Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV



Latitude: 40.3275693, Longitude: -80.5959065


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DYE, Oras Delmus  16 Aug 1937Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I109822
2 HARLESS, James William  2 Mar 1919Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I95627
3 HUBBS, Dorothy Pauline  CA 1922Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I92766


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Porter Wayne  30 Apr 2010Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I21841
2 BLAKE, Goldie  1 Jun 2001Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I22723
3 BROWN, Virginia Pearl  1 May 2012Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I82523
4 COX, Virginia Athalea  6 Apr 2009Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I18151
5 CUMPSTON, Verna Rebecca  23 Nov 1998Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I17555
6 DOTSON, Paul Donald  17 Mar 1999Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I113895
7 GATRELL, Joseph Dairwood  6 Apr 2012Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I22079
8 MCKINNEY, William R.  8 Jul 1951Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I120309
9 NICHOLSON, Bitha Susan  29 May 1961Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I57809
10 NICHOLSON, Geraldine Glenda  13 May 2009Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I81520
11 RITTER, Mary Columbia  16 Mar 1928Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I115142
12 SMITH, Margaret Catherine  9 Feb 1956Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I81858
13 STACEY, Virginia Dare Louise  20 Oct 2015Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I107661
14 VIRTUE, Eleanor B.  24 Aug 2007Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I111084


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 HART, Birdie  1940Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I93364
2 POULTON, Verna Ellen  1920, 1930, 1940Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I92763
3 RODGERS, Edwin N.  1940Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I83756
4 SEDERS, Amos Levi  1940Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I81031
5 SMITH, Floyd Martin  1920, 1930, 1940Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I81862
6 SMITH, Luther Dwight  1920, 1930, 1940Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I92765
7 SMITH, Pauline  1920, 1930Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I92764


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Lewis Ray  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I59507
2 ASH, Lillie Irene  1933Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I120645
3 BEE, Martha  1936Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I56613
4 BLAND, Norma Lee  1979Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I22741
5 BOYCE, Lisa G.  1995Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I28534
6 BROWN, Virginia Pearl  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I82523
7 CORK, Louis Raymond "Butch"  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I123736
8 CROSS, Ronald Wayne  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I38680
9 DOTSON, Paul Donald  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I113895
10 FLEMING, Dean Arnold  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I86437
11 GAIN, Ramonetta Emogene  2012Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I84164
12 GASTON, David Leon  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I71139
13 HECK, William Wallace  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I42604
14 HUBBS, Dorothy Pauline  1946Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I92766
15 HURST, Chandas Kyle "Shank"  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I27948
16 HURST, Gaylord A.  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I27949
17 KREYENBUHL, Leo Herman  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I38521
18 NUTTER, Yvonne Eleanor  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I80569
19 PHILLIPS, William Charles  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I60914
20 POSTLEWAIT, Kay Frances  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I111422
21 ROBY, Mary Ethel  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I16977
22 SLUSSAR, Jennings Lee  FORMERLYFollansbee, Brooke Co, WV I120870
23 SMITH, Floyd Martin  1956Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I81862
24 SMITH, Luther Dwight  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I92765
25 SMITH, Margaret Catherine  SINCE 1913Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I81858
26 SWIGER, Warren Gearl  1961Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I84980
27 WILLIAMS, James Claremont  1982Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I83072
28 YEATER, Thelma Marie  Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV I90395


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ASH / KERN  6 Aug 1949Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV F35102
2 BARKLEY / HARBERT  18 Aug 1949Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV F53510
3 BROOKOVER / COTTRILL  10 Feb 1942Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV F25196
4 COLLINS / BROAD  27 Dec 1941Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV F12854
5 DENNISON / SNIDER  23 Feb 1944Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV F32640
6 DOUGLAS / HOLT  2 Sep 1934Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV F26194
7 HYDE / HUTSON  23 Nov 1940Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV F36389
8 SMITH / HUBBS  25 Apr 1946Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV F39997
9 SMITH / HUGHES  10 Jan 1942Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV F50329
10 SNODGRASS / GASTON  17 Jan 1962Follansbee, Brooke Co, WV F25540