Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Augusta Co, VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUSTIN, Julia Amanda  18 May 1836Augusta Co, VA I118665
2 BRIEN, Mary Ann  CA 1825Augusta Co, VA I10470
3 BURGESS, Elizabeth  May 1810Augusta Co, VA I40961
4 BURGESS, Mary A. "Polly"  1811Augusta Co, VA I30909
5 BURNS, Eva  1772Augusta Co, VA I45060
6 CAIN, David  25 May 1771Augusta Co, VA I94957
7 CAIN, John  27 Dec 1742Augusta Co, VA I94977
8 CARROLL, Robert C.  Aug 1845Augusta Co, VA I104819
9 COLLINS, Elizabeth  1786Augusta Co, VA I114938
10 COWMAN, John S.  27 Jul 1831Augusta Co, VA I86688
11 COWMAN, Rebecca C.  11 Aug 1836Augusta Co, VA I52710
12 CUPP, Margaret A. "Maggie"  Nov 1856Augusta Co, VA I99892
13 CUPP, Samuel J.  28 Oct 1832Augusta Co, VA I99248
14 EAKLE, Nancy  1822Augusta Co, VA I44076
15 ECHARD, Margaret Jane  1822Augusta Co, VA I30010
16 ELLIS, Jacob  28 Feb 1778Augusta Co, VA I44893
17 ELLIS, Owen  1756Augusta Co, VA I44895
18 FOX, Daniel B.  CA 1832Augusta Co, VA I40979
19 FOX, Eliza Jane  8 Oct 1836Augusta Co, VA I44714
20 FOX, George  16 Jan 1806Augusta Co, VA I40960
21 FOX, Mathias  Nov 1834Augusta Co, VA I95604
22 FOX, Nancy Jane  14 Sep 1834Augusta Co, VA I30347
23 FOX, William  CA 1829Augusta Co, VA I3863
24 FOX, William C. Jr.  CA 1844Augusta Co, VA I30907
25 FRY, John Z.  CA 1842Augusta Co, VA I65000
26 FRYE, James H.  Apr 1837Augusta Co, VA I41225
27 GARRETT, Mary Anne  24 Nov 1850Augusta Co, VA I89369
28 GRAY, Elizabeth  CA 1832Augusta Co, VA I108990
29 GREATHOUSE, Elizabeth  CA 1847Augusta Co, VA I87958
30 GREGORY, Isaac  6 Nov 1772Augusta Co, VA I45033
31 GROAH, Andrew Jackson  20 Sep 1838Augusta Co, VA I69704
32 HARRIS, Ellen Catherine  23 Dec 1871Augusta Co, VA I99149
33 HARRIS, Willoughby Mayberry  28 Apr 1874Augusta Co, VA I121440
34 HENNING, George Andrew  CA 1859Augusta Co, VA I123746
35 HENNING, John L.  Sep 1853Augusta Co, VA I89644
36 HENTON, Ann  1748Augusta Co, VA I16159
37 HODGE, Margaret E.  CA 1842Augusta Co, VA I123675
38 HOLMES, Mary Margaret  28 Jan 1823Augusta Co, VA I97031
39 HOWELL, Charles F.  5 Jun 1859Augusta Co, VA I125632
40 HOWELL, Margaret Virginia  15 Feb 1855Augusta Co, VA I41535
41 HOWELL, Richard  CA Jul 1853Augusta Co, VA I59874
42 HOWELL, Sarah Jane  CA 1857Augusta Co, VA I85323
43 HOWELL, Thomas H.  CA 1852Augusta Co, VA I125103
44 JORDAN, Susan Elizabeth  CA 1840Augusta Co, VA I115987
45 LAMB, Benjamin  CA 1812Augusta Co, VA I29516
46 LAWMAN, James William  CA 1860Augusta Co, VA I88330
47 LINDON, Fanny  1738Augusta Co, VA I45062
48 LUCAS, Bettie Jane  12 Jul 1927Augusta Co, VA I120655
49 LYNCH, Hiram  10 Jan 1791Augusta Co, VA I90702
50 MEEK, Henry F.  23 Nov 1828Augusta Co, VA I33539

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KESTER, Conrad  1 Feb 1771Augusta Co, VA I101147
2 MILLER, James  Jul 1812Augusta Co, VA I45061
3 MILLER, John  1784Augusta Co, VA I45068
4 SANDY, Vincent Wilson  27 May 1851Augusta Co, VA I124942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ___, Elizabeth  1850, 1860Augusta Co, VA I89811
2 BURTON, Anne Eliza  1860Augusta Co, VA I61704
3 CARROLL, Fleming  1850, 1860Augusta Co, VA I104820
4 CARROLL, Robert C.  1850, 1860Augusta Co, VA I104819
5 CARTER, Lorena Virginia  1940Augusta Co, VA I80629
6 EAST, Justus E.  1940Augusta Co, VA I80628
7 EAST, Robert Erwin  1940Augusta Co, VA I34185
8 GROAH, Andrew Jackson  1850, 1860Augusta Co, VA I69704
9 GROAH, William  1850Augusta Co, VA I89810
10 HOWELL, Charles F.  1860Augusta Co, VA I125632
11 HOWELL, Margaret Virginia  1860Augusta Co, VA I41535
12 HOWELL, Sarah Jane  1860Augusta Co, VA I85323
13 HOWELL, Thomas H.  1860Augusta Co, VA I125103
14 HOWELL, William C.  1860Augusta Co, VA I61703
15 MOYERS, Martha Ann Ellen  1850Augusta Co, VA I104860
16 RAMSEY, James  1810Augusta Co, VA I120738
17 STROCK, Mary Magdaline  1840, 1850Augusta Co, VA I107312
18 ZAHN, John  1840, 1850Augusta Co, VA I107311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 SHEETS, Roy Mote  1929Augusta Co, VA I87198


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHEUVRONT / ELSWORTH  Feb 1777Augusta Co, VA F35813
2 ELLIS / ___  CA 1750Augusta Co, VA F18184
3 ELLIS / VAN DOREN  Augusta Co, VA F18183
4 FOX / BURGESS  27 Jan 1831Augusta Co, VA F11939
5 FOX / ROWH  27 Nov 1799Augusta Co, VA F47756
6 GREGORY / GIVEN  25 Mar 1790Augusta Co, VA F18264
7 HARSHBARGER / LEE  6 May 1855Augusta Co, VA F23592
8 MILLER / BURNS  17 May 1791Augusta Co, VA F18280
9 MILLER / LINDON  4 Nov 1797Augusta Co, VA F18281
10 ROWH / MEEK  31 Jan 1839Augusta Co, VA F13125
11 SANDY / HOWDERSHELL  13 Sep 1841Augusta Co, VA F54125