Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Spencer, Roane Co, WV



Latitude: 38.8020322, Longitude: -81.3509532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARNOTT, Roanna Jo  27 Nov 1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I91697
2 BENT, Malissa  Apr 1850Spencer, Roane Co, WV I68024
3 BOOTHE, James Clark  21 Mar 1929Spencer, Roane Co, WV I77726
4 BOWERS, Effie  26 Aug 1919Spencer, Roane Co, WV I60367
5 BROWN, Rosetta Maxine  11 Apr 1925Spencer, Roane Co, WV I26165
6 BURGESS, Opal  23 Mar 1907Spencer, Roane Co, WV I103705
7 CARPENTER, Eunice Ann  22 May 1920Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15298
8 CARPENTER, Lewis Johnson  22 Jan 1877Spencer, Roane Co, WV I1064
9 CARPENTER, William Henry Harrison  CA 1914Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15295
10 CARTER, Hartsel W.  17 Nov 1921Spencer, Roane Co, WV I69817
11 COE, Herman Brooks  17 Dec 1924Spencer, Roane Co, WV I35343
12 COON, Freddie J. Jr.  2 Apr 1924Spencer, Roane Co, WV I4153
13 DAVIS, Lawrence Kermit  27 Jan 1918Spencer, Roane Co, WV I124782
14 DICKERSON, Bert Jr.  24 Dec 1927Spencer, Roane Co, WV I94631
15 FERRELL, Lois Lea  22 Aug 1939Spencer, Roane Co, WV I75960
16 FREELAND, Gary  17 Feb 1954Spencer, Roane Co, WV I74083
17 FREELAND, Larry  17 Feb 1954Spencer, Roane Co, WV I74084
18 FREELAND, Shirlen Lee  1 Feb 1939Spencer, Roane Co, WV I74082
19 FREELAND, William James  Sep 1918Spencer, Roane Co, WV I22457
20 GREATHOUSE, Zirkle Zane  8 Feb 1903Spencer, Roane Co, WV I64218
21 GRIBBLE, Elwanda Marie  30 May 1921Spencer, Roane Co, WV I18252
22 HARDMAN, Jackie Bill  17 Jul 1929Spencer, Roane Co, WV I114993
23 HARLESS, Sarah Frances "Sally"  13 Aug 1855Spencer, Roane Co, WV I13900
24 HAUGHT, Robert M.  6 May 1938Spencer, Roane Co, WV I66824
25 HAVERTY, Howard Russell  8 Feb 1935Spencer, Roane Co, WV I57038
26 HUSK, John Alden  30 Jan 1910Spencer, Roane Co, WV I3001
27 HUSK, Martha Ann  4 Mar 1869Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15101
28 HUSK, William Hobert  10 Jan 1886Spencer, Roane Co, WV I1251
29 ICARD, Milford M.  22 Feb 1917Spencer, Roane Co, WV I18253
30 LOWE, Elizabeth Bowman "Lizzie"  11 Feb 1876Spencer, Roane Co, WV I115527
31 MACE, Barbara Jane  12 Dec 1939Spencer, Roane Co, WV I31957
32 MAXWELL, Albert Wilbur  12 Jan 1931Spencer, Roane Co, WV I25399
33 MCKOWN, Chester Jr.  14 Jan 1931Spencer, Roane Co, WV I22455
34 MCKOWN, John Arthur  4 Jul 1923Spencer, Roane Co, WV I22451
35 MILLER, Rosa Belle  9 Oct 1886Spencer, Roane Co, WV I119839
36 MILLER, Yvonne  20 Dec 1917Spencer, Roane Co, WV I66826
37 ODELL, Virginia Hope  4 Apr 1920Spencer, Roane Co, WV I71388
38 PHILLIPS, Francis Monroe  1 May 1926Spencer, Roane Co, WV I115524
39 POE, Betty Rae  25 Jan 1933Spencer, Roane Co, WV I50426
40 SCHRECKENGAST, Roger  20 Mar 1948Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15235
41 SMITH, Otis Henry  17 Sep 1905Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15109
42 SMITH, Roscoe Iris  9 Dec 1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15106
43 STARCHER, Commodore  2 Feb 1898Spencer, Roane Co, WV I77800
44 STEELE, Ralph Richard  17 Sep 1922Spencer, Roane Co, WV I85859
45 TANNER, James Sherman  21 Sep 1880Spencer, Roane Co, WV I119838
46 TANNER, Walter  Jun 1886Spencer, Roane Co, WV I119841
47 TANNER, Walter George  4 Feb 1911Spencer, Roane Co, WV I119840
48 THOMPSON, Grace Clare  23 Nov 1915Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15111
49 WATSON, Arrah Biddie  11 Feb 1891Spencer, Roane Co, WV I20827
50 WATSON, Artie A.  22 Jun 1889Spencer, Roane Co, WV I20826

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALTIZER, Cleo  31 May 1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I52519
2 BAILEY, Harvey  16 Aug 1921Spencer, Roane Co, WV I61992
3 BARICKMAN, Spencer Elijah  3 Mar 1939Spencer, Roane Co, WV I9321
4 BENNETT, Addie May  28 Oct 1930Spencer, Roane Co, WV I112713
5 BLAKE, Ada  20 Apr 2008Spencer, Roane Co, WV I55058
6 BODE, Paris L.  9 Dec 1946Spencer, Roane Co, WV I25292
7 BOLTE, Lewis Edward  10 Apr 1966Spencer, Roane Co, WV I73095
8 BOWEN, Joanna E. "Josie"  14 Jul 1944Spencer, Roane Co, WV I112781
9 BRIDWELL, Earl  12 Apr 1944Spencer, Roane Co, WV I38600
10 CAIN, James A.  4 Dec 1922Spencer, Roane Co, WV I50147
11 CAMP, Sarah Elizabeth  24 Apr 1924Spencer, Roane Co, WV I115529
12 CARPENTER, Eunice Ann  6 May 2010Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15298
13 CARPENTER, Lewis Johnson  10 Apr 1952Spencer, Roane Co, WV I1064
14 CARPENTER, Violetta Mae  15 Dec 1933Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15208
15 CARTER, James Lloyd  25 Jan 1930Spencer, Roane Co, WV I114567
16 CARTER, Levi  14 Oct 1957Spencer, Roane Co, WV I102019
17 CLAYTON, Ina May  5 Dec 1941Spencer, Roane Co, WV I69491
18 COEN, Murray Donald "Don"  11 Nov 1966Spencer, Roane Co, WV I5415
19 COON, Charity  13 Mar 1872Spencer, Roane Co, WV I9112
20 COON, Eunice Ann  22 Aug 1952Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15162
21 DOTSON, Wilma  25 Oct 2002Spencer, Roane Co, WV I106670
22 DOUGLAS, Samuel Bailey F.  24 Jan 1931Spencer, Roane Co, WV I114486
23 ELLIFRITT, Rosabelle  30 Aug 1943Spencer, Roane Co, WV I29379
24 FLETCHER, Anna Mae  15 May 1969Spencer, Roane Co, WV I16783
25 FOSTER, Francis Benjamin  3 May 1927Spencer, Roane Co, WV I105506
26 FREED, Iva  5 Jun 1964Spencer, Roane Co, WV I42244
27 FREELAND, Gary  17 Feb 1954Spencer, Roane Co, WV I74083
28 FREELAND, Larry  17 Feb 1954Spencer, Roane Co, WV I74084
29 FREELAND, Shirlen Lee  16 Feb 1939Spencer, Roane Co, WV I74082
30 GAINER, Dollie  22 Dec 1964Spencer, Roane Co, WV I73106
31 GRANT, James Simpson  22 Aug 1960Spencer, Roane Co, WV I93658
32 GRAY, Floyd Holden  17 Sep 1964Spencer, Roane Co, WV I21083
33 GRAY, Junie Etta  25 Jun 1966Spencer, Roane Co, WV I6390
34 GREATHOUSE, John Joseph  4 Jul 1866Spencer, Roane Co, WV I25916
35 GREATHOUSE, Leonidas Bonaparte  20 Aug 1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I64219
36 GRIBBLE, Oak H.  8 Mar 1941Spencer, Roane Co, WV I25291
37 GRIBBLE, Thomas Virgil "Bird"  16 Mar 1927Spencer, Roane Co, WV I18254
38 GROGG, Elizabeth  6 Oct 1888Spencer, Roane Co, WV I40982
39 HAMRICK, William Noyes  8 Mar 1952Spencer, Roane Co, WV I66820
40 HANES, Ivy Myrtle  13 Feb 1954Spencer, Roane Co, WV I93629
41 HANGER, Anna Mary  11 Mar 1965Spencer, Roane Co, WV I25842
42 HARDIN, Thomas Henry  Apr 1967Spencer, Roane Co, WV I84873
43 HARRIS, Alpha  11 Jan 1980Spencer, Roane Co, WV I114026
44 HECK, Juanita V.  25 Feb 2007Spencer, Roane Co, WV I6234
45 HEDGE, William Randolph  8 Nov 1942Spencer, Roane Co, WV I70374
46 HEFLIN, Carsie Leonidas  13 Feb 1946Spencer, Roane Co, WV I53204
47 HITT, Cecil Gail  19 Jul 1951Spencer, Roane Co, WV I54004
48 HIVELEY, Alice B.  14 Nov 1963Spencer, Roane Co, WV I62172
49 HUSK, Albert  8 Nov 1994Spencer, Roane Co, WV I1931
50 HUSK, Charles Blaine  6 Nov 1955Spencer, Roane Co, WV I1243

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Clee  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I102717
2 GRIBBLE, Oak H.  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I25291
3 GRIBBLE, Thomas Virgil "Bird"  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I18254
4 WINES, Robert Granderson  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I35378


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, David C.  1920Spencer, Roane Co, WV I122760
2 BEE, Alma Madalin  1920, 1930Spencer, Roane Co, WV I65234
3 BOYCE, Abigail  1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I33243
4 BROWN, Ella Belle  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I5366
5 CAIN, Orpha Belle  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I118889
6 CARPENTER, Viola Dean "Ollie"  1920Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15209
7 CLEVENGER, Ettie  1920Spencer, Roane Co, WV I122757
8 COEN, Murray Donald "Don"  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I5415
9 CONNELLY, Clare  1910Spencer, Roane Co, WV I96217
10 CROUSE, Judge U.  1930Spencer, Roane Co, WV I86837
11 DAVISSON, Gertrude L.  1910Spencer, Roane Co, WV I99067
12 EDDY, Zora Evelyn  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I56247
13 ELDER, Clemma Irvin "C. I."  1930Spencer, Roane Co, WV I52768
14 GAINER, Austin S.  1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I73110
15 GREATHOUSE, Benjamin R.  1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I111624
16 GRIBBLE, Forrest Dale  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I9662
17 HUSK, John  1920Spencer, Roane Co, WV I811
18 LEMASTERS, Mary Ellen  1930Spencer, Roane Co, WV I52769
19 LOWTHER, John R.  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I48198
20 LOWTHER, Rita  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I86095
21 LOWTHER, Roy Gale  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I56976
22 LOWTHER, Russell  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I86094
23 LOWTHER, Vera Bernadine  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I86093
24 MCGRAW, Wash T.  1930Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15192
25 MICHAEL, Rose Jenny  1910Spencer, Roane Co, WV I76496
26 MORTIMER, Clarence Ross  1910Spencer, Roane Co, WV I99068
27 MORTIMER, Marguerite  1910Spencer, Roane Co, WV I99073
28 PITTS, Donald M.  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I118897
29 PITTS, Gladys Ruth  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I118894
30 PITTS, Loranza Gilbert  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I104669
31 PITTS, Loranza Gilbert "Jack" Jr.  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I118890
32 PITTS, Marguerite Elizabeth "Tig"  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I118895
33 PITTS, Orpha Lee  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I118899
34 RADCLIFF, Louise  1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I111625
35 SHORT, Elizabeth  1880Spencer, Roane Co, WV I115546
36 SIMMONS, Carroll D.  1920, 1930Spencer, Roane Co, WV I65236
37 SIMMONS, Kenna Cleveland  1920, 1930Spencer, Roane Co, WV I65235
38 SMITH, Henrietta E.  1920Spencer, Roane Co, WV I1246
39 SPRINGSTON, Cora Ellen "Ella"  1920Spencer, Roane Co, WV I119808
40 SQUIRES, Edith Genevary  1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV I9603
41 STALNAKER, John  1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I20828
42 STALNAKER, Julia Ann  1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I20829
43 STALNAKER, Mary Jane  1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I20541
44 STALNAKER, Sabisca H.  1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I115513
45 STALNAKER, Sarah A.  1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I115514
46 STEELE, Laurence M.  1910Spencer, Roane Co, WV I76501
47 STEELE, Milton  1910Spencer, Roane Co, WV I76497
48 TANNER, George Washington  1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I119836
49 TANNER, Rushie Lee  1910, 1920Spencer, Roane Co, WV I119823
50 TANNER, Walter  1900Spencer, Roane Co, WV I119841

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Clee  FORMERLYSpencer, Roane Co, WV I102717
2 BAILEY, David C.  1918Spencer, Roane Co, WV I122760
3 BAKER, Edna Alice  1947Spencer, Roane Co, WV I28519
4 BARNETT, Missouri  1923Spencer, Roane Co, WV I57162
5 BATTON, Hurshall  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I59192
6 BELL, Geraldine  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I39676
7 BLACKWELL, Gay E.  1942Spencer, Roane Co, WV I22456
8 BLAND, Dovener Haddon  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I100021
9 BODE, Paris L.  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I25292
10 BOLTE, Charles Gainer  1937Spencer, Roane Co, WV I73107
11 BOLTE, Lewis Edward  1925Spencer, Roane Co, WV I73095
12 BOWEN, Joanna E. "Josie"  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I112781
13 BRANNON, Mandervill Jennings  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15921
14 BROWN, Ella Belle  1960, 1966, 1998Spencer, Roane Co, WV I5366
15 BROWN, Ella Marlene  1955Spencer, Roane Co, WV I5354
16 BURDETT, Abe  Feb 1910Spencer, Roane Co, WV I95717
17 BUZZARD, Billy Joe  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I35792
18 CAIN, Oscar N.  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I63238
19 CAPLINGER, James Virgil  1946Spencer, Roane Co, WV I49629
20 CARPENTER, Eunice Ann  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15298
21 CARPENTER, Genevieve Ruth  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15294
22 CARPENTER, Lenny  2003Spencer, Roane Co, WV I31574
23 CARPENTER, Lewis Johnson  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I1064
24 CARPENTER, Viola Dean "Ollie"  1922Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15209
25 CARPENTER, William Henry Harrison  1937, 1952Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15295
26 CARTER, Hartsel W.  1950Spencer, Roane Co, WV I69817
27 CHAPMAN, Columbia "Lummie"  Feb 1910Spencer, Roane Co, WV I95716
28 CHEUVRONT, Ottie  1941Spencer, Roane Co, WV I35480
29 CHURCH, Icy M.  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I25995
30 CLEAVENGER, Cybal J.  1912Spencer, Roane Co, WV I73468
31 COEN, Murray Donald "Don"  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I5415
32 COON, Eunice Ann  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15162
33 COON, Samuel  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I15159
34 COOPER, Roy J.  1927Spencer, Roane Co, WV I25806
35 CRADDOCK, Roscoe L.  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I42784
36 CUSTER, Charley O.  1908Spencer, Roane Co, WV I65141
37 DAUGHERTY, David Clifford  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I57861
38 DAVIS, Noah E.  1911Spencer, Roane Co, WV I58570
39 DAVISSON, Dalton Ray  1947Spencer, Roane Co, WV I61356
40 DOBBINS, Pauline Augusta  1952Spencer, Roane Co, WV I108823
41 DONAHUE, Leona  1946Spencer, Roane Co, WV I26236
42 DOTSON, Orville Clyde  1939Spencer, Roane Co, WV I41978
43 DOTSON, William Dountain  1962Spencer, Roane Co, WV I41977
44 DOTSON, Wilma  Spencer, Roane Co, WV I106670
45 DOUGLAS, Charlie Everett  1917Spencer, Roane Co, WV I51330
46 DOWLER, Ethel A.  1914Spencer, Roane Co, WV I82569
47 DUSKEY, Brooke Carr  1912Spencer, Roane Co, WV I32096
48 EPLING, Nettie M.  1915Spencer, Roane Co, WV I52679
49 FAIRBEE, Earl  1925Spencer, Roane Co, WV I111539
50 FLETCHER, Anna Mae  1958-69Spencer, Roane Co, WV I16783

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AYERS / CHAPMAN  11 Jul 1942Spencer, Roane Co, WV F48425
2 BOLTE / HARRIS  2 Mar 1937Spencer, Roane Co, WV F31122
3 BURNSIDE / TANNER  10 May 1927Spencer, Roane Co, WV F51364
4 CARTER / LOWTHER  19 Jan 1950Spencer, Roane Co, WV F29491
5 COOPER / STARCHER  4 Jun 1927Spencer, Roane Co, WV F9685
6 CRIHFIELD / MCCUMBERS  14 Dec 1945Spencer, Roane Co, WV F1981
7 DAVISSON / SMITH  30 Aug 1947Spencer, Roane Co, WV F25470
8 FETTY / PHILLIPS  24 Nov 1934Spencer, Roane Co, WV F25986
9 FREELAND / MCKOWN  6 Mar 1937Spencer, Roane Co, WV F31579
10 FREELAND / MCKOWN  31 Jan 1942Spencer, Roane Co, WV F8378
11 GASTON / METZ  2 Dec 1940Spencer, Roane Co, WV F31470
12 HARRIS / BAKER  1 Nov 1947Spencer, Roane Co, WV F10820
13 HAUGHT / MILLER  6 Jun 1935Spencer, Roane Co, WV F28076
14 HESS / CARPENTER  2 Apr 1942Spencer, Roane Co, WV F5454
15 JOHNSON / SPROUSE  10 Jul 1956Spencer, Roane Co, WV F34436
16 KERBY / SAMPSON  1 Mar 1947Spencer, Roane Co, WV F23178
17 KOOKEN / HECK  25 Dec 1943Spencer, Roane Co, WV F17161
18 LEGGETT / CLEAVENGER  6 Jan 1912Spencer, Roane Co, WV F31304
19 MCGRAW / HUSK  15 Oct 1934Spencer, Roane Co, WV F5407
20 NICHOLS / YOUNG  4 Jan 1949Spencer, Roane Co, WV F31346
21 NUTTER / DONAHUE  6 Nov 1946Spencer, Roane Co, WV F9884
22 NUTTER / PARSONS  14 Jul 1948Spencer, Roane Co, WV F27543
23 ODELL / SMITH  14 Apr 1914Spencer, Roane Co, WV F30301
24 PHILLIPS / KEEN  22 Sep 1948Spencer, Roane Co, WV F36574
25 REBELL / MILLER  26 Aug 1956Spencer, Roane Co, WV F28078
26 SLEETH / WILLIAMS  22 Feb 1938Spencer, Roane Co, WV F26420
27 SMITH / NICHOLSON  1 Nov 1894Spencer, Roane Co, WV F42901
28 STARCHER / BOWERS  31 Jul 1939Spencer, Roane Co, WV F25014
29 STARCHER / SCHOOLCRAFT  9 Jul 1932Spencer, Roane Co, WV F9695
30 STOUT / STARCHER  22 Dec 1928Spencer, Roane Co, WV F22399
31 STOUT / WHITEHAIR  11 Nov 1947Spencer, Roane Co, WV F6192
32 SUBLETT / METZ  5 Mar 1966Spencer, Roane Co, WV F31471
33 TANNER / WILSON  5 Nov 1921Spencer, Roane Co, WV F31348
34 WALKER / BEE  25 Dec 1959Spencer, Roane Co, WV F3327
35 WATSON / ARNOLD  25 Nov 1946Spencer, Roane Co, WV F22400
36 WAXLER / IRONS  25 Nov 1931Spencer, Roane Co, WV F27964
37 WEST / HUSK  10 Jul 1911Spencer, Roane Co, WV F8813