
3 ALLEN, Mabel Clair  1946Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I85217
4 ARNETT, Shirley Ann  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I55374
5 ARNETT, Shirley Ann  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I55374
6 ASH, Clarence  1914Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I57751
7 ASH, Dallas Earl  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I120556
8 ASH, Eva Virginia  1935Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I68959
9 ASH, Murl Leonard  1935Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I69224
10 ASH, Willis Earl  1935Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I60940
11 ASHCRAFT, Clitus David Jr.  1934Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117119
12 ASHCRAFT, Frederick Milton  1918, 1942Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I84668
13 ASHCRAFT, Garlen Jackson  1935Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I79014
14 ASHCRAFT, Garlen Jackson  1959Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I79014
15 ASHCRAFT, Hansel D.  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I86861
16 ASHCRAFT, Laverna  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117129
17 ASHCRAFT, Letch A. (John C. L.)  1942Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I79015
18 ASHCRAFT, Minnie Grace  1936Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I87705
19 ASHCRAFT, Royal Ward  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I84667
20 ASHCRAFT, Ward L.  1919Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I50762
21 BAKER, Granville Harrison  1913Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I71176
22 BAKER, Roberta Rose  1965, 1991Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I80127
23 BARKER, Gladys Virginia  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I14885
24 BARKER, Robert Dewey  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I75910
25 BATES, Ellen Lucile  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I86853
26 BATES, Mary Jo  1948Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I109595
27 BATES, Rex Fleming  1940Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I116314
28 BATES, Rosetta  1915Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I71170
29 BATTON, Pauline Ida  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I16511
30 BENNETT, Bernadine Elloise  1937Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I50534
31 BEVERLIN, Arlie Garfield  1918Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I114681
32 BEVERLIN, Okey Bert  1920Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I85218
33 BEVERLIN, Pauline  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I116453
34 BOOHER, Velma Opal  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I81892
35 BOWEN, Carl Thomas  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I22111
36 BOWEN, Lot Thomas  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I20043
37 BOWEN, Rollin Timothy "Tim"  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I22112
38 BRAMER, Joie Lee  1954Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I122455
39 CAIN, Juanita LeJuene  2009Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I18396
40 CAIN, Lona Katherine  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I18394
41 CAIN, Lorraine Joan  1990Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I18395
42 CARSON, Roy Price  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I23572
43 CHILDERS, Permelia Olivia  1953Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I111845
44 CLAYPOOL, Edna Lee  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I63140
45 CLEVENGER, Paul Clairmont  1951Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I118091
46 CLUMP, David Anthony  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I26119
47 COFFMAN, Augustus Frederick  1921Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I117697
48 COFFMAN, Laura Clarice  1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I12247
49 COOPER, Blondena Ruth "Bonnie"  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I16672
50 COOPER, James Edward  Wallace, Harrison Co, WV I27944

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / BARTLETT  29 Apr 1934Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F19715
2 ALLEN / HUTSON  17 Sep 1920Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F38995
3 ASH / STEWART  17 Jun 1905Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F41570
4 BARTLETT / HARBERT  19 Nov 1868Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F10956
5 BATES / HALL  18 Aug 1901Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F50393
6 BATES / SWIGER  19 Apr 1920Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F50347
7 BENNETT / POST  29 Oct 1932Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F27460
8 BENNETT / WEST  11 Oct 1931Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F30562
9 BEVERLIN / FOX  14 Jun 1918Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F48706
10 BLACK / MARTIN  6 May 1908Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F44987
11 BRITTON / COFFMAN  26 Apr 1930Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F4369
12 CARDER / ROBINSON  19 Jul 1918Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F40156
13 COFFMAN / BENNETT  24 Nov 1909Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F20848
14 COFFMAN / BOGGESS  10 Feb 1921Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F51534
15 COTTRILL / SMITH  22 Jul 1935Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F43909
16 DENNISON / HOLT  7 Apr 1939Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F27715
17 EDGELL / SWIGER  25 Jun 1949Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F53323
18 GEORGE / KISHBAUGH  13 Sep 1893Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F36573
19 GOSHEN / FLEMING  25 Aug 1947Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F50991
20 HALL / MAHANA  6 Mar 1920Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F40142
21 HURST / WOLFORD  19 Feb 1937Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F43948
22 HUSTEAD / SWIGER  23 Sep 1928Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F53210
23 JOHNSON / BEVERLIN  31 Aug 1915Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F42153
24 LAW / ASH  17 May 1919Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F41578
25 LOY / HARBERT  19 Jul 1903Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F43920
26 LYNCH / SWIGER  12 May 1934Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F37075
27 LYONS / BATES  20 Feb 1915Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F50340
28 MILLER / ALLEN  5 Oct 1913Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F36507
29 NICHOLSON / MCKINNEY  4 Sep 1931Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F51620
30 REYNOLDS / COOPER  12 Feb 1944Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F10577
31 ROBINSON / MCCULLOUGH  18 Jul 1954Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F45660
32 SHAW / LYNCH  19 Nov 1921Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F32026
33 SHRIVER / TALKINGTON  24 Dec 1935Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F22216
34 SWIGER / BAKER  21 Aug 1920Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F48552
35 SWIGER / HALL  8 Sep 1911Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F27594
36 SWIGER / HALL  4 Dec 1937Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F37137
37 SWIGER / SWEENEY  9 Dec 1950Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F6702
38 TALKINGTON / ALLEN  19 Aug 1946Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F36510
39 WETZEL / GLASPELL  3 Apr 1926Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F44784
40 WILLIAMS / HALL  24 Dec 1946Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F37140
41 YEATER / GAIN  13 Nov 1916Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F33848
42 YEATER / MICK  3 Oct 1906Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F19275
43 ZINN / BARNES  6 Jul 1943Wallace, Harrison Co, WV F50065