Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Salem, Harrison Co, WV



Latitude: 39.2828653, Longitude: -80.5589856


Matches 851 to 900 of 951

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
851 SUTTON, Clayton Eugene  1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I99102
852 SUTTON, Ernest Ray  1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I99099
853 SUTTON, Ernest Ray Jr.  1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I99104
854 SUTTON, Helen Rosaline  1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I99103
855 SUTTON, Irene  1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I21776
856 SUTTON, Thomas Woodrow  1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I99105
857 SWIGER, Adelbert Milton  1910, 1920Salem, Harrison Co, WV I106780
858 SWIGER, Emmajean Virginia "Jean"  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I50795
859 SWIGER, Floyd Jr.  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I18045
860 SWIGER, Frederick Milton  1910Salem, Harrison Co, WV I47143
861 SWIGER, Henry Floyd  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I50784
862 SWIGER, Mary Margaret  1910Salem, Harrison Co, WV I103178
863 SWIGER, Ottis Ford  1910Salem, Harrison Co, WV I106771
864 SWIGER, Ottis Ford  1920Salem, Harrison Co, WV I106771
865 SWIGER, William Leonard  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I50794
866 TATE, Margaret Elizabeth "Maggie"  1910Salem, Harrison Co, WV I35963
867 TAYLOR, Claude Edward  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I39241
868 TAYLOR, Hamilton George  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I39236
869 TAYLOR, John Hamilton  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I39242
870 TAYLOR, Mary Jean  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I39235
871 TAYLOR, Patricia Ann "Trish"  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I39244
872 TAYLOR, Virginia Lucille  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I39243
873 THOMAS, Ila Blanche  1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I68732
874 THOMPSON, Bernard Everett  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I14127
875 THOMPSON, Bessie May  1920Salem, Harrison Co, WV I91980
876 THOMPSON, Betty June  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I37582
877 THOMPSON, Bud Anderson  1920, 1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I91970
878 THOMPSON, Clarence Edward Ellis  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I18849
879 THOMPSON, Elizabeth Irene  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I37588
880 THOMPSON, Ellis George  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I14126
881 THOMPSON, Ernest D.  1920, 1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I45832
882 THOMPSON, Fred  1920Salem, Harrison Co, WV I91974
883 THOMPSON, Fred Lewis  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I37586
884 THOMPSON, Golden  1920, 1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I68527
885 THOMPSON, Guy Everett  1920, 1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I91981
886 THOMPSON, Jackie Eugene  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I37584
887 THOMPSON, Marion  1920, 1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I20452
888 TIERNEY, Madge Elizabeth "Maggie"  1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I109000
889 TRAINER, George Hubbert  1910, 1930, 1940Salem, Harrison Co, WV I86046
890 TRAINER, Joseph Edgar  1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I58578
891 TRAINER, Margaret Isabelle  1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I78411
892 TRAUGH, Augustus "Gus"  1920Salem, Harrison Co, WV I92077
893 TRAUGH, Harry  1920Salem, Harrison Co, WV I121893
894 TROUGH, Blanche  1920Salem, Harrison Co, WV I92084
895 VANHORN, Deco  1920Salem, Harrison Co, WV I94588
896 VANHORN, Garnet Fluence  1920Salem, Harrison Co, WV I94590
897 VANHORN, Moses Hoffman  1900, 1910, 1920Salem, Harrison Co, WV I43114
898 VANHORN, Sarah J.  1900Salem, Harrison Co, WV I55542
899 VANHORN, Sarah J.  1900Salem, Harrison Co, WV I55542
900 VARNER, Estella  1910Salem, Harrison Co, WV I87633

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Matches 851 to 853 of 853

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
851 ZINN, Edythe F.  1930Salem, Harrison Co, WV I119864
852 ZINN, Jack Edwin  1943Salem, Harrison Co, WV I117334
853 ___, Mary Elizabeth  1916Salem, Harrison Co, WV I50143

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