Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV


Latitude: 39.1253656, Longitude: -80.7406575


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 RYMER, Helen Lucille  25 Oct 1923Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I20893
52 SCHULTE, Barket Criss  1 May 1892Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I73156
53 SCHULTE, Fred Lewis  31 Oct 1920Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I82324
54 SMITH, Frances Alice  30 Aug 1858Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I47694
55 SMITH, Henry U.  Nov 1847Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I41119
56 SMITH, John William  27 Jan 1887Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I17263
57 TAYLOR, Mary Ann  10 Jan 1937Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I113428
58 TAYLOR, Ralph King Jr.  23 Jun 1932Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I113426
59 WANSTREET, (Daughter)  27 Sep 1901Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I122390
60 WANSTREET, Frances Alice  17 Feb 1889Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I107672
61 WANSTREET, Genevieve Christina  4 Dec 1896Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I47752
62 WANSTREET, Helen Elizabeth  17 Nov 1918Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I107675
63 WANSTREET, Joseph Anthony  3 May 1871Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I93858
64 WANSTREET, Mary C.  29 Mar 1903Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I48564
65 WANSTREET, Mary Maxine  25 Oct 1917Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I107674
66 WANSTREET, Michael Edward  Jan 1920Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I107676
67 WANSTREET, Peter Michael  26 Oct 1886Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I107669
68 WANSTREET, Verna  26 Jan 1890Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I47751
69 WELLINGS, Florence Marian  23 Oct 1882Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I105779
70 WOOFTER, Emery  8 Aug 1886Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I118422
71 WOOFTER, Ernest  30 Mar 1890Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I25362
72 WOOFTER, Harley  29 Jan 1894Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I118423
73 WOOFTER, Melvin Peter  10 Nov 1880Leopold, Doddridge Co, WV I80131

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