Doddridge County Roots

A West Virginia Genealogy

Allegheny Co, PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Robert J.  1 May 1863Allegheny Co, PA I93718
2 ANDRAS, Mary  17 Aug 1905Allegheny Co, PA I13344
3 BEDORF, Albert Frederick  6 Nov 1897Allegheny Co, PA I78412
4 BOOHER, Kathleen Olive  11 Mar 1916Allegheny Co, PA I106238
5 BROWN, Harry Kenneth  8 Oct 1914Allegheny Co, PA I64328
6 BROWNE, Robert  CA 1897Allegheny Co, PA I95475
7 BURKETT, Thomas H.  CA 1888Allegheny Co, PA I90648
8 BUSSARD, Samuel Harry  CA 1874Allegheny Co, PA I116225
9 CAIN, Nancy Agnes  1791Allegheny Co, PA I117737
10 CAMPBELL, Eugene Hudson  CA 1894Allegheny Co, PA I107637
11 CLEGG, Virginia  CA 1888Allegheny Co, PA I24121
12 COOPER, Lovenia  11 Feb 1851Allegheny Co, PA I108049
13 DAVIS, Joseph W.  CA 1848Allegheny Co, PA I107918
14 FELLOWS, Edward William  24 Oct 1931Allegheny Co, PA I7962
15 GORDON, (Female) (twin)  2 Sep 1911Allegheny Co, PA I9006
16 GORDON, Dorothy  20 Sep 1913Allegheny Co, PA I9007
17 GORDON, Louis Clark  17 Jul 1909Allegheny Co, PA I8925
18 GORDON, Robert Gaston  27 Sep 1906Allegheny Co, PA I9004
19 GORDON, Ruth M.  23 Jun 1905Allegheny Co, PA I9003
20 GORDON, Sara Louise "Sally"  22 Apr 1906Allegheny Co, PA I8924
21 GORDON, William F. (twin)  2 Sep 1911Allegheny Co, PA I9005
22 GOSSETT, David Isaac  CA 1923Allegheny Co, PA I105028
23 HALL, Gilbert  CA 1892Allegheny Co, PA I93062
24 HENDERSHOT, Letha May  CA 1903Allegheny Co, PA I95428
25 KELLEY, Loyd W.  CA 1848Allegheny Co, PA I41075
26 LEWIS, Robert Daniel  7 Apr 1928Allegheny Co, PA I11239
27 LOSER, Emil George  1 Jul 1901Allegheny Co, PA I43184
28 MAIZE, Sarah Hawthorne  18 Oct 1882Allegheny Co, PA I108373
29 MAXWELL, William J.  CA 1847Allegheny Co, PA I121747
30 MCKAIN, Marie Edwina  27 Dec 1910Allegheny Co, PA I17268
31 MCKEEN, Sarah Mina  1868Allegheny Co, PA I93696
32 MOORE, Charles H.  16 Oct 1911Allegheny Co, PA I19068
33 PANETTA, Lesander L. "Lize"  13 Dec 1907Allegheny Co, PA I69821
34 PENNY, Margaret  1776Allegheny Co, PA I3472
35 PETERS, John Arless  3 Mar 1902Allegheny Co, PA I98789
36 PLATT, John William  12 Dec 1897Allegheny Co, PA I71005
37 PRITCHARD, Sarah  CA 1797Allegheny Co, PA I16047
38 PROSSER, George Edward Jr.  7 Nov 1925Allegheny Co, PA I66088
39 RAKON, Roger Jeremiah  25 Jun 1929Allegheny Co, PA I2501
40 SEESE, Ray Bruce  16 Jun 1931Allegheny Co, PA I42575
41 SMITH, Emma Elizabeth  14 Mar 1875Allegheny Co, PA I102626
42 SPRAY, George William  CA 1897Allegheny Co, PA I107601
43 SPROUSE, Hazel Louise  2 May 1929Allegheny Co, PA I22833
44 STITT, Edward W.  7 Mar 1897Allegheny Co, PA I97187
45 THOMAS, Joe  CA 1890Allegheny Co, PA I90096
46 WILLIAMS, William  CA 1898Allegheny Co, PA I40667
47 WILLISON, Frederick  CA 1872Allegheny Co, PA I120627
48 WILSON, Martha J.  1 May 1853Allegheny Co, PA I24522
49 WRIGHT, Helen Jean  CA 1906Allegheny Co, PA I50670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GORDON, Gilbert Montgomery "Bertie"  Mar 1971Allegheny Co, PA I8918
2 PHILLIPS, Willis Wayne  22 Jul 1938Allegheny Co, PA I85377
3 WARNER, Mattie Cocoa  24 Feb 1961Allegheny Co, PA I114526


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SWIGER, Laura B.  FAIRVIEW CEMETERYAllegheny Co, PA I122185


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BOYLES, Angeline  1900Allegheny Co, PA I76678
2 BROAD, Evelyn Rosella  1930, 1940Allegheny Co, PA I33017
3 BROAD, Geraldine Elizabeth "Gerry"  1930, 1940Allegheny Co, PA I33015
4 BROAD, Herbert Crawford Pollack  1930, 1940Allegheny Co, PA I33006
5 BROAD, Phoebe Gwendolyn  1930, 1940Allegheny Co, PA I33005
6 DOUGLASS, Evaline Belle  1880Allegheny Co, PA I51233
7 DOUGLASS, Granville A.  1880Allegheny Co, PA I50868
8 DOUGLASS, Maggie G.  1880Allegheny Co, PA I51235
9 DOUGLASS, Martha Jane  1880Allegheny Co, PA I51231
10 DOUGLASS, Rosa May  1880Allegheny Co, PA I51234
11 ESTEP, Harrison  1860Allegheny Co, PA I3489
12 ESTEP, James Edward  1860Allegheny Co, PA I75512
13 FAULKNER, Ellen G.  1920Allegheny Co, PA I87440
14 FORD, Lura Margaret  1930Allegheny Co, PA I84853
15 HECKARD, Jack Russell  1940Allegheny Co, PA I14223
16 HECKARD, Russell A.  1940Allegheny Co, PA I93188
17 JINKENS, Elva  1940Allegheny Co, PA I93189
18 MCGROGAN, Evelyn Deloris  1930Allegheny Co, PA I33007
19 MCKEEN, Charles Vivian  1900Allegheny Co, PA I93697
20 PIERCE, George Edward  1920Allegheny Co, PA I87443
21 PYLE, Emeline  1880Allegheny Co, PA I51236
22 SABO, Charles J.  1930Allegheny Co, PA I86544
23 SHINN, Ernest Wilson  1930Allegheny Co, PA I18980
24 SHINN, Rex Emory  1930Allegheny Co, PA I84854
25 SIMPSON, Rebecca  1900Allegheny Co, PA I79843
26 STOVER, Harry  1940Allegheny Co, PA I86546
27 WILSON, Asbury Ferguson  1900Allegheny Co, PA I76677
28 ___, Amanda  1860Allegheny Co, PA I75511
29 ___, Rose  1930Allegheny Co, PA I86545


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Robert J.  1884Allegheny Co, PA I93718
2 CAVINS, Leslie Leonard  1942Allegheny Co, PA I78957
3 DAVIES, John Rhys  1921Allegheny Co, PA I58542
4 GASTON, Hugh  1795Allegheny Co, PA I3418
5 WILLISON, Frederick  1900Allegheny Co, PA I120627


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DOUGLAS / ADAMS  7 Jan 1901Allegheny Co, PA F21184
2 GASTON / INNAMORATO  18 Nov 1939Allegheny Co, PA F64
3 KERR / BUTLER  21 Apr 1892Allegheny Co, PA F47437
4 LIVINGSTON / CAVINS  28 Apr 1949Allegheny Co, PA F48302
5 MORGAN / STUTLER  May 1942Allegheny Co, PA F50548
6 ROLLAND / CHAPMAN  7 Dec 1937Allegheny Co, PA F48442
7 RUHL / ADAMSON  3 May 1952Allegheny Co, PA F7864
8 STASIAK / CHILDERS  10 Nov 1949Allegheny Co, PA F7863
9 WERY / NUTTER  17 Mar 1937Allegheny Co, PA F54402