Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV



Latitude: 38.981476, Longitude: -80.9495518


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEE, Judith Ann  8 Mar 1945Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I74154
2 BENNETT, Billy Joe "Chuck"  20 Aug 1925Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I66892
3 BRIGHT, Jerusha Angeline  15 Jun 1876Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I82177
4 CAIN, Ronald Gail "Ronnie"  21 Dec 1941Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I12095
5 CRITES, Lillie Gertrude  Jun 1894Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I53159
6 CURRY, Sonja Ann  2 May 1946Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I45603
7 DENNISON, James Jr.  25 Jul 1924Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I65870
8 FISHER, Francis Camden  30 Nov 1879Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I54591
9 FRYMIER, Betty Elaine  1 Mar 1931Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I62924
10 FRYMIER, Nyla Leah  11 Sep 1936Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I24737
11 FRYMIER, Reta Virginia  17 Feb 1929Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I120349
12 HARDMAN, French  25 Nov 1872Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I49185
13 HARDMAN, Lucy Gay  17 Mar 1916Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I49184
14 HERSMAN, Samuel "Mike"  21 Dec 1905Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I67261
15 HILEMAN, Howard Absalom  9 Feb 1880Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I35200
16 HINZMAN, Ruby Jean  20 Apr 1924Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I69236
17 LAW, Audra Mae  29 Sep 1897Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I5192
18 MCCOWEN, Audra A.  19 Feb 1927Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I69422
19 MILLER, Vincent Winfield  6 Feb 1938Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I108834
20 MINOR, Willa Jean  1930Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I70208
21 REED, Elsie Violet  3 May 1905Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I112559
22 ROBINSON, Nora Opal  21 Jul 1916Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I52514
23 SPRINGSTON, Albert Monroe  14 Oct 1867Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I90012
24 WADE, Stella B.  23 Jul 1891Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I48528
25 WAGGONER, Ralph Windell  18 Jul 1927Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I79444
26 WOODFORD, Iris Columbia  12 Nov 1865Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I5186
27 WRIGHT, Willard Lyle "Hep"  21 May 1927Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I62716


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, Martha  14 Jan 1939Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I96885
2 BUSH, Arley G.  6 Jul 1996Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I18110
3 GRAGG, Jacob  14 Nov 1905Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I115570
4 LAW, Carroll J.  9 Aug 1913Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I86151
5 LAW, Harold Ray  6 Aug 1913Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I86150
6 STALNAKER, Amy Iova  31 May 2002Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I46087
7 WHIPKEY, Isobell Diana  3 May 1958Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I101812


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BRITTON, Ardeth Poling  1930Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I12377
2 BRITTON, Bonneta Virginia  1930Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I12376
3 BRITTON, Kermit R.  1930Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I12379
4 BRITTON, Mahala Ruth  1930Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I12378
5 RIDDLE, Aubra Eugene (Sheets)  1930Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I122413


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Izen Virginia  1928Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I104517
2 BEE, Judith Ann  1963Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I74154
3 BOYCE, Iva Gay  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I18107
4 BRITTON, Arza R.  1935Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I12217
5 BUSH, Arley G.  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I18110
6 BUSH, Richard Lee  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I31860
7 CAIN, Columbus David  1928Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I61173
8 CAIN, William Gail  1939Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I12091
9 CLEVENGER, Raymond T.  1959Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I69417
10 COOPER, Thomas A.  1930Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I88655
11 CURRY, Joseph Bernard  1934Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I31081
12 FRYMIER, Betty Elaine  1949Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I62924
13 GIBONEY, Joe Woodroe  1937Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I62724
14 HINZMAN, Darwin Charles  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I24800
15 HINZMAN, Ruby Jean  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I69236
16 LEWIS, Ruie Iden  1939Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I12087
17 MINER, Albert Carl  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I80291
18 NICHOLSON, Ambrose Bailey  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I40544
19 NICHOLSON, Ambrose Bailey  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I40544
20 RIDDLE, Elwood  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I24796
21 RIDDLE, Lois Vashie  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I24798
22 ROBINSON, Nora Opal  1944Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I52514
23 RODGERS, Dora Ann  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I12085
24 STALNAKER, Amy Iova  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I46087
25 WADE, Herbert Bryan  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I31584
26 WHIPKEY, Ralph L.  Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I83166
27 WILLIAMS, Audra Jessie  2007Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I46083
28 WRIGHT, Dessie Cloe  1937Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I62710
29 WRIGHT, William Walter  1907Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV I62707


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROWN / SIEGRIST  2 Oct 1938Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV F1851
2 CAIN / ANDERSON  28 Jul 1928Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV F43590
3 WADE / BENNETT  6 Jun 1933Tanner, Gilmer Co, WV F12236