Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA



Latitude: 40.4406248, Longitude: -79.9958864


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, John H.  CA 1890Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I100982
2 BROAD, Phoebe Gwendolyn  28 Sep 1925Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I33005
3 BROWN, Daniel H.  20 Jan 1884Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I106724
4 BUCHANAN, Anna Royce  CA 1914Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I122787
5 BURNS, Samuel James  5 Jun 1888Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I106725
6 BUTLER, Sarah A. "Sadie"  Mar 1872Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I112252
7 CRAIG, William Harrison  7 Sep 1856Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I114050
8 DAVIS, Lula May  13 Apr 1904Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I57690
9 DAY, Marshall Clyde  18 Jul 1896Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I17303
10 FAULKNER, Marguerite Frances  20 Jan 1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I59694
11 FAULKNER, Timothy James  1 Feb 1892Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I79753
12 FAULKNER, William Thomas  25 Nov 1897Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I79751
13 FLEMING, Sarah Lillian  28 Oct 1910Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I17160
14 GASTON, Robert  25 Jul 1811Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I3458
15 GRAHAM, Josephine Vashti  17 Jan 1898Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I99465
16 HARRIS, Frances June  18 Sep 1926Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I20669
17 HILTZER, George  17 Aug 1886Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I112792
18 HUGHES, Jane Margaretta  8 Jun 1921Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I117853
19 HURST, Robert William  1 Aug 1923Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I82415
20 IACONIS, Gloria Kathleen  17 Nov 1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I79774
21 ISHERWOOD, Doris M.  25 Feb 1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I83455
22 JEFFREY, Gordon Wiley  13 Jul 1902Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I106728
23 KERR, Helen Clair  16 Nov 1904Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I52080
24 KRAMER, Joseph David  22 Jan 1922Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I62738
25 LOSCAR, John Joseph Jr.  30 Apr 1931Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I120412
26 MARSHALL, Lionel Albert  10 Feb 1914Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I90212
27 MCCARTY, Keith Hall  23 Jun 1934Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I86931
28 MCGANN, John Arthur  5 Aug 1901Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I97006
29 MCKEEN, Charles Vivian  2 Dec 1871Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I93697
30 MCKEEN, Samuel  31 Oct 1845Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I53749
31 MCKENY, Maria Camile  16 Jun 1937Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I101344
32 PIERCE, George Edward  24 Nov 1874Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87443
33 POE, Robert George  4 Jun 1942Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I115608
34 PRITCHARD, Emily Marshall  6 Sep 1931Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I90631
35 RAUSCH, Matthew Jacob  1 Oct 1896Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I106727
36 SELLERS, Karen Elizabeth  21 Sep 1942Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I23889
37 SERIANA, Mary Grace  21 Jul 1927Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I15812
38 SMITH, Betty Orton  31 May 1917Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I81337
39 SMITH, George Derwood  24 Jun 1916Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I81336
40 SMITH, Ida Flo  21 Mar 1892Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I75048
41 SMITH, Lois Jean  18 Nov 1922Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I52081
42 SNIDER, Shirley J.  13 Jan 1948Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I100938
43 STAUB, Arlene Virginia  13 Feb 1913Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I36214
44 STAUB, Donna Lee  6 Jul 1909Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I39613
45 TERPACK, Keith Allen  28 Jun 1957Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I108976
46 WELCH, Catherine  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I47505
47 WENDLING, Eleanor Jane  12 Oct 1924Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I28549
48 WILLISON, Frank Armstrong  23 Feb 1881Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I122959
49 WOODS, Philip Axtel  4 Jan 1828Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I82850
50 ___, Marie Grace  18 Sep 1927Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I32900


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Clad Junior  21 Feb 2008Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I35895
2 AMES, William Edward  25 Jun 1952Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I88075
3 BAKER, Opal Gladys  20 Feb 1951Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I80791
4 BATES, Missouri  17 Nov 1892Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I104961
5 BECK, Stephen B.  17 Feb 1943Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I99896
6 BEVERLIN, Charles Wesley  3 Jun 1949Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I85405
7 BLAND, Clay John  11 Feb 1961Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I57123
8 BLUM, Myrtle M.  30 Jan 1990Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I118722
9 BRITTON, Sarah Louise  16 Aug 2005Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I12246
10 BROADWATER, W. Craig  18 Dec 2006Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I16890
11 BROWN, Daniel H.  27 Jul 1962Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I106724
12 BROWN, Frank  17 Jun 1945Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I109313
13 BROWN, Thomas Wesley  8 Jul 1938Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I63036
14 BURNS, Dorothy Ann  12 Jun 2013Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I122691
15 BURNS, Jeannette Ray  28 May 1953Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I116810
16 BUTLER, Sarah A. "Sadie"  9 Mar 1922Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I112252
17 CAVINS, Joseph Arcie "Archie"  12 Sep 1994Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I78960
18 CHANDLER, Patty Ann  18 Mar 2011Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I24895
19 CLARK, Louisa Garfield Edith  4 Mar 1960Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I115157
20 CLINE, Lorrena Juanita  28 Jun 2013Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I23249
21 COLE, Nancy Lea  25 Jan 1969Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I123614
22 COOPER, John Homer  17 Mar 2006Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I27945
23 COTTRILL, Anderson Burton  25 May 1956Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I115156
24 COX, Carl Patterson  2 Dec 2016Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I94287
25 CRAWFORD, Thomas Wilmer  10 Apr 1945Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I122958
26 CROSS, Johnny Jr.  30 Dec 2010Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I25390
27 CROSS, Ronald Wayne  15 Jan 2007Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I38680
28 DAVIS, Linda Carole  9 May 2014Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I93726
29 DEFRANCES, John Albino  29 Jul 2008Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I35882
30 DOAK, George B. M.  30 Nov 1944Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I98590
31 DOYLE, Michael  9 Feb 1913Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I98244
32 EDGELL, Donald George  24 Jul 1991Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I44133
33 FAULKNER, Joseph  14 Jul 1894Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87438
34 FAULKNER, Patrick  9 Aug 1902Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87436
35 FLATLEY, Bridget  14 May 1936Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I121599
36 FLATLEY, Thomas  1887Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I121598
37 FLEMING, Hiram Bert  6 Oct 1980Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I24861
38 FORRESTER, Cecil Francis  16 Jan 2010Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I23168
39 FOX, Ernest Blaine  25 Mar 2012Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I109210
40 GALVIN, Leonora "Nora"  1 Aug 1937Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I121856
41 GASKINS, Cecil Marvin  29 Jun 2000Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I58414
42 GRAY, Willard Franklin  14 Jun 1987Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I50370
43 GREGG, Eugene Dale  15 Jul 2007Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I54261
44 HAMILTON, John Yost  25 Feb 1999Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I609
45 HICKMAN, Jane E.  11 Dec 2003Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I9566
46 HICKMAN, Thomas Beau  1 May 1957Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I6273
47 HILEMAN, Kimberly Sue  6 Aug 1961Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I28800
48 HILEMAN, William Frank  18 Jan 2002Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I16638
49 HOLLAND, Robert Louis Jr.  20 Sep 2010Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I26392
50 HUTSON, Robert Elmer  14 Mar 1922Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I121848

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Maude  1920, 1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I51348
2 ARISON, Helen Arletta  1940Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I117420
3 BAKER, Opal Gladys  1940Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I80791
4 BARTON, Hannah Oliver  1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I4841
5 BELL, Timothy  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I109673
6 BELL, Uda Dietta  1940Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I90629
7 BENNINGER, Lasca V.  1920, 1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I104512
8 BENNINGER, Neva  1920Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I104513
9 BENNINGER, William  1920Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I99396
10 BURNSIDE, Archie Lewis  1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I80715
11 BUTLER, Sarah A. "Sadie"  1880, 1900, 10, 20Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I112252
12 CAVALLO, Guy  1940Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I122560
13 CAVINS, Joseph Arcie "Archie"  1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I78960
14 CAVINS, Mary Elizabeth  1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I79184
15 CAVINS, Samuel  1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I78959
16 DOUGLAS, Donald A.  1920. 1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I51349
17 DOUGLAS, Ira Albert  1920, 1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I51259
18 ELLIFRITT, Sylvester James  1940Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I109389
19 ESTEP, Amanda  1880Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I75515
20 ESTEP, Charles F.  1880Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I75517
21 ESTEP, Harrison  1880Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I3489
22 ESTEP, Henry  1880Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I75514
23 ESTEP, James Edward  1880Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I75512
24 ESTEP, Marian  1880Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I75513
25 ESTEP, Walter  1880Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I75516
26 FAULKNER, Dorothy May  1920, 1940Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87459
27 FAULKNER, Eleanor L.  1920, 1940Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87458
28 FAULKNER, James J.  1900, 1910Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87456
29 FAULKNER, John H.  1900, 10, 20, 40Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87442
30 FAULKNER, John Vincent  1920Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87460
31 FAULKNER, Margaret  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87439
32 FAULKNER, Marguerite Frances  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I59694
33 FAULKNER, Mary Irene  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I79754
34 FAULKNER, Patrick  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87436
35 FAULKNER, Rose  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87437
36 FAULKNER, Timothy James  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I79753
37 FAULKNER, William C.  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I79747
38 FAULKNER, William Thomas  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I79751
39 FOLEY, Sarah Frances "Fannie"  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I79748
40 FROST, Walter F.  1910Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I109435
41 GALVIN, Leonora "Nora"  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I121856
42 GOFF, Leota Maude  1920Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I70856
43 HARRIS, Savilla "Villa"  1910, 1920, 1930Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I97385
44 HENRY, Mary Helen  1920Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I109583
45 HILL, Mabel Irene  1940Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I110546
46 HUNT, Mary  1900, 1910Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87432
47 HUTSON, Robert Elmer  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I121848
48 JENKINS, Andrew Wallace  1910, 1940Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I109386
49 KERR, Helen Clair  1910Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I52080
50 KERR, John K.  1900Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I112251

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ABEL, Walter Leonard  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I81279
2 ADAMS, John H.  1924Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I100982
3 ADKINS, Harry  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I26777
4 ALBERS, Clara Tracy  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I44249
5 AMES, William Edward  SINCE Abt 1944Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I88075
6 ANCELL, John Herman  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I86558
7 ARISON, Helen Arletta  1935Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I117420
8 BAKER, Opal Gladys  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I80791
9 BECK, Stephen B.  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I99896
10 BEE, David  2008, 2010Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I20572
11 BEE, Robert  2008, 2010Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I20570
12 BEE, Steve  2008, 2010Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I20571
13 BEE, Virginia Elaine  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I20576
14 BENNINGER, Lasca V.  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I104512
15 BERKHOUSE, Harvey Henry  1954Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I19080
16 BLAIR, Lilly Leora  1918Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I74929
17 BLAND, Clay John  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I57123
18 BLAND, Metta Evangel  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I108853
19 BONGARTZ, Rosemarie  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I5731
20 BONNELL, Pauline  2011Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I60275
21 BORGESE, Maria Francesca  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I111742
22 BROWN, Frank  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I109313
23 BROWN, Harry Gaston  1918Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I74906
24 BURTON, Pinkard William  1916Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I77264
25 CASEY, Grace Mae  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I16831
26 CAVALLO, Guy  1949Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I122560
27 CAVINS, Joseph Arcie "Archie"  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I78960
28 CHAPMAN, Harriet M.  1911Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I93717
29 CHEMEL, Frank K.  1947Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I113220
30 CLEVENGER, Orville Myron  1940Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I122417
31 COFFMAN, Lena Esta  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I3178
32 COTTRILL, Viola A.  FORMERLYPittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I64050
33 CRAWFORD, Thomas Wilmer  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I122958
34 CUMBERLEDGE, Daniel Gaston  1967Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I4070
35 CUMPSTON, Laura Jane  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I50034
36 CURREY, Ruby Nevada  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I83143
37 DAVIS, Donald  1957Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I114403
38 DAVIS, Edward  ORIGNALLYPittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I49497
39 DEFRANCES, John Albino  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I35882
40 DENNISON, Emma  1945Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I109314
41 DOUGLASS, David Berlin  1941Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I47771
42 DUTY, Grover Francis  1913Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I119172
43 EARLY, Charles E.  2006Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I35557
44 ENSELL, Edward  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I26724
45 FAULKNER, Ellen G.  1914Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87440
46 FAULKNER, James J.  1914Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87456
47 FAULKNER, John H.  1952Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87442
48 FAULKNER, Patrick  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87436
49 FELLOWS, Edward William  1957Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I7962
50 FLEMING, Edna A.  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I28620

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 SIMOK, George A.  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA I87449


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DAVIS / JEFFREY  23 Jul 1902Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA F23866
2 GORDON / BOVARD  7 Sep 1904Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA F3207
3 KERR / CHESS  12 Dec 1916Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA F3784
4 LYNN / SUTTON  19 Jul 1935Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA F3314
5 MCNUTT / HAYS  14 Apr 1868Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA F27621
6 PIERCE / FAULKNER  1899Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA F37539
7 SNEE / SMITH  24 Jun 1943Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA F47434